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Once again, Dinah has made some impulsive moves that will undoubtedly cost her in the end. She wants so desperately to fit in and find acceptance, but the problem is that she goes about it all the wrong way.

Watching the Lizzie abduction storyline, my head is swimming with the double crossing and scheming in Springfield. Secrets abound, and I can't wait to see how it all ends.

Now that Grady had the not-so-bright idea of kidnapping a former billionaire granddaughter, he realizes that life has changed for him once again. He got away - literally - with Tammy's death, but Alan Spaulding might be a more formidable enemy once he realizes the Aussie took his beloved Lizzie.

I loved the scenes with "G" and Lizzie where she revealed her own loneliness growing up. Of course, I think it is a ploy to get "G" to drop his guard - but there is more than a little truth in her statements. Their upbringing couldn't be more different, but the feelings are very similar. But once the blindfold is off, what will she say to her own "employee"?

Once again, Dinah has made some impulsive moves that will undoubtedly cost her in the end. She wants so desperately to fit in and find acceptance. The trouble is, she goes about it all the wrong way. Now that "G" has kidnapped Lizzie (for her) she has to play the hand she is dealt - but at what cost?

It is hard for me to see a character all grown up that and taking on Alan (ala Bill). I find myself thinking of the impish Bryan Buffinton's young Bill Lewis and playmate of Michelle Bauer (now Santos). But SORAS'ed Bill taking on his parents rival Alan is going to be interesting. They both love Lizzie, they both have odd ways of showing it at times, but how will it all play out once Lizzie is returned (which I assume she will be)?

Someone else having adjustment issues is the over-50 Reva. I have to admit that, at 41, I would be more than a little shocked to be pregnant - and Reva is at least a decade older than me. I do like that GL is showing Reva's already wild emotions even more crazed with hormones with her pregnancy and the uncertainty of how she'll be able to cope. The scene with Reva and Jeffrey at the Tower's bar was so well done. Reva reliving her youthful wild days and Jeffrey reassuring her of his unconditional love and support. Very well done!! This week we'll see the return of Joshua which will add an added dimension to their life as he learns his ex-wife is about to become a mother again! Will he allow the woman he admits he still loves to celebrate her pregnancy - and marriage - to another man?

Daisy's on-again off-again feelings for Grady still shocks and disgusts me. Yes, he's had a hard life. But he did kill Tammy (sure, he didn't mean to kill her, but he did mean to kill Jonathan). Rafe is in jail and certainly has plenty of issues of his own, but this bad boy is just too hot for a young Daisy to handle. She certainly is a chip off the old block....

I don't know how many of Olivia's mean outbursts I can take. I'm sure I'd be scared to death of the thought of dying - but she treats Natalia so poorly. You have to wonder why anyone would want to help her - despite her illness. I know that she's afraid that her Galaxy deal with be lost if Decker realizes the extent of her health issues. Maybe her new heart needs a tune up that will allow Olivia's heart to beat with a little more warmth - and allow her to keep her new job at Galaxy. A successful businesswoman doesn't need to be a bitch to be successful. Show all of the layers of Olivia - we certainly know the Emmy winning Crystal Chappell can handle the role!

This week looks to be an interesting one for several characters - and with November Sweeps coming up (and the spoilers are now posted) look for Springfield to heat up this fall!!

Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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