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For Katie Snyder, love hurts. Things never seem to work out in the love department for this tenacious blonde, no matter how perfect or heroic her partner. Just when we thought Katie was settled down for her happily ever after, her husband, Brad, took a trip to the morgue. Fast forward five months later, and it seemed Katie had settled into a life of matchmaking for friends, to distract her from her grief. That was until Chris Hughes came back to town. Now, he seems to have caught Katie's eye, not to mention the back of her car bumper, when she got so flustered seeing him with Alison that she shifted to reverse instead of drive.

Katie and Chris shared a kiss recently as part of a skit for Lisa's tribute, but apparently, Katie wasn't acting. She was jealous of Chris and Ali, and Katie soon came to the realization that she was starting to have feelings for Chris. (Longtime viewers will remember that Chris and Katie were once close friends when she was attending Oakdale University.)

I suppose it makes sense as the show begins its wrap-up that Katie would once again let herself be open to love. It's the basis of this character, after all. I'm just not sure I'm buying Chris Hughes as the new Mr. Right. Sure, he's nice enough, but they don't have the sparks that Katie had with Brad, Simon, Henry, or any of her other former lovers. In fact, in my opinion, he seems a much better fit for Alison, who lost her virginity to him years ago. (Although, after Ali's colossal wedding failure with Casey Hughes, I'm not sure if the writers are eager to pair her with another Hughes man, despite the juicy Stewart-Hughes history.)

I want to see Katie find love again. But I'm not sure that Chris is the guy for her. Let's be honest here: Katie has always had a thing for dangerous bad boys who don't follow the rules. (Simon, Brad, Henry, etc.) Other than Chris Hughes' inability to be faithful to the women he's dating, he's pretty much been a straight arrow. I don't see him stealing jewels (Simon), acting impulsively (Brad), or gambling away thousands of dollars (Henry) anytime soon.

I honestly thought the writers were leaning toward a Katie and Henry pairing again to end out the show. There were plenty of hints to that, when she was jealous of his time with Barbara and when Reid called Henry out on his relationship with Katie. But lately, it seems there has been a shift in storyline direction, as Henry and Barbara moon over one another, and Katie is suddenly noticing Chris Hughes. So, now, I'm more confused than ever. The one thing we do know is that Katie Snyder is never single for long.

What do you think, Scoopers? Do you want Chris to become the next husband of Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff Snyder Snyder? Are you holding out for a Katie/Henry pairing, or are you hoping that Simon returns at the end and reclaims his wife? At the end of the day, I'm still leaning toward Henry or Simon. Henry has been the one constant in her life for years, and he would make a great father to Jacob. (For my thoughts on who Barbara should ride off into the sunset with, if it's not Henry, keep reading!)


• Barbara Ryan has been a lot of things, but desperate was never one of them. Sure, I was thrilled when she finally had something (someone) to do. But watching Henry and Vienna throw their "love" in her face this week sent me over the edge. I wanted to wrap that dance trophy around Henry and Vienna's necks. Barbara deserves better than she's getting from Henry, and the tough gal I know would have kicked his waffling butt to the curb long ago. It seems Henry is in love with Barbara, but he's not man enough to dump Vienna and own it. So, I say, adios. Barbara needs to have a strong man at her side, and I think Craig is the guy. Their scene a few weeks ago to make Henry jealous was priceless. Yes, Craig and Barbara have an ugly history, but they also have sparkling chemistry. And if there's one thing you can say about Craig, when he knows what he wants, he goes after it. I don't want to see beautiful Barbara sitting around mooning over Henry. She made a decision to move out and on this week, and I hope it sticks.

• There is one thing I hate more than anything in daytime and that is character assassination. For more than eight years, Henry Coleman has been one of my favorite characters in Oakdale. But in a few short months, he has turned into an adulterous liar. Henry has been a lot of things in all these years: a gambler, a drinker, a cross-dresser, a female impersonator, etc., but never was he an unfaithful lover or partner. And never was he cruel. But the way he is lying to Vienna and hurting Barbara is just mean. This isn't the Henry I know and love. I want him back, please.

