Carly and Jack get closer

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Carly and Jack get closer
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Last week, Jack finally had the guts to admit to Carly just how much he loves her, but then he proceeded to break her heart again. Her sobriety is in jeopardy, and it's great to see her at meetings, talking about her life and how she is struggling.

While I was watching the show this week, I was wondering was this Oakdale or Port Charles due to all the hospital drama: Noah, Emily, Liberty, and Meg. There was a time when there was this much hospital action, we had a regular staff of doctors like Dr. Bob, John Dixon, Susan Stewart, Ben Harris, Chris Hughes, and, in the old days: Dr. David Stewart, Dan Stewart, and Paul Stewart. I can't help reminiscing about the past as we near the end, even though what's happening now is pretty good too.

Carly and Jack
The thought of Carly and Jack together right now would be so perfect; however I am enjoying the ride of them getting there. There are many obstacles as we know it is going to happen at some point. Watching them remember the past and seeing those scenes of Carly saying she would always love him - it's true, that's a fact that we have know since they were together many years ago.

Of course, Jack now has a wife who is involved in her own flirtation with Dusty Donovan. The major fork in the road now is Liberty's illness. We all know that Jack will not leave Janet with her in crisis mode. Janet has her own issues with her feelings for Dusty building, and Dusty is in it pretty deep himself. Wow, the drama of it all keeps me watching to see what will happen next. This is the type of story that has been done so well in Oakdale that made it one of the best daytime dramas. So I ask myself, why didn't they do stories like this two years ago? Finally, they are writing the show how it should have been to save it, and now it only has few months left - it doesn't seem fair at all.

Jack finally has the guts to admit to Carly how much he loves her then he has to break her heart again. Her sobriety is in jeopardy. It is so great how we continue to see her at meetings talking about her life and how she is struggling. We also have Craig still in the mix as he continues to be a thorn in everyone's side. He wants Carly too and it gets to him that Carly and Jack or as he said "CarJack" may be getting back together.

Liberty's Leukemia
Liberty has had a lot of challenges in her time in Oakdale and now she is fighting for her life. No matter what happens to her - her first course of action seems to be sex. She always wants to have sex to ease her pain and forget her problems.

I hear the current actress playing the role is leaving and we have to get used to a new actress in the last few months of the show. Is this a good move for the show? I know there is hope that the show may be picked up. I think with the recast happening then why give the character a story like this. I don't want to see another actress jump in at this point of a major storyline.

Luke and Noah
Luke has become a mini-Damian Grimaldi. When in doubt on how to handle a situation, just blackmail the person to get him to do what you want. Hey, that is what Luke did to Dr. Reid Oliver. The funny part of this is that Luke really didn't have anything on the doctor and he came to Oakdale anyway. What's up with Dr. Oliver anyway? When is the last time we saw someone this arrogant in Oakdale? This guy is a real piece of work that has complained about everything since he stepped in Oakdale.

Noah wants the surgery no matter the consequences. Luke wants to help Noah. Noah has his own chip on his shoulder when he needs to be a bit more considerate of the fact the he has someone who wants to help him.

Mick and Alison
Mick started out to be an interesting character and now he is in the orbit of Alison Stewart. Of all characters, why is he drawn to her? That is the reason I do not believe he is James Stenbeck.

I do know that he will be the reason that Alison and Casey will not be having the perfect wedding they want. Isn't that the pattern of Alison Stewart and her many attempts at happiness?

Damian and Meg
Is he finally about to get what he deserves? He thinks he can do whatever to whomever whenever and get away with it. Just this week: he got his on to blackmail a doctor; he paid off an orderly to watch Meg; and he blackmailed Molly to keep her from telling Holden the truth about the DNA evidence. How much can one guy get away with? It does seem that Lily is slowing seeing him as a manipulator.

Memorable Moments in Oakdale
Some of the most memorable moments for me were during the Douglas Marland years; this show was on fire. Every character had a story and their lives had some purpose. One of the stories that just broke my heart was when Emma Snyder was seeing John Dixon. She decided that she couldn't be with him and she broke things off with him. She talked to one of her children and they told her she needed to have a life of her own and follow her heart. She rushed over to John's to tell him she wanted to be with him and was greeted with the information that he had just married Lucinda. She was crushed and we were, too, as well at the surprise of the moment - vintage Douglas Marland.

More stories from readers about how they found Oakdale:

Karen said, "I have watched ATWT since we got our first TV when I was around 14. My mother started watching it then. I remember the original Hughes people and when the children were just teenagers. Then Bob met Lisa who has been on every since. I hope that they find a new home as I will miss it very much if they don't. It is still one of the best stories to watch and the only one I watch. Carly also is one of the best characters along with Jack. I enjoy them so much."

Karen M said, "I've been watching As the World Turns since 1956. I was a young mother with a new baby. Penny Hughes married Jeff against Nancy's wishes and he was killed in a car wreck. The actor Mark Rydell went on to become a famous Director. My granddaughter is as big a fan as I am. She has watched with me since she was a baby. Now she has her own family. We will surely miss this show."

Kim said, "I am 51 and my mother watched it from the beginning and I remember playing in the living room while she ironed and watched ATWT. I remember when Lisa and Bob were married and Grandpa Hughes. I would come home for lunch in later years and watch it with her, and I watched it with her when she was dying in the hospital. ATWT going off the air feels like I'm losing my last connection with mom and that makes me so sad."

Finally, thanks so much for your emails about when you started watching ATWT; they are fantastic. Tell me about your favorite stories over the years, and I will include those as well in the column. I want to spend the time we have left giving thanks to all the good stories and characters of this great show, so keep your stories coming.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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