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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 20, 2008 on GL
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Dinah tried not to panic when she discovered that Lizzie wasn't tied up in the basement at WSPR. She contemplated calling Mallet to tell him the truth, but she convinced herself that the situation wasn't as bad as she might have been assuming. Dinah went to her office to find Cyrus awaiting her. Cyrus was curious as to the kind of work Dinah had involved Grady in. She lied to him, saying that she'd gotten threats from a former employee. After she'd hired Grady to talk to that person, she claimed that the threats had stopped. Cyrus told her that she was lying. He said that Grady was vulnerable and she'd better not get him into any trouble. Dinah assured Cyrus that Grady was just another name on her payroll.

Cyrus went to Company, where Frank once again admonished him for his love crimes against Harley and Marina. Later, Ashlee plopped down at Cyrus' table to blast all Foley men. When she claimed that Grady had done to Daisy the same thing that Cyrus had done to Marina, Cyrus insinuated that Ashlee was jealous because she'd once had a crush on Grady. Ashlee bolstered her claim by saying that she'd seen Grady and Dinah kissing. A curious Cyrus returned to the television station to talk to Dinah about what he'd heard from Ashlee, but Dinah was no longer there. After leaving Dinah a note to call him, he ventured down to the basement. There he discovered a vacant chair and ropes coiled on the floor in front it. Cyrus examined the ropes and looked at the empty chair.

Meanwhile, Dinah was surprised to find Buzz serving up drinks at Towers later. He said Towers was letting him have some Chardonnay, since he'd run out at Company. Buzz volunteered to mix her martini and asked her about her troubles. Dinah told him that she was on the verge of getting respect from Bill and Vanessa, but she feared that she might have overreached, making herself worse off than before. Buzz said to screw Bill, Vanessa, and even Ross. Buzz asserted that Dinah's life was about what she thought and what she did, not anyone else. Dinah said people might not understand the things she'd done. Buzz asked her if she would have done anything differently. Dinah replied that she might have. Buzz consoled that everyone felt that way at some point, but she couldn't beat herself up over mistakes.

Meanwhile, when Frank showed up at the mansion to investigate Lizzie's disappearance, Bill told him that Mallet and Marina must have had their wires crossed because Lizzie was away on a business trip. Frank left and then called Jeffrey about Lizzie's disappearance. Jeffrey was spending the day with Reva, and Jeffrey said there was no case if Lizzie were on a trip. When Jeffrey hung up the phone, he mentioned to Reva that it was strange that the inhabitants of the mansion might be lying about Lizzie's disappearance. Reva told him that it would be okay if he wanted to work on the case. Jeffrey decided to leave the house, mentioning that he'd let her know if Jonathan had a connection to the kidnapping. Reva thanked him for reading her mind.

Jeffrey met Frank at Company to say that he couldn't get a search warrant for the mansion if Lizzie weren't technically missing. Determined to believe Marina's word over Bill's, Frank vowed to get to the bottom of the case. Once Frank left, Buzz approached Jeffrey to say that Jeffrey was the best thing that had ever happened to Reva.

Back at the mansion, Alan appeared in the parlor to tell Bill that he had made a wise decision in lying to Frank. Bill asked Alan why he wasn't in the hospital, and Alan replied that he'd never felt better in his life. Bill showed Alan the ransom money and filled him in on the details of the botched drop involving Mallet. Alan raged at Bill for working with the cops, and demanded to take control of the situation. Hilda entered to remind Bill of his meeting with Decker that day, and Alan commented that Lizzie's disappearance had turned out nicely for Bill. As Bill hid the money in the parlor's secret passageway behind the bookcase, he explained that he had to keep the company intact in Lizzie's stead. Bill exerted his control over the kidnapping, declaring that he'd give his life for Lizzie's return. He warned Alan to just back off.

Alan, however, had no interest in backing off. He showed up at the D.A.'s office to see Jeffrey instead. Jeffrey motioned to Alan's lit cigar and told him that it was a public building. Alan replied that his cigar was a medicinal choice between cigars and marijuana. As he puffed, Alan noticed Jeffrey's baby magazines. Alan got a good laugh when Jeffrey announced Reva's pregnancy. Alan said he was happy for Jeffrey, but he wondered if Jeffrey really wanted to be a father or if Jeffrey missed being a rogue secret agent. Jeffrey snatched Alan's cigar and put it out, saying that since Alan had recovered, Jeffrey might have to reopen the case against him. Alan thought Jeffrey should better employ his talents in the search for Lizzie.

