One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 20, 2008 on OLTL

Tess wanted Todd's help. Marty started to remember the past with Cole, but Todd brushed her off. Viki and Charlie searched for Natalie and Jared. Todd enlisted Dr. Joplin's help in securing Starr's baby. Gigi managed to sneak into La Boulaie to see Rex, who finally opened his eyes. Vanessa was arrested for shooting Ray.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 20, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Full Montez

At the hospital, Gigi told Marcie that Adriana had moved Rex out of the hospital. Gigi pleaded with her friend to help her find out where Adriana had taken Rex. Marcie said that she didn't have any access to Rex's medical records, but noticed Michael approaching and believed he could provide them with some information. As Marcie listened, Gigi begged Mike to tell her where Adriana had moved Rex. Gigi told Mike that Rex would want to see her and Shane if he were able to communicate. Initially Mike refused to give Gigi any information on Rex's whereabouts, but had a change of heart when Gigi questioned how he would react to losing the love of his life. Staring at Marcie, Mike gave Gigi clues to Rex's location. After Mike explained that patients in Rex's condition were generally moved closer to home, Gigi quickly surmised that Adriana had taken Rex to La Boulaie.

John and Blair arrived in time to see chaos erupt at Llanview Airport. When Dorian noticed the hit man draw his gun, she screamed and directed John's attention to the hired killer. The gunman pointed his weapon at Ray, but John fired a shot at him and the assassin's gun fell to the ground. Spotting the weapon, Vanessa picked up the gun and shot Ray. Everyone watched in horror as a badly wounded Ray fell to the floor. As Talia ran to Ray's aid, Antonio placed Vanessa under arrest for the shooting, and John subdued the gunman. While everyone appeared shaken by the act of violence, Blair and John both noticed Dorian's calm demeanor. Standing over Ray's body, Dorian asked the officers if he were dead.

Langston wanted to check on her uncle, but Markko advised her to keep her distance. Langston, Markko, Starr, and Cole tried to make sense of the situation. Surprised that Ray didn't tell her that he was married, Langston wondered why his wife would try to kill him. When her friends showed little remorse over Ray's shooting, Langston reminded them that he was her uncle and didn't deserve to be shot. While they waited for an ambulance to arrive, Talia tried her best to stop Ray's bleeding, but worried that he might not pull through. Upon hearing Talia's statement, Vanessa remarked that she was glad. Talia warned Vanessa that she might be charged with murder if the ambulance didn't arrive in time.

Shocked by Vanessa's reaction to Ray, Cris asked her what had made her do such a thing. Stating that she feared Ray might hurt Lola, Vanessa did not look upset. John questioned the hit man, but he refused to speak to John without his lawyer being present. After the gunman had been taken into custody, John approached Vanessa and demanded answers. Defending Vanessa, Cris told John that Vanessa was running away from Ray and had obviously gone into shock after spotting him at the airport. Neither, Antonio or John appeared sympathetic towards Vanessa's ordeal. Realizing that she would be separated from Lola, Vanessa asked Cris to take care of the child. Cris promised to look after Lola while Vanessa was in custody. When Antonio told Vanessa that she would be transported to the police station, Lola begged to come along. Antonio agreed to take Lola to the police station with him, and Cris and Sarah followed. When the ambulance arrived, Talia accompanied Ray to the hospital.

After checking on the teens, Blair told them to stay put while she spoke with Dorian. Blair questioned what role Dorian had in the shooting. Appearing at ease, Dorian denied any involvement. Dorian evaded Blair's questioning, and insisted on checking on Langston. Expressing her sympathy over Langston witnessing the horrible event, Dorian suggested that they head home. John approached and informed Dorian that he wanted to question her at the police station. Showing little concern, Dorian told Langston that Ray was obviously an unfit guardian and promised to regain custody of Langston in the morning. Dorian asked Blair to take Langston and Starr to La Boulaie while she answered John's questions at the police station. Blair, Starr, and Cole left. Langston and Markko decided to head home on their own. When Markko announced that the nightmare was finally over, Langston disagreed. Confiding in Markko, Langston told him that she feared that Dorian expected the gunman to show up at the airport. Insisting that she needed to see Dorian, Langston asked Markko to take her to the police station to check on her foster mother. Markko obliged.

At the police station, Antonio told Cris about his suspicions concerning Vanessa. Convinced that Vanessa knew that Montez was in Llanview, Antonio believed that she had tricked Cris into bring her to town to find him. Certain that Vanessa and Lola were terrified of Ray, Cris refused to believe that Vanessa would come to Llanview in search of him. When Antonio informed Vanessa that she would remain in custody until her arraignment, Lola expressed her fears to her stepmother. Lola worried that they would face troubles because they were alone in a strange country. Vanessa assured Lola that they would be fine. As Antonio escorted Vanessa to her cell, Cris promised Lola that he would take care of her and everything would be resolved.

