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Just when beloved couple Carly and Jack reunited after years apart, Janet Snyder fainted. Minutes later, it was confirmed: She was pregnant, just as Carly and Jack were kissing passionately across town. It doesn't take a Ph.D. in daytime drama to know where this storyline is going. The baby is likely to be Jack's offspring, which will be one more complication in the Jack and Carly saga. Not that we don't have more twists than a pretzel in this sordid tale already, but this could make things a little more bumpy, as Jack, of course, will struggle with doing the right thing, and Carly will struggle with not trying to kill Janet.

I'm hoping the baby turns out to be Dusty's child, but it doesn't look like that is on the agenda. It would be too neat and too easily wrapped up, I suppose, if the people in this quadrangle (Pentarangle with Craig?) actually committed to the partner they love. I'm not worried though. Sadly, the success rate of pregnancies in Oakdale is miniscule. Janet's got about as much chance of carrying that baby to term as Craig has of stealing Parker's money and not getting caught. I truly don't believe Jack will be forced to raise a child he doesn't want.

This Carly/Jack/Janet/Dusty storyline kept me glued to my TV this week. It was great entertainment that left me more confused than I care to admit. I'm mystified as to who the bad guy is here. Janet for cheating? Jack for leaving her in the first place? Dusty for pursuing a married woman? Carly for, well, being Carly? Sigh. I don't even know where to put the blame anymore. There are so many guilty parties, it's tough to the lay the blame at any one person's feet, and that is why this storyline is fascinating. That and the fact that all the characters are so likeable, (at least for me.) Sure, I wanted to smack Carly for blabbing to Janet that Jack had planned to leave her. I wanted to throttle Jack for letting Carly blab to his wife, when he should have been the one to come clean with her. I actually felt sorry for Jack, when Carly dropkicked him with news that Janet slept with Dusty. But should I, since Carly broke the news amidst a make-out session? See? Confusion!

I want Janet and Dusty to be happy. He loves her; she loves him. And we all know that Jack and Carly will never stop loving one another. So, I think this baby is just a bump in the road to these couples' happiness. The question is, how long will this baby drama continue, and will Carly and Jack reunite for good before the show ends its run? If I were a betting woman, I'd bet the baby drama won't last long, and that Jack and Carly will ride off into the sunset, with their north-pointing compass, when the show takes its final bow.


• Janet Snyder, your wedding ring is stunning, and from the looks of it, could give you a nice down payment on a house. At least you wouldn't have to live at the Snyder farm anymore. I'm sure Emma is dying to get her kitchen back.

• Barbara Ryan, I am your biggest fan. I was cheering this beauty on this week when she took on Katie and set her straight on her treatment of Henry. "Is he forbidden to speak of you?" Barbara snarked, when Katie seemed annoyed that Henry had talked about her to Barbara. Barbara said what I've been preaching for years. Katie has not always been the best of friends to Henry. And when Katie said that she'd never used him, I almost choked. Um, Henry was stranded on an island, dressed in drag, faked a pregnancy, and risked his life to help Katie more than once. Oh yeah, and then there was the time he married her to make Mike jealous. No, Katie never used him. (Cough. Cough.) The final straw was when Katie called Reid a better friend than Henry. Are you kidding me? I'm starting to think Katie doesn't deserve my Henry. At least Barbara appreciates him.

• I know many of you are clamoring for a Luke and Reid romance, but I'm not. Sorry, Scoopers. Reid is a world-renowned doctor with an ego larger than Lucinda's bank account. Luke is an overly emotional whiny kid who didn't finish college, and landed a cushy job at his father's company, due to nepotism. He's been so needy in his relationship with Noah that it ruined that coupling for me. He's no match for the prickly Dr. Oliver. What could Reid and Luke possibly have in common? Nothing, that I can see. If it turns out Reid is gay, then I hope he has more options than just Luke.

• Thank you, writers, for giving us a full week without Alison and Mick and all that drama. It was a must-see week for me, with Henry, Barbara, Craig, Carly, Jack, Janet, Dusty, Reid, Parker, Liberty, Molly, Holden, etc. on the front burner. More please!

