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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 27, 2008 on GL
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Dinah was relieved when she saw Lizzie alive and bound in the parked van. Grady took exception that Dinah thought he might kill Lizzie. Trust between Dinah and Grady disintegrated when Dinah said Lizzie's kidnapping had become a federal matter. Grady claimed that Lizzie already would have been home safe had Dinah not botched the money exchange by letting her ex-husband tag along. Dinah read her phone messages and accused Grady of sending another text message to Bill. Grady swore that he hadn't, but he threatened to tell the FBI all about Dinah's involvement if he didn't get his money. Dinah left for the mansion, where she attempted to look for the ransom money.

Grady relocated Lizzie to what appeared to be a mechanic shop. As he tied her to a railing upstairs, Lizzie insisted that his compassion for her had caused him to rescue her from the cement pipe. Later, Grady let Lizzie remove her blindfold to eat a sandwich he'd brought her. She saw him limping away in a ski mask with a red bandana tied around his injured left knee. Grady stationed himself beneath the overlook that he'd tied Lizzie to. She said she'd come back to save him because she'd thought it was the right thing to do. Rolling her eyes, she chalked up her rueful deed to Stockholm Syndrome.

After eating, Lizzie said she felt a strange connection with Grady, and she sensed that he cared for her. She wished she'd had a chance to get to know him. Grady accused her of playing him. She admitted she might have been a little bit, but she really didn't care if he went to jail or not, just as long as he freed her. When Lizzie asked him if he had family, he replied that he was nobody. Lizzie didn't believe that he was alone in the world. Masked again, an upset Grady hurriedly retied and blindfolded her. He assured her that he only cared about the money.

When Bill approached the door to the secluded house, a man asked him if he had the money. Bill slammed the man against the house and pointed a gun in his face. Bill demanded to know where Lizzie was, but the man whined that he didn't know. Just as Bill threatened to chew the man's head off, Mallet burst onto the scene and stripped Bill off the frightened man. Mallet said Dinah had asked him to help Bill. He then identified the man that Bill had pounced on as Joel, who suffered from false-confession syndrome. Bill socked Joel in the face, and Mallet told Joel to shut up when Joel quibbled about pressing charges against Bill.

Some time later, Dinah was attempting to crack the wall safe at the mansion when she heard Mallet in the house. She pretended to read a magazine as Mallet entered the parlor to inform her about what had happened with Bill. Mallet felt that Bill was too unstable to be left alone, but Dinah said she wasn't Bill's answer. She believed she had failed Bill. Mallet told her to stop selling herself short when it came to her family. He hoped that she could see that she was a hundred times better than Bill. Mallet saw her passion, her strength, and her love. He wished she could see those qualities within herself. Before leaving, Mallet advised her to stop looking for herself in everyone else's mirrors.

Later, Dinah stood outside on the phone telling Vanessa that she was planning a support party for Bill, and she didn't care what Vanessa thought about it. After her call, Grady limped up to her, anxious for his money. Dinah said she hadn't been able to crack the mansion safe. Grady told her that Lizzie was making him "mental" by trying to get into his head. Dinah rolled her eyes and said she'd check on Lizzie while he relaxed in the van. Grady limped off, warning Dinah not to let Lizzie get to her.

Dinah entered the garage and saw Lizzie tied to the railing upstairs. As Lizzie begged to be released, Dinah took out her phone and crept upstairs. Dinah keyed in a phone number and then left her phone on the ground just out of Lizzie's reach. Dinah hurried out of the place and ordered Grady to leave with her right away. In the van, Dinah spotted a screwdriver and worried that Lizzie could have gotten a hold of it. Grady wasn't worried, but he noted that she had poked holes in the van's console.

Down at the police station, Mel met Bill and told him that he was free to go. While there were no charges against Bill, Joel was in trouble for his false confession. Bill wondered why Mel would help him after what had happened with Remy. Mel said Mallet had called her, and she felt that any hard feelings regarding Max had died when Max had died. Mel confided that Remy had been distant lately, and she said perhaps Remy had "some hot girl stashed away somewhere." Bill became suspicious when she said Remy was often disappearing.

To make matters worse for Bill, Alan entered the station to berate Bill for making a disaster of the kidnapping from the beginning. Alan vowed to hold Bill personally responsible if anything happened to Lizzie. Mel agreed with Alan that Bill should leave the investigation to the police. Alan saw that Bill was being released and asked Mel what kind of justice system would set Bill free. "The same one that keeps setting you free," Mel retorted. She offered Bill a ride, but Bill said he had things to take care of.

