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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 10, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday February 10, 1997
   By Sage Scrogham

Pilar is given more sleeping pills by her nurse/thug Diego has watching her. The man leaves and Mike sneaks in. He tells her to wake up because Lily needs them both to help her. He tells Pilar that the letter from Spain containing Diego's birth records got intercepted by Diego and they are running out of time. He says that she has to turn her brother into the police. Pilar says that the pills are making her unable to think clearly. Mike freaks, telling her that Diego is having her drugged and not to take anymore of those pills. Pilar fades off to sleep. Mike vows to get Diego. Later, Diego visits Pilar. He asks the nurse/thug how Pilar is doing. The man tells him that Pilar sleeps all the time and when she wakes up she's disoriented. Diego says that good and asks if he's left Pilar alone in the room. The man swears that he hasn't. Diego tells him that he better not because they don't need Mike Kasnoff coming in messing things up for them. Diego apologizes to a sleeping Pilar for having to do this to her. He tells her about the "lies" Emily has been spreading about him and his plans to complete the wedding with Lily so they can all leave. Diego leaves. Pilar opens her eyes. Later, the nurse/thug gives Pilar more sleeping pills. She takes them. When he steps out again, she spits them out.

Diego surprises Lily out at the Snyder farm. She tells him she still wants to wait until her mother returns before they get married. Diego tells her no and that it's Valentine's day or not ever. Lily tells Diego that marriage is built on compromise. He says that he will not compromise on this. He says that they'll marry by Valentine's day or not at all and leaves. Lily is feeling the pressure. Later, Mike stops by the farm to talk to Lily. He tells her that Diego is drugging Pilar to keep her quiet. Lily finally tells Mike what she's been doing. He holds her and tells her that she's brave, crazy, but brave. Lily tells him that she's scared but has to do it because time is running out. Lily tells Mike that she's been wearing a wire and that Margo is in on it. She'll get him to confess. Mike tells her to give it up and just let Pilar give him up. Lily tells him to tell that to Damian, the pilot, Emily... Mike wants to know what Emily has to do with it. Lily tells him that Diego raped Emily. Mike asks her how far she's willing to go for this because after she's Diego's wife, he'll expect her to act like a wife. She tells Mike she'll go as far as she has to. Lily tells Mike that since she came clean with him that he needs to tell her with Lucinda is now. Mike says he doesn't know. Lily calls Jane. Jane tells her that there hasn't been any cred card transactions in over 48 hours and no money has been withdrawn from her checking account in over a week. Lily and Mike come to the realization that Diego may have done something to Lucinda.

Lucinda and Holden argue over how to get out as they only have a day or so before the oxygen runs out. (Please!!). Holden starts bashing himself against the brick wall. Lucinda stops him and calms him down. Holden finds some weak and crumbling mortor that didn't set right. He takes off his belt buckle and starts scraping away at it. Lucinda takes off her "steel" high heel (LOL) and starts scraping too!!! Holden and Lucinda continue to work on the brick. Lucinda tells Holden she'll give him a lifetime supply of "Only the Best" caviar if he gets them out. They laugh. The mortor is beginning to crumble. Holden finally gets the brick out but gets upset again. The wall is double faced... meaning that there is another wall on the other side. Lucinda says there has got to be another way out.

Mark goes to the police station with the tape of Diego messing with Jones's car. He overhears Margo and Jessica talking about Diego raping Emily. Margo tells Jessica that Diego is virtually untouchable. Mark interrupts and asks if that's true. Margo asks how long he has been standing there and what he wants. Mark comments on the lack of progress on the case and says he doesn't need anything and leaves. Jessica wonders what's wrong with Mark? Margo comments something about him being a big man with a short fuse. Jessica doesn't think he's the only one with a short fuse. They talk about perspective and about getting Emily to press charges. Later, Margo and Jessica go to Emily's house and beat, ring and yell at the door until Emily finally answers it. They try to talk Emily into pressing charges on Diego. Emily says no. Margo and Jessica try to convince Emily that there is still enough evidence to hold Diego for a while.... the scratches on his face and the bruises on her body and doctor testimony about her mental state. Emily is scared to do it. Margo tells Emily that Diego could come and get her anyway. She tells Emily that she is punishing herself and not to do it anymore... punish Diego instead. They leave and Emily baracades the door.

