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As much as Natalia lacks familial ties in Springfield, it is nice to see the Coopers sort of adopt the woman who ruined Harley's marriage and caused her to fall for Marina's fiancÚ and then leave town.

When does holding a grudge just go too far?

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a great memory and I sometimes carry a grudge for things that most people have long forgotten. It's something I try to work on, but apparently GL would be the perfect place for me to look for a job (if I was, indeed, looking).

TVGuide.com reports that the show called GL cast members and "encouraged" them not to attend a fan club gathering that Beth Ehlers (ex-Harley) and Ricky Paull Goldin (ex-Gus) held in conjunction with the GL Fan Club events recently. Reportedly no current cast member attended - which I can understand (you need your job) but seriously? How sophomoric!

As a GL fan for 30+ years, I am a pretty big supporter of GL alum. I try to tell you if I know of a GL alum that has an appearance, whether in person or on-screen. My Tivo is full of shows from GL alum from even before I started watching the show. I know newer fans might not feel the same for Kevin Bacon, Wendy Moniz, Hayden Panettiere, Cynthia Watros, and so many other GL'ers from my viewing days that I try to promote, but I do it just the same. James Earl Jones, best known as the voice of Darth Vader was on GL before I was born, but I still share the news that he was named as the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement award this week (https://www.soapcentral.com/guiding-light/news/2008/1006-jones_sag.php)

But to have the show actively try to get friends and former co-workers of Ehlers and Goldin not to support them is totally ridiculous. I would hope that the fans who loved their work are still supportive of them, whether they watch AMC or not. You would think a show who's ratings are, well, in the tank, would actually want to have their current actors have more interaction with their loyal fans who came to NYC (not an inexpensive trip in this economy) to support Ehlers and Goldin. Of course, there are those who think the GL bus driver is running the show into the ground on purpose - to get the show cancelled. I hope that is not the case. And if it is, I would hope that those person or persons would remember the legacy of the show, and the legion of fans we have had (and could again) and produce some work worthy of the show's place in history. Step aside and let those pulling the strings end up with the blood on their hands - if that is indeed the case.

On screen, this week was sort of a mixed bag for me. Rafe's story was compelling, and the scenes were very well done. Justin Deas (Buzz) and E. J. Bonilla (Rafe)'s interactions have been so well done. It was nice for the show to actually mention Gus, (and the hatchet job they tried to do to the character post-mortem - don't get me started). The scenes with Mallet, Marina and Daisy were odd - is that the way you tell your girlfriend you love her? And the scenes with Mallet and Marina and baby Peyton (who is soooo adorable) were a total waste of air time.

How long with Bill and Lizzie fight and not really make up? Seeing Bill and Vanessa made me cheer - and even Matt(!!) showed up in Springfield! But to have Jeffrey not in town during Rafe's sentencing made no sense at all. Olivia's willingness to stick her nose into Natalia's life - then refuse her when she needs it the most - was so odd.

As much as Natalia lacks familial ties in Springfield, it is nice to see the Coopers sort of adopt the woman who ruined Harley's marriage and caused her to fall for Marina's fiancé' and then leave town. I've already said I hold grudges, and I think this is one I wouldn't be able to let go - but that's just me.

One story I hope to see more depth in is Beth's decision to return to school. As someone who was a "non-traditional" aged student, I know first hand how hard it is to balance family, home and studies. GL should certainly make this a focus - unless Beth graduates this winter already - you know what quick studies soap characters can be ; )

This week, it looks like the Spaulding Mansion is turning into the Boarding House (with maid service and a cook) when Vanessa moves in. I would love to see her go toe to toe with Alan - as long as she and Billy can share screen time, too - I have always loved them together.

And while Van is moving in, Lizzie has a hopefully temporary address when she goes missing! I've seen pictures of her that lead fans to think she's been kidnapped. Is it Bill trying to keep her away or is something else going on? Stay tuned....

Behind the scenes, TPTB should keep in mind that fans don't stop rooting for actors when they leave the show - and unless you want to lose more fans you'd better keep that in mind. The old adage (that there is no such thing as bad press) is complete B.S. - Grow up GL and let your fans and cast mates support who they want in their off hours!

Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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