Bill left, and Alan complained to Mallet about Bill's release. Alan again insinuated that Bill benefited from Lizzie's disappearance. Mallet told Alan that they had to explore all theories about the kidnapping, even that it could be a family hoax. Alan indignantly rejected Mallet's assumption that he'd kidnapped his own granddaughter. Mallet said he didn't mean to offend Alan, but everyone was under suspicion, including Alan. Alan suggested that Mallet hold Lillian's "feet to the fire." Alan claimed that he was the only one who would lose out as long as Lizzie was missing.

Meanwhile, Remy was locking up his hotel room when Christine, the woman he'd met at the MCAT testing center, called. He declined her invitation to go out because he was babysitting Leah. After Remy left, Bill followed him to another hotel. Bill spied from around a corner as Remy knocked on someone's door. Remy asked the inhabitant to let him in because they had catching up to do. Bill's phone rang as Remy entered the apartment. Bill decided that Remy was temporarily off the hook and then he answered his phone.

Back at the hostage location, a tied-up Lizzie heard Bill's voice come through the phone that Dinah had left on the ground. Lizzie called out to him, wondering if he could hear her. Stunned, Bill asked Lizzie if it were really her.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Since October was fire safety month, Remy paired up with Clarissa and Maureen to talk to the community about fire safety. As the two girls sat at Company's bar prepping Buzz's smoke detectors, Buzz promised to give the girls ice cream once they finished for the day. Remy took the girls to Mallet and Marina's new place, where they discussed fire safety with Daisy. They traveled to the Beacon and Natalia got excited about their public service announcement. She asked them to leave their materials, and said she would hold a staff meeting about fire safety later. The crew went to WSPR to conduct a fire drill, and Ashlee thanked them for the supplies. They returned to Company for ice cream, and Frank told them that they were doing a great job.

After Olivia's pacemaker surgery, Natalia found Olivia anxious to check out of the hospital. Olivia insisted she needed to do the webcast for Galaxy International, and she said Decker couldn't know about her illness. Natalia thought it was a horrible idea for Olivia to leave the hospital. When Olivia said she hated to ask for help, Natalia begrudgingly agreed to check her out and assist her with the webcast.

Meanwhile, Rafe, who sported a fresh black eye and an arm sling, called Natalia from prison to request that she not visit him that day. Natalia was excited about her new job with Olivia and said she had some appeal papers for Rafe to sign. Rafe insisted that her job was more important than visiting him. Natalia sensed something was wrong with him. Before hanging up, Rafe said he would refuse to see her if she persisted in showing up at the prison.

After the call, Natalia spotted Daisy at the hospital picking up a prescription for Marina. She asked Daisy to visit Rafe and give him the paperwork for the appeal. Daisy wondered why Natalia would ask her to do it, and Natalia said that she was trying to trust Daisy because Rafe trusted Daisy. Daisy said she wouldn't let her down.

Daisy went to the prison and was upset to see Rafe's condition. Rafe assured her that the other guy looked worse and wouldn't tussle with Rafe again. He asked her not to tell his mother about what she'd seen. She gave him the appeal papers to sign, and he asked her if she and Grady were still apart. Daisy said she couldn't go back to Grady after what he'd done to Rafe. Daisy tried to encourage Rafe that he would soon be free. Once Rafe left, Daisy yelled at the guards for letting Rafe get beaten up. The guard said that though the guards ran the prison, they couldn't always control it. He said that, in a prison, it was the bad guys who could protect Rafe.

After Olivia's webcast had successfully concluded, Natalia called Daisy from the Beacon hallway to check on Rafe. Olivia overheard Natalia leaving Daisy a message, and she grew upset that Natalia had missed a chance to see Rafe because of her. Natalia felt that Olivia couldn't have done the webcast alone. She also confessed that Rafe had told her not to visit because of the job. Natalia told Olivia that she'd done well at the webcast, "pacemaker and all." Natalia wanted to stick around, since it was Olivia's first day home from surgery, but Olivia assured her that she and Emma would be okay. Olivia confided in Natalia that she could have done the webcast alone, but it was all the better because Natalia had supported her.

