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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 20, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Lily arrived at Worldwide and found Dusty sitting behind Lucinda's desk. He apologized to her yet again for faking his death, and Lily reluctantly agreed to leave their past as part of history. Then Dusty dropped the bombshell that he was the new owner of Worldwide. Lily accused him of always looking out for Number One, and then waxed nostalgic about how Dusty was her first lover and later her very best friend. She was still hurting about his "death," and then his "resurrection" culminated in his taking over her mother's company. It was all too much to process, said Lily, as she said a long goodbye.

Holden found Meg at Fairwinds, and she told her brother that Paul had sold his shares of Worldwide to an offshore corporation. This pleased her, and she defended her husband by reminding Holden that many of Paul's problems were caused by James Stenbeck. Meg was sure Paul would be concentrating on their future together with their baby. Holden held his tongue and focused on the fact that his sister appeared so happy.

Emily met with Paul, who pumped her for information on how Dusty had gotten Worldwide. Emily thought it was not so much about Dusty gaining the company as it was about getting Paul out. Paul remembered how Meg had encouraged him to sell his stock, and he got furious that Dusty had somehow used his wife. He threatened Dusty, and Emily suggested he take Meg and move away, but Paul had something else in mind. Emily demanded to know what he was going to do, but Paul took off.

Derek Coburn came into Metro and surprised Bonnie. He told her she did not even know him, and he had done her a favor by not keeping in touch with her. He explained how he had met James Stenbeck in prison, and James had blackmailed him when they both got out. He told Bonnie she deserved someone better, and she agreed. Derek appeared sad and walked out.

Lily went home and told Holden that Dusty was the new head of Worldwide and was no longer in her future; he was only her past. This was a shock to Holden, who had been hoping Dusty would not stay in Oakdale. He told her he would be back, and he abruptly left. Faith heard her parents' discussion and came in to ask Lily if she and Holden were going to split again, and her mother tried to allay the girl's fears.

Derek ran into Paul in Old Town, and Paul offered him a job. He produced a wad of cash to back it up. He proposed that Coburn set up Dusty by buying drugs and planting them on him. When Derek balked, Paul threatened to press charges for kidnapping Meg and their unborn baby and secreting her on the island for James. Derek caved in and agreed to do the job.

Holden barged into the Worldwide offices and questioned Dusty about his motives for acquiring Lucinda's company. He asked how much of a part Lily had played in Dusty's decision to stay in town. He warned Dusty to stay away from his wife. Donovan explained that he came back to Oakdale for Meg, who needed his help. Holden said Dusty's "help" did nothing but tear his family apart, and he stormed out. Holden went back home, and Lily told him how much it bothered her to see him upset every time he saw Dusty. She was unhappy that the two of them could forgive but not forget. Holden believed they needed to trust each other completely and not question every move the other made. He was willing to take the first step by believing that Lily's interest in Dusty was finally over. He asked Lily for the same consideration with regards to Carly, and he told her she was the only one for him.

Emily found Paul in Old Town and learned about the job he had hired Derek to do. She told him to call off Coburn or she would tell Dusty everything. Paul countered by saying she would then have to confess her part in the conspiracy. Paul's plan was to totally discredit Dusty in stages until he lost all credibility with the community. Emily protested, and Paul began yelling at her as Dusty walked up. Dusty wanted to know why Paul was so upset with Emily, and she made up a story that she had only told Paul the truth, that he needed professional psychiatric help again. Emily then accompanied Dusty to the Lakeview. There she reminded Dusty that he would have to live with the consequences of what he had done to Paul and warned him to constantly watch his back.

Derek walked uninvited into Fairwinds and startled Meg. He asked what her husband was up to, but Meg had no idea what he was saying. Coburn explained that he had been at Stenbeck's mercy and apologized for how he had treated her. Then he showed Meg the wad of money Paul had given him and told her about the plan to plant drugs on Dusty. Meg took the money he proffered and thanked him for telling her the truth. Derek told her he hoped things worked out, and he disappeared. Paul returned shortly and noticed Meg's subdued mood. She handed him the money, and Paul immediately denied whatever Coburn had told her. They argued, and Paul whined that Dusty not only had stolen his inheritance but had his company, as well. Meg cried that she should have left Paul in the hospital because she could no longer help him, and she went upstairs.

