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Ilene Kristen and Andrea Evans are comedic geniuses. Their timing is perfection and their chemistry is undeniable.

Hi everyone, I'm baaaaack! I'm like Cain Rogan that way; when you least expect it, I turn up! Sometimes with a sledgehammer too! LOL

My friend Dawn asked me to fill in for her this week because she had a ton of stuff on her plate and alas, soap opera viewing had to take a back seat. Worry not. She shall return soon.

The last time I had shared my thoughts with all you dear readers, I mentioned that I loved, loved, loved the scenes between Tina and Roxy. I loved them so much I begged for more. For a time it appeared that my pleas were ignored but then this week a miracle happened - Tina and Roxy were suddenly on my screen sharing a scene!

Now why can't I use that power to figure out the winning Power Ball numbers?

Anyhoo, so there I was sitting on my sofa, a popcorn bowl firmly planted on my lap, when Tina strolled into Roxy's salon and asked for a root touch up! Ladies and gentlemen, I absolutely howled. I know it was supposed to be a heartbreaking scene because Roxy was distraught over Rex's coma, but I couldn't help it. I loved hearing Tina talk about her roots. I loved it even more when Roxy began foraging for dye kits, found one and handed it to Tina! It was absolutely hilarious.

Ilene and Andrea are comedic geniuses who remind me of Lucy and Ethel. Their timing is perfection and their chemistry is undeniable. It's easy to go too far with campy roles yet these two never do. It's why they are such a pleasure to watch.

Roxy picking up on Tina's guilty behavior and Tina's clues to help Roxy find Natalie was a hoot. I never really expected Roxy to figure out what Tina was trying to tell her, let's face it even Sherlock Holmes would have had difficulty, but it didn't bother me. I was just basking in the sheer enjoyment of watching these two interact.

And really, it's not as if Natalie needed Roxy's help. Not when Tess's trusty contractor, Leo, was hanging out at Rodi's ready to spill the beans to Jared about the "freaky deaky crazy" woman he just built a secret room for.

Is anyone else annoyed by the fact that Jared has clearly figured out that Tess is back but instead of trying to call Viki or Jessica's psychiatrist he goes and meets Tess at a bar and starts playing games with her? Did Jared not understand that part about Tess being an alter ego without a conscience who is perfectly capable of killing if she feels threatened?

Man, if ever someone deserved pushing out a window, it's Jared.

I know he went to Bo and told him, which I do give Jared credit for, but Bo with kinda busy with the other mentally unstable person in town, Brody.

Speaking of which, why is Brody still in police custody? Shouldn't he have been transferred to St. Anne's or the hospital to undergo a psyche evaluation? Possibly even administered some serious meds to calm his very distressed butt down? If for no other reason, it could have prevented Brody from having an opportunity to grab for a police officer's gun while the idiot turned his back on a man who had just been in a shootout.

Then again we were supposed to swallow the fact that Nora could have just walked away from Dorian after being asked how she could be party to a child being used as a pawn in business.

That was just heartbreaking for me to see. The Nora I know and love would not have walked out of that room. She would have washed her hands of Clint and thrown him out on his keister.

Please don't misunderstand me; I don't feel sorry for Dorian. Dorian is just as diabolical as Clint. She hired someone to kill Ray and would rather go with that plan rather than hand over the company and resolve things without anyone else being hurt. It's sad that she made that choice because until that moment I actually had sympathy for Dorian.

And really, how much can that stupid company be worth with the current stock market crisis going on? Especially since we haven't even seen Dorian working there lately. Between Langston's custody battle, Dorian's arrest and the murder for hire, she's been a tad too busy to keep on top of things at CE. At this point, wouldn't it be easier for Clint to just start from scratch? It's not as if he's strapped for cash or anything. If he were, I'd see him browsing through the help wanted section of a newspaper once in a while.

Frankly, I'm starting to wish for Asa to come back from the dead and set that dang company on fire. Preferably with Dorian and Clint inside! This storyline has done nothing but ruin perfectly good characters and I'm well past over it.

Another story that needs to play out is the Marty/Todd romance. It's just getting much too creepy for me right now. I'm okay with Marty being attracted to Todd while she has amnesia but I don't want to see them have sex. I have personal reasons why I feel this way so, yes, I'm somewhat biased. However, I think there would be a much bigger payoff if Todd stopped things from going that far with Marty because it was the right thing to do.

Todd is a victim of rape too and I feel that should somehow play into all of this. I think it would be much more powerful if Todd saw the parallels between his own rape at the hands of Margaret, and what he was doing to Marty.

I think Todd pulling back would result in a greater struggle for Marty to hate him when she learns the truth. And she will learn the truth because John will make sure that she knows every ugly detail about her past with Todd the minute he finds her.

Not that John is in a position to be a dispenser of great truth given his behavior with Blair. I do like the idea of John and Blair, Kassie and Michael are way too beautiful not to enjoy watching, but I don't like that John is keeping Blair in the dark about Marty. It makes him look like a jerk and while Blair isn't exactly a paragon of virtue, she does seem to genuinely like the guy.

Like Marty, I think Blair is entitled to full disclosure before John carried her off to his bed. If she knew that there was a possibility that Marty was alive she might not want to play stand in. Whether that's how John sees her doesn't matter, it's how Blair is going to feel when she learns the truth.

Another person who is going to be ticked off when he learns the truth is Rex. While I understand Adriana is jealous of Gigi and resents her for ruining her marriage, the fact remains that Adriana has been estranged from Rex for months and he asked her for a divorce. That means that Rex doesn't want Adriana making decisions on his behalf. It shouldn't be up to Adriana to decide who sees Rex, it should be up to those who've been around him like his mother and Bo. I know that legally Adriana is Rex's wife and therefore has the right to make those decisions but morally she doesn't. Rex is dying. A man who is dying should be allowed to be with his son and the woman that he loves especially if it's possible that they could save him.

I'm sympathetic for Adriana up to a point. It's sad when the person that you love no longer loves you back but life trumps feelings and Rex's life is hanging in the balance. Adriana needs to put her pain aside and focus on Rex's needs. The rest can be dealt with later.

Until next time dear readers, take care.

Liz Masters is a freelance writer who occasionally submits news stories for Soap Central. She is filling in for Dawn this week.

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