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Henry and Katie's relationship started to take a turn after Brad's death, when he started to help Katie with Jacob. They bonded, and the payoff has included some of the couple's sweetest scenes to date.

Let me start with this confession: Perhaps the impending cancellation of my beloved As the World Turns has sent me over the edge, but I'm certain that I'm seeing signs of a potential pairing of longtime pals Henry Coleman and Katie Peretti.

It's crazy talk, right? I know. I know. Gorgeous and exciting Simon Frasier, Katie's first love, is back in town and begging her for a reconciliation, so these small nuances I've been noticing between Katie and Henry must be meaningless, correct? Would the show actually pursue a Katie/Henry pairing after all these years? And if so, would I want them together? It's a question to ponder.

Henry and Katie's relationship started taking a turn when he began helping Katie with Jacob after Brad's death. They bonded. The payoff is some of the sweetest scenes for this couple to date. When Henry broke out in song to soothe Jacob at the studio, Katie's face showed her affection for Henry. She seemed to look at him a little differently. And even new girl in town, Clarissa, saw Henry's feelings for Katie this week, so it's not just me picking up on the signals. Henry has always loved Katie. I still believe that's the reason he couldn't marry Vienna. But, Katie never seemed to love Henry the same way. Maybe that is changing.

Sure, Henry is Katie's go-to guy in time of crisis. Whether he was dressing up as a woman to help her trap Simon, piloting a plane to a deserted island for her, or trying to rescue her from Malta or a mental hospital, Henry is never far behind when Katie is in a predicament. Katie, on the other hand, hasn't been so generous to him. (Leaving him on a deserted island, exploiting his feelings, and marrying him just to make Mike jealous come to mind.) Katie did step up recently though, trying to defuse Henry's involvement with a loan shark, costing her a husband in the process. So, perhaps Katie has grown and so have her feelings. The bottom line is that Henry and Katie have one of the longest and best friendships in daytime, and I'd hate to see a romance ruin it, if the story is poorly written.

I think Katie will always be Henry's true love. But could Henry have been Katie's true love this whole time, and she just never realized it? It's unlikely that Simon will settle down , and deep down Katie knows it. So it's entirely possible that Katie's friendship for Henry may grow into something more. Maybe her best friend will become her partner for life. I'm a diehard Katie and Simon fan, but Henry and Katie have oodles of chemistry, too. I'm excited to see this storyline develop, especially if/when Vienna returns and the fur starts flying (literally). What do you think, Scoopers, am I as crazy as Meg after a run-in with Damian, or are Henry and Katie headed for a romance?

• One kiss is all it took to suck me back into Jack and Carly's tangled web this week. Thanks Michael Park and Maura West for that explosive chemistry. Janet and Craig who? I know in the past, I've said that Jack and Carly couldn't work until Jack got over his perfection issues and accepted Carly as she is. Maybe that time is now.

• I'd like to request that Sage sing that gorgeous song from the Miss Snowflake pageant at Jack and Carly's next wedding, if/when it happens. "Never Surrender" indeed. What a voice!

• I had to chuckle this week when Henry told Clarissa that the way she was standing reminded him of his ex-girlfriend, Vienna. I was thinking the same thing every day Clarissa was onscreen. I'm not sure if it was the slight accent, the slicked back hair, the diamonds, or the fur, but the resemblance was uncanny. Clarissa and Vienna must have the same stylist.

• Molly and Holden are on fire. Wow, I had forgotten how much fun Holden can be. He's flirty, sexy, and downright edgy in scenes with Molly. He's so much better without Lily. Perhaps if Martha Byrne returned to the role, I'd want a reconciliation, but this version of Lily does not click with Holden. But Molly, well, someone call the fire department.

• Liberty's illness was quite a shocker this week. I see a potential bone marrow transplant from Jack in the future, to make up for his guilt for killing Brad. Hey, it's a soap opera, it could happen. Jack and Liberty's scenes this week were excellent, from her calling him out for not spending time with her mother to their heart-to-heart about Jack's role in her father's death. Bravo! Let's hope there are more heart-wrenching scenes to come from this storyline.

• I know I'm being picky, but why would Liberty take off her long sleeved shirt to tie off Parker's bleeding leg when she had a perfectly good sleeveless vest on as one of her layers. Parker's right; she'd never make it as a scout.

• I'm digging Dusty and Janet. Yes, I know she cheated on Jack, but he's been M.I.A. both physically and mentally, so she's not the only one to blame for this mess. I've always liked Janet, and Dusty has been wandering aimlessly in Oakdale for years. Maybe these two could find some happiness.