After Grady drove Dinah away from the hostage site, Dinah told him that he needed to wipe the van clean and dump it in a swamp in the woods. Confused, Grady wondered if she'd talked to Lizzie. Dinah decided that they'd made a big mistake. She ordered Grady to stay far away from her and suggested he work on his alibi. She said the cops were coming and the whole ordeal needed to end. Grady reminded her that they had a deal. Dinah said there was no deal, and she hurriedly left him alone by the van.

Meanwhile, Lizzie and Bill communicated on the phone that Dinah had set near Lizzie. He tried to keep her on the line as long as possible to see if the police could trace the call. As he made his way to the police station, Lizzie described her ordeal to him. She felt that there were two kidnappers, and she described the van they'd transported her in. Bill promised to never let her out of his sight once he found her. When Bill entered the station, the line went dead. As Bill and Lizzie called each other's names, a disguised Grady approached Lizzie, saying, "Looks like you used up your minutes." He then crushed the phone beneath his heel.

At the police station, Frank and a technician tried to trace Lizzie's call. When Frank blamed Bill for his lack of transparency at the onset of the abduction, Bill stormed out of the station. He traveled to a dirt pile and sat upon it drinking from a brown paper bag. On the other side of the pile was parked a white van like the one that Lizzie had described to him.

Dinah hurried to Towers to meet with Billy and Vanessa at their support meeting for Bill. She told them about the incident Bill had run into with Joel, and she expressed concern that Bill might hurt himself. Billy sprang up from his seat and hurried off to find Bill. Vanessa told Dinah she was proud of her for standing by Bill. Frank called Vanessa to tell her that Lizzie had contacted Bill. Dinah grew anxious as she listened. Vanessa hung up the phone and told Dinah that they couldn't trace the call. Dinah was shocked that Lizzie hadn't been located.

After Dinah went to the mansion, Frank arrived to search Lizzie's room for clues. He said the police believed that they had precious little time. He theorized that Lizzie's call with Bill hadn't lost its connection; it had been ended, which meant the kidnapper might hurt Lizzie.

Billy found Bill drinking at the construction site. After Bill explained what had happened with Lizzie's call, Billy yelled at him for sitting around getting drunk when Lizzie needed him. Bill said he felt helpless and useless. Billy said that if Bill wanted Lizzie back, Bill had better get off the dirt pile and find her. Bill chucked his liquor bottle over the pile and heard a crashing noise when it landed on the other side. Bill walked over to find out what he'd hit. He discovered the white van. Upon searching it, he took a small object that was in the cup holder. Bill noticed that the van was leaking fluid. The droplets were still fresh. Bill followed the droplet trail.

Back at the hostage site, Grady went ballistic, hurtling tires around as Lizzie begged him to let her go before the police arrived. Lizzie asked him if she could see his face. She promised not to identify him in a lineup, but she said she'd always be terrified of strangers unless she knew what her abductor looked like. Grady said things weren't supposed to be that way. Unsheathing the blade of a chainsaw, he uttered that it had to end.

Sometime later, a masked Grady ducked out of the garage and came face-to-face with Bill. Bill didn't hesitate in beating Grady down to the ground. Bill then stepped over his battered body to get into the facility. A weakened Grady struggled to pull his cell phone out of his pocket. Meanwhile, when Daisy left the prison, she pulled out her cell phone and uttered, "This is for Rafe." She dialed a number. On the ground at the hostage site, Grady reached with deteriorating strength to answer his phone.

Bill searched the garage and discovered the spot where Lizzie had been held on the overlook. When he saw a chainsaw there, he cried out Lizzie's name. Bill trotted back down the stairs. Finally, Lizzie crept out from behind a stack of tires. They both gasped, and a sobbing Lizzie ran into his arms.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

As Bill and Lizzie clung to each other in the garage, Bill told Lizzie about the events that had led up to finding the kidnapper's van. He said he'd discovered her earring in its cup holder and then followed a fluid leak to Lizzie's location. Bill believed he'd been lucky, but Lizzie called it fate. Bill said he'd never let her go again. Suddenly, he remembered to call the police.

At the mansion, guilt consumed Dinah, who told Frank that the abduction had gone on for too long. Dinah said if Lizzie didn't return, she'd blame herself for not doing enough to help Lizzie. Dinah began to sob as if she were about to confess, but Frank's ringing phone interrupted her. It was Bill on the line saying that he'd found Lizzie. Dinah grabbed Frank's phone from him and tearfully asked Bill if they were okay. Bill told her that he'd fought with the kidnapper, but he didn't see his face. Frank took the phone back and Bill said that he and Lizzie were at the old canning factory. Frank stated that it was a big property, but Bill couldn't be more specific about their location. He asked Bill to leave his cell phone turned on and said the police would find them though GPS tracking.