Langston and Markko arrived at the police station. Introducing herself to Lola, Langston told the young girl that they were cousins.

In John's office, John questioned Dorian about what she had witnessed at the airport. Dorian was vague and provided John with limited information. During the questioning, John was interrupted by an officer who had brought him information regarding the gunman. After viewing the information, John asked Dorian if she was aware that the gunman was a contract killer, and questioned how far Dorian would go to keep Langston. When Dorian continued to deny any involvement in Ray's shooting, John threatened to bring in Jackie McNaughton for questioning. Certain that Jackie would not expose their relationship, Dorian didn't appear worried. Dorian exploded when John informed her that she would be held until he had the opportunity to question Jackie.

Relaxing at home, Todd and Marty pondered possible names for Starr's unborn child. Marty stunned Todd when she suggested the name Patrick. Before he could respond, Janet entered the room and suggested the name Cole. When Marty explained that the name Cole bothered Todd, Janet insisted on knowing why. Annoyed with Janet, Todd asked her to join him in another room and offered to explain his reasons.

Alone with Janet, Todd questioned what she was up to. Showing him information that she had obtained from the Internet, Janet condemned Todd for keeping Marty in the dark about Cole. Appalled that Todd would keep Marty estranged from her son and allow him to believe that she was dead, Janet informed Todd that she also knew about the rape. When Janet told Todd that he was hurting Marty because she was falling in love with him, Todd stated that he was falling in love with her, as well, and saw nothing wrong with what he has doing. Todd tried to convince Janet that he was a changed man, but Janet continued to express her disgust with Todd. Fed up with Janet's sudden moral conscience, Todd reminded her of her stint as Ramsey's employee. When Janet tried to defend her actions, Todd shocked her when he revealed that he was aware that she was actually Lee Halprin. Handing Janet a check, Todd advised her to keep quiet or else he would reveal her identity to her past victims. A cornered Janet reluctantly accepted Todd's check and agreed to remain silent.

Todd resumed his conversation with Marty. Concerned about Todd's state of mind after being reminded of the name Cole, Marty promised him that no child of hers would ever be named "Cole." Todd seemed satisfied with Marty's declaration.

Later, a troubled Janet had flashbacks of her conversation with John. She remembered John's warning that Todd had hurt Marty in the past and John's pleas for Janet to help an innocent woman escape Todd's clutches. Trembling, Janet placed a call to John. When John answered, Janet panicked and hung up the phone.

Starr and Cole stood outside of La Boulaie. Starr thanked Cole for protecting her and Langston at the airport. When Cole revealed to Starr the panic he felt for her and the baby, Starr told him about the contractions she had experienced and informed him that the baby might come earlier than expected. An emotional Cole thanked Starr for keeping him updated on the baby's progress. Starr told him that he was still the baby's father and had a right to all information regarding the child. When Cole expressed his displeasure over returning to the Buchanan Mansion and encountering Clint, Starr suggested that he stay with his friends at La Boulaie.

Blair returned to La Boulaie and discovered Adriana, a staff of nurses, and an unconscious Rex camped out in the living room. Blair appeared to have some compassion for Adriana's situation, but wondered if her cousin had taken Rex out of the hospital primarily out of revenge for Gigi. Blair reminded Adriana that if Rex ever recovered, he would want to be with Gigi. Upset with Blair's statements, Adriana insisted on being left alone with her husband. Alone with Rex, Adriana pleaded with him to come back to her and promised him that no one would ever come between them again.

Back at the hospital, Gigi attempted to get more information out of Mike, but was interrupted when Ray was rushed into the hospital. As Mike worked on Ray, Talia asked if he would be okay. Mike didn't have an answer for her.

Meanwhile, Gigi panicked after learning Rex was at La Boulaie. She feared that she would never see him again because she could never gain access to the mansion. Marcie asked Gigi how badly she wanted to see Rex. Gigi said that she would do anything to see him again. Marcie came up with a plan that would get Gigi inside of La Boulaie. Marcie explained her scheme to Gigi. Reminding Marcie that she was in the process of adopting Starr's baby, Gigi worried that Marcie's plan might cause a problem. Marcie was convinced that they could carry out the plan without any problem. Stating that Marcie's plan was crazy, Gigi believed that it just might work.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Missing Persons

