Luke runs for office

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Luke runs for office
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Luke is running for student government against his former crush, Kevin. This should be interesting, if only for the fact that we might get to see Luke and Noah more. How dirty could the campaign get? Luke hasn't done anything except admit that he's gay.

Jennifer is out this week and will return next week.

As we get close to November Sweeps next week, I wondered this week what the big story would be during that time. I don't see anything happening that huge to make it as exiting for a sweeps month: Luke running for office or Paul having another meltdown as Meg delivers the baby or maybe Jack and Janet having their wedding. Some of these stories just started; however, the show is moving at such a breakneck speed that any of these things could easily happen.

Dusty and Emily and Paul and Meg
What is wrong with Paul Ryan? Why is he constantly creating problems when there is really nothing to worry about this time? Dusty is just being Meg's friend and he has not gotten over his deceased wife, Jennifer - as he admitted this week. Paul is running around town making accusations against Dusty and he could easily push them closer with his constant tirades. I don't understand Paul this time. I would have thought once his father was out of the picture he would have been better. I guess he had some type of emotional break as he continues to be visited by his father's ghost. He is going to be a father and he either is going to make Meg lose this baby again or the child will be raised as a Snyder and he will never see it.

Meg, on the other hand, cannot live in one place too long. How many times has she packed up her bags to move back to the farm or move back to Paul? Does she have a bag packed so she can just pick that up and take it when she makes these quick moves? I really want her to carry this baby to term though the signs point to the fact that she might not. Can the writers give her another story to play? I am disappointed in this story as it seems to be the same thing over and over and over again.

Emily is in this playing both sides as she is trying to hold on to Dusty and assist Paul. She did seem a bit stunned when Dusty told her that he still had not gotten over Jennifer's death and he was going to start anything serious with her - in other words, she is just a booty call. She probably deserves it after the way she treated poor, young Casey.

How many times has Dusty mentioned Jennifer since he has been home? Where did this come from and where is this going? I guess that's why I need to tune in tomorrow. Just a crazy thought on my part, could Jennifer be alive too?

Election Time
Luke is running for student government against his former crush, Kevin. This should be interesting, if only for the fact, that we might see Luke and Noah more. How dirty could the campaign get as Luke has not done anything except admit he was gay. Where is his dirty laundry unless Kevin's campaign starts using things about his family and we know there is plenty to use there. Kevin's campaign manager appears to be ruthless and this will a character mud fight and not based on any issues.

I think it's a nice move to have Casey be his campaign manager and get Alison to help as well. It's nice to see Casey and Alison as friends - let's hope the show does not push them into being a couple too soon. Luke and Noah always seemed to be on this island alone without many friends so now with the popular Casey Hughes on his side, Luke might do okay in the election.

Jack and Carly and Janet
Are they (Jack and Janet) going to make it to the altar? Probably not! Carly has decided she wants Jack back and now the fun will begin as Janet is a fighter too - this could be very interesting if Janet does not back off and fights for Jack. The reality of this situation is that Jack is choosing Janet as his second choice because I believe he really wants to be with Carly. He and Carly have been able to put most of their issues behind them and form a friendship. It was good to see them remember previous proposals; it really showed the strength this couple has. I don't think that Janet has a chance; however, if they do get married, it will be shorter than the marriage of Alison and Aaron.

Spencer has a suitcase in her room full of money - suspicious. Katie goes to the police to speak to Dani who investigated this and the money is not real - suspicious. Do Spencer and Dani know each other and Spencer is some type of undercover agent with Dani helping her in some way? We never saw the exchange between Spencer and Dani. Speaking of Dani - why does she keep changing her job and why does she need to work in the police station? All of this is very suspect and this Spencer person is up to something.

Brad is on Spencer's side and Katie has some doubts about Spencer and she should. With Henry and Vienna involved, there has to be something crazy about to happen. Now that I think about it, this is probably going to be the big story for the sweeps period.

Bonnie Has a Boyfriend?
Is Derek going to be redeemed so Bonnie can actually have a real boyfriend? That is sort of unbelievable as this lady has only been tied in to other women's men since she returned to Oakdale. Now that he is not going to be involved in any of Paul's dirty dealings and James is dead, what will he do for a job in Oakdale? It will probably be revealed shortly that he was a doctor or lawyer in his past life so he will have a built in profession. I hope they work out and continue to have story. This show is not good lately with giving story to characters like Dallas, Henry, Vienna, Luke or Noah.

Here are some comments from readers:

Kristy said, "You're right on about carjack. I'd love a reunion but this "almost there" storyline has become incredibly tedious. It feels like the writers keep it going just to retain the carjack fans and not because it's a good story. Not to mention that they are slowly destroying Carly in the process. She's been my favorite character for years and I'm to the point of hoping Maura West jumps ship and heads to another show that can handle her talent. If we aren't going to get the satisfying conclusion, I would rather the focus be placed elsewhere."

Mary said, "Nooooooooo...Jack, take it back! As much as I love Janet, I want her to be with someone else, and yes, Jack & Carly to be reunited! They just have such a special dynamic. I really want Janet to stay w/the show and become good friends w/Carly, but Jack & Carly HAVE to be together, PLEASE! Still think Janet & Brad could be a better couple than Katie and Brad."

Kristen said, "I am really disappointed that ATWT decided to let Chris Hughes go again- although I can't say I am surprised considering they fired Scott Bryce and are now bringing in yet another Craig! I think as fans we deserve better from a show that we make time for 5 days a week!!!! "

Marie said, "I thought it odd (but good) that Henry brought up Katie's past (Molly and the tainted sandwich) when she blamed the new girl for trying to kill her. Maybe Spencer is a relative of Molly and is there to do unto Katie as Katie did unto her? Revenge is always fun."

Finally, when will we see some new stories and not so much of the same stories again and again? I think it's time for some new blood behind the writer's desk.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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