Jeffrey started to say that Bill had said Lizzie was just out of town, but Alan cut in, telling him that untrustworthy Bill was wining and dining Lizzie's clients. Handing Jeffrey a check, Alan said he didn't want the police or a prosecutor. Instead, he wanted the Jeffrey of old, that rogue secret agent who could find Lizzie's kidnapper and make him pay with his last breath for what he'd done. Jeffrey dismissed Alan's check, saying that if he took on the job, it wouldn't be for money. It would be because he had children, too. Though Jeffrey said he still planned to nail Alan for Tammy's death, he realized that Lizzie's disappearance was just as important. He also understood why Alan couldn't go through normal channels for help. With silent complicity, Jeffrey said they'd never had that conversation. Alan smiled, telling Jeffrey to rescue Lizzie and bring the kidnapper's head to Alan on a platter. Upon exiting, Alan said he believed there was another reason that Jeffrey had agreed to work with him: Jeffrey missed his old line of work. Sometime after Alan left, Jeffrey screwed a silencer onto a gun and then thoughtfully stared at it.

Meanwhile, Bill met Decker at Towers for the meeting. As they had drinks with their constituents, Decker lauded Bill for his achievements. Bill gave the credit to Lizzie, but Decker told Bill that it was his time to shine. Bill answered investors' questions, however, he continued to bring up Lizzie. "She's not here," a businesswoman said. "Or can't you think without her?"

Dinah spotted Bill having difficulty at his meeting and she hurried over to rescue him from the crowd of questioners. Off to the side, she told Decker that Bill was killing himself to make the deal work all on his own. Decker asked Bill to toast to their life-changing deal. While toasting, Bill began rambling about love. Suddenly, he rushed to the elevator. When Dinah caught up to him, Bill asked her to finish the meeting because he had to find Lizzie. Bill took off and Dinah returned to the investors. She lied that Bill had experienced a bad reaction to some shrimp. Dinah told them all that Bill would meet them later, but Decker pressed Dinah to continue the meeting, saying that Bill trusted her to share her insights.

Back at the mansion, a sullen Bill toiled over Lizzie. He asked Alan if there had been any word, but Alan said there hadn't been. Alan goaded him about failing at his meeting earlier, but Bill retorted that everyone had loved him. "I don't love you," Alan flatly said. Bill wondered what Alan had been up to while Bill had been gone and warned Alan not to do anything to jeopardize Lizzie. Alan pretended that he hadn't done anything, but he assured Bill that Lizzie would return and set everything straight. Bill agreed, replying that he and Lizzie would be partners in every way. Bill wondered where that would leave Alan.

Reva worked out at the gym, where she met her new personal trainer, Gigi. Reva grew frustrated with Gigi's questions about Reva's age, weight, etc., and Reva said that all she was concerned about was having a baby, not a hippo. Later, Reva was waiting in her doctor's office when a fellow patient sat down beside her, seemingly awed that Reva could conceive at her age. Reva ran into more baby controversy when she went to Company and ordered a dietary meal. The waitress asked, "Don't tell me you're pregnant?" Reva denied it, replying that she was just watching her carbs. After the waitress walked away, Buzz leaned over the counter and asked Reva why she hadn't told the truth about her pregnancy. Reva said she felt like she was on "Ripley's Believe it or Not" with all the questions and stares she'd received due to her late-aged pregnancy. Buzz joked with her that she didn't have the guts to take the attention. Once the waitress returned, Reva demanded decaf coffee and announced that she was indeed pregnant. Buzz did a victory dance for Reva, and the waitress high-fived her.

At home, Reva carried a "baby on board" sign through the living room. Talking to the pictures of her children, she asked them to give their newest sibling everything that he or she could want, just in case things didn't turn out the way Reva had hoped. She heard someone approaching her door. Reva rushed to the entrance, anticipating Jeffrey. When she opened the door, she found Joshua on her stoop. They smiled, glad to see each other.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Josh uttered that it was really good to see Reva. He hadn't been sure that she would have wanted to see him after the fiasco at her wedding. Reva said Josh had been an ass at the wedding, but she was sure it wouldn't happen again. Josh agreed and then noted that she was glowing. Reva replied that she was destined to be a married old lady. Josh said she'd never be considered old. Reva thanked him for the compliment, because she was feeling vulnerable that day. Josh assumed she was referring to her health. He said he'd been concerned about it, even though he wasn't her husband anymore. Reva suggested they take a walk.