At the police station, Langston and Markko greeted Lola, and Langston introduced herself to Lola as her cousin. Langston reassured Lola that Ray would be all right, but Lola said, "I hope not." She told the teens that her father was a murderer who had killed her mother, and said that Vanessa was all she had in the world. "He can rot in hell for all I care!" Lola cried. She was despondent to learn that Vanessa would not be released that night, and feared she had nowhere to go.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Marcie and Gigi rushed past Charlie and headed up to Marcie's apartment to plot how to get into La Boulaie. Preoccupied, Charlie continued speaking to someone on the phone, telling them he'd try anything to get Viki back. Just then, Roxy stormed in, furious about Adriana having moved Rex from the hospital without alerting any of his friends or family. She raged to Charlie about Adriana's inconsiderate behavior, but grew melancholy as she reflected on her own parenting history, concluding that she deserved the heartache for how she'd raised-or failed to raise-her son. Gigi and Marcie returned to the lobby just in time to refute Roxy's argument; Gigi told Roxy and Charlie that they'd all made mistakes, especially herself, but that they could not stand around feeling sorry for themselves while Rex was missing. Instead, Gigi said, "I'm gonna do something." She opened her coat, revealing a makeshift nurse's uniform. Marcie explained to Charlie and Roxy that they were going to send Gigi in to La Boulaie posing as one of Rex's private nurses, while Marcie ran interference. Roxy and Charlie cast a dubious eye upon Gigi's attire, and Roxy told her plainly that her disguise sucked. As Roxy ran her hands over Gigi's hair, she told her that all she needed to "complete the look" was "the Foxy Roxy touch."

At Llanfair, Viki and Bo were surprised by "Jessica" and Bree's sudden disappearing act. Bo was convinced that Tess was indeed at large, and that she was also responsible for Jared and Natalie going missing. He told Viki that if one of them found mother and child, they had to separate Bree from Tess as quickly as possible. Viki didn't want to believe that Tess was out, but realized there were few other conclusions. Viki suggested asking Tina if she'd seen Tess, and asked Bo to give Tina credit for having grown up over the years; she believed Tina had the family's best interests at heart. Suddenly, Bo was called away to the police station regarding the Montez case. Before he left, Bo asked Viki to give Charlie a call, as well, in case he had a lead on Jared.

In the study, Tina texted back and forth furiously with Cain, who taunted her with pictures of "Princess David Vickers" blindfolded, or held over a pot of water. Cain demanded Tina retrieve the crown jewels, and threatened to send little "DV" to meet "Davy Jones -- and I don't mean the Monkee." Anxious, Tina struggled to get the wall safe open, just in time for Viki to walk in and ask her what she was up to. Tina covered, saying that her beloved dog had been "dognapped"--while neglecting to mention Cain--and claimed she was looking for a weapon. Viki suggested that the dog was merely lost somewhere on the property, and asked Tina if she'd seen Jessica, or perhaps Tess. Tina said she hadn't seen her lately, and fluffed off Viki's questions about Jessica's strange behavior. She apologized, saying she was preoccupied with finding her beloved pooch, and as she hurried off to search for Cain and David Vickers, she promised to help Viki as soon as she returned.

At La Boulaie, Starr convinced Cole to spend the night at her house as just a friend. As they entered the house, they went over the day's events, and expressed their relief that Langston had not had to go away to Colombia. Starr said she hoped Ray either went back to prison, or worse, was left a vegetable so he could not take custody of his niece.

In the drawing room, Adriana sat at Rex's bedside, thumbing through old scrapbooks and their wedding album, retelling their past to her comatose husband. Adriana swore to Rex that they would be happy again, and that when he awoke they would start over as husband and wife, with nothing and no one coming between them. She said a solemn prayer, begging God to bring Rex back to her. Just then, she heard the teens' voices in the hallway, and overheard Starr's insensitive comment about Ray becoming a vegetable. Adriana threw the drawing room doors open, snapping, "Do you mind?"

Starr and Cole were shocked to see that Adriana was back, and that she had installed Rex's hospital care in the drawing room. They gave her their condolences on Rex's condition, but Starr was confused; she asked Adriana if she and Rex were still separated and about to be divorced, and wondered why Rex was not still at the hospital. Adriana snapped that she was still Rex's wife and had to come to his aid at his time of need, and said that they couldn't do anything more for him at the hospital. Starr asked if Dorian was okay with Rex's arrangements, and Adriana said Dorian didn't know, and she didn't care if her mother approved. She said she was striking her own path as a Cramer, and wouldn't end up Dorian's "project" like Langston. She asked the teens to watch over Rex while she made security arrangements with Shaun, and suggested they read something soothing to the sleeping man. In the corridor, she put pressure on Shaun, warning him that no one but medical staff or family should be allowed into the house.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Roxy rushed off to join Marcie and Gigi as they prepared to head for La Boulaie. Charlie complimented Roxy on her new disguise for Gigi, and wished the ladies good luck. Roxy gave Charlie a peck on the cheek, and told him she hoped he heard from Jared soon; she said Jared was lucky to have such a great dad. After she'd left, a worried Charlie put in a call to Jared, saying he missed him.

At the police station, Bo arrived and met with Cristian and Sarah in his office. Cristian explained Lola's situation to him; he admitted that she had entered the country illegally, but said Lola had no other place to go, and pleaded with Bo not to put her into foster care that night. Sarah chimed in, saying Cristian was only trying to honor a promise to Lola and Vanessa. Bo reluctantly agreed, and said Cristian could be Lola's guardian for 24 hours while the Montez situation continued to play out. Cristian got ready to take an overjoyed Lola home with him, and thanked Sarah for her support; Sarah said that without Lola and Vanessa, Cristian might never have made it home to her. Lola said her goodbyes to Langston and Markko, and left with Cris and Sarah.

