Holden's captivity

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Holden's captivity
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Holden has had plenty of chances to escape, but he has never capitalized on any of them. Things look like they are only going to get worse for him, but at least he is no longer chained to a bed.

Holden Snyder needs to watch some reruns of "MacGyver" to learn some escape techniques, because his pathetic attempts this week landed him right back where he started, at the end of Eb's gun barrel.

I know that for the plot to work in other areas i.e. Damian and Lily getting closer, Jack and Meg discovering Damian's deception, Luke and Noah's growing distance, and Faith's anger that Holden's "death" storyline can't be wrapped up in a day. But, as a viewer, it's hard to watch Holden get bested time and time again by a beer-swilling redneck who looks puny next to Holden. I mean, Holden swings axes and does farm work on a daily basis. The man has biceps that would make even Jack Snyder envious, so it's a little tough to swallow the fact that Holden can't overpower that criminal mastermind Eb.

Holden has had plenty of chances to escape, but he never capitalizes on it. Things look like they are going to get worse for him this week, at the hands of his captor, but at least Holden is no longer chained to the bed. Perhaps I'm being too hard on Holden. Considering that old truck he still drives and the out-dated farm equipment he uses; maybe he never had a television at the Snyder farm to catch an episode of "MacGyver" to learn how to escape with just a piece of chewing gum. Good luck, Holden! I'm sending you the DVD collection for Christmas.

• --Who else was yelling at Jack to go after Eb, after Damian was shot? Jack is a cop. He should have been in "hot pursuit." Instead, he decided to pack up his crime-fighting gear and go back to Oakdale. Crazy.

• --Is Dusty Donovan still in Oakdale? We haven't seen him in weeks. After he and Bonnie got horizontal, he vanished. I know the storyline focus right now is on Holden, Damian, Paul, and Henry, so I'm OK with characters taking turns on the front burner. But it seems to me that Dusty hasn't had much to do in the past year, other than fight for custody, and now that the issue is resolved, what do you do with this character? Lily's dance card is already full.

• --Maybe Dusty is convalescing with Dr. Bob. We haven't seen Bob in weeks either. Note to ATWT writers: I know shuffling characters' storylines is difficult, but when a major player almost dies, it's a good idea to give us an update after three weeks. We miss Bob and Kim.

• --Call me crazy, but I'm enjoying Barbara and Henry's scenes. When he broke her "vaaaazzz" this week, I was howling. Don't get me started though on why Henry won't say, "No," to that conniving mother of his. I thought Henry was smarter than her, so I'm shocked he's going along with her ridiculous plots.

• --Speaking of Henry, why is he carrying a purse? (OK, sorry, a man bag.) I thought Henry left his female accessories in the closet with his Geneva costume.

• --Janet, tsk, tsk, tsk. Bringing in your mob-boss uncle to help pressure your daughter into giving birth to a baby she doesn't want to carry is strong-armed, even for you. Is anyone else betting that Liberty ends up birthing that baby, and that it goes to Paul and Emily?

• --I'm puzzled as to why Casey has so much animosity toward Adam. I know Adam tried to rape Gwen, but Adam is his brother. I would think he would have some feelings left for him.

• --Paul and Emily mourning their daughter this week was hard to watch, but well done. I was grabbing the Kleenex. Bravo!

• --Maddie returned this week. It was great to see her, but I'm a little stunned that she's blaming herself, in part, for Adam's downward spiral. I suppose it's plausible that Maddie projected her own rape into the Adam/Gwen situation, but Adam did attack Gwen later. That wasn't Maddie jumping to any conclusion. And yes, I'm sure being buried alive would make you angry and change you, but it still doesn't excuse Adam's behavior. This is a sticky situation. I think Adam was written into a corner, and now, they're trying to get him out of it. But, it's hard to forgive an attempted rapist.

• --Carly, hurry up with those 12 steps, girl! Your fiancée and sister are getting dangerously close to hitting the sheets. On second thought, maybe you'd better stay away a little longer. With family like that, maybe you're better off with strangers.

• --Meg has officially become the most annoying character in Oakdale. She's bitter, angry, and preachy. The fact that she's lecturing Lily about her "inappropriate behavior" and how she jumped into bed too quickly with Damian is ridiculous. Meg has jumped into bed with so many men in the past two years that I've lost count.

• --Speaking of inappropriate behavior, Damian's marriage proposal would qualify. Holden has only been "dead" for a week. Meg should be lecturing Damian, instead of Lily.

• --Mason has officially crossed the line to creepy. He is blatantly hitting on Noah, who is supposed to be his student, not his buddy or pal. File this one under "inappropriate behavior," too, Meg.

•----I'm not sure whether to smack or hug Jack. When he demanded that Lily let her children come live with him at the farm, so they wouldn't have to watch her hooking up with Damian, I was outraged at his overstepping. But, then again, he was looking out for Holden's kids and trying to help poor Faith, who is beyond devastated.

•----Finally, Damian showed his true colors. He is a liar, spinning tales that Holden was drunk driving with a woman. I wonder if Holden will regain his strength in time to give Damian the whopping he so richly deserves? Perhaps Holden shouldn't tangle with Damian. If Holden can't beat up Eb, he's got no shot against the guns that Damian sports.

•----The best thing about Damian this week was his naked chest in the hospital, after his gunshot wound. Yes, I'm shallow, but I'm ticked at him. Cut me some slack. I was ready to put a bullet in him myself for all his lies.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Eb tells Holden that he talked to Lily about the ransom.)
Holden: "Was she scared?"
Eb: "I don't know. How often do you get held for ransom?"
Eb: She seems to want to you back pretty bad. I can't imagine why.

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops Reader MDavis.)
Wow, after watching the show today, I realized how much I liked Casey with Maddie, and how much I don't like him with you know who. I'm disappointed that Bob had surgery, one scene, and then, poof, no more sightings. I thought maybe we were going to get something...anything? I love Emily and Paul together...loved the graveyard scene. I really want Carly back, and I love that Holden finally has something to do beside be Lily's sidekick.

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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