Jack wants Carly once again

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Jack and Janet have a connection, though it is not as strong as the one between Jack and Carly. Janet is good for Jack, and she may be one of the few women who can possibly make him forget about Carly.

As I write this headline, it looks as familiar as it is nothing new: Paul and Emily scheming together, another Chris Hughes leaves town due to losing in love and Jack wants Carly again for the umpteenth time. Is he world turning clockwise or counterclockwise as we see the same story being retold with nothing new to root for?

Paul Fights for Meg
Why are we revisiting psycho Paul again? We have seen him be crazy before and with his father gone, this is the perfect opportunity for him to bask in the happiness of being impending fatherhood. Now he teams up with his ex-wife, Emily for them to get what they both want. Meg loves Paul and wants them to be happy and Emily has gotten back with Dusty - so why mess things up by teaming behind their respective partners to plot. We all know how this will end up - Dusty will find out and dump Emily and Meg will find out and be angry with Paul for a day or so then take him back. Is this predictable or what?

So what can change the landscape of this story - the return of Craig Montgomery? There will be a new Craig coming soon and he is the enemy of both Paul and Dusty. Could this be the chance for Paul and Dusty to team up, repair their fractured friendship to fight against evil Craig? I am anxious to find out the reason that Craig is coming back to Oakdale as he left to escape being charged for attempting to kill Paul. We know how things work in Oakdale - there will be some reason why he can't be charged and he will be free with a week of his return.

Will Meg have a problem free pregnancy with all of the stresses surrounding her? Dr. Bob has warned her about her blood pressure then she is okay. It is seriously time for Paul to become a father; Meg can not lose another baby. It just hit me - will Craig try to take Meg and Paul's baby? As fast as things move in Oakdale, Meg will probably have the baby as soon as Craig returns to town.

Alison Says Goodbye to Chris
Chris Hughes leaves town once again. How long will it be before Chris returns with another new face to get involved with Alison or Emily again? I am still having an issue with the show getting rid of Chris Hughes because this time I think they got it right in terms of casting and story. There was a time when a Hughes family member was so important that the show would think twice before sending him out of town. This time it was not the actor's choice to leave but the show's choice and he had such chemistry with Alison - this is a relationship that needed to be dissected with a little bit longer.

So where does this leave Alison and Aaron now? Alison appears to be getting real friendly with another one of her sister's ex-boyfriends, Casey. Casey is a Hughes after all and she is a Stewart so how long will it be before they get physically involved. No, please writers don't go there! I am tired of the Hughes and Stewart romances that tear their families apart. Hopefully, I am wrong with Casey and Alison becoming get pals. Maybe Casey can now go after Dani - is she still in town?

This leaves Aaron with nothing to do but tend bar at the Lakeview. Maybe he can get involved with Dani or maybe a new woman can come to town for him. There are not a lot of women his age in town right now. Considering how uninteresting Aaron has become - are we really invested in what he does next except maybe going back to Seattle. Does he have any reason to come to the studio - there is this Spencer woman there, well that's another retread story, maybe?

Katie Thinks She is in Danger
Is this an 'All About Eve' rip-off or is it too obvious? Henry reminded Katie that her suspicion about Spencer was just the same thing they did to Molly all those years ago. Spencer does seem to have some attraction to Brad. It is the beginning of this story with Spencer starting at the station then Katie gets sick so Spencer has to take her place on air. If this is the direction of the story, why is it that each one of the Inturn winners comes on to play some kind of psycho? Wouldn't it have been great if she were cast as Dani?

I like the idea of Brad and Katie being a couple and not breaking them up so soon after they were married like what happened with Aaron and Alison. We get to see them as a married couple and working through their stuff without pulling them apart so soon. Brad and Katie seem to be a solid couple. So what do you think Spencer is doing in Oakdale and what is her deal with Katie? Is this too obvious to think she has it in for Katie to be with Brad?

The good part of this is that Henry and Vienna are now part of the mix so the chance to see more of them even if they are a part of Katie's story is fine. We all know how much fun they are as things are going to get wackier and wackier when they are involved.

Carly and Jack and Janet
Jack and Carly together again is going to happen as we all know it. The fun has always been watching it happen. This time, though, there is someone in the mix who can give Carly some real competition - Janet. Janet is as strong as Carly is; they are similar in personality so we can see what Jack is attracted to.

Jack and Janet have a connection though it is not as strong the one between Jack and Carly; they have a chance. The reason this story is working because right now, whoever Jack ends up with it will be fine. I like Janet now and she is good for Jack; she may be one of the few women who can possibly make him forget about Carly.

I do not like that the show feels the need to keep having her been the victim of violence. Is it so Jack can be the hero and capture the culprit?

Finally, Luke is getting into politics and running against Kevin, his x-crush. How are he and Noah going to weather this storm of jealousy and Luke being in the limelight?

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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