• Oh happy day! If you haven't seen the latest casting news, then this is going to make your day. Beloved John Dixon is headed home. Presumably I guess he's still wandering around the halls of the hospital, since he never actually left, but we're finally going to get to see him! Woo HOO! Writers, I'm begging you here, don't screw this up. John is a longtime beloved character, so give him some scenes with Dusty, Lucinda, Barbara, Margo, and his family. It's the least he deserves, and us, too.

• I have to admit that I was more than a little irritated when Gabriel came to town, stealing precious screen time from my beloved vets and spinning a ridiculous storyline I thought I'd have no interest in. I stand corrected. I'm still not feeling the love for Gabriel, but I'm thrilled that this fire plot gave Craig, and Jon Lindstrom, some of the best work of his career. His bonding scenes with Margo, his anger toward Lucinda, and his pleas to a son he never knew had me riveted. Bravo, Mr. Lindstrom. I'm still not buying that Craig cheated on Sierra during that time, but I guess I'll have to take the leap. I know many of you are wanting Craig to finally pay for his crimes, but I'm sorry, I love the guy. He always does the wrong thing for love, but I don't want to see him go to jail. Here's a thought: give him probation and make him work for Barbara.

• So Meg is being drugged to look like a crazy person? I missed a day here due to local news, but I think that's the deal. Is Emily behind this? This is just a thought, but it doesn't take much to make Meg look crazy. I'm not sure drugs would even be required. What bugs me about this entire storyline is that poor Eliza doesn't seem to have any stable women in her life. Paul, let Eliza spend some time with her grandmothers, please! Emily lost my respect as a parent this week when she screamed at Meg in front of Eliza, calling Meg a "nut job." Who does that in front of a baby? Get therapy for these women, Paul, and for Eliza's sake, let Barbara or Emma move in. Eliza needs to have a strong sound female in that house.

• Speaking of kids who will probably end up in therapy, how about poor Johnny? Between Dusty and Craig's arrest histories and sudden departures in his life, losing his mother, and his sister abandoning him, it's no wonder the kid is angrily coloring his paper black. Grandpa John Dixon could be a stable influence on this kid, if someone could just find him in that darn hospital stairwell.

• I forgot how cunning and ruthless Lucinda can be. It's been awhile. When Craig finds out she's behind this mess with Gabriel, I hope she has a bodyguard. If not, Craig might actually finish wringing her neck this time.

• Couples update: I'm still enjoying Molly and Holden and am thrilled that Silas is hopefully history. (Why Molly would ever get involved with a guy like that is beyond me. I mean, has she looked in the mirror?) Jack and Carly seem to be back together, although once again, lying and the truth seem to be the major hurdles this couple can't seem to overcome. Maybe this time, they'll finally be on the same page. And I must say that I think Janet and Dusty are great together. He hasn't looked this happy in years.

• Kudos to Lily for covering for Craig and for trying to make amends for her part in the Gabriel lie. Lily sometimes can come across as a little too perfect, so I'm happy to see this character has some shades of gray. I hope she and Craig rekindle a friendship out of this. The guy could use someone in his corner in this town.

Best Lines of the Week:
There were some fun lines this week and plenty of name-calling, as Craig called Jack a "meathead" and Vienna called Barbara a "sweet old granny." Ouch!

(Meg flips out at Paul's house and starts screaming that she hears Eliza crying, when Eliza is fine.)
Paul: "What just happened?"
Barbara: "She had some kind of an episode. "
Emily: "That's one way to put it. She went loony on us."

(Henry comes knocking at Vienna's door, but she's making out with Casey and tries to keep Henry away.)
Vienna: "I can't come to the door right now. I'm not dressed."
Henry: "When has that ever stopped you?"

(Barbara tells Henry she's moving in with Paul, much to Henry's objection.)
Barbara: "He's my son and Eliza is my granddaughter."
Henry: "He's also Paul."

Have a fun and safe weekend, Scoopers, and on this Memorial Day, please take time to remember all who are and were important in your lives. That's all for now, Scoopers! See ya next time.

Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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