Connor calls Emily's house. She leaves a message saying she is waiting in her office for her because they had a meeting and if she can't make it to give her a call. At home, Emily listens to Connor's message while cowering on the couch. Mark goes to Emily's office to talk to Connor. He tells her that Emily will not be coming into the office because she was raped. He tells Connor that Diego did it. She asks Mark if he saw the tape? Did it have anything on it? Mark says no... nothing he could use. Later, Diego bursts into Emily's offic yelling "I thought I told you to keep your mouth shut" and is certainly shocked when it's Connor that spins around to face him from the office chair. Connor grabs a letter opener off the desk and tells him to get out of the office. Diego tries to tell her that Emily is sick and manipulative but Connor rufuses to listen to anyting he has to say and tries to run past him to the door. Diego grabs her and tells her that she will listen to him. Connor tries to hold Diego off with the letter opener. Diego tries to reason with her. Connor goes for the phone as Mark bursts in. Mark tells Diego he knows what he's all about and that he doesn't have to play by the rules like the cops do. Mark informs Diego that he is watching him and has just become his worst nightmare. Diego says that he'll remember that and leaves. Mark makes sure that is ok. (Please note: There was a 10 minute interruption for an O.J. Simpson verdict announcement with plenty of speculation). Later, Mark meets a shady character in some back street alley. He buys a gun and some ammo. The guy tells him to "Be safe my man" and leaves. Mark comments to himself "It's not me you gotta worry about." (Hmmm........)

Tuesday February 11, 1997
   By Tim Tkacik

Margo looks at Lily's wedding invitation. Tom enters with plane tickets to Florida. She can't believe she forgot about the vacation they planned for last summer. She tells him that she can't go. He thinks she's kidding. Margo wants to be there for the wedding. Didn't tell Lily about rape charge? Emily has creditibility problem. Margo has to be there as friend. Tom wants to know if it's really about friendship, don't bring Diego into it. Tom suggests that she go talk Lily out of the wedding so they can go on vacation regardless if Margo is successful in getting Lily to call off the wedding. Margo says she still can't go... she's going to be matron of honor at the wedding. Tom is surprised, asks when this happened? At the engagement party. Tom reinforces going to Florida and just skipping the wedding. Tom feels that she will be giving Diego credibility by going and participating in the wedding. There is too much stress here... we need this vacation. She needs to be free and the only way to do that is to get him. Tom wants to know what it'll cost her. Later, they talk about what they will do on the trip. After all is said, Margo still thinks that she needs to be in Oakdale just a few days longer. Tom finally convinces her that she needs to put it behind her and go on vacation. Later, Tom comes downstairs with kid stuff. She thanks him for giving her the "prospectus". Tom returns upstairs to check on the kids. Margo picks up the plane tickets. An image of Deigo stands behind her. It says "Happy Landings". Margo drops the plane tickets and is visibly upset by the whole thing.

Lily knocks at Diego's apartment. There is no answer. She yells out that she has been thinking about what he said and that he's right. Mark is hiding in the shadows with the gun he bought drawn out. Diego finallly answers the door. He was in the shower. She agrees to get married with or without Lucinda. Lily is afraid of disappointing him on their wedding night. Is this about Emily, he wonders? No, Lily doesn't believe Emily. Lily is still worried about Lucinda. Diego is positive she will hear from her soon and thinks that Lucinda doesn't want her to worry. Lily is afraid that she's out there and could need help. Diego assures her that Lucinda is fine. They start to kiss but Lily stops, remembers that she left the dress at Lucinda's and has to go. Just one more night to go. Lily leaves. Mark is still hiding on the landing, gun in hand. After Lily leaves, he walks to the door and puts his hand on the knob as if to open it.

Emily steps outside to get the newspaper. While she's bent over, a hand touches her. She throws the paper down, screams and runs back inside while trying to shut the door, but the hand stops it from closing. She runs to the phone to call 911 but stops when she realizes it's Kirk. Emily smells that he's drunk. Kirk admits that he's been drinking a little. He wants to know why Diego is still a free man. Emily doesn't want to talk about it. He asks her if she's going to let Diego get away with everything? She flashes back to the night after Diego raped her. She pleads with him not to hurt her anymore. Diego tells her that that what happened at the office never happened and if she talks to anyone about what happened, Diego will return and kill her. She returns to the present when Kirk taps her on the shoulder. Emily wants to know what he wants. Kirk tells her that she has the ability to put Diego away, especially since it was Diego who cost Emily her job. Emily says that it wasn't Diego's fault, only her own doing. Kirk reminds her that Diego only throws people away like trash. Emily tells him to shut up. Kirk thinks that she is still just sleeping with Diego. All the innuendo he throws at Emily brings her to the brink of a breakdown. Emily screams for him to just go away. Kirk thinks that maybe Diego just dumped her. He wants to know what he gets out of this whole deal? Emily just sobs. Later, she turns it back around on him, telling him that if he hadn't started embezzling with Umberto, it would never had gotten as bad as it is now. Kirk tells her to shut up but she continues. She tells him that all he had to do was tell the truth. He had plenty of opportunities. If he had only told the truth, especially to Samantha, then everything would be fine. Kirk tells her to shut up again. Emily thinks it was a great con Diego put on. Emily tells him that somebody needs to have the guts to make Diego pay for what he's done. Kirk walks out. Emily stands there, happy to have won the battle.