On their walk, Reva tried to talk about the weather, but Josh told her that he'd been anxious to hear about her cancer condition. She told him that the doctors had given her a clean bill of health. Josh hugged her tightly and thanked God for second chances. Reva noted how happy Josh seemed. He said he felt lighter after making his choice to leave the ministry. Reva struggled to find the right way to tell Josh her baby news. Fanning the "Baby on Board" sign in her hand, she told him that it wasn't just nostalgia that had her looking at the sign. She said she was pregnant. Josh's face lit up in surprise and Reva laughed nervously.

Reva and Josh sat at the picnic bench beneath the awning at Cross Creek. After Josh absorbed Reva's news, Reva explained that her medications had altered her hormones, causing spurred fertility. Reva stated that the pregnancy had been unexpected, and she hadn't had a good track record with motherhood. To her, the new baby was a miracle and a second chance for both her and Jeffrey. Josh said Reva might not have been the perfect mother, just as he hadn't been the perfect father; however, she was a great mother who Marah and Shayne deeply loved. He agreed that the baby was a miracle and said miracles were meant to be embraced.

Josh pulled a tearful Reva in for a hug just as Jeffrey strode up behind them. Jeffrey announced that he had brought home pancakes and sauerkraut. Reva invited Josh to dinner, but Josh declined the menu. Upon leaving, Josh expressed his happiness for them. Jeffrey asked Reva if talking to Josh had given her some relief. She said that it had, adding that Josh had actually been okay with her pregnancy.

Inside their house, Jeffrey explained to Reva that Alan had enlisted him in the search for Lizzie. He showed her the lock of hair and said he'd sent a sample to a private lab at Alan's discretion. Reva seemed unsure about Jeffrey's working for Alan, but Jeffrey said he felt good about the job. When Jeffrey pulled out his gun, Reva flipped out, saying they couldn't have it in the house because of the baby. Just as Reva quipped that they wouldn't be a couple who talked about baby stuff, Jeffrey whipped out a baby magazine that he'd picked up while he was out. As they settled on the couch to talk "baby stuff," Josh opened the outer door of the house. When he saw Reva and Jeffrey relaxing on the sofa, he quietly closed the door without interrupting them.

Olivia pretended to be well during a phone call with Decker. She told him that she and Emma were excited about the web broadcast that they planned to hold at Emma's school. Rick visited Olivia to insist that she check herself into the hospital. Olivia claimed to be putting her affairs in order so that no one would notice that she was M.I.A. once she was hospitalized. When she promised to check in before Rick's shift ended that day, he gave her one more chance to actually show up before he took drastic measures to get her admitted.

At Company, Mel chastised Remy for being out of touch with her and insisted that she needed to prep him for the MCAT. A perturbed Remy claimed to have been at the library studying. When Felicia joined their table after complaining to Natalia about her order, Mel lied to her mother that she'd been helping Remy study. Felicia was ecstatic, but Remy said it was just a test. Natalia set their food down in the incorrect order, setting Felicia off on another tirade about the service. Remy told his mother to stop being snotty. After growing frustrated by their mother's nitpicking attitude, Remy left the table. Mel caught up to Remy outside the MCAT registration room. She said she understood that he might fear success. Mel advised him to be sure he was ready to start his life over before he took the MCAT.

Later, Remy stopped by the police station, where Frank joked that Remy must have missed being on the force. Frank said that it wasn't too late to come back even after Remy had gotten off track when Tammy had died. Frank confided that he'd run a chop shop back in the eighties. He said doing that job had taught him that bad guys weren't entirely bad and good guys weren't entirely good. Remy said he wouldn't call himself a good guy. Frank replied that Remy had delivered a baby at Company; Ava had relied on him, and so had Tammy. After naming even more people who counted upon Remy, Frank said that Remy was one of the good guys, whether Remy liked it or not.

At Company, Buzz asked Natalia why she was making mistakes on her shift, and Natalia admitted being stressed out about Rafe. Later, she spilled a bus pan in the middle of the restaurant. As she and Buzz cleaned up the mess, he told her that she'd gotten a call from Cedars. Natalia assumed it was regarding her extra shifts at the hospital. She told Buzz that she was saving money for a new lawyer to work on appealing Rafe's sentence. She sullenly added that Rafe would probably serve his entire sentence before she could actually afford the lawyer.

