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Last week, Lisa told Tom that she had been in Oakdale for fifty years, and that she was feeling restless. She has more spunk than many of the younger women in town, and it was great to recall how she has helped to make Oakdale a great place to visit.

Note: Jennifer Biller is off this week and will return next week.

I thoroughly enjoyed this week's shows as they were focused mainly on two of my favorite characters: Lisa and Lucinda. When we have these moments of nostalgia and the memories of the past with one of our veterans -- it shows how vital this character is and that there is still life in that character. So my question has always been -- why not write a story for this character? No sooner did I ask myself that than Lucinda is pushed into this story with Craig; I actually cheered when it was revealed that Lucinda was behind Gabriel's fingering Craig as his assailant.

50 Years in Oakdale for Lisa
When Lisa told Tom that she had been in Oakdale that long and that she was feeling restless in her life, I thought to myself that this lady has more spunk than Alison or Meg or Janet any day. I enjoyed watching the reenactments of her life by the younger set. I have to commend the show overall for puling this off and having us, the audience, feel the contribution that Eileen Fulton, as an actress, and Lisa, as a character, have contributed toward making Oakdale the place to visit all these years.

I thought about her marriages to her many husbands like Michael Shea, Grant Colman, Whit McColl, and Earl Mitchell. With each one of these men, she was front and center storywise. I remember Grant Colman and his ex-wife, Joyce, who caused so much trouble for Grant, and I remember that Lisa then went on to marry Donald Hughes.

I especially loved the scene with Lisa telling Nancy, played by Margo, that she married Bob and was pregnant with Bob's child. It was a wow moment as it hit me again that Helen Wagner as Nancy is gone.

The characters of Bob and Lisa have so much history that it is great to see the love and admiration they still have for one another. It was so funny when Bob shouted out that Lisa was involved with his brother too. Donald Hughes and Lisa had a hot relationship -- she had met her match with him. To watch Katie and Chris play that out was fun, as Katie is battling her grief while beginning to feel something for Chris.

This was one of the best shows I have seen in a while because it had many characters interwoven as Lisa reminisced about her colorful life in Oakdale -- bravo to all involved.

Lucinda, the Puppet Master
Lucinda got to stick it to Craig one more time with a more than willing accomplice, Gabriel. Craig, Margo, and Lily were all shocked by Gabriel's accusation of Craig as the one who left him for dead. I was surprised; it's been a while since I did not see what was coming.

Craig has actually been showing some vulnerability lately when he is talking about Gabriel and the relationship he wants to have with him. Yes, Gabriel is angry at Craig for the way he treated his mother. I am sure he will come 'round. I shudder to think of the fireworks when it is revealed that Lucinda was behind all of this.

I am glad to see Lucinda doing some of her manipulations again. She and Craig have had this major adversarial relationship for years, so it is a contest to see who can get the better of the other. I have to give this one to Lucinda -- Craig may not be able to get out of this so quickly.

Luke, Noah, and Reid
Luke is in such a state of indecision as he still loves Noah and likes Reid a lot. Noah is sort of wishy-washy with his constant changing of his mind about Luke. The only one of the three whose mind is made up is Reid -- he has put it out there that he is attracted to Luke and wants to see what will happen between them.

I guess that the draw of a good triangle is the twists and turns of the journey. I think Luke should give it a try with Reid; Noah pushed him away and he was starting to move on. Luke had better make up his mind soon, as I don't think Reid is going to stand by much longer and wait.

Carly and Jack
These two need to get it together; yes, they have been having the same arguments for years. Carly wanted to protect her son, and she knew Jack would be Jack. I know they will work this out; I do see that they are being brutally honest in their conversations. The bottom line is that they still want to be with each other.

Parker is growing up with traits of Hal Munson -- he wanted to tell the truth and let the chips fall. He knew he did wrong, and he is willing to suffer the consequences of his actions. He let his parents know that he had to this for himself and for them too. Good for him!

Here are some comments from readers, mostly about Nancy Hughes:

  • One of my favorite memories of Nancy Hughes was several years ago when they had a special birthday party for her. I believe it took place at Kim and Bob's and was a cookout (whatever happened to the Hughes cookouts?) Anyway, someone asked Nancy what she wanted as a present and she said all she wanted was her grandson, Tom, to sing for her. He sang "Nancy with the Smiling Face" and it was beautiful. I tear up just thinking about it because the scene was so true and pure. I would love to hear Scott Holmes sing that song one more time. -- Sue

  • Nancy Hughes...what is there to say except that she was the heart and soul of ATWT. I have been a fan of ATWT since AUG '60. The first time "I met" Nancy is when she was introduced to Bob's girlfriend, Lisa. WOW..they just don't write it like that anymore..2 great female roles that remained matter what. Nancy aka HW was the woman we all could identify with..a wife, a mother, a friend and always, always herself. -- Gladys

  • I too, was hoping that Nancy would have the last words in the show. It would still be possible with a little creativity, which seems to be in short supply with these writers, but just one humble suggestion for a way it could happen. If Nancy's death has been acknowledge, and how could they not? What about a final fade out to the first scene ever -- Nancy saying "Good morning, dear." -- Carol

  • I too will miss the character of Nancy Hughes and, very much, Helen Wagner. How sad that she died so close to the end of the show. I too was hoping she would get to say the final words. I remember those days in her kitchen with Chris and Grandpa. I actually got sick of her pouring coffee and interfering in everyone's lives. But as I grew older, I realized how good her advice was and that she was the glue that kept her family together. It was fun to see Ellen Dolan play her -- mannerisms and all -- in the episode this week. Great job!! As for Lisa's episode -- it was very fun to watch; and it's about time they showcase Eileen Fulton -- it's been far too long. I fear, however, that I'll be disappointed in the end that I won't get to see my old favorites as the show comes to a close. This would be an opportunity to bring back so many actors for the close. (Gee -- Scott DeFreitas is close by -- Please use him!!!) I hope the writers can do that to say goodbye. -- Kathie

  • What I remember most about Nancy Hughes was her working in her kitchen singing, 'Oh what a beautiful morning,' and talking to Grandpa Hughes (Santos Ortega) who was in his workshop in the basement. The show was worth watching then. -- Lyn

    Finally, if this show can continue to present shows of the caliber of this week, with veterans and younger cast intertwined in story, then I will be a happy man.

    That's all I have for now.
    Reggie Jackson

  • Reggie Jackson
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