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Grady's moves always seem to be pretty desperate. Even in this bad economy, he only sees illegal ways to make a million or two. Granted, the stock market isn't the safe bet that it used to be, but a good, honest day's work might do him some good.

My local news radio station airs a bit each Monday called "Knuckleheads in the News" about criminals around the world who do stupid things - and get caught. It seems they ought to try visiting Springfield for their latest news copy.

Kidnapping an heiress isn't something I'm familiar with, but I'm certain I wouldn't bungle it as badly as Grady has. He's never been the sharpest tool in Reva's shed, but to jump down in the hole with Lizzie was beyond amateur. With their obvious height difference (Kane Manera is 6'5" and Marcy Rylan is 5'2") there was little chance his mask could be removed by his petite captive. But to jump down in a hole to save her - then get stuck - is pretty stupid - even for him.

Grady's moves always seem to be pretty desperate. Even in this bad economy, he only sees illegal ways to make a million or two. Granted, the stock market isn't the safer bet it used to be, but a good, honest day's work might do him good - and make the citizens of Springfield feel a little better about him since he's obviously here to stay. But with more of his sketchy ideas and harebrained schemes - he'll have to leave Springfield to survive the winter - or come up with more schemes for cash.

Grady's partner Dinah is another one of those characters who leaps before she looks. Although this particular scheme wasn't hers, Dinah has not taken any steps to back out and show Bill she does have a heart and get Lizzie home to him. And it looks like, once the dust settles and Bill learns the truth (which we all know he will eventually) she might lose her family for good.

But once the dust settles, will Dinah still have Macau? Although I adore Dinah with Mallet (since he and Marina are dull as dishwater) I don't want her to be all alone since he's moved on, either. But will she and Decker make a good pair? And if Lizzie returns and works with Bill - will Dinah fight them for the project? I must admit that a week without Dinah is one I'm not crazy about watching, but I want her to have some happiness in her life - that she doesn't have to manipulate to get. This week it looks like her dreams of getting back on top might backfire when an accident threatens to ruin all of her plans.

Speaking of manipulation, Cassie and Cyrus mastering the art of deception, polygraph style, was a more than a little odd. Not that the former minister's wife doesn't have a checkered past, but this takes things too far. Of course, this will probably be the catalyst that gets Cassie out of Springfield - but this takes this to a whole new level. Sure Reva raised a little Cain and did some crazy things in her day, but B&E wasn't among them.

Cassie's ex certainly had his hands full as well. After several weeks off-screen (except for few pre-taped pieces) it was nice to see Robert Newman (Josh) back in Springfield. His scenes with Reva, even though they are no longer together, remind us of the great chemistry the two share. When Josh questions Jeffrey about his readiness for parenthood, I had to chuckle. Yes, Jeffrey and Reva are, well, older. But Bradley has a real-life son who is a toddler with a second baby on the way. I'm sure at any age parenthood has it's challenges. And throwing your ex-husband(s) in the picture might make it even more complicated. You have to admit, Reva usually has pretty good taste in husbands ; )

Reva's reaction to Springfield's reaction to her pregnancy was another highlight. At 41, my husband and I do not have children. Which can sometimes lead to questioning looks like the ones Reva received when she said she was pregnant. I must admit that I get as indignant as Reva when people look at me like I said I didn't like or want children - which is not the case, simply because I don't have children. And like Kim Zimmer's character, this Kim usually tells people about it when they put their foot in their mouth ; ) But then I get off my soap box again.

For all of the hoopla this week with Lizzie's kidnapping and Cassie and Cyrus, Olivia had some serious surgery scheduled. But once she got settled at Cedar's, they seem to have forgotten her. This week doesn't seem to show her recovery - so I know Olivia fans will be disappointed. Since Crystal Chappell was in contract negotiations it seems the writers were leery of writing for her. We will see more of her this fall, but not as much as her fans might want.

So with less Olivia, Cassie leaving Springfield soon - where does that leave us this fall? The fall spoilers are out, and November Sweeps are right around the corner (October 30 - November 26th) so the show should really be pulling out all of the stops to keep fans tuned in. Be sure to check out the spoiler page!!

Until next week...
Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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