Natalia ran into Rick outside Company. Rick expressed concern about Olivia delaying her hospital stay. He urged Natalia to persuade Olivia to check herself in before her heart gave out. Natalia didn't believe she could have any effect on Olivia's choices; however, she did just that when she yelled at Olivia inside Company later. Natalia told Olivia to just die already, because Natalia was sick of worrying about someone who wouldn't take care of herself. Olivia chased Natalia outside to tell her that they were friends. Natalia retorted that Olivia had no friends. Olivia replied that they confided in each other and they told each other the truth. Olivia said that in Dr. Phil's eyes, they were friends. Olivia promised to check into the hospital, but she needed help with her other baby, the Beacon. Olivia asked Natalia to represent Olivia's interests at the hotel.

Natalia fretted that the Beacon staff could only relate to her as a housekeeper. Olivia snapped that Natalia needed to grow a backbone. Olivia said she was giving Natalia a chance to better herself for Rafe, and if Natalia didn't take that chance, Olivia vowed to hire someone else. Suddenly, Olivia sucked in a painful breath and backed into a chair, seemingly unable to breathe.

Meanwhile, Remy returned to the MCAT registration room at the hospital. When a woman approached him saying that she was on his list for the MCAT, Remy rushed to get away from her. Upon entering Company, Remy heard Natalia call for help. Buzz and he ran to Natalia's aid and saw Olivia lying on the ground. Buzz called the paramedics. Remy couldn't find a pulse. As he administered CPR, Natalia begged Olivia to hang on for her daughters' sakes.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On the ground outside Company, Remy couldn't find Olivia's pulse, and he rigorously performed CPR on her. Natalia prayed and then retrieved Buzz's Home Defibrillator from inside Company. Remy used it to shock Olivia's heart back to a normal sinus rhythm. Later, Rick wasn't surprised when he saw Olivia being wheeled into the emergency room. Remy filled him in on the details of Olivia's condition, and Rick took Olivia back for treatment.

Mel approached to harass her brother about being in the hospital hallway instead of in an MCAT testing room. Remy claimed that he was on a break from the test. Mel lectured him about the importance of the test, especially since he'd just saved the life of Ava's mother. A frustrated Mel shooed him out the door, telling him to hurry to the test site.

Even though Remy arrived late to the MCAT location, a young coquette named Christine told him that he was still on time; the test had experienced delays due to equipment malfunctions. Remy flirted with her for a while and genuinely smiled in interest. Soon, the administrator said it was time to undergo the exam.

Rick told Natalia that Olivia was stable, but he advised Natalia to pray, because Olivia should have been in a body bag instead of a hospital bed. As Natalia prayed by Olivia's bedside, Olivia awakened. Natalia briefly explained to Olivia what had happened. Natalia jokingly said she had been just about to accept Olivia's job offer when Olivia had rudely interrupted her by almost dying. A grave Rick entered to talk with Olivia. Olivia asked Natalia to stay for the news.

Rick said that Olivia's body had tried to reject her heart, which sent her into cardiac arrest. Olivia needed a pacemaker, and Rick had set the procedure up for that afternoon. When Rick left, Olivia instructed Natalia on how to handle Olivia's schedule that day. Over Natalia's protests, Olivia explained where she wanted to be buried and where her living will was located. When Natalia doubted herself, Olivia wondered if Natalia even knew who Natalia was. Olivia knew Natalia to be the self-sufficient mother who had fought for Gus and won. She'd been gracious enough to share her husband's attention with Olivia and then she'd given Olivia his heart upon his death. Her son was in prison, but Natalia kept her faith and integrity. "You're a freaking superhero, Natalia," Olivia said. "So how can you be afraid of running a staff meeting?"

Rick returned to prep Olivia for her procedure. Natalia said that God kept bringing Olivia back, so Natalia planned to keep on praying. In reference to Natalia's new job, Olivia said, "Go and make me proud." Later, Natalia stood on a stepstool in a blue suit as she conducted the Beacon's staff meeting. She invited all staff member to talk to her if they needed anything. Smiling, she told them that they were all family at the Beacon.

