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Even though Bill and Lizzie have been getting plenty of face time, he is still bound and determined to push both Lizzie and Dinah away when he really needs them. Dinah and Bill are so vulnerable, and they really need one another.

It might have been Hurricane Ike, but I think it was the fact that the writers actually did some GL research this week really toppled me over. Sure, with a show that is over 70 years old it isn't easy to keep everything accurate historically (like all of those awful SORASing of the Springfield kids - who are now not in birth order any more). But there have been so many bloopers and missed opportunities that it makes me wonder if anyone actually researches the show's archives.

Reva and Jeffrey's discussion about their past mistakes with their kids was pretty darn accurate - I was impressed. They really remembered that Reva has been MIA with all (4) of her kids as had Jeffrey. That scene seemed very realistic as two people near and over 50 deal with the shock (!) of a pregnancy - especially one that could have fatal results for Reva's cancer fight.

But you know before the week was out I was back to arguing with the TV set. GL is so determined to have the show outside as much as possible - even though the fans are clamoring for more sets and a return to traditional filming. Someone needs to explain to me, though, how you can have a discussion about whether or not to continue the pregnancy on a cell phone? I have a cell phone, like millions of you. But I usually ask my husband what he wants for dinner, what time he'll be home, how his day went, etc. Small talk - not life changing decisions. I could see a cheesy cell phone commercial without the corporate sponsorship. Come, ON GL - that discussion is too serious to take lightly - no matter how you feel about the topic. I was glad to see that they finally were able to have the discussion face to face.

Even though Bill and Lizzie have been getting plenty of face time, he is still bound and determined to push both Lizzie and Dinah away when he really needs them. Yes, Dinah tipped Alan off that he was coming, but I don't think I'd throw my sibling (and only friend) out of my life for it. Dinah and Bill are both so vulnerable with all of the turmoil in their lives (losing Mallet, losing Max) that they really need one another. But stubborn Bill is determined to do things his own way...

I have to admit that when he was pretending to be Gus for a drugged up Alan I saw a glimmer of the Bill Lewis that he used to be, before Venezuela (not that it looks like we'll learn what happened there - TPTB seem to have totally forgotten that). Bill could be a businessman and a respected member of Springfield without stabbing people in the back. Now I just want to shake him!!! He could have Lizzie and half of Spaulding-Lewis but he's not happy with just that. I had hoped that the death of baby Max would make him appreciate life more and want to grab at all of the happiness he could get, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

Bill has not only turned his back on Lizzie, but Dinah, too. And Dinah has shown her vulnerability and penchant for trouble when she's not happy. And it looks like she's going to team up with Aussie bad boy "G" who I wish would take a one way bus trip out of Springfield. These two characters can show so much immaturity when things don't go their way. If they do end up teaming up (and perhaps hooking up) fans might not be happy. Can Cyrus try to protect Daisy and DiDi from wacko "G"? That's a full time (and non-paying) job - Cassie should take pity and let him move him so he can have a place to stay and protect her, too.

Speaking of Cassie, I'm sure showing us the gun means she'll be using it in the future. But will she get away with whatever crime she commits? I could really see Grady's murder as a great mystery GL could use to showcase their cast - and how so many of them could be possible suspects. Plus, it would get rid of his hideous character who brings nothing to Springfield but a boat load of grief, pain and mischief.

It seems that each week there are scenes that I just don't get - use of characters sort of tossed in sparingly. This week we saw Olivia for about 2-3 minutes (with an adorable new haircut) guessing that Reva (in her mid-50's) was pregnant. Is she physic? Certainly Jeffrey and Olivia should have the discussion about his concerns about being a full time parent early on. But GL seems to be forgetting Olivia in all of their storylines (except that horrible scene with G that made no sense at all). She could certainly help either ex-stepdaughter Lizzie or former sister-in-law Dinah with their goals to get more control of Spaulding. Or the three strong ladies could join forces and take down Bill. Just a thought....

I have to admit that watching the Coopers saying goodbye to Harley's house was sad. The Coopers have always been a favorite of mine (although the outside looks like a storm hit it all of the time). Hopefully with the weather turning cooler we can actually go back inside and use the sets that GL has. It's time to restore some semblance of normalcy and get rid of this failed experiment already. Once in awhile it's fine to go outside the studio. 24/7 it's just a bad idea.

OK, it's time to kick someone off the Springfield "island" this week and it's getting harder. But unless she actually starts making any sense at all I'd have to say send Daisy to Greece with her Mom. If I have to hear "G" screaming like a wild animal outside their house again I'll scream myself. This character is so lost, consumes so much air time doing absolutely nothing, that they need to tighten up what they write for her or cut her lose. How many times can we collectively thing that if Daisy were our own kid... (you can fill in your response here).

Who would I like to see return? I would like to see more of a character we actually saw (albeit briefly) this week - Blake. Why GL forgets this character for weeks and months on end is beyond me. GL needs some spice and Blake is just the lady to bring it back to Springfield!

Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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