Meanwhile, in Bo's office, Bo listened to a voicemail from Gigi in which she explained that Adriana had moved Rex from the hospital, and then carefully promised to do the exact opposite of everything she was doing to find their "Balsom."

Outside La Boulaie, Marcie, Roxy, and Gigi hurried to the front door as Roxy slipped a pair of glasses onto Gigi's face to go along with her new blonde wig. "It works for Clark Kent, it'll work for you," Roxy promised her. Roxy rushed off as Marcie and Gigi approached the door. While Gigi hid behind a pillar, Marcie rang the bell and was greeted by Adriana, who asked what she was doing there.

At Todd's house, Todd and Marty were going over baby names when the doorbell rang. When Todd answered the door, he found Tess and Bree on his front step. "We're moving in!" Tess declared. She said Viki was on to her, but Todd expressed utter disinterest and prepared to call Viki himself. "Give us a room or I'm gonna give Marty a history lesson," Tess ordered. With that, Marty hobbled into the main hall and greeted "Jessica" and her daughter. Marty and Tess exchanged notes, and Marty let it slip that she and Todd were preparing for the baby's arrival. "The baby?" Tess asked, initially assuming that Todd had gotten Marty pregnant. Marty explained that they were "adopting" Starr's baby, which left Tess even more shocked. As Tess deftly taunted Todd about his plans, Marty helped Bree into the living room. Todd dragged Tess outside and warned her to keep her mouth shut. Tess said she'd only stay quiet if he allowed her and Bree to stay there on her terms, and to prove her point, she began screaming into the night that Marty Saybrooke was alive and well and living at Todd Manning's house. Todd gagged her, and Tess finally agreed to keep mum--as long as they had a deal. As Tess re-entered the house, Todd ran smack into Tina, who rushed up saying she needed to speak to him.

At La Boulaie, Starr and Cole struggled to find appropriate reading material for Rex, then finally settled on some of the children's books and poems Starr was reading to their unborn child. Cole reflected on the things his parents had read to him, and said that while Patrick had wanted to teach him about Yeats, Marty had preferred to read him lots of Lewis Carroll. As he recited his favorite childhood poem, "Jabberwocky," to Starr, Marty was doing the same for young Bree. As Marty spoke the words to the little girl, she flashed back to a forgotten memory, of herself reading "Jabberwocky" to an infant Cole, holding him close to her and calling him "my beautiful boy." Reeling, Marty struggled to understand what the new memory meant.

At Llanfair, Viki prepared to leave and speak to Charlie, but when she opened her door, she found him standing there, looking for her.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Die? No. Might?

Jared and Natalie remained locked in the secret room without a link to the outside world. Jared checked Natalie's foot after she complained about the swelling and pain. He confirmed that it was swollen. He was forced to improvise and made a bandage to help relieve some of discomfort. Unfortunately, it didn't help Natalie to deal with their circumstances. She began to worry that they might never be found. To distract Natalie from being overwhelmed with their plight, Jared asked her to imagine a cool breeze, fire pit, and setting sun.

Natalie closed her eyes and saw them in Texas at the Buchanan Ranch. They were in the same spot where Jared had first told Natalie that he loved her. Jared envisioned them in the same place. As the lovebirds talked about their feelings and kissed, Natalie seemed to relax. When Jared asked Natalie to dance, they slowly swayed to the strains of Rie Sinclair's "Believe Me." When the romantic interlude ended, Natalie and Jared snuggled together on the sofa. Jared promised Natalie that one day they would return to Texas and gaze up at the stars.

Charlie was surprised when he went to Llanfair to see Jared, and Viki opened the door. Viki was pleased by the unexpected visit, but for another reason. She was worried about Natalie and Jared's disappearance and had planned to talk to Charlie about it. Viki had hoped that Charlie had heard from Jared. When Charlie confessed that he had not, Viki told Charlie about the last phone call that she had received from his son. Charlie only became concerned when Viki revealed that Bo was also worried. At the mention of the police commissioner's name, Charlie realized that something serious might have happened to his son.

Charlie's worries were not eased as Viki went on to share her suspicions with him; Tess had returned. Viki was also anxious because Tess had gone missing and she had taken Bree with her. Viki felt sick at the idea of Bree in Tess's hands. Charlie tried to calm Viki and suggested that they search Jared's room. Charlie hoped that Jared might have left behind a clue as to his whereabouts. Unfortunately their search revealed nothing except that neither of their children had taken any luggage when they had left. Convinced that Tess was behind the mysterious disappearances, Charlie vowed to Viki that they would find their missing children.