Paul followed Meg and found her packing. He promised to make everything right and to change, but Meg felt she had no choice but to leave. She had called a cab, which arrived then, and Paul began to cry. Meg told him to fix that part inside of him that was broken, and she walked out. James appeared in the bedroom and told Paul that Meg would go straight to Dusty. His father counseled that Paul must get rid of whatever was standing in his way.

Derek returned to Metro and told Bonnie he had made an important choice: he had done the right thing. He asked her for a second chance, and she agreed.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Margo was leaving the Oakdale Police Station when Dani Andropoulos came in to apply for the job of profiler and bragged about her sterling qualifications. She intimated to Margo that all Chief Margo had to do was say the word to hire her, but Margo instead made some sarcastic remarks about her "Auntie Em," and walked out.

Brad found Spencer searching the classified ads for a new place to live. She reminded him that she had walked into her hotel room and found two crazies making out on her bed, referring to Henry and Vienna and their aborted search attempt. Brad admitted that his friends were afraid she had a "thing" for him, which set Spencer into gales of laughter. Brad was a bit insulted by the thought that the two of them as a couple was so humorous. Spencer assured him that she was no competition for Katie, but Brad showered her with confidence-building compliments.

Katie went to the diner and told Henry and Vienna it was time to call the conspiracy squad off Spencer. Vienna said it was no time to quit because they had found a suspicious locked suitcase hidden under Spencer's bed. Katie could not think of anything Spencer could have in that bag that involved her, but Henry suggested they go back to the Lakeview and break the lock on the suitcase. Katie was uneasy that Brad would not approve, but she gave the go-ahead to her sleuths in her most subtle manner.

Jack was fixing Emma's sink at the farm and had just unloosed a geyser when Janet walked in, and they both got drenched. Fortunately Janet was wearing a raincoat, and she announced to Jack that she had a surprise for him. She was just unbuttoning her coat when Margo barged in. She had learned that Jack had caught Janet's mugger and was there to convince him to come back to work on the police force. She offered him the same pay and his old desk back. She urged him to call her with his affirmative answer, but if he said no, she would not ask again. After Margo left, Janet suggested Jack think about why he became a police officer in the first place, and she vowed to stand by him, no matter what. Jack suddenly became a man of action and grabbed Janet's arm and pulled her out of the house.

Katie went to work at WOAK and interrupted raucous fun between Brad and Spencer, who were supposed to be rehearsing. Spencer apologized for accusing Katie of being part of the Henry/Vienna conspiracy. Katie felt guilty because she knew Henry and Vienna were probably at that very moment attempting to open the suitcase hidden under Spencer's bed. Spencer announced that she thought she would go back to the Lakeview for a bit of a nap, but Katie improvised quickly by inviting Spencer to lunch with her and Brad. They went to the Lakeview, although Katie tried suggesting other restaurants. Spencer felt dizzy, and Katie pulled out all the stops to keep her from going up to her room. She suggested the ladies' room off the lobby, and Spencer went there. Brad tried to confirm with Katie that she had, indeed, called off Henry and Vienna, but Katie took off to make a call. She talked to Henry in Spencer's room to warn him that Spencer was close by, and he told her the suitcase was crammed full of money. Brad and Spencer found Katie, so she told Henry in code to replace the bag and get out. Spencer bowed out of lunch to go to her room to lie down. Brad realized that Katie was back in the thick of things, so Katie explained what Henry and Vienna had found in Spencer's case.

Jack dragged Janet to the police station and accepted Margo's offer of reinstatement, beginning the next day. When Margo stepped out of the interview room, Jack asked Janet for the surprise she had been promising him all day. She opened her raincoat so only he could see inside, and Jack was - surprised. The two of them left quickly.

