Can a leopard change its spots?

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Bill and Lizzie have grown up in Springfield, and are both working to overcome some interesting challenges. Both children of high-powered, big-money families, they want to make it on their own, but want to have better relationships than their parents had.

Daytime really lets the viewer get a more in-depth view of the characters that inhabit their fictional hometowns. And that can be good, and bad, for those who put on the show. It seems that the residents of Springfield are trying - many of them - to make changes in their lives. But can they really make good on their intentions?

Bill and Lizzie have grown up in Springfield - and are both working to overcome some interesting challenges. Both children of high-powered, big-money families, they want to make it on their own - but want to have relationships better than the ones their parents enjoyed.

Now the two have been inching towards happiness both in and out of the boardroom. But Bill's own fears have been hindering them. It seemed that Billy and Vanessa (who were awesome together) finally got through to their son regarding grabbing happiness when he can. But fate, in the guise of "G" and Dinah had other plans...

I've made no secret that Dinah is a character I've long adored. She is so complicated, so vulnerable on so many levels. Gina Tognoni has two Emmy's to show that she takes this complex character to a whole new level. Dinah now finds herself in a situation she only partially created - which might land her in some more hot water with her family now that "G" has kidnapped Lizzie. And with those two loose cannons, who knows how this will all play out.

Speaking of "G" - he's a character who I thought could try to redeem himself (although killing Tammy makes rooting for him difficult). Like Dinah, he had a troubled childhood and seeks attention. And also like Dinah he acts out in ways that defy logic. For someone with limited ties to Springfield, I was hard-pressed to see why he stayed. Yes, he was into Daisy, and brother Cyrus (another loner) was around, but if I had killed the town's "good girl" and got away with it I think I'd take the first bus/train/plane out of Springfield. Yet despite the fact that most of Springfield hates him, he remains on canvas - and trying out his Aussie charm on Vanessa? Hmmm...

This week when "G" and Daisy talk about their roles in Tammy's death, she passionately says that she tried to defend him when he said he'd change his ways. But he certainly wasn't the saint of Springfield even before Daisy perjured herself on the stand for him. Now what will she say if she ever learns the truth? And will she remember poor Rafe, sitting in jail because of Grady's insecurities - and that phony hostage situation. Not that I've forgotten he shot Jeffrey (in a courtroom with a gun he smuggled through security???).

I have to admit that I saw "G" and Dinah (and perhaps Alan) as the kidnappers of Lizzie long before Thursday's show. But is Dinah really that against the idea if it gets Bill back on her side? And did Alan have anything to do with this? You never know with any of these loose cannons!

Alan Spaulding himself is an enigma. He is all alone - so unlucky in love (I nearly forgot about his engagement to Vanessa when the late Chris Bernau played the billionaire). For all of his love of family he has such odd ways of showing it. Every time something tragic happens (like Gus' death or his shooting of Phillip) I think maybe he'll be changed by these events. And short term, he is, but then it seems he's back to his old self - running over people in his path like a bulldozer to get whatever (or whoever) he wants. But GL is best served when Alan is at his worst, so I relish seeing what he'll do with and to young Bill Lewis and his family now that they are all under one roof.

Once upon a time I thought Alan had met his (love) match in Olivia - until Phillip came along. But for someone who has so few people (except three old lovers in Frank, Buzz and Jeffrey) to bail her out when she needs a friend she is a total bitch to Natalia. Yes, I've heard the rumors about their storyline and wait to see if they are true. But Natalia deserves a medal for putting up with her abuse! All of her odd jobs remind me of the recurring skits from the old "In Living Color" show Fox had on in the 80's and 90's.

I had hoped that Natalia might put the sparkle back in Frankie's eye, but GL seems to be dragging it out. Can't we see a happy couple in Springfield before the holidays? Well, other than Mallet and Marina, who finally bought Harley's house. Not that I didn't see that coming - GL could ill afford to build another set... And Jeffrey and Reva, who seem to have all but disappeared from the show of late.

And with the weather turning colder, I have to wonder how this will affect the show. With all of their use of location shooting, how will this work with the most unpredictable element(s) of all - the weather? I guess only time will tell...

Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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