Tina turned up on Todd's doorstep and asked him for help. She wanted to know if he had seen Jessica. Todd claimed that he had not and tried to send Tina away, but Tina proved to be quite persistent. She told her brother that she needed to get into Viki's safe, claiming that it was a matter of life or death. Todd wasn't impressed with Tina's pleas, nor did he seem concerned that her dog's life hung in the balance. Todd ordered Tina to leave and when she didn't, Todd forced her out his door. His only advice was to blow up Viki's safe.

In Todd's living room, Tess kept Marty occupied while Todd attended to Tina. Tess seemed intrigued when Marty admitted that she had recalled reading the story, "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll, to a little boy. Once Tess gleaned what information she could from Marty, she tried to leave the living room. Tess drew up short when she opened the door and heard the commotion between Todd and Tina as Todd forced Tina out of his home. Marty heard the ruckus as well, but before she could investigate, Tess convinced Marty that it was John McBain. Tess advised Marty to stay put and trust Todd to handle matters with John.

When Todd returned to the living room, he found that Marty was quite agitated over the idea of John McBain entering the house. Todd quickly calmed Marty's fears by lying. He told her that it had been someone looking for a donation, not John. Before Tess breezed out of the living room, she seemed to take pleasure in letting Todd know that Marty had recalled something from her past.

As soon as Tess was gone, Todd questioned Marty about her recently returned memories. She said that she had a vivid recollection of reading to a little boy that she had loved dearly, a boy that she continued to love even though she had no idea who he was. Todd brushed it off as a random memory of a friend's child, but Marty wasn't convinced. She remained troubled. Eventually she excused herself and went to bed.

In the hallway, Tess bumped into Todd and let him know that she had helped herself to a few things in the nursery. Tess wondered how Todd intended to get his hands on Starr's baby.

Tina returned to Llanfair with a big designer bag clutched to her side. She slipped into the living room, pulled out a picture of her dog, David Vickers, and promised him that mommy would help him. Tina then reached into her bag and pulled out two sticks of dynamite.

In Bo's office, at the Llanview police station, John and Bo talked about Tess and Todd. Bo found it odd that Natalie had not gone to visit her brother, Rex, who remained in critical condition. John agreed that it was out of character for Natalie not to visit her brother or to call anyone for updates on Rex. Bo mentioned a few other things that had concerned him about Jessica's behavior, including John's comments, weeks ago, that Jessica had seemed different. Bo reminded John of everything that Jessica had endured in the previous few months, and wondered aloud if it might be possible that Tess had returned.

John didn't dispute Bo's theory. He believed that it explained why Jessica had covered for Todd when John had searched Todd's home for the mystery woman. As they discussed the possibility of Jessica's alter ego having returned, John suggested that they investigate Todd's place again. Bo was reluctant. He realized that John's heart was in the right place, but he didn't think using Tess as an excuse would justify the search. However, Bo realized that John's determination to find that mystery woman indicated there was more to the story than John was revealing. John clammed up and said little beyond that he couldn't tell Bo anything until he had more evidence.

At La Boulaie, Adriana saw through Marcie's ploy and refused to give her any indication of where Rex was. She didn't believe that Marcie was there to visit Starr but rather to help Gigi in some way. Adriana tried to convince Marcie that Rex was in another location by pretending that she had been about to leave the house to visit her estranged husband. Marcie didn't try to stop Adriana but she did remind her that she was there to see Starr. Adriana lied and said that Starr was not at home. Marcie found it curious that Starr would be out so late at night.

Meanwhile, a disguised Gigi, crept around the back of La Boulaie and tried to slip in through the living room doors. When she saw Starr and Cole inside the room with Rex, Gigi sent a text message to Marcie asking her for help.

When Marcie received the text message that Starr was inside, Marcie decided to call Adriana's bluff and called Starr on her cell phone. Starr was confused about why Adriana would lie. She walked out of the living room and confronted her cousin. Adriana justified her behavior, claiming that she was trying to keep Marcie's friend, Gigi, away from Rex.

At the same time, on the back porch, Shaun found Gigi lurking. She claimed that she was one of the nurses assigned to Rex's case and that she had slipped out for a cigarette break. Shaun didn't recognize Gigi, however, he believed her story and after a few minutes, continued on his way, checking the grounds.

Inside the mansion, Marcie managed to distract Adriana and talked her into going upstairs for some much-needed relaxation time. Marcie sent Gigi a text message advising Gigi that the front door would be clear to enter through. Gigi made her way to the front of the house where Starr and Cole were saying goodbye. When Starr offered to walk Cole to his car, Gigi waited until they were out of eyesight and then quickly entered La Boulaie. She was just about to walk into the living room when Adriana spotted Gigi from the top of the stairs. Adriana demanded to know who she was. Gigi kept her back to Adriana so that all Adriana saw was a blond woman in a white uniform.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

In The Boom-Boom Room

Tess continued to interrogate Todd on his plan to take Starr's baby. Finally, annoyed at her questioning, Todd turned the tables and asked Tess about her own plans. He wondered if she shouldn't be running away from Llanview with all that had dirtied her own hands. A sarcastic Tess suggested that her uncle keep quiet or she'd talk.