Meanwhile, Grady staggered into the bushes to answer his cell phone. Daisy was on the line, saying she needed something important. Grady scoffed, still gathering his wits about him after his fight with Bill. He thought it was kismet that Daisy's call had awakened him at just the right time. She wondered if he were okay. Grady said he needed to find something he'd lost, and he hung up the phone. After reapplying his ski mask, he limped back toward the garage.

Bill and Lizzie crouched on the overlook in the garage and awaited the police. As Lizzie looked for a weapon, Bill told himself to sober up because he had to get Lizzie out of there safely. He sensed that the abductor might be sneaking around outside. He slipped out of the garage and confronted Grady again. As the two men fought, Grady slugged Bill with a rock, knocking him unconscious. Armed with a crowbar, Lizzie rushed outside to find Bill groaning on the ground.

After Lizzie revived Bill, he said he wished he'd been able to unmask the assailant during the tussle. He checked for his cell phone, and he realized that he no longer had it on him. Upon hearing ominous footsteps, Bill decided that they wouldn't wait for the police. Together they ran until they came across the white van. Bill said the van had led him to her and they would use it to get home. Outside the van, Bill told her that he'd realized how much he really loved her just before she had disappeared. He said he'd been stupid in the past and professed that he didn't want to live without her. He told her that he'd wanted to assure her of all those things before they were set to deliver their Decker presentation. Touched by his words, Lizzie kissed him.

Back at the mansion, Dinah asked Frank if she could accompany him to pick Bill and Lizzie up. Frank agreed at first, but he changed his mind when Dinah became unglued during the wait for the GPS location. After having a nightmarish daydream that Grady had pinned the kidnapping on her, Dinah became adamant that the hostage site was near the docks, where she'd been shot in the head. She frantically mumbled that she didn't want anyone else shot. Frank's team zeroed in on a location, and Frank replied that it was nowhere near the docks. He decided that Dinah should stay at home while he went to the scene. When Frank left, Dinah grabbed her cell phone and exited the house.

Meanwhile, Daisy tried to call Grady again, but he'd turned off his phone. When she turned around, she saw Buzz at the prison entrance. Buzz had decided to visit Rafe that day, as well. He was at loose ends because Lillian had become distant as she worried about Lizzie. Daisy hugged him, saying his hugs always made her feel better. She hoped her hug would do the same for Buzz. When Buzz asked if she were maintaining the break with Grady, she said she was doing fine and then left the prison.

Daisy caught up to Dinah sometime later to ask Dinah where Grady was. Dinah said Daisy should try his cell phone. Daisy revealed that Ashlee had seen Grady and Dinah together. Dinah denied it, but Daisy said she didn't care if they had slept together. Daisy said Ashlee rarely saw Grady at the television station and Daisy couldn't imagine what kind of job Grady could have been performing for Dinah. Dinah denied sleeping with Grady and said his job was none of Daisy's business. When Daisy pressed her, Dinah claimed Grady was building her some shelves. Daisy countered that Grady didn't have any carpentry skills and warned Dinah that Grady didn't need to get into any more trouble. "If Grady's in a spot, he has no one to blame but himself," Dinah replied.

Meanwhile, Frank's team tracked Bill's cell phone to a gated location. Frank sensed that something just didn't seem right about it. Frank was just about to call Bill to say that they had somehow mixed up his location, but he hung up the phone when a team member brought him Bill's cell phone in a plastic bag. Dinah crept around the gated location, telling herself that Grady wasn't stupid enough to keep hanging around there.

Daisy waited outside Grady's house. He limped up, stuffed his coat into a trash bag, and tossed it into dumpster. When he saw Daisy, he said he hadn't asked her to come there. Daisy wondered where he'd been, and he said he'd been on a job that had proven to be harder than he'd imagined. Daisy said she'd needed him because her friend was in trouble. She didn't know the details, but she felt that Grady was the only one who could help her with it. At first, Grady thought she meant him, but when she mentioned jail, he realized she was talking about Rafe. Grady scoffed that she should get Rafe to help Grady instead. Daisy abruptly dropped the Rafe situation to focus on Grady's issues.

