Henry tries to seduce Barbara

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Henry tries to seduce Barbara
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Why do the writers feel that the best way to use Henry is to put him in crazy situations that are supposed to be funny? Henry has been turned into a buffoon, thanks to his wacky mother.

The wackiness in Oakdale continues and I have to say that my hope for survival of this show is in serious jeopardy if this type of storytelling continues. There are major story holes in each story that if anyone bothered to research history then it could truly be a full hour of drama each day.

Liberty's Choice
Liberty has decided to allow Paul and Emily to adopt her baby. While Paul and Emily have questionable history as citizens of Oakdale - they helped with the baby switch of Jennifer Munson's baby. Has anyone said anything about this? Parker is Liberty's closest friend - why hasn't he said anything to her about Emily and Paul's role in his sister's turmoil when her baby was thought to be dead. I know Parker thinks very highly of Paul; the history of these two should be a point of discussion as everyone in town is aware of what happened. History never plays a part much in these stories anymore.

I need to be clear about something - I like Paul and Emily together as a couple though I think this story needs more of a punch dramatically to help make ATWT the show it used to be.

What is up with Janet and her heavy-handed mothering skills? Janet is pushing her daughter too hard to make her do what she wants her to do: first, she stopped her from having the abortion she wanted and now she is all involved with who Liberty has picked as parents for her baby. Janet finally comes up with the idea that the best thing for Liberty is for her and Jack to raise the baby. Jack said he was not ready to be a father again when they got married and now he is relenting in order to make his wife happy. Jack is such a wimp when it comes to his wife - I do not like that Jack is now standing up for himself as he always did when he was married to Carly.

Adam's Case is Dismissed
What did I say? Adam would not spend a day in jail for what he did. I continue to have a problem with how fast things move in this town. On Wednesday's show, Casey talks Maddie out of testifying then Adam agrees to leave town forever then Casey convinces Maddie to testify and Maddie testifies with Adam's case is dismissed - my head was spinning. I just wish they can stretch out story just a little bit moreover a couple of days at least.

The good thing about this story is the original Maddie returning to Oakdale and seeing that Maddie and Casey still have chemistry. As I watched Maddie and Casey together, I remember their love story and want to see them back together again. Casey and Alison are indeed a major snoozefest though I see that Alison and Adam seem to be more suited for each other.

I want Alexandra Chando to stick around and give her relationship with Casey another chance. Maddie has some drama in her own family to deal as well - if only there were other writers who could would take these threads and make these stories worth watching.

By the way, I don't believe that Adam is gone for good - I am sure he will be back by the end of next week. Alison needs to get another Hughes man in bed.

Henry's Antics Continue
Why does this show feel that the best way to use Henry Coleman is to put him in these crazy situations that are supposed to be funny? I find myself wishing for this show to make Henry less of a buffoon at the expense of his wacky mother. I was looking forward to Lynn Herring coming to the show but the character of Audrey makes me want to fast forward every time she is on the screen. This woman is such a psycho: wanting to drug or poison people all the time and it is always such a constant scheme.

She is sharing screen time with Barbara Ryan a lot and Barbara could use a friend in her age group however they way these two are being written together makes Barbara seem like a cartoon as well. I have to wonder what these actors are thinking when they get their scripts and see all of these implausible situations that are being out in when they have been in the hands of better writers in the past.

Why have Henry try to seduce Barbara? Why not bring a man to town like a Stuart Damon as an upstanding citizen and become involved with Barbara - that would be a story worth watching.

I am having a hard time watching "Alan Quartermaine" as a mobster - where are the stories for the veterans of Oakdale like Lisa, Susan, Bob and Kim? This influx of GH rejects is getting a bit overwhelming.

Damian's Agenda
Damian wants Lily back and he does not care who he hurts in the process. Meg is now working against him with Lucinda. Jack shows how inept he is as a detective one again. This guy can't solve a case to save his life.

Lily is being manipulated by Damian in her grief and Holden will appear at the most in opportune moment. I look forward to Holden coming home and reclaiming his life and exposing Damian as the scoundrel he is.

Luke and Noah
Who couldn't see through Mason a mile away? When he broke up with his partner, it was obvious that he would go after Noah. The predictability of the story makes it all the more laughable.

The writers of this show might want to take a look at One Life to Live to see how Luke and Noah need to be written in a more realistic manner. The story of Luke started with major potential and it has not lived up to expectations.

Finally, I know I keep saying the same things about the trouble that ATWT is in. I want this great show to return to its former glory before it is off the air like Guiding Light and I do not want this to happen. Why are the folks who should be doing something about the state of our shows allowing them to be casualties? Things need to change soon as the ratings for this show are dismal taking last place again this week. I want ATWT to survive and I am not bashing it just to write a column - I sincerely hope things change soon.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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