Taking Bree to the new nursery, Tess told her daughter that she needed to make a plan before Jess returned. She told the baby to dream about her daddy the way she did every night. Looking around for something the fussy baby could play with, Tess came across a monitor, the type used by parents to listen in on their infants from another room. Todd received a frantic call from Dr. Joplin, wondering what he expected from her and still trying to remove herself from his scheme. She pointed out that there would be other people in the delivery room who would realize that there was nothing wrong with Starr's new baby, even as she told them that there was.

Todd suggested that the doctor have someone to help her, perhaps a nurse. Spying Janet through the doorway, he informed the doctor that he had the perfect choice. As Tess brought a wide-awake Bree into the room, Todd took Janet to the nursery for privacy. Hearing the plan, Janet told her boss that she would help Marty only, not him. She expressed her misgivings at everything that Todd was doing, including lying to Marty. Todd insisted that Marty was over her past and wanted the baby-and he needed Janet to make that dream come true. He explained that he needed her to help with the delivery, that something would go wrong, and she would take the baby before everyone else in the room was aware of what was happening. They would be told the baby was dead.

Forgetting that she had a piece of the baby monitor, Tess listened in wide-eyed to Todd's instructions to Janet. She compared herself to Mother Teresa after hearing what Todd had planned. Todd threatened a sickened Janet with exposure of her past as Lee Halpern if she did not comply. He wondered why Janet would want to take away Marty's future and have sympathy for Starr when she didn't even know Starr. Tess thought she should be more like Todd and make a plan. With that in mind, she decided to head for Llanfair and take Tina's jewels, enabling her to get some quick money for an escape from Llanview.

She asked Janet to watch Bree for some practice and, seeing Todd perusing baby names, told him how helpful Janet was. He wondered what she meant as he told her to go to hell.

"Back at ya," Tess replied. After she was gone, Todd's head was filled with voices of everyone he knew, past conversations and comments, becoming louder and louder. Everyone was yelling and talking at once.

After an evening filled with video games, Matthew and Shane prepared for bed, rolling out their sleeping bags. Shane shared his thoughts with Matthew, who was able to promptly relate to Shane's dilemma of having two dads. He shared his own experiences with Bo and Sam and the fact that he didn't know about his true father until after Sam was dead. This hit home with Shane, who hoped that both of his dads would pull through. He explained how cool he thought Rex was until Brody showed up. He expressed his dismay at being mean to Rex, though, and also understood Brody's actions. He still thought of Brody as his dad, he revealed.

Matthew assured the younger boy that his parents were okay with him remembering Sam and he felt that Rex and Gigi would feel the same towards Brody. Shane could only wonder if Rex would make it. He fell asleep with memories of Brody filling his head.

A hospitalized Brody received a visitor, Wes, who was with him in Iraq. A dazed and restrained Brody asked his buddy what he had done and where he was. Gently, Wes advised him that he was in the VA Hospital. Brody wondered if he had shot someone and explained that he had been having flashbacks of his time in Iraq. He then recalled shooting Rex and expressed concern about him, as well as Marcie, Gigi and Shane. Wes thought of having Brody moved elsewhere for better treatment and assured the man that his actions, both in Iraq and in Llanview, were not his fault. Nevertheless, Brody blamed himself.

Wes informed Brody that Gigi and Shane were all right, but Brody pressed, wanting to know about Rex. Finally, Wes advised him that things didn't look good for Rex and that he might not make it. Hearing the news, Brody appeared to be in shock, as Wes assured him that he would get through it.

Adriana told the unfamiliar nurse to turn around, pointing out that she did all interviews with the nursing staff herself and did not recognize her. As a frozen Gigi kept her back to Adriana, Marcie ran down the stairs to intercept, attempting to persuade Adriana to take a bath while the water was hot. Adriana demanded identification from the unknown nurse, but was again interrupted, this time by a knock on the front door.

It was Michael, who explained that he had stopped by to check on Rex. Not wanting to give away that Michael had led them to Rex, Marcie piped up, "Oh you knew?" After some awkward moments, covered with nervous chuckles, she gave him some brief nods of the head and funny looks. Shocked, he realized that the momentarily forgotten nurse standing nearby was a disguised Gigi.

Adriana asked him if he knew the nurse because if he didn't, she would call the agency. Michael stumbled over his words as he assured Adriana that he did indeed know Nurse Nancy, one of the best nurses around. When Adriana stated that she would accompany Michael when he looked at Rex, Michael quickly recovered, advising her that he needed the area to be sterile for procedure and that it wasn't a good idea for her to be there. Marcie finally persuaded Adriana to take her bath, so that Michael and the nurse could work on Rex.