Ryder is pulling parts out of his car and throwing them around, shouting "stupid, stupid." Nikki enters, asks him what's going on. He says the car/parts isn't what he wants anymore. She wants to know what's wrong. He doesn't think she'll understand. Nikki asks him to try, she might surprise him. Later, Nikki is examining the parts and doesn't see anything wrong with them. Ryder tells her to forget about the parts. He reminds her that tomorrow is Valentine's day and asks what she wants to do. It doesn't matter to her, as long as he doesn't shut her out. She returns to the subject of the car. Ryder admits the parts aren't what he thought they would be and doesn't want her to get involved. Nikki thinks it all comes back to Diego and that perhaps the parts are stolen. Nikki suggests that she ask Hal about what to do but Ryder doesn't want her to. He knows he has made some incredibly stupid mistakes but will handle it himself. Nikki leaves. Ryder gets upset.

Kim sleeps in her hospital room. John enters, asks how she's feeling. She's a little tired but John says it's normal after a operation. Kim can't believe that she's supposed to be up and around already, thinks it's too soon. John says that everything is fine. Kim doesn't undestand why she still feels so scared, begins to cry. She's afraid if she does anything too sudden the value will stop. John assures her that everything is just fine and that's why she's still in the hospital... to monitor for irregular heartbeat or clotting. She admits the noise the value makes is driving her nuts. John tells her that she'll get used to the clicking noise it makes. It's when it doesn't click anymore that she should be worried. That seems to cheer her up. John thinks she'll beat those post-op blues yet! John asks if she wants to hear what's going on lately. John tells her that Lily is getting married again... to Diego. Kim is surprised. John can't wait to hear Lucinda's opinion of it. John promises to give her all the details. Kim admits that she feels better now that she's talked to him. She didn't feel like she could talk to anyone, even Bob, about it. Lisa and Barbara enter, bearing gifts. Kim is happy to see them. Later, Barbara and Lisa dote over Kim with makeup and a new robe trying to make her feel at home. They ask if they can do anything else for her. Kim doesn't think so. Lisa reaches over to give Kim a hug but Kim acts like she is in pain. Lisa apologizes and asks if she hurt her in anyway. Kim says she is fine, begins to cry and asks if they can hear the valve clicking? Lisa and Barbara say that they cannot hear it. Kim is afraid that everyone can hear it. Lisa and Barbara leave. Once outside, they ask each other if they heard anything. They each reply no, but Barbara doesn't think that Kim believed them. Barbara hates to see Kim so self-conscious about it. Lisa replies that it's nice to hear your own heart beat... it reaffirms that you only have so long to life and should make the most of it. Back inside the room, Kim puts on a little lipstick but stops. She begins to cry again. (At this point, you can hear the valve clicking so you can have an idea of what she is supposedly hearing).

Diego goes to Cal's. He hears something nearby and calls out. (He's certainly paranoid). He rings the bell and Cal answers. Cal is glad to see him. Cal wanted to throw him a bachelor party but being in Texas so long on business, he didn't get a chance to do so. Diego says that it's ok. Diego asks Cal if he would be his best man. Cal looks in the other direction and Susan enters. Diego looks uneasy. Cal asks if anything is wrong. Susan says she has been trying to get a hold of Emily but can't. She knows something is wrong but doesn't know what it is. Diego comments that Emily must certainly be over him by now. Susan says that Emily has and wishes him every happiness. Diego invites her and Emily to the wedding. Susan offers her congratulations and thinks he has fine taste in picking best men. Cal says that he hasn't decided yet because he promised Lily he'd walk her down the isle. Diego realizes that he forgot to tell Cal that Lily said it didn't matter what he did, as long as he was part of the wedding. With that, Cal agrees to be his best man. Susan doesn't look happy about it. Cal offers him a drink but Diego has to go. After he's gone, Cal comments that he's sorry Emily didn't cash in on Diego but thinks Lily got herself a fine young man. Susan doesn't think that's what's bothering Emily. Cal thinks that Emily will tell Susan what's bothering her when she's ready. Outside, Diego notices Mark in the shadows. Mark has the gun out and ready behind him. They stare at each other a moment as Cal comes back out the door to stop Diego. Cal gives him a present, adding that Cal bought them when he drilled his first oil rig. Diego opens the box up to reveal cuff links. Cal adds that they made him a whole lot happier. Diego looks over to where Mark had been standing. Cal notices that Diego looks nervous and looks as if he's seen a ghost. Diego just chalks it up to wedding jitters.

