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Bill and Lizzie need a serious time-out. Constantly switching sides and fighting with each other is starting to get old. Bill and Lizzie have great chemistry, and they need to have some happiness to keep fans clamoring for more.

This week saw Springfield's citizens filled with some tough choices. While some might see them as over the top, most brought some really powerful performances - if not moving their stories forwards.

Reva is, well, a bit impulsive. She acts first and thinks later - which sometimes leads her into trouble. But when Shayne goes missing in Afghanistan, she wants to hop a flight to help search for him? Ok, she's a high risk pregnancy (which, of course, she doesn't want to hear) and she knows nothing about the situation - but she's willing to fly (literally) half way around the world for her son, without thinking of herself.

However, just when I thought Reva would go on this trip and possibly get into hot water, or lose her baby, Jeffrey calls it just as he sees it. I have to admit that while it was shocking to see someone stand up to the formerly blonde dynamo, I LOVED it. Reva can be, well, a stream roller at times. Josh was usually a doormat letting her do whatever she wanted and picking up the pieces when she figured out what she did wrong.

Jeffrey, on the other hand, told her exactly why she was acting like she was and making rash decisions. And, of course, after she calmed down (thanks to Billy who has been missing of late) she realized the error of her ways. Thankfully Shayne is alive and well - and heading to Springfield soon. I hope GL keeps up the fireworks - Reva needs a sparing partner at times and I think Jeffrey is the man for the job.

Not having children myself, I'd have to guess at my own reaction to a possible missing child in a war zone, but I know I'd freak out like Reva did. Poor Jeffrey had to do double duty this week when his own daughter Ava was being released from her postpartum treatment facility. Since GL fans knew Ava would not be coming home, we had to wonder how the show would end this chapter of the character off-screen.

I did like GL had Remy and Olivia bury the hatchet. They both love Ava, and experienced the same loss of baby Max. Having them at odds really didn't solve anything but now the show can at least mention the off-screen character again and it creates a bond between the characters, something Remy really needs.

The scenes with Montel Williams were a little disconcerting, though. The first scenes between the two were so strong - and these were, too. But I'd like to see Remy and Clayton at least have some sort of relationship whenever the show remembers to write for them. GL hasn't really revealed what their plans are for Montel, but I'd love to see him back in Springfield soon!

Another high point had to be the bonding scenes with Rick, Frank and Coop. Both Michael O'Leary (Rick) and Frank Dicopolous (Frank) have been fixtures in Springfield for many years. It seems that someone on the writing team remembered their chemistry and that both really need another chance at romance. Let Natalia fall in love with Frankie once her heart heals. Not that she needs any other source of stress in her life, but it would give her more light-hearted scenes.

Unless you've been in a cave this week, you've seen what has happened in the financial world - and I was glad to see GL address this a bit. Both Lillian's comments about the hospital budget and Natalia and Remy's money woes were reminders that Springfield residents, although fictional, experience the same sorts of situations we all do.

But the two rich kids in town (Bill and Lizzie) need a serious time out. All of this switching sides with Dinah siding with the Spauldings, and Lizzie and Bill fighting is getting old. Bill and Lizzie have great chemistry and need to have some happiness to keep fans clamoring for more. I think they can still bicker over running the company (that Bill did steal from the Spaulding's first) and find time for love, too.

This week we'll see Bill and Lizzie have an added obstacle to their relationship when Alan wakes up from his drugged-induced coma. But will the former mogul be able to get back on his feet - and get Spaulding back under his control? Only time will tell.

After such strong performances this week, it's hard to think of a character I'd like to leave Springfield. So after mocking the theme song nearly every day when FF'ing through it, I have to say lose the song! It's so cheesy that I can barely stand it. Find something else that suits the show since "Only Love" doesn't really relate to a near loveless Springfield these days....

I'm writing this week's column a few days early as I am off to the Big Apple for a few days. I'll be sure to stop by GL's old studio for a picture before showing my husband the city (he hasn't been there since 1971!!). And who knows, maybe I'll run into a GL'er or two at Yankee Stadium Friday night! (Go O's!!) Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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