Once inside the living room, Michael told the nurse on duty to take a break, while assuring Gigi that Rex needed a miracle and that he was barely hanging on. It might be the last time that she ever saw him, he added sadly. Giving her a few moments alone with Rex, Michael reminded her that he wouldn't be able to keep Adriana out forever. "It's me, Morasco," Gigi said to Rex. "What's up?" She told him of her difficulty getting to see him, how nothing was ever easy for them and how she had always loved him. She ran through their entire relationship, from their past and from their later meeting in Paris, Texas, to their meeting again in Llanview.

Crying, Gigi continued on, reminding Rex that she had gone through time for him, that everything was on the line and he needed to step up. She continued on, mentioning that she didn't go through all that she did for nothing, and that she and Shane needed him. She also stated that she would go wherever she needed to in order to get him back. Slowly, Rex opened his eyes as Gigi begged him not to leave her. Out in the hallway, Adriana encountered Michael and asked why he wasn't with Rex.

At Llanfair, Tina clumsily rigged the dynamite to the safe, hoping to blow it open, enabling her to retrieve her stolen jewels. Lighting the fuse, she suddenly realized that she was about to blow herself up along with the safe. Quickly snuffing it out with a pillow, she turned to the Internet, hoping to find instructions on how to blow something up safely.

After printing out instructions, Tina headed for the hardware store, purchased some supplies and re-arranged her dynamite and fuse. She told herself that she'd get her jewels, rescue David Vickers, then turn her attention to Jared and Natalie. She viewed herself as a heroine, even as she hid her knowledge of Tess from everyone.

As Tina stepped outside to light the longer and improved fuse, Tess entered the house and headed for the safe.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Moonrise Wakes the Nightingale

At his apartment, John left a message on Janet's voicemail, urging her to confirm his suspicions that Marty was residing at Todd's home. John promised to protect Janet from Todd if she cooperated with his investigation. Seconds later, John received a call from Blair. In a seductive tone, Blair told John that she was in her bedroom sipping wine and asked what he was doing. After a long sigh, John stared across the room at Marty's photo and replied, "Not a thing!"

As Blair attempted to carry on small talk with John, the conversation was interrupted when Cole dropped by. John asked Blair if he could call her back and quickly hung up. Revealing to John that he was experiencing painful memories concerning his mother's death, Cole informed John that he wanted to celebrate Marty's life by constructing a memory site, in her honor, on the Internet. Cole asked John to post his thoughts about Marty on the site. Although uncomfortable revealing his innermost thoughts, John agreed to post a few words. Mentioning his visit with Starr, Cole told John that he was doing his best to be supportive of Starr's decision to give their child to Marcie, but he said that he didn't know how he would feel after the adoption. John offered Cole his support. After saying goodbye, Cole stood outside John's door and held a picture of his mother. On the other side of the door, John stared at a photo of Marty.

Back at La Boulaie, Starr and Blair had a loving mother-daughter conversation in Blair's bedroom. When Blair inquired about Starr's relationship with Cole, Starr informed her mother that she and Cole were making an attempt to rebuild their friendship. She told her mother that they hadn't made any plans to resume their relationship. Starr and Blair discussed the pregnancy. Starr confided in her mother that she was concerned that she no longer had a relationship with her father and that her child would never know Cole. Starr hoped that Todd was making an attempt to change his life. Blair told Starr that she didn't think Todd was capable of changing. Defending her father, Starr believed that her father had always wanted to change. Stating that Todd had always wanted a family more than anything, Starr thought it was sad the way he always destroyed the lives of his loved ones.

At Todd's residence, Todd watched as Marty placed Bree in her crib. Explaining that Jessica had left Bree in her care, Marty wondered where Jessica had gone. While looking down at Bree, Marty had another vision of a young boy. After telling Todd about her recurring memory of the young boy, Marty asked Todd if she had ever had a child. With a panicked look, Todd assured Marty that she never gave birth to a child and suggested that she was having memories of someone else's child. Believing Todd's lies, Marty convinced herself that a woman could never forget the birth of her own child and remarked that perhaps she would one day have a baby of her own. When Marty asked Todd about the birth of his children, she was surprised to learn that he hadn't been present during the births of both Jack and Sam. Realizing that Todd was consumed with guilt, Marty reminded him that they would soon take custody of Starr's unborn child. Stating that she and Todd would raise the child in a positive environment, Marty was certain that once the child was born that Todd would no longer feel guilt. Todd didn't appear convinced.

At Llanfair, Tina stood on the patio and did her best to set off the explosives that she had secured to the safe that contained the Mendorran jewels. Meanwhile, Tess headed toward the safe with the intention of retrieving the jewels for her own purposes. Upon noticing the dynamite secured to the safe, Tess went in search of Tina. Unable to ignite her homemade bomb, Tina struggled to figure out what had gone wrong. Holding the sticks of dynamite in her hands, Tess informed Tina that she had defused the devise.

