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Rafe will have more answers to his future plans soon, as he is set to stand trial...without Vince. Will he be able to get out of jail with Jeffrey on his side? And will Daisy's crazy scheme to help him really work?

Who knew that working with your spouse could be so explosive?

Having seen Michael Sabatino only sparingly in the past, I am not as familiar with his work as some - especially those who've watched DOOL, B&B or Passions. He's always been more of a fill-in when GL needed a lawyer (especially since the show foolishly let Jerry verDorn go to OLTL). But he seems to be making more of a presence on this trip to Springfield.

While I have been clamoring for a bad guy to root against, I have to admit that I was cringing with Russo's sleazy manipulation of a desperate Natalia. I was totally distracted during the scenes, just thinking as a wife who would have to smack my own husband for such bad behavior. But then the soap fan part of me kicked in a I was able to see the scene as it was supposed to be seen - as Vince and Natalia, not Crystal Chappell's real-life husband being a total jerk (albeit on screen). The scenes this week with Natalia and Rafe show how desperate she is to do nearly anything to save her son. While I applaud her dogged determination to help, I have to wonder what I would do in her shoes.

Luckily, Rafe will have more answers to his future plans this week as he stands trial - without Vince. But will he be able to get out of jail with Jeffrey on his side? And will Daisy's crazy scheme to help him really work?

Speaking of the impulsive Daisy, she got herself in more hot water this week with a known drug dealer. I admire her spirit - I know that I would do all I can to help my friends. But with all of those Cooper and Shayne genes running through her, she's apt to do more crazy, foolish things in her young life. But could this also be a way to curb her impulsive nature and make the best use of her natural nosiness? But as Daisy is held hostage, Mallet reveals his true feelings. How will the feisty Marina react? And will Daisy be okay?

Part of the problem with Daisy (and Rafe, Olivia and Natalia) is that they have little or no family ties in Springfield (or in Daisy's case, she keeps alienating them). Despite that, I like the relationships that both Natalia and Daisy have with Natalia. I'm sure that losing two major players like Harley and Gus put a crimp in your story, but I'd like to see these relationships continue.

No one has to tell me that multiple Emmy winner Justin Deas makes any scene work. And even the phone conversation with Rafe in prison was well done. Only Buzz can relate to some of what this young man is facing, and it's nice to see him help the troubled teen. So don't forget this most valuable member of our cast - he makes everything just that much better! Loved to see him with Crystal Chappell this week. After Buzz and Olivia's cancelled wedding, it's nice to see that the show didn't forget the chemistry they share.

But how long do we have to wait for Olivia to see a doctor? With an 8-year old daughter at home, she has to take better care of herself. Hopefully GL won't forget to actually solve her medical issues sooner rather than later. Don't take a page out of the playbook of Alan Spaulding, who waited to get help.

It is interesting to see Alan seemingly forget everyone in his family - for a scene or two. But what are the long-term affects of some pretty serious surgery? Will be help Lizzie stand up to Bill and take Spaulding back? Someone surely needs to talk some sense into those two, although Alan is hardly the one to do it.

It looks we'll see Vanessa and Billy finally reaching out to help Bill not throw away any chance of a relationship he has with Lizzie. But will he take advice from him parents - who have their own relationship woes? At this point, I'll just be happy to see them together on-screen again.

Speaking of missing players, I was walking around my house when I heard a familiar voice that I hadn't heard on GL in awhile this week. When all of the ladies in Springfield could use a partner, there is the ever-so-handsome Kurt McKinney (Matt) who could certainly see some more airtime as well. Maybe he can date Natalia if the writers can't get around to writing for Frank and Nat. Nice to see they remembered the Reardon connection to Company and the Boarding House, too.

Hopefully this week we can see more spice as well welcome in fall. And maybe a touch of romance is in the air.... Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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