Katie was frustrated, so she went to the Oakdale Police Station to speak to Margo. Margo was in conference with the Mayor, but Katie found Dani Andropoulos still waiting there. Dani offered to help, so Katie spilled everything about her friends finding a suitcase full of probably stolen money.

Jack was enthused about what Janet was not wearing under her raincoat, but the two of them could not think of anywhere to go to be alone. The farm always had people arriving and leaving, and Janet was still bunking at Katie and Brad's, along with Liberty. They stopped for a drink, and Jack asked if Janet would consent to live with him, but she turned him down. Jack was confused and asked her what would make things easier for her. Janet told him she wanted the whole fairy tale: husband, house, family. She thanked him for making her realize that she was worthy of having it all. Jack continued to ponder how the two of them could be together, and after a long kiss, Janet hinted that she knew a way, but she wasn't about to tell him. He had to figure it out himself.

Spencer barged into WOAK toting her notorious suitcase. She warned Katie and Brad to be careful where they spent it and then opened the bag. The money was not real; Spencer claimed it was a present for her 10-year-old autistic nephew in Arizona. She asked Katie why she hated her so much and stormed out. Brad could not believe that Katie had actually made a police report, and they argued about Katie's insecurities and her allowing Vienna to fill her head with paranoid fantasies. Brad ordered her to call Henry and Vienna and to make them quit harassing Spencer. Instead, Katie went to the diner and spoke with her friends in person. She explained that the money was fake, but Henry and Vienna swore the money they saw was authentic. Henry declared someone had obviously made a switch.

Dani ambushed Margo again at the police station, still badgering her about the profiling position. She said she had solved Katie's problem for her and saved Margo a good hour of investigative work. Margo was still non-committal about whether that had given Dani a leg up on the job.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

As she was delivering lunch for Sage, Carly ran into Lily in the school parking lot and noticed that Lily's car had a very low tire. She offered to give Lily a lift, but her former friend refused her help. Lily called Holden, but he did not answer. As Carly was driving out, she offered assistance again, and this time Lily accepted. Carly drove her home and was surprised when Lily invited her in for coffee. Over their refreshment, Lily told Carly that she and Holden were giving their marriage another try, and that meant putting old relationships behind them. Carly apologized again for her affair with Holden and said she had missed Lily's friendship.

Lily offered to try acting as if the two of them were friends again, and Carly confided that she and Jack had decided to steer clear of one another. Besides, Jack was dating Janet. Lily asked a searching question: had Carly tried so hard to set up Jack and Janet because, in her heart, Carly felt that Janet was no threat to her? Lily suggested that Carly stop being Janet's cheerleader and to tell Jack how she really felt about him. Carly realized that Lily was right in her assessment of Janet, and she left in a hurry, hoping she was not too late. When Holden came home, he was pleased that Lily and Carly had made some progress in restoring their friendship.

Aaron met with Alison and told her his lawyer was sending her a packet of divorce papers. Alison was shocked that Aaron had gotten moving on the dissolution of their marriage so quickly. She asked if the two of them could remain friends, but Aaron nixed that idea immediately.

Holden went to the farm and gave Jack a bottle of wine to celebrate his reinstatement on the police force. Jack shared that Janet had squelched the idea of moving in with him, and Holden wondered how his cousin would feel about life without Janet. Jack, in turn, asked Holden about Carly, and was happy to learn that Lily and Holden were back together. Aaron came in, and Jack asked for some newlywed advice, not realizing that was the last subject Aaron wanted to address. After Jack left, Holden asked his son if he had seen Alison, and Aaron told him he did not know which was worse, Alison's cheating on him or her not fighting him on the divorce. Aaron was sad that there was no way he could go back to the way things were before with Alison.

Luke found Noah working at the coffee shop, where Casey spilled the news that Luke's name was on the ballot for the election of student government officers on campus. Noah was hurt that he was the last to know of Luke's plans. Luke apologized for that and asked for Noah's approval. Noah was hesitant because he was fearful Luke would be hurt if he was not successful, and Casey agreed. Alison came in and Casey was quick to notice her glum mood. She confided to him that she was about to be served with divorce papers.

