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Henry is exposed
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Kim has always been an astute, strong woman who could see miles away when she was being duped; why wasn't she able to see that Henry was Geneva for all these weeks?

When I watched this week's shows, I was thinking where is the As the World Turns that I have loved all this time then it looks like they are giving Dr. Bob a story of his own. I know we all need to watch with caution as things move way too fast with the stories these days.

Geneva is Exposed as Henry
The Geneva Swift story is over and the one thing about this story that I did not want to happen - did. Kim did not know after all this time that Henry was indeed Geneva all this time; in my eyes, this is another example that the producers and writers do not "have an incredible respect for the show's rich history" as they stated in a recent press release. Kim Hughes has always been an astute and strong woman who could see miles away when she was being duped - who could not see that Henry was Geneva for all these weeks?

The other thing that happened here was Brad Snyder, former bad boy who was great at seeing through people as well and he was clueless as well. When Brad saw Henry get the hotel room and come out of the room as Geneva; he immediately jumps to the conclusion that Henry and Geneva are sleeping together and relays that information to Vienna. I just shook my head in disbelief at these developments.

I can actually breathe a sigh of relief that this farce is now over and we can sit back to see what Henry, Vienna, Brad and Katie get into next. Let's hope it's something more dramatic away from these comedic plots that fall totally flat and diminish who these characters really are.

Paul's Amnesia
Is this another one of his schemes? From his initial interactions with Meg and Emily, he can only see how attractive they are - a very sexual slant to his new personality.

So now, it looks like he and Emily are going to be thrown together again. Paul and Emily have had their moments when they were great together. The one thing about this show is that they can revisit at times things that work - I hope it can be new ground covered with these two characters giving them substance without the scheming.

I will hold off and watch to see where this goes for now. This could be a chance to reinvent Paul into the character we all liked once upon a time.

Dusty and Bonnie
Bonnie could be a savior for Dusty Donovan and like he said the other day is that he is not accustomed to having a woman save him. I can see the chemistry between them - she is not indecisive like Meg; she is a strong woman with a career and will not allow Dusty to get away with his vigilante antics.

Dusty pled guilty for a crime for a change. Will he spend any time in jail for a crime? I think not after new Paul gave his speech on his behalf.

Luke and Noah
Does anyone see that Noah will end up getting involved with his advisor? Let's look at the signs here: Mason and his rich partner are having problems similar to Luke and Noah. Luke decides to work for Damian, having little time for Noah then Noah will find common ground with Mason as they commiserate about their partners.

As Luke wants to rebel against the advice of everyone who thinks he should go back to school; he does the worse thing by getting involved with Damian. Damian has been trying to come off as a guy who says he is trying to change however I have to wonder if Damian has really changed.

Rosanna and Craig
With Carly off to rehab then Rosanna has to take her place in business dealings with Craig. Craig and Rosanna always have a spark with each other and it can be reignited while they work together.

Craig has a way with the women in his world and I believe that he does really have feelings for Carly; so I think he may want to try to remember that while she is away getting better. I want him to be true to Carly though I don't think he will as he and Rosanna work together more closely.

Dr. Bob - What's Wrong?
Out of the blue, Dr. Bob is saying things out of context and calling Kim by then name of his first wife, Lisa. Well, this happened all in one episode then no more about this for the rest of the week. I know this is just the beginning of what could be an Alzheimer's story. I want Dr. Bob or Kim or Lisa to have storyline but isn't Alzheimer's a possible death sentence for this character.

Let's see what some readers are saying about the show:

M. Davis said, "I am praying that this lose of memory thing is real this time and that he's not faking it. I'm up to you know where with the writers making Roger H. (Paul) look like a blundering idiot. We all knew he'd be caught... the only thing I can figure is that he planned to be caught, caused the explosion himself and knew about the chip and used it to his advantage (I mean if it's going to be Paul as usual) if not let's turn him into a nice guy for a while for "real". The previews made it look like Emily was going to be back in the picture?"

Erica said, "Thin ice is exactly the way I feel about this program. The Carly storyline is great, but the Meg and Paul saga is about all I can stand, the repetition is unbearable. Also I would add, the habit of 2-3 days of some characters and the not continuing with others drives me crazy. The new writer I am afraid will be a further disaster. As a matter of fact, Guiding light couldn't be more boring."

John said, "The episode with Carly going to rehab had to be the best acted episode of the year. These episodes are why this cast used to be the best ensemble on daytime."

Monique said, "Meg isn't exactly the smartest character on the show lately, male or female. I think she needs to take a sabbatical from men until she can figure out what she really wants."

Finally, how long will it be before Tom finds out that Riley is really Adam and what effect will it have on his marriage to Margo? It will give them more screen time and that is always good. I have to admit that the show did a good job of casting the roles of Riley and Hunter - if only they could not be forced fed to us so much.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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