At Cross Creek, Jeffrey contested Reva's decision to interview for a position with the cancer society in town. He worried about her taxing herself during her pregnancy. Reva stressed that she really wanted to make a difference and save just one life as Shayne was doing overseas. Jeffrey said she might have to give the job up when the baby was born, but Reva insisted that she could be a mother and also make a difference in the fight against cancer.

When Reva met Hillary, her interviewer, the woman loved Reva's strong personality and sense of humor. As Reva talked about herself and her skills, she mentioned that her children had all grown up and left the house. Hillary thought that was a bonus because the job was "24/7," requiring long nights, weekends, and extensive travel. Hillary said it wasn't merely a job, but a new life. Reva frowned, repeating, "A new life."

Meanwhile, Josh rattled on about Shayne to Billy over a meal at Towers. Billy asked if Josh knew about Reva's pregnancy, and Josh surprised him with his happiness for Reva. Billy said he'd been frank with Reva in his feelings about it because he'd been there when the cancer had stopped her heart. Billy worried that Reva's cancer could return, but Josh countered that resurgence was a possibility with or without the baby. Billy joked that Jeffrey and Reva would be on Medicare by the time the child graduated from high school. Josh tried to be optimistic about the O'Neill family, but Billy thought Jeffrey was just one of Reva's pit stops on the way back to Josh. As Josh left, he said he'd consider picking up a baby gift for them.

Josh was shopping at the convenience store when he spotted Jeffrey. Jeffrey referred to Josh as "Reverend," and Josh responded that he'd departed from the ministry, since brawling at his ex-wife's wedding wasn't characteristic of a minister. Josh subtly ribbed Jeffrey about becoming a father at his age. Irritated, Jeffrey decided that since Josh had taken off the collar, they could both take off the gloves. He warned Josh not to cause problems for his family. Josh showed Jeffrey a miniature bear he'd bought and said that it was for both Jeffrey and Reva. He offered to let Jeffrey give it to Reva for him, but Jeffrey said he'd let Josh do it himself.

Josh went to Company, where he found Reva sulking over a chocolate milkshake. She explained the quandary of the job she'd wanted and said she'd turned it down so that she wouldn't leave Jeffrey alone to raise the baby as she'd left Josh alone. She said nothing was more important than her family. "Your family. That still sounds strange to me," Josh said. Reva didn't think it sounded any stranger than when she'd had to hear about Josh and Cassie's family. She told him that things changed. Josh agreed, but he added that some things didn't. Reva replied that she was different and her relationship with Jeffrey was different. Jeffrey didn't always ride in and fix things for her as Josh had done in the past. She claimed that Jeffrey hadn't known the "Tulsa Tornado" she'd been in the past; Jeffrey loved the Reva that she'd become.

The server set down a large banana split and Josh wondered if it were for Reva. "Absolutely not!" Reva proclaimed. "It's for the baby...but you can have a bite, a little bite." As they shared the treat, they talked a little about the past. Reva decided that the past had been great, but the future would be better. Josh questioned how she could be so certain of that.

Suddenly, Reva couldn't believe that she'd fallen for Josh's happy pretense regarding her pregnancy. Josh admitted that her age concerned him. When he started to critique Jeffrey, Reva changed the subject by asking him what was in his pocket. Josh showed her the tiny bear, saying that it was "Bo." After some prodding from Josh, Reva recalled that Marah had carried a bear like it, which she'd called "Bo." She also remembered that Josh had been afraid that Marah would have choked on the tiny eyes. She said Jeffrey would have felt the same way, and Josh abruptly decided he had to leave. He hoped Jeffrey was everything she thought he was.

Josh met Billy later at Company and said he was proud of himself for congratulating both Jeffrey and Reva that day. He bought them a gift as well. Billy chuckled, calling Josh a dog. Billy said Josh was going to play nice because Josh thought Jeffrey would self-destruct on his own. Grinning, Josh replied, "No comment."

Meanwhile, Jeffrey crept up on an abandoned shed in the woods. Upon quick inspection, he noted that someone might have been inside. He called someone named Simons for back up. Later, Jeffrey went to the police station, where he told Frank that the shed had been a false lead. Frank lectured him about being out on his own looking for Lizzie, but Frank was okay with it as long as Jeffrey called for backup. Jeffrey couldn't remember the last time he'd called for backup, but he said that day, he'd felt more cautious. Frank said that day was different because Jeffrey had a wife and a child on the way.