Over at Company, Reva awaited Jeffrey to take her to her sonogram appointment. Josh sat with her and marveled at her new knitting hobby. As they talked about Josh's connection to R.J. and Josh's need to make even more changes in his life, Jeffrey arrived to escort Reva. At the doctor's office later, Jeffrey and Reva agreed not to learn the baby's gender that day. However, during the sonogram, Jeffrey suddenly blurted out that he wanted to know the sex of the baby. Reva disagreed, saying that there were precious few surprises left in life. Jeffrey insisted there would be plenty of surprises along the way. He asked Reva to turn her head while the doctor whispered to him what the gender of the baby was.

Outside Company, Reva asked Jeffrey if he were having the baby that he wanted. He said that he was because he was having the baby with her. Reva suddenly decided she wanted to know the gender of the child. After leaving her in playful suspense for a while, Jeffrey took her hands and announced that they were having a boy.

Billy joined Josh at Company to congratulate him on peacefully coexisting with Reva and Jeffrey. Josh discussed being at a crossroads with no wife and no job. Billy advised Josh to take his time when starting out in a new direction. Josh brought up Vanessa and said Billy should sweep her off her feet and marry her. Josh even volunteered to stick it out in the ministry until Billy could convince Vanessa to take him back. Billy thought that he and Vanessa needed to put the kidnapping situation behind them before they could concentrate on anything else. Billy believed in taking his time, citing H.B.'s philosophy that sometimes people were alone at certain points in their lives for a reason. Billy wished Bill had someone as wise as H.B. in his life. Josh replied that Bill had that someone in Billy.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bill and Lizzie cuddled on the dirt pile near the van. Bill professed that Lizzie meant everything to him. He said they had a second chance and the past didn't matter anymore. Lizzie beseeched him to say everything that was in his heart. He told her that he loved her more than he'd loved anyone and he couldn't live his life without her. Bill said that Lizzie had been right when she'd said they could be lovers and equal partners. He had so much he wanted to do and accomplish, but he vowed he wouldn't do any of it without her.

After they kissed for a while, Lizzie said they should get to the police station. Bill was reluctant to share Lizzie with the real world, but he agreed that they should leave in case the kidnapper still lurked about. As Bill hotwired the van, Lizzie worried about driving it. She reasoned that the fluid leak indicated that the van was damaged. She was also concerned that he'd been drinking. Bill assured her that he was fine and said he'd drive cautiously.

At Grady's house, Daisy pressed Grady to tell her what kind of trouble he was in. When he told her to leave, Daisy admitted that she'd been pretending she didn't care about him because that was what Buzz had said would help her heal. She still cared for Grady and wanted to help him. Grady thought that all she cared about was Rafe. Grady felt he didn't need her trying to save him, and he told her to buzz off. Upset, Daisy guessed she was wrong to think she could turn things around between them. After she stalked off, Grady threw his ski mask into the trash. He touched his leg and then seemed disoriented. As he limped away, his hand streaked blood across the vinyl siding on the house.

Daisy walked along a road and discovered a stray hubcap. In the distance, a car horn blared. She followed the noise and gasped when she found Lizzie sprawled in the bushes near the wrecked white van. It looked as if Bill had crashed into a tree. She saw Bill on the ground, hanging out of the driver's side door. Bill mumbled about Lizzie while Daisy called the police. Daisy panicked when Bill appeared to lose consciousness.

Mallet met up with Frank at the canning factory. As Mallet canvassed the woods, he discovered Dinah hiding behind a tree. When Frank and Mallet questioned Dinah's reasons for being in the woods, she lashed out at them, telling them that she'd hold them both responsible if something happened to her brother. At the police station later, Frank ordered Mallet to keep Dinah from investigating on her own. Mallet wondered how Dinah had known where the hostage site was located. Frank said she could have figured it out any number of ways. Just then, Frank received a phone call about the van crash.

Dinah found Grady at his house and told him that he'd be dead if he had done anything to Bill or Lizzie. Grady assumed Bill was at the police station, giving a statement, but Dinah seethed that nobody knew where Bill and Lizzie were. Grady accused Dinah of costing him five million dollars by leaving Lizzie that cell phone. Dinah blamed Grady for screwing up the whole thing because he had been unable to abandon Lizzie as she'd told him to.