Pleading with Tess to hand over the jewels, Tina informed her niece that David Vickers was being held hostage and would only be returned in exchange for the jewels. While Tina's attention was diverted, Tess placed the sticks of dynamite in her purse. When Tess ridiculed Tina and refused to turn over the jewels, Tina threatened to expose Tess's dirty deeds to Viki. Unmoved by Tina's threats, Tess mocked Tina and began opening the safe. As Tess unlocked the safe, Tina approached Tess from behind with a fireplace poker. Without turning around, Tess warned Tina that she would be condemned for attacking a pregnant woman, and continued to unlock the safe. While a saddened Tina witnessed Tess remove the jewels from the safe, she begged her niece to reconsider. Informing Tina of her plans to flee with Bree, Tess said that she needed to cash the jewels in so that she could support herself on the run. Before leaving, Tess placed a small gem in Tina's hand and suggested that she make do with what she had. Alone, Tina vowed to save Natalie and Jared after she retrieved David Vickers from Cain.

Tess returned to Todd's home and peeked in on a sleeping Bree. Displaying the gems, Tess told her daughter that she had a present for her. Next, Tess opened her purse and removed the sticks of dynamite. She announced that she had plans to take care of Natalie and Jared and intended to surprise them the next day.

Viki and Charlie paid Roxy a visit at the Angel Square Hotel. When Charlie inquired if Jared had left a message for him, Roxy became suspicious and asked about Natalie. Viki and Charlie informed Roxy that Natalie, Jared, and Jessica were missing. Viki also revealed that Jessica might be ill. A worried Roxy suggested that they light candles for Rex, Natalie, Jessica, and Jared. The parents lit candles and prayed for their children's safety and health.

At La Boulaie, Rex opened his eyes after Gigi begged him to return to her and Shane. Out in the foyer, as Marcie listened, Adriana scolded Mike about leaving Rex alone and attempted to enter the living room. Citing that he needed to examine Rex further, Mike asked Adriana to give him and the nurse a few more moments alone with Rex. Upon entering the living room, Mike was amazed to find Rex with his eyes opened. After examining Rex, Mike happily announced to Gigi that Rex was awake and his vitals were good. Mike told Gigi that he was obligated to tell Adriana about Rex's recovery, but Gigi begged Mike to allow her a few more moments alone with Rex. Mike complied. Alone with Marcie, Adriana revealed that she would do anything to bring Rex back. When Marcie questioned if Adriana really meant what she had said, Adriana assured her that she did.

Joining Marcie and Adriana in the foyer, Mike told Adriana and Marcie that Rex's condition had improved, but continued to make up excuses in an attempt to keep Adriana from interrupting Gigi and Rex. Back in the living room, Gigi beamed with joy when Rex told her that she was the most beautiful sight that he had ever seen. Revealing that she had a very short time to spend with him, Gigi gave Rex a quick update of what had taken place. Gigi told Rex that Brody had lost touch with reality and fired a gun on Llantano Mountain. Upon learning that he had shielded Gigi and Shane from Brody's bullet, Rex inquired about Shane's condition. Gigi happily announced to Rex that Shane was aware that Rex was his father. Rex listened as Gigi told him about Adriana's desperate attempt to keep them apart. After detailing his dream about fighting to get back to his family, Rex told Gigi that he knew that she would bring him back.

Thrilled by news of Rex's recovery, Adriana was fed up with Mike's excuses and demanded to see Rex. As Mike protested, Adriana entered the living room. To her horror, Adriana witnessed Gigi give Rex a kiss. Unnoticed, Adriana observed Gigi and Rex from behind a hospital curtain. With tears in her eyes, Adriana listened as the two expressed their love for each other. When Rex mentioned that he had returned to be with his family, a despondent Adriana attempted to leave the room but bumped into the hospital curtain - alerting Rex and Gigi to her presence.

Alone in the foyer, Mike and Marcie expressed their joy over Rex's recovery. Marcie thanked Mike for intervening and helping Gigi reunite with Rex. Deep in thought, Mike remarked that no matter how much two people loved each other that sometimes the obstacles were too large to overcome.

In the living room, as Rex and Gigi stared at Adriana, an uncomfortable silence filled the room. Breaking the silence, Gigi attempted to speak, but Adriana told her to shut up because she had something to say. After remarking to Gigi that she didn't like her and believed that she and Rex would still be together if Gigi had never entered their lives, Adriana then turned her attention to Rex. Admitting that she had destroyed her relationship with Rex due to her inability to trust him, Adriana told Rex that she loved him but promised herself that she would do the right thing. As Gigi watched, Adriana kissed Rex and told him that she was letting him go. Tears streaming down her face, Adriana left the room. Returning to Rex's side, Gigi gave him a loving kiss.

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