Jeffrey returned home in time to see Reva talking to the bear and he noted that she'd run into Josh. Reva didn't want to discuss Josh or the interview she'd had. Jeffrey told Reva about the shed he'd uncovered, but he was dismayed that he'd be known as "Mr. Backup" after his thinking about Reva and the baby had caused him to call for unwarranted backup.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Somewhere in the woods, Grady seemed desperate as he sat in a van with Lizzie blindfolded and tied up in the back. He quickly tired of Lizzie's incessant questions and turned up the radio. In doing so, he missed a call from Dinah. She left him a message wondering where he was and reminding him who was in charge. Meanwhile, Lizzie obnoxiously sang the blaring radio tune. Bound to the driver's seat only by her hands, Lizzie got up in the van and started dancing. She almost fell, but Grady helped her sit back down. Lizzie thought he must have cared about her, since he didn't let her fall on her face. She said she needed to move around for circulation and Grady helped her out of the back of the van. Lizzie smiled, figuring that her singing had won him over. When Lizzie asked for something to eat, Grady told her not to try anything funny. The moment he turned his back to oblige her, Lizzie tiptoed away.

Still blindfolded and bound at the wrists, Lizzie stumbled onto a construction site. She tripped and fell into a huge cement pipe. Grady caught up to her and panicked when he saw her sprawled out at the bottom of the pipe. Unsure that he could rescue her but certain he didn't want to go to jail, Grady rushed back to the van and took off.

Meanwhile, Bill ventured out to the mansion's patio to share with Dinah a theory he'd formulated about Lizzie's abduction. He said that another corporation called Covington had been competing with them for the Decker Deal. He believed they had kidnapped Lizzie because Decker had gone with Spaulding-Lewis on the deal instead of them. Dinah doubted Covington would have done such a thing. When Bill wanted to divulge the information to Decker, Dinah proposed that she be the one to tell Decker the theory. That way, if Bill turned out to be wrong, Dinah would be the one seeming brain-damaged, as usual, for her theories. After some consideration, Bill figured that she had been right about a lot of things so far. He agreed to let her go to Decker in his stead.

When Bill went into the parlor, he received a call from the county coroner's office, regarding a Jane Doe matching Lizzie's description. Bill's face blanched and he uttered that he'd be on his way. Later, Bill ran into Grady outside the hospital. Grady said he hadn't seen Lizzie in a few days and wondered if Bill and she were still together. Bill seemed to look right through Grady, saying, "What?" Bill then shook his head and entered the hospital.

At the morgue, Bill almost broke into tears when the coroner unzipped the body bag. Relief washed over him and he uttered, "It's not her. It's not her." Overwhelmed with emotion, he almost couldn't walk. He leaned on the outside door, still saying, "It's not her."

Dinah met Decker at Towers and told him that Bill had been called away on an emergency. She showed him Bill's budget proposals, saying that she'd assured Bill that the numbers would speak for him. Decker liked what he saw. When Dinah threw in some proposals she'd done on her own, Decker said Bill should miss meetings more often. Decker expressed discontent for Bill and Lizzie's behavior. He was extremely disappointed in Lizzie, and he said he regretted not noticing Dinah's exceptional capabilities and beauty. He spontaneously asked her to join him in China the following week. He said they could do business-among other things. When Dinah was noncommittal, he asked her to just think about it.

After Dinah arrived home, Bill entered the parlor and told her about his experience at the morgue. Dinah said that Decker had vouched for Covington, so Bill could put to rest his theory. Bill said he knew that Lizzie was alive, but he feared what would happen the next time the phone rang. He was more determined than ever to find her and punish the kidnappers.

Meanwhile, Lizzie woke up, uncovered her eyes, and screamed for help. Grady returned disguised in a hooded jacket and a ski mask. When she wondered why he'd bothered to come back, Grady turned to leave. She called for him and he returned to the top of the pipe. She said she knew he didn't have to come back for her, and so she promised there'd be no more singing. "Or dancing?" Grady bargained. Lizzie agreed and Grady dropped down into the pipe to help her. Grady piggybacked Lizzie out of the pipe, and he hurt his knee in the process. As Lizzie walked away, he screamed for her to help him.

Lizzie tried to leave him, but she didn't know where she was. She returned and told him that there was rope nearby. She offered to tie the rope to a tree for him to climb, but she promised to be long gone by the time he surfaced. She said she wouldn't help him until she saw his face. Grady told her to go to hell, but Lizzie swore he would rot in that hole unless he took off the mask.