• Simon Frasier is saying and doing all the right things lately and that makes me nervous. He has an honest job, working for change at the diner, while he proclaims his undying love for Katie. He wants to settle down, he claims. He was so sweet this week when he put himself in Katie's chore chart. (All together now, awww!) And when he said, "I always just want to kiss you," well, even I got a little weak in the knees. I can't blame Katie for resisting, though. She's right; she always falls in love with him, and then he leaves. I fear it will end the same way this time. But, I'm enjoying every minute of these two I can get.

• That Mick Dante is one fascinating fellow. Wow. It's like he has studied James's facial expressions, body language, and vocal cadence in order to convince us he really is James Stenbeck. Even his "Hello, Barbara" rolls trippingly off the tongue when he enters a room. It's creepy and mesmerizing at the same time. Mick is manipulating the people of Oakdale, just like James always does. I'm still not sure why he's involved with Alison, but I guess we'll find out in time. Meanwhile, I love his scenes with Barbara. More please.

• I couldn't help but chuckle at the Katie/Henry/Simon scenes the past couple weeks. It's like watching Three's Company, but with male versions of Chrissy and Janet. (Yes, Henry is Chrissy.)

• Thank you, Susan, for voicing what we've all been saying. Emily was CRAZY to take those experimental injections. Susan unloaded on Paul, "the skeptic," and Alison for not talking her out of it.

• Ratings were up last week. I'm not surprised. As I said before, the show is fantastic lately. I'd like to thank the actors for still giving us 100 percent, despite the cancellation news.

Best Lines of the Week:
( Katie and Henry spot Simon talking to a beautiful woman at Al's Diner, and Katie suddenly decides that she must take Jacob home for his nap.)
Henry: "He's already sleeping."
Katie: "He needs to be in his crib."
Henry: "You're going to wake him up to put him to sleep?"

(Margo spots Jacob out for a walk with Henry and comments on how much Jacob is growing.)
Henry: "Pretty soon he's going to be riding bikes and chasing girls."
Margo: "Well, he is Brad's son; it might be the other way around."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader, Richie.)
I am so disgusted with CBS (for cancelling the show.) I am boycotting CBS except for the remaining soaps. At least ABC tries to save their lousy soaps, while CBS just cancels. I read somewhere Lifetime is studying the ATWT issue. All I can say is I hope for the best.

(From Two Scoops reader, Cristina.)
Like you, I was upset to hear that our beloved ATWT would be coming to an end. But with the way that they are writing the show, I hate to say it, but I'm not surprised. Minus Brad's good-bye episode, Christmas in Oakdale was a little lackluster wasn't it? No big Hughes family gathering, no big Snyder gathering, no Nancy with the Hughes family... It just felt so wrong to me. With it being the last Christmas episode they will have, I had hoped that they'd be able to bring everyone together one last time. And as a side, I'm going to miss reading your columns. You say what we're thinking. Thanks for the read.

(From Two Scoops reader, TS.)
On the demise of ATWT, bargaining will not help. I don't believe that the ATWT writers bothered to take notice of anything you wrote about because your criticism missed the mark and was too subtle. And never was there direct advice on how to better write a story or character. During the next seven to eight months, ATWT is not going to become a non "client-owned" soap, nor will the performance of the writing and directing miraculous improve. Axing ATWT is a business decision in regards to ending the "client-owned" soap. Every business has a right to protect its own interest. Protesting against a business that wants to survive is rational thought overwhelmed by emotional stupidity. Try to think of all the employees of the businesses that agreed to cancel ATWT. This soap has had several years to create stronger direction, sharper writing and better utilization of its veterans. The soap has failed on all accounts, and the audience should not expect the show's producers to carry the slack of ATWT's inability to make a good show. Former viewers, like myself, stopped watching over the last four to five years for good reason: the show ceased to measure up and entertain, and there is absolutely nothing to come back to. The mind boggles at the fact that viewers are banning quality products to express themselves. It's make-believe entertainment. Join the real world. In the past I have written to ATWT directors and writers, through CBS, with much accolade, direct criticism, and advice on stories and characters. I wanted the show to excel and climb in the ratings, but nothing happened and judgment day has arrived. Santa has packed up and headed back to the North Pole, and he has taken ATWT along for the arduous journey. ?

(From Two Scoops reader, Kathie.)
I still can't believe it's been cancelled either; but here are two things I'd like to see at the end. One would be to have John Dixon come back, just for one day, to do some scenes with Bob, Kim, Lisa, Margo, and, of course, Lucinda. The second thing would be to have Nancy say the last line, whatever it may be. It would only be fitting.

That's all for now, Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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