At the farm, there is a knock at the door. Lily answers it only to be greeted by a delivery man. She signs for the package and gives him a tip. She opens the box to find a silver tea set. The note reads:

    Even if I can't bear to see you marry, remember, you always have my love. I'll be thinking of you. Mother.
Lily comments outloud to no one that she knows Lucinda didn't send this present.

Wednesday, February 12, 1997
   By Nicolas Stroman

Susan came home to a shaken Emily. Emily grew even more frightful when Susan told her that Diego asked Cal to be his best man. Emily started crying and told her mother that she was finished with relationships and sex. When Susan tried to reach out to Emily, Emily freaked and admitted that she was raped a couple of days ago by Diego. Susan became irate when she found out that he had been released from custody. As much as Susan tried to pressure Emily into geting the police, lawyers, and doctors involved more in her situation, Emily refused. She said no one would believe her. After much convincing, Emily agreed to accompany Susan to the hospital to see Dr. Samuels. When they were at the hospital and Susan left her alone in the examining room, Diego confronted her. He started to taunt her, but Emily stayed strong and told him that she was going to the police after she left the hospital. She told him that he would be spending his wedding night in jail. This made Diego angry and he told her that no one would believe her if the case ever went to trial. He said her reputation as the town slut would ruin her case against him. After ridiculing Emily and telling her that Lily was a real lady, he told her that he would find other methods of getting even with her. After he left, Emily fled also, leaving Susan wondering where her daughter was when she returned to the room.

When Pilar tried to get out of bed to gather her things and make a run for it, Diego came in and caught her. He showed her the dress he had bought her for their trip to the island, but told her she would not be coming to the wedding. Pilar grilled him about his plans for Lily and Luke and Diego grew angry at her doubts. She also yelled at him for all he had done to the people of Oakdale, especially Damian. She told him that Lily would hate him once she found out that he killed her husband. She called him a murderer and asked if he would kill again. Diego told her no, but explained to her that no one would stop him from marrying Lily because he had outsmarted all of them so far. When Diego left her room, he went to the nurse and told him to give Pilar stronger medication because she was too alert. After the coast was clear, Mike showed up begging Pilar to stop the wedding and turn her brother in to the police. In the middle of a heated argument about Diego, Mike blurted out that Diego had raped Emily and possibly kidnapped Lucinda. Mike pressured Pilar to confess all she knows to the cops, and after she realized the true extent of what Diego had done, she decided she would tell the police that he was Umberto. She agreed to do so only if Mike helped her so he said he would call Hal and bring him into her room for a statement. Later, the nurse came back to Pilar's room to give her the stronger medication, but this time in a hypodermic needle.

Holden and Lucinda awoke in the wine cellar and realized that this was the day of the wedding. This upset Lucinda greatly and while Holden was trying to think of a way out of the cellar, Lucinda took up all the oxygen by worrying about Lily. She was not convinced that Lily could stop Diego, considering that the FBI and everyone else had failed. While the two of them were talking, Lucinda noticed a rat. After the two dozed off, Lucinda noticed that the rat had disappeared. Her and Holden began to look for where it went and Holden thought that they might be able to get out where the rat did.

Emma confronted Lily about her wedding and whether she loved Diego and really wanted to marry him. Lily tried to convince her to not go to the church because of the bad storm approaching. Emma didn't buy Lily's act and told her that she had seen her when she was truly in love, when she was with Holden. Lily told her that there was no way that she could feel that way again. Emma demanded to know why Lily was still going to marry Diego if she didn't love him, but Lily avoided her questions. Mike stopped by and Lily showed him the mysterious wedding gift from her mother. Later she got a phone call from Alderman's saying that the tea service gift was purchased by a man with cash. This confirmed her suspicions that Diego had kidnapped Lucinda or worse. Mike tried to tell Lily to forget her plan and go to the police, but she said she wouldn't go until she had proof. She told Mike that she would stay with her original plan of getting him to confess at the wedding. Lily had a talk with Luke and told him that she would be stopping the man that killed his daddy. While Emma took Lily's wedding dress to the church, Lily got into a gun cabinet and took out a revolver.