Luke's old love, Kevin, with his entourage, came in the coffee shop and asked Luke if he would be supporting him for office. Luke introduced himself as Kevin's new opponent. As the group left, Kevin's campaign manager, Mark Vero, made a snide remark about gambling to Casey. Luke asked who Mark was, and Casey explained he was a fraternity brother and campaign manager to Kevin. Then Casey remarked that Luke could use someone like that on his own campaign, and Noah proposed Casey for the job.

Janet told Liberty that Jack had asked her to move in with him, but she had turned him down. Liberty was horrified that her mother might have blown her last chance at happiness. She was concerned that Mr. Right would once again turn into Mr. Dead Wrong. Janet explained she was holding out for the big prize and called her daughter "Debbie Downer" as she sent miss doom and gloom off to school. Liberty had mentioned a sad, jilted character in the book she was reading in English literature, and Janet visualized herself as Miss Haversham in "Great Expectations," sitting forever in her wedding dress, surrounded by cobwebs.

Luke's group attempted to talk Casey into the position of campaign manager, and Alison seemed willing to participate, as well, in spite of the fact she was not an Oakdale University student. Mark, Kevin's manager, came back to their table and made several anti-gay remarks about Luke while inviting Casey to come to a rally at Al's Diner. As soon as Mark left, Casey agreed to run Luke's campaign, provided Alison would help. Alison asked what her job description would be, and Casey basically described the work of a spy. Alison left to check out the rally, since she was unknown on campus, and Kevin approached her and introduced himself. He took Alison inside, and Mark announced that Luke Snyder was Kevin's opponent in the race and then made several disparaging remarks about changes that would come about if someone like Luke was in charge. Alison listened a bit but then walked out in disgust. She reported back to Team Luke that she had heard nothing but homophobic remarks. What Alison did not know was that after she left, Kevin told his followers that Luke was a good guy and had as much right to run for office as he did.

Jack went to the police station for his first day back and started on mounds of paper work. Liberty showed up, worried about her mother. She said her mother had mentioned that she wanted something more permanent than what Jack had offered. Liberty begged Jack to break off his relationship with Janet before he broke her heart completely. On her way out of the station, Liberty took a call from her mother, who had guessed where Liberty had gone. Then Janet called Jack, and the two agreed to meet in Old Town. They both arrived soon, and Jack asked if she had been referring to marriage when she said she wanted the whole fairy tale. Janet said yes, but that she did not want Jack to feel guilty about anything. She prattled on, not making much sense, until Jack told her to shut her mouth for 30 seconds and she might learn what was going to happen next. Janet became suddenly silent, and Jack got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Neither of them noticed Carly watching from around the corner.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Carly stumbled upon Jack's outdoor proposal to Janet in Old Town, and they spotted her before Janet could give her answer. Carly apologized for being there, but said she was too shocked at what she was seeing to move. She wished the two of them good luck and dashed into the coffee shop. Janet was stunned both by the proposal and Carly's showing up, and she told Jack she needed time to think. She left, and Jack went into the coffee shop to ask Carly if she had planned the whole scenario. Carly told him there was no way she knew he was proposing then, and Jack admitted it was rather spur-of-the-moment on his part, too. Carly made fun of his romantic skills in proposing without a ring, and she offered many suggestions in the romance department. Jack told her to stop and to quit worrying about his problems, and he went to work.

Holden talked with Meg who was living back at the Snyder farm. Paul knocked on the door, and Meg went upstairs while Holden let him in. Paul told Holden that Meg and their baby were the most important things in his life, but Holden scolded him about trying to set up Dusty with the woman and child impersonating Lucy and Johnny. Paul countered with reminding Holden how Dusty had gone after Lily. Holden advised Paul to get more psychiatric treatment because he was sick.

