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I have been thinking more and more about the end of the show; considering what I am currently seeing on the air -- I have to wonder if this will be satisfying for the fans of the show.

My Idea for the Final Shows
The last weeks should be about wrapping up the stories for the other characters we have known and loved for years.

  • Carly and Jack should be remarried.
  • Dusty and Janet should reconcile, with Dusty revealed as the real father of Janet's baby.
  • Holden should be with Lily only if Martha Byrne is there to play the role and if not, Holden should marry Molly.
  • John Dixon should come back to become head of Memorial and reestablish things with Lucinda so she can have love in her life too. John Dixon would also be revealed as Reid's biological father.
  • Luke should choose Reid, and Noah should give them his blessing.
  • Barbara and Henry should decide to forge ahead with a relationship.
  • Casey should decide to go to law school away from Oakdale and should take Alison with him.
  • Katie and Chris should become a couple.
  • Tom should become District Attorney for Oakdale, and he and Margo would be the law of Oakdale.
  • Craig and Gabriel should decide to work on their relationship; Gabriel would leave town following Liberty as she goes away to design school.
  • Parker and Faith should become a couple - and we'd see JJ, Sage, Natalie, and Ethan.
  • Kim and Bob's retirement plan should continue as Kim always wanted it.
  • It should be revealed that all the time that Lisa has not been seen was because she has been romancing a new man and she is planning her next wedding.

    The last show should be all about Nancy and the Hughes family. It's the morning of Nancy's funeral in the Hughes kitchen, Kim is there having a family breakfast; we see many faces of the family: Penny, Donald, Bob, Frannie, Sabrina, Chris, Lisa, Tom, Margo, Casey, Barbara, and Andy. While they are eating breakfast, Ellen arrives to join the family. Throughout the show, they reminisce about Nancy and show lots of flashbacks -- many memorable moments from the past. The final scene is Bob, Penny, and Don talking about their parents, and the final words are from the first scene of Nancy reciting the line: Good morning, dear.

    I know that this is just my dream and similar to some thoughts I have gotten from some readers. I know this is totally impossible based on who in now in charge behind the scenes, budgetary concerns, and who is available to appear. I can wish for the best, can't I?

    This Week in Oakdale

    Henry realizes that he truly loves Barbara, then why did he not have the balls to tell that to Vienna in the first place? Since he has found out that Vienna lied to him and hurt him badly, he wants Barbara now. I liked how Will got in his face about how Henry has treated his mother.

    Lily can't handle the idea of Holden marrying Molly, so she decides to leave town. She asks Craig to join her. What is that about? Craig has always been like a brother to her. To see them kiss, even though it was for Carly's benefit, was a weird. I pray that Craig and Lily will not sleep together. However, it seems that Carly is a bit jealous of the fact that Lily could be involved with Craig.

    Gabriel is up to his same old games of trying to get money from Lucinda. Has this guy learned anything since he came to Oakdale? He has seen the type of guy his father is, so why does he continue to emulate the worst parts of Craig's personality? I could almost stand to watch him if he were not such a one-note song. Can he leave town and take Liberty with him?

    Has Parker learned anything from his past mistakes either? Why would he want to have sex with Faith after everything that happened between him and Liberty? I thought Parker had grown up some. I want to see him and Faith move closer together, however, this quick sexual relationship is not the answer.

    It was nice to see Sierra and Lucy come back. Sierra has a good effect on Craig just by showing up, and Lucy always makes Dusty seem more interesting. With Janet, Dusty is trying too hard and with Lucy, it flows well. It does look like Lucinda is pulling the strings by bringing Lucy back to change Dusty's focus away from Janet's old friend. Lucinda is at her best when she is involved in business.

    Let's see what some readers have to say:

  • I think I'll miss Two Scoops about ATWT as much as I'll miss ATWT (at its best) when it disappears. I agree, and since the last episode has already been taped, I'm writing in present tense when whatever has been done is done...still, where is veteran Susan in all of this? She hasn't been seen in many weeks and she deserves to be front and center as the show winds down...as, of course, do Lisa, Bob, Kim, Lucinda and the other long-term players. And, yes, the Janet and Liberty Show is a waste as is any newbies we've been inflicted upon in the last six months or longer. Gabriel...who cares? -- Steve

  • I think Iris and James are the ones that kidnapped Barbara. With Iris coming back, and I recently heard that Anthony Herrara was making an appearance, it's obvious. I really hope the rumor about Dusty and Janet ending the show are false. There are so many vets on that show--Bob, Kim, Susan, Lisa, etc., and so many established couples--Lily and Holden, Carly and Jack,etc., I can't imagine why TPTB would choose Dusty and Janet. They've really only ever been a couple for five minutes, and, although they are good together, I don't think the viewers would be happy with them as an ending. -- Barbara

  • I truly believe that there is a more sinister twist to Barbara's kidnapping. Could it be Iris, especially since Gwen is back in Oakdale? I can't see Emily jeopardizing her role of step-mother by harming Barbara in any way. -- Emily

  • Too much of Janet & Libby, and not enough of the original characters that made this show so popular for 50+ years. And bringing in new characters when the show is going off the air is ridiculous! Come on, give all us long-time viewers what we want to see in these last months! -- Donna

    Finally, in addition to the show ending so will this Two Scoops column. I have to say now that writing this column has been a joy because I have loved ATWT for years throughout the good and the bad; it has been a wonderful show. It is also about the readers who take the time to read and comment (yay or nay) about the column as this is just my opinion. I want to say before the end -- thanks so very much.

    That's all I have for now.
    Reggie Jackson

  • Reggie Jackson
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