As they argued, Grady switched on the radio and they heard news of the van crash. Dinah called the hospital, but she couldn't get any information on Bill or Lizzie. Grady decided that the accident wasn't his fault because he hadn't asked Bill to ride in on a white horse to save Lizzie. Dinah slapped Grady and said that he had no compassion for anything. As she stalked off, Grady uttered that he was sorry about Bill and said he didn't want anyone to lose a brother.

Meanwhile, Frank and Mallet arrived at the crash scene with paramedics. Remy neared Bill, and Mallet said he couldn't find Bill's pulse. As Remy prepped Bill, Daisy worried that her uncle wouldn't make it. At the hospital, Rick asked Daisy to sit with Lizzie. He said Lizzie had superficial wounds, but he didn't want her to wake up alone. Rick left to check on Bill. Daisy entered Lizzie's room and Lizzie awakened. As Daisy explained to Lizzie what had happened, Remy entered. Remy and Daisy struggled to keep Lizzie under control as Lizzie forced her way out of the bed. Intent upon seeing Bill, Lizzie ran into an unoccupied room to see a janitor cleaning up blood soaked gauze and padding. She screamed, and Frank rushed in to tell her that she'd just missed Bill. The doctors had just taken him into surgery. Lizzie broke into sobs.

As Dinah approached the hospital, Mallet exited and informed her that the doctors were working on Bill, who had been unconscious since he'd been admitted. Dinah quaked with anxiety, muttering that it was all her fault. Dinah admonished herself for being angry with Bill. Mallet said she wasn't the one driving the van. Dinah worried that she wouldn't have a chance to tell Bill how sorry she was. She wished she'd heard Mallet's pep talk from the other day a lot sooner. Dinah decided she couldn't face Bill and she left.

While Olivia was sleeping, Emma crept out of their hotel room and asked Natalia to come visit. As they watched Olivia in bed, Emma mentioned that she didn't have her Halloween costume. Natalia left Olivia a note and took Emma to the convenience store. When Olivia awakened, she frantically looked for her child and then discovered the note. She sighed because she'd forgotten Halloween. Upon checking her answering machine, she heard a message from Daisy. Daisy said Natalia had given her the number in case of an emergency. Even though Daisy knew Rafe didn't want her to say anything, Daisy felt that Natalia needed to know that Rafe had been badly bruised in prison.

Olivia hightailed it up to the prison and Rafe seemed surprised to see her in the visiting room. After assessing Rafe's wounds, Olivia argued with him about allowing the abuse to go unreported. Even though Rafe begged her not to report it, Olivia called the warden in to have a look at Rafe. The warden sent Rafe back to his cell and told Olivia that she wouldn't undermine him in front of his men. Olivia quipped that Rafe hadn't been served a death sentence and the warden had better make sure Rafe didn't wind up with one. The warden said Olivia's brash attitude wouldn't win his compliance.

When Natalia brought Emma back to the Beacon, she found a note from Olivia saying that Olivia had gone out. The note also mentioned that there was a message for Natalia on the answering machine. Sometime later, Natalia arrived in the prison's visitation room to find Olivia arguing with the warden. As Natalia tried to figure out what was happening, the warden remained unmoved by Olivia's threats. He said Rafe had been incarcerated because he deserved to be, and it was up to Rafe to learn how to survive there. Olivia threatened to use her contacts at WSPR to splatter the prison's inaction all over the news. The warden stubbornly told Olivia to do whatever she had to do and then he left. Olivia lunged out at the retreating warden, but Natalia pulled her back. Natalia made Olivia sit down as Olivia raged that she wouldn't let Rafe get beaten up in the prison.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Cassie and R.J. were helping set up at Company for a Halloween party when Cyrus called Cassie. Cassie asked Cyrus to come to the party, but he declined since he figured he was not on Buzz's guest list. Cassie told Cyrus that she wanted to see him later and mentioned that Lizzie Spaulding had been found in a car crash. Cyrus quickly ended the call and then located Grady, whom he berated for mishandling the Lizzie situation. When an upset Cyrus asked if Grady had been spotted, Grady admitted that he blacked out. Cyrus stated that the cops could be after Grady. Equally upset, Grady told Cyrus to go back to his girlfriend, since Cyrus wanted to be with her anyway. Cyrus said that if there were a choice between Cassie and Grady, he would pick Grady. Grady was not so sure. Grady told Cyrus that he came to town for Daisy, just as Cyrus only stayed in town for Cassie. Grady stated that if Cyrus were really sticking up for him, he would not be dating the one woman who hated him more than anything.