As Cyrus stood at the outside the gates of the mansion, Cassie startled him by popping up behind him. Eagar to know what he was up to, Cassie fiendishly said she might be interested in getting in on it with him. Cassie had a million ideas for pranks that they could pull on Alan Spaulding. Cyrus thought Cassie didn't want to hang around him because of R.J. When she said that she just wanted to have fun, Cyrus asked her if she wanted to help him help Grady, because that was what he hoped to do that day.

Cassie couldn't help but be upset at the mention of Grady's name. Cyrus told her that Grady was a part of his life and he couldn't keep apologizing for Grady's mistakes. Cassie admitted to having feelings for Cyrus, but her disdain for Grady was getting in the way. Cyrus said Grady was his brother and repeated that Grady was part of his life. He planned to be there for Grady. Since Cassie couldn't deal with that, Cyrus suggested they just walk away from each other. Cassie said she was trying to cope with losing Tammy, but Grady reminded her of Tammy's death. Cyrus thought it best for Cassie to go while he did what he felt he had to do to help Grady.

Cassie sought out Daisy at her house in hopes of coming to terms with Grady. Daisy reluctantly said that everyone had been right about him. Daisy had thought she and Grady had been good for each other until Cassie had told her that he'd set up Rafe. Cassie admitted that she'd found it hard to put Grady completely out of her mind. Daisy said he had sounded like he'd gotten himself into another mess when he'd called her last. Even though Daisy said she knew she wouldn't help Grady, she'd found herself wishing that she could give him what he needed.

Back at the mansion, Cyrus sneaked inside the house to snoop around. He headed upstairs and stole a lock of Lizzie's hair from a brush in the bathroom. When he came downstairs, Dinah was in the parlor, and she wondered who'd let him in. Cyrus claimed that the housekeeper had let him in. He lied that he had returned Roxie to the house after finding her wandering around outside the gates. He asked to see Lizzie to tell her that her dog was home safe. Dinah was defensive about Lizzie's whereabouts, insisting that she'd tell Lizzie about the dog. Cyrus knew how it was to miss a pet, saying he couldn't sleep or eat when it had happened to him. Cyrus started to ask Dinah a question, but he changed his mind and left. At the park later, Cyrus analyzed the hair under a magnifying glass and determined that it matched hair that he'd possibly collected from the basement at the television station. He asked himself what Grady could have done.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mallet knocked on Marina's bedroom door and asked to come inside. Marina declined since Daisy was home and the rule was no visitors in the bedrooms. Mallet's assertion that rules were meant to be broken did not move Marina, who simply pointed out that that was funny coming from a cop. Mallet tried to deter her by kissing her, but Marina put a stop to it, stating that she wanted to be a better example for Daisy than Harley was.

Cassie went to Cyrus'. Discovering that no one was home, she proceeded to pick the lock and was soon caught by Marina. Marina began asking questions about the stolen stereo equipment and told Cassie her theory that Cyrus stole it and asked Cassie to help him get rid of it. Cassie denied it and reminded Marina that both she and Cyrus passed a polygraph test. When Cassie refused to admit to the robbery, Marina asked Cassie what was going on between her and Cyrus. Cassie replied that she and Cyrus were just friends, and added that Cyrus made her feel less burdened. When Marina snidely asked if they were the type of friends who stole things together, Cassie guessed that Marina was upset because Cassie and Cyrus slept together once. This was a huge revelation to Marina who demanded to know when. When Cassie pointed out that Marina and Cyrus were not a couple at that time, Marina realized that Harley left town because Cyrus slept with her best friend.

Marina immediately tried to call Harley in Greece but could not remember the number. When Cassie asked why she would call Harley, Marina stated that one part of her wanted to commiserate with her aunt and another part of her wanted to rub her nose in the fact that Cyrus cheated on her like he did with Marina. Suddenly, it occurred to Marina that the tryst was the reason Josh and Cassie broke up. Marina asked Cassie what she thought Tammy would think about Cassie running around with the brother of the man who killed her. Cassie replied that Tammy would be happy that Cassie was happy and brought up the fact that Marina was hanging around Cyrus' place even though she just moved in with Mallet.