At Worldwide, Emily was pleased to have alone time with Dusty, but he told her he was preparing to leave for a trip to New York. Emily attempted to invite herself along, but Dusty was reluctant to agree. He told her to stay home and run her newspaper. When Emily pursued the matter, Dusty broke the news that their romance was finished. He was afraid that she wanted more than he could give, and besides, he was still in love with Jennifer, his dead wife. He walked out, leaving Emily devastated.

Janet went home and told Liberty that Jack had proposed. The girl was ecstatic, but Janet tired to calm her. Liberty had the color scheme of the wedding all planned before her mother could get in a word to tell her she had not yet accepted the proposal. Janet explained how Carly had shown up unexpectedly and put a damper on the moment. She called Carly a "Super Magnet" who could always pull Jack back to her. Janet was feeling that she and Jack did not really belong together, and Carly's appearance was a sign. Liberty advised her mother to stop sabotaging herself.

Holden went into the coffee shop and sat with Carly. He thanked her for helping Lily with her car trouble, and Carly told him that Jack had just proposed to Janet. Holden was surprised and told Carly he didn't think Jack was ready for that step yet. He asked Carly how she felt about it, but she had no ready answer. She remembered then that Janet had not given Jack an answer to his proposal, either. Holden told her that she knew if she put her mind to it, she could always get Jack back. He suggested she had time to execute a plan, since Jack and Janet were not actually engaged yet.

Paul summoned Emily to Fairwinds, and she seemed glad to get her mind off her troubles. Paul demanded to know what Dusty was up to and found it hard to believe that Dusty was still hung up on Paul's sister, Jennifer. Emily told Paul that he was acing like a "freakin' psychopath," and he needed to get help. Paul said Meg had left him and gone back to the farm, and he didn't know what to do. Emily suggested he do exactly what Meg wanted, and that was to go back under a doctor's care. She offered to drive him to the hospital, and this time Paul agreed.

On his way to the airport, Dusty visited Meg to tell her he was off to New York. He thought her leaving Paul was a good thing, and suddenly Meg began having severe abdominal cramps. Dusty got her some water, but she got no relief, so Dusty said he was driving her to Memorial.

At the police station, Margo noticed that Jack seemed a million miles away. Jack said he had a serious question for her and asked if it made a difference how a guy proposed. He explained about his aborted proposal to Janet, and Margo asked if Jack was sure he really wanted to marry Janet. She reminded him how Carly had faked her terminal condition to win Jack back before, but Jack was convinced that her showing up in Old Town at just the right moment was coincidental. Jack asked if he needed to sweep Janet off her feet, and Margo let him go early to make preparations for some romance.

Jack called Janet and asked her to meet him in room 206 at the Lakeview in about an hour. Liberty was almost more excited than her mother that Jack had called back and was obviously preparing a romantic evening. Janet got dressed for the occasion, and Liberty wished her mother good luck. She said she would be home studying but would listen for an exciting call from Janet. Janet was picking up her purse to leave when the doorbell rang. It was another surprise visit from Carly. Janet explained she was on her way to meet Jack at the Lakeview and get officially engaged, but Carly asked if Janet was all right and pointed to her face. Janet looked in the mirror and was horrified to see she had broken out in unsightly hives. She told Carly that happened to her during stressful times and suggested Carly leave to lessen her stress. After Carly's exit, Janet begged Liberty to run to the drug store for some antihistamines, which her daughter did. Janet called Jack and told him she was running late, and he understood. When Liberty came back with the medication, Janet doubled the usual dose and lay on the couch to relax and let the medication work.

Dusty brought Meg to the hospital, and while they were waiting for an exam room, Emily and Paul arrived, as well. A nurse took Meg into a room and left her. Paul walked in and tried to speak to his wife, but she told him how much he frightened her, and he left. Meanwhile, in the hall, Emily verbally attacked Dusty until he told her to shut up.

At the Lakeview, Jack signed for an elegant room service delivery including champagne and a single white rose. As he was lighting the candles, he heard a knock at the door and assumed it was Janet. It was Carly, however, also bearing champagne. She offered to inspect his other romantic trappings, but Jack could only think about how to get her out of there. She kept referring to Janet as "the un-Carly."