Later, alone, Grady overheard a policeman report that Lizzie was taken to Cedars and could not identify her kidnapper.

Cassie and R.J. continued decorating Company and R.J. asked if Cyrus was coming to the party. Cassie asked R.J. if he would have a problem with that. R.J. had no problem with Cyrus and guessed that Cassie wanted to date him. Cassie confirmed it, but stated that she would only date Cyrus if R.J. were okay with it. R.J. stated that he was, because Cassie smiled more when Cyrus was around and he liked seeing his mother happy. Buzz overheard the conversation and gave Cassie a disparaging look.

Cyrus arrived at Company and was greeted with a kiss from Cassie. Cassie spoke of their relationship and said that it felt like they turned a corner--they went from hiding their relationship to exploring it. She then told Cyrus that R.J. gave them permission to date. Cassie told Cyrus that she wanted to follow her gut, and her gut told her that he made her happy. Cassie warned Cyrus to get used to disparaging looks. She then told him that she could finally see him without seeing his brother. Cyrus suddenly got very uncomfortable and asked for a rain check to the party, then left. Afterwards, Buzz apologized to Cassie about the look he gave but reminded her that Cyrus was a cheater. He had cheated on Harley with Cassie and on Marina with Harley. Buzz told Cassie that he believed in second chances but Cyrus was way past his second chance. Cassie assured Buzz that she was happy with Cyrus and she would take her happiness wherever she could get it.

Cyrus broke into the Spaulding mansion and into the Spaulding safe. As he grabbed some pearls, the security alarm went off. Cyrus made it out, but left his tools behind. Later, Cyrus went to the farm and gave R.J. a gift--a toy rocket. Cassie joked to Cyrus about bribing her son and he responded that it was an insurance policy. Later, Marina knocked on the door looking for Cyrus. Marina told Cassie and Cyrus about a burglary at the Spaulding mansion, and said that Cyrus's safe-cracking tools were found at the scene. Marina told Cyrus to hand over what he had stolen.

As Alan called Decker, Beth rushed in and informed him that Bill had found Lizzie. They both rushed to Cedars to see Lizzie, who was being questioned by Marina. The group, which included Billy, began badgering Lizzie with questions. At the mention of an accident, Billy realized that Bill must have been seriously hurt. Lizzie told everyone the details of how Bill rescued her and the automobile crash. Lizzie stated that she did not get a good look at her kidnapper and said that Bill saved her and told her that he was in love with her.

As she was making her statement, Lizzie stated that there were at least two kidnappers, but she only saw one, who wore a ski mask the entire time. Lizzie said that as time went by, he seemed to regret what he had done. Alan worried that Lizzie had developed Stockholm syndrome. Lizzie denied it and pointed out that her kidnapper could have left her to die several times, but did not. After Lizzie finished with her statement, Alan spoke to her about Bill. Alan told Lizzie that when she disappeared on the day of the meeting, Bill assumed that she had double-crossed him. He also revealed that Bill suspected that the first ransom demand was a hoax. Lizzie understood Bill's skepticism and insisted to Alan that Bill loved her. Lizzie told Alan that she and Bill were going to be equal partners. Alan was doubtful.

After operating on Bill, Rick briefed Lizzie and company on Bill's condition. Rick warned that Bill was looking at a long recovery due to internal bleeding. Rick stated that Bill had yet to regain consciousness. Later, Rick confided in Billy that the paramedics smelled alcohol on Bill's breath. Alan overheard and instantly ranted about Bill drinking and driving. Lizzie insisted that Bill was not drunk and stated that the accident was her fault, since she damaged the van.

As Grady lurked around Cedars to see Lizzie, a nurse noticed his injured leg and insisted that it be looked at. When the nurse left to locate a doctor, Grady snuck out and ran into Lizzie. Not realizing that he was the one who had kidnapped her, Lizzie asked why he was there, and got disgusted when he stated that he had heard about the kidnapping and was curious. After Lizzie ranted that Bill was seriously hurt, Grady replied that he hoped Bill would be okay, and limped away.

Alan suggested that Beth speak to Lizzie about Bill, since he doubted Bill's commitment to her. Alan told Beth that he doubted that Bill really loved Lizzie, and believed that Bill only rescued her out of guilt. Beth reminded Alan that Bill risked his life for Lizzie and stated that they just had to have faith in him. Alan replied that he did not believe in Bill Lewis. Later, Alan spied Lizzie inside Bill's room urging him to wake up.

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