Bill woke Dinah up from a dream where Grady told her that he killed Lizzie. Bill told Dinah that he needed her help, since he wanted to make a public plea to Lizzie's kidnappers. Dinah tried to talk Bill out of it by stating that things could go wrong, but Bill was determined to go through with it. Later, as Bill prepared to go before the camera, Mallet arrived at the mansion. Bill asked Dinah to get Mallet to leave. Dinah told Mallet what Bill was planning to do. When Mallet raised objections, Dinah declared that Bill did not want him there since he messed up the previous drop-off. Mallet admitted that he did mess up by not turning off his cell phone and asked Dinah why she called him to begin with. Dinah replied that she was worried about him and she was embarrassed about telling him that she loved him since it was not the appropriate time.

Trapped inside the empty cement drum, Grady was extremely reluctant to remove his mask for Lizzie. Lizzie pointed out that she could simply walk away and leave him there for the cops to find him or she could leave him there alone to die. When it appeared that Grady was not going to remove his mask, Lizzie began walking away. Frustrated, Grady threw the mask out of the well and it struck Lizzie from behind. Before getting a good look at Grady, who had the hood of his jacket pulled up, Lizzie proceeded to get some rope and pull him out. When Grady was almost out, Cyrus grabbed Lizzie and put a pillowcase on her head before she was able to get a look at Grady. After locking Lizzie in the van, Cyrus helped Grady out of the well. Cyrus then smacked Grady around and blasted him for the kidnapping. When Grady defensively stated that he did it for the money, Cyrus scoffed and stated that there was no way that Grady would get away with it. Suddenly, it occurred to Cyrus that this was the job Dinah hired Grady for. Cyrus made it clear that the kidnapping was a stupid idea and stated that Dinah was not going to help him, since she was only out for one person--herself.

Upset at Cyrus's lecturing, Grady tried to defend himself, but Cyrus yelled at him to wake up since it was over. Cyrus told Grady that his only option at that point was to get rid of Lizzie. Grady told Cyrus that Lizzie came back for him. He argued that she could have left him to die but she came back because she cared. Cyrus stated that the only reason she came back was to be able to identify him. Cyrus sternly pointed out that Lizzie was a hostage and Grady would be spending his life in prison unless he got rid of Lizzie. Grady balked at killing her, and Cyrus responded that he was not suggesting that. Cyrus suggested that Lizzie be released and the van wiped clean. When Cyrus proclaimed that he would do it himself, a defensive Grady said that he could do it. Cyrus agreed, and told Grady to drop Lizzie off somewhere she could be found and to make sure that the van was wiped clean of any evidence that might implicate Grady.

In the van, Lizzie heard Bill's plea over the radio and was touched at his declaration that he would stop at nothing to get Lizzie home. Bill stated that all he cared about was Lizzie's safety and implored the kidnappers to come forward. Suddenly, Bill began to get upset and Dinah stepped in and announced that they wanted to make a deal and stated that a website was set up for the kidnappers to contact them.

Grady entered the van and blindfolded Lizzie, who railed at him and reminded him that she came back. When Lizzie asked if the man who grabbed her was the man in change, Grady gagged her.

At the mansion, Mallet complimented Dinah on keeping her cool unlike her brother. Mallet went on to say that since the kidnapping was public knowledge, they were going to have to deal with crackpots, copycats, and the FBI, who would go in with guns blazing because kidnappings were their jurisdiction. Dinah seemed concerned when Mallet stated that the FBI would stop at nothing to get Lizzie and her kidnappers.

Cyrus finally returned home and Cassie told him about her talk with Marina, including Cassie's revelation of their tryst. Defeated, Cyrus admitted that the robbery was his fault and bemoaned the fact that he put people in situations where he could ruin their lives. Cassie pointed out that she was a big girl who could take care of herself, as were Marina and Harley. Cyrus commented that he could not figure out why Cassie would want him around. Cassie replied that she had fun with him and missed him when he was not with her. Cassie said that she did not want to end up in jail or anything, but she wanted to have fun with him. After saying this, Cassie kissed him.

Back at home, Marina found a picture of her and Cyrus. Marina ripped up the photo and used it to create an invitation to Mallet to come up to her room. When Mallet arrived, Marina greeted him in a sexy robe and led him into her room-telling him that rules were meant to be broken.

Bill went to a park with the ransom money.

After speaking with Decker on the phone, Dinah saw Grady approaching her car. Grady met Dinah and led her to Lizzie, who was in the van bound and gagged.

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