Thursday February 13, 1997
   By Tim Tkacik

Margo goes out to talk to Lily about not being her Matron of Honor and try to call off the wedding with Diego. Tom thinks she's doing the right thing. Margo says that she'll be back before their flight. Tom tells her to be careful as it's raining outside. Later, Tom looks out the window, waiting for Margo to return. Casey comes downstairs asking when are they going to leave? He told all his friends that he was going to get a tan. Tom tells him they are just waiting for Margo to return but will call and find out what's keeping her. He calls Margo, but she can't talk. She tells him that she'll meet them at the airport.

Emma doesn't think it's right that Lily is not smiling on her wedding day. Lily asks Emma to find Margo so she can talk to her. Emma reluctantly does so. After she's gone, Lily takes out the gun she took from the cabinet and loads it with bullets. Emma returns unable to find Margo. Lily hopes that Margo will arrive in time. Emma asks what's she's doing? Lily comments that she's getting married but doesn't understand why Emma is asking. Emma thinks that the wedding is making her unhappy. Emma asks why Luke or Mike isn't here if this is such a big day for her. Lily says that Mike will be here. Emma wants her to tell her what's wrong. Lily says that everything is fine. Margo knocks at door. Lily asks to talk to Margo alone. Emma leaves. Margo says that she can't be Lily's Matron of Honor. Lily doesn't understand but tells Margo about Lucinda disappearance and the gift that was paid for by a man. They both wonder what have they have started? Lily is afraid that Lucinda's disappearance is all her fault. Margo wants her to call off the wedding and stop taking him on and will find a charge that will stick. Lily wants him to pay for Damian's death. Lily wants to know what to do when Luke starts asking about his father. What do I tell him? After a brief hesitation, Margo tells her to do it now... get the truth because Margo isn't participating in the wedding. Lily puts down her bag that contains the gun. As Lily walks out, Margo asks what Lily will do if he doesn't confess? Lily looks at her purse and says that she'll make him talk, she swears. Margo wants to know how? Lily plans on using everything she's got: her love for him that makes her sick. Margo points out that Diego knows what to do to get what he wants. Lily asks Margo what she want her to do? Margo wants Lily to promise her that she can walk out of that room at any time and not to say or do anything stupid. Margo says that she will be there to back her up and charge him with whatever they got if Lily can't get him to confess. Margo adds she has too much on her conscious. Lily says that she will play things Margo's way. Margo says she will come in if Lily can't exit. Lily comments that Diego has tortured her, Emily and who knows what he did with my mother... he's got to pay.

Cal asks Diego if he is nervous? Diego says that he's ok. Cal comments about Susan not being there and why Lucinda isn't there either. Diego thinks Lucinda is just making a statement. Cal asks if his will be moving into Lily's new house? Diego says they haven't made a decision yet but will do whatever Lily wants to make her happy. Cal is happy he came into her life because he was worried about her after Damian. Diego says that he will take care of her. As cal goes to check on things, Diego thanks him for his vote of confidence. Diego checks himself out in mirror. Mike enters. Diego doesn't want any trouble. Mike says the game is over and knows that he's Umberto Malzone. Diego says he doesn't know what he's talking about. Diego sucker punches Mike out cold with a smug look on his face. Diego locks the door and drags Mike behind a screen in the room. There's a knock at the door. It's Lily. Diego says that it's bad luck to see each other. Lily comments that they'll make their own luck and just needs to see him before the wedding. Diego finishes cleaning up and then opens the door. He can't believe how beautiful she looks and thinks he's so lucky. Lily says that she's the lucky one. She tells him she can't wait for tonight and starts to passionately kiss him. (Ewwww!) They say to each other how their lives have changed since they met. Diego wants to start the ceremony right away but Lily wants something from him before he leaves... she wants him to make good on his promise. Diego says that it isn't important right now. Lily points out that she opened up to him and wonders why he won't open up to her? She wants him to do it now but Diego keeps stalling. She doesn't want any secrets between them. She asks if he is lying to her again? She comments that maybe he never meant to keep the promise and that he doesn't love her. Diego claims that he does. Lily wonders why he doesn't you trust her? "If you love me just give me the one thing that I want." Diego turns to look at Mike on the floor. Outside the room, Margo paces in the hallway, hand on her gun. Diego is torn on what to do. As Margo paces, Mark comes up behind, scaring her. He wants to see Diego but Margo stops him. Connor shows up and takes him back to the church. Back inside, Lily only wants Diego to keep his promise. Diego swears that he will tell her truth. Margo starts