Liberty could not awaken Janet on the couch, so she called Jack and explained what had happened. Jack promised to hang in there at the hotel until Janet was functional again. Carly overheard Jack's part of the conversation and took it as an invitation to stay and partake of the spread that was "already paid for."

Friday, October 24, 2008

At WOAK, Brad and Spencer were filming a segment of "Oakdale 411," but Brad was distracted and on edge because of his disagreements with Katie about Spencer. Katie went to the police station, where she told Margo her concerns about Spencer and confessed to attempting to dig up information on Spencer. Katie asked Margo not to pursue her complaint against Spencer. Margo wouldn't make any promises.

Liberty managed to wake Janet up despite the multiple antihistamines Janet had taken, but Janet was still covered in hives. Liberty told Janet that Jack wouldn't care how she looked, but Janet insisted she couldn't let Jack see her looking that way. Liberty told her mom to at least call Jack to let him know she couldn't meet him that evening, saying that once Janet heard Jack say, "I love you," she'd begin to relax and could recover from the hives.

In the hotel room Jack had rented, Carly made herself at home, eating some of the oysters on the half shell that room service had brought up for Jack and Janet. Carly teased Jack until he finally tried an oyster; when pushed by Carly, Jack ate a second oyster and decided he liked them.

They drank champagne with the oysters, and Carly suggested that Jack practice his proposal on her. After Jack told Carly what he intended to say to Janet, Carly remarked that it was forgettable, unlike his proposals to her. Jack said Carly couldn't possibly remember each of his proposals to her word for word, but she assured him she did. Carly then reminded Jack of the first time he'd proposed to her. Jack remembered but said it made him sad, because that wasn't how they were anymore. Carly said, "We're not over yet, Jack."

Janet agreed to call Jack, while Liberty went to the store. When Jack answered his phone, Janet asked if their date could wait until the next day. Jack assured Janet that it could and told her to take care of herself. He hung up without having said, "I love you," and that worried Janet.

Carly said it would be a shame to waste the champagne, and Jack opened the second bottle. Carly told Jack he could use some more practice on his proposal. Jack said anything would be better than the time he proposed to Carly in front of Emily and Craig, but Carly said she hadn't cared who was there at the time. Jack then remembered the time he had proposed when Sage was a baby. Carly remembered, and she asked if Jack remembered why he had said all the beautiful things he'd said when he proposed that time. Jack said it was coming back to him but that there was something Carly should know. Carly realized Jack wasn't drunk, and she asked him what he was trying to do to her.

Jack pointed out that Carly was the one who had walked in and gotten Jack to eat the oysters and drink the champagne and remember his previous proposals to her. Carly said she thought Jack was trying to see how far he could go with her, to prove to himself he could be true to Janet. Jack said he knew he could be true to Janet forever, and he suggested Carly had been trying to prove that no matter who he claimed to love, he would end up in bed with Carly. Angry, Carly turned and tried to walk out of the room. Jack said he wouldn't let her leave until she told him why she'd done it. Carly looked at Jack and said, "You know. Don't you know?"

Jack asked why Carly had kept pushing him towards Janet. Carly told Jack about Lily's theory, that Carly was being Janet's advocate because she hoped that Jack could never love Janet the way he'd loved her, and that at some point, he would realize that. Jack asked what Carly had expected to happen after that, and Carly said, "You'd marry me again. And we'd head out toward forever once more. And this time, we'd get there."

Jack told Carly he loved her and always would. He said loving Carly was a constant for him, a necessity. Jack said loving Carly was easy, but living with her was "harder than hell," and he couldn't do it anymore. Carly said she couldn't either, but she thought they could try something different, that they could change. Jack said he didn't want to change, and more importantly, he didn't want Carly to change. He told her she was a force of nature, and he didn't want to always be the guy who was holding her back.