• Faith Snyder got more than a new face this week. She's changed into a weed-smoking boarding school kid with attitude. I'm not blaming the girl. With all her family issues and drama, it's a miracle she hasn't ended up in jail yet. Pulling Faith into this Damian storyline is brilliant. It gets her home and smack in the middle of this mess with her obsessed stepfather. Bravo.

• Speaking of Damian, I think it's fair to say that he's gone completely off the rails. Damian has always walked a fine line between good and evil, and I think it's fair to see that he's crossed over to the dark side. And you thought Meg was crazy, Lily? You haven't seen anything yet.

• For this week's shallow comments, let me say that I hope Lily needs to keep a security guard on staff for a while. That guy is a hottie. Also, let me say that Carly in that red dress is "sexual napalm" as John Mayer might put it.

• Last week I told you all how much I love Dr. Reid Oliver. This week, he only grew on me more, as he urged Henry to tell Katie that he was in love with her. His scenes with Henry had me howling, as Reid worked on Henry's damaged digit. I never thought this guy would become "Hank's" biggest cheerleader, but it seems that's what is happening. I love it almost as much as I love how he calls Henry, "Hank."

• Dr. Bob had me chuckling this week, as he needled Dr. Oliver. I forgot that Dr. Bob has a wicked sense of humor. More please.

• Craig Montgomery is headed down a familiar path: Going after money that isn't his. Sigh. We've been there done that with this character. I had hoped he had evolved a little. Don't get me wrong. I want Craig to have a storyline, but I don't want him to be the town pariah. He's a villain I love to love and taking a defenseless kid's money, just so his mother can start a business, is making it hard to keep defending Craig.

• I know it's been a long time since we saw these two together, but what do you think about a Barbara-Craig romance? It seems Carly is going to end up with Jack, not Craig, and frankly, I think Barbara needs to find love again. The writing seems to be pointing to a Henry/Katie romance, so Barbara is going to be alone again. Short of James coming back a changed man, I don't see any other options for my gal Barbara. Do you?

Best Lines of the Week:

( Barbara and Henry are enjoying pillow talk after an afternoon romp.)
Barbara: "I think we just invented a new Olympic sport, and you just won the gold medal."
Henry: "You know Olympians use electrolytes. I get my stamina from chocolate and champagne."

(Carly tries to sell Craig on the idea of setting up their fashion house in Minneapolis, where Liberty, Jack, and Janet are.)
Craig: "Minnesota is the land of Paul Bunyan, not Ralph Lauren. "

(Henry rails against Dr. Oliver, who treated Henry's sprained middle finger, by putting it in a stiff splint.)
Henry: (holding up his hand to show his middle finger) "Look at this humiliating splint that he's made me wear. I've been slapped by three old ladies today who thought I was being rude."

Reader Spotlight:

Reid Oliver is the best new character to come to town in ages! I have to disagree that he has any sparks with Noah in the few scenes that they have shared. Can you say flat? Reid and Luke, however, are on fire and I hope something will develop between them. I think Noah needs to be on his own for awhile. Noah needs to stop taking Luke for granted and realize he could lose Luke to another man. That man would be Reid. Noah needs to open his eyes and fight for the man who would do anything for him.
- Sunny

I love Reid and I want him with Luke. It's clear to me that they are the ones with all the chemistry! Reid and Luke all the way!
- Genna

I am loving Molly and Holden. I think Holden and Lily have seen better days, and they need to move on. I think the downfall was that she could marry Damian so quickly. Doesn't she have a backbone? I agree about Dr. Reid -- "a breath of fresh air!"
- K Hamilton

Hey Jennifer, I totally agree that the "Alison Show" is tiresome and the entire Mick/James storyline insulted myself and, moreover, others like me. Thanks for being our voice!
- Rosanna H.

Another great column. I agree with your assessment of Dr. Reid. I am enjoying this multidimensional character. I wonder if the writers had started writing more characters as layered, if the show would be continuing? One last comment -- I love the Mick storyline only because of Tom's portrayal of Mick. He hits it out of the park. I wish the writers could have been brave and let Alison pick Mick. Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts.
- Rebecca Le Vine

That's all for now, Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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