Carly told Jack they could find a way to make it work, and she asked Jack to tell her what he wanted. Jack replied, "Janet. I want Janet." When Carly asked why, Jack said, "Because she's not you. She's as far from you as I can get." Jack said he didn't mean to hurt Carly, but he wanted peace, and he and Carly couldn't offer that to each other.

Carly asked if Jack would go ahead and propose to Janet that night, but Jack said he thought he would wait until the morning, because the timing didn't feel right anymore. Carly said Janet would surely say yes, and she was glad Jack was going to sleep on it. Jack said he wasn't going to change his mind, and Carly said she knew that, but she wished he would.

Katie went home, where she found Janet attempting to recover from the hives and worrying about having ruined things with Jack. Janet told Katie about the botched marriage proposal, and Katie told Janet about her fight with Brad. Katie assured Janet that Jack still loved her and pointed out that Janet had managed to win Jack despite Carly's presence in Jack's life, something Katie hadn't been able to do. Janet reminded Katie that Brad loved her, and Katie decided to go to the station to try to make up with Brad.

At WOAK, Kim called Brad and Spencer into her office, where she introduced Spencer to Margo, noting that Margo was the chief of police. Margo told Spencer that she was also Kim's daughter-in-law, and Brad pointed out that Margo was his sister-in-law. Margo told Spencer she'd heard that Spencer had had some trouble at the Lakeview. Spencer said she had told the police everything she could about the break-ins and that she didn't want to press charges against anyone. Margo gave Spencer her card and told her to call if she ever wanted to discuss it further.

After Margo left, Spencer told Brad she couldn't believe Katie would send her own sister to stalk her like that. Katie walked up, unaware of what had just happened, and gave Brad a kiss. Brad didn't respond, and when Katie asked what was wrong, Brad told her about Margo's visit. Katie swore the only thing she had asked Margo to do was to forget about the whole incident with Spencer, but Brad didn't seem to believe her.

Brad and Katie had to tape a segment of Oakdale Now, but they snipped at each other throughout the taping. Kim lost her temper and stopped the taping, telling Brad and Katie to stop having hissy fits on the air. Kim announced that she was pulling the show off the air temporarily, giving them a hiatus for a few weeks so that everyone could relax and get back to business as usual. Katie and Brad were stunned by Kim's decision, but Kim said it was final. Kim wanted to focus on Oakdale 411 with Brad and Spencer, assuming that Brad could act professionally enough to keep that show going. When Katie complained about Kim's decision to stop airing Oakdale Now, Kim said, "It's just a break!" Katie looked pointedly at Spencer and said, "And a lucky one at that," before storming off the set.

Katie went to see Margo and told her what had just happened. She was angry that Margo had gone to see Spencer, but she admitted the whole mess was actually her own fault. Katie burst into tears, telling Margo she didn't want to get divorced again. Margo tried to reassure her, saying Brad loved her and everything would be fine.

Liberty brought Janet some ice cream to help make her feel better about the missed evening with Jack. As they ate, Janet told Liberty it didn't matter what happened with Jack, because Liberty was the love of her life. The doorbell rang, and Jack called out for Janet. Janet panicked and told Liberty to get rid of him, but Liberty insisted her mom open the door, hives and all.

When Jack saw Janet, he smiled, and she told him to go ahead and laugh. Jack said she looked beautiful, but Janet said that was because Jack had apparently been drinking. Jack admitted to that but said it wasn't just the champagne talking. He then told Janet to imagine a room full of oysters and flowers and champagne, with soft music playing. He told her to imagine himself standing there with his heart in his hands, then said she didn't have to imagine that part, because he was right there with her. Jack told Janet he needed her and that she was all he wanted. She said he was all she wanted, too, "and then some." Jack then asked, "Will you marry me?" From her bedroom, Liberty called out, "Say yes, Mom! Please!" Janet said yes excitedly, and she and Jack kissed as Liberty watched from the hallway.

Carly went to Yo's and drank some shots. When the bartender remarked that Carly looked like she'd just lost her best friend, Carly said although that wasn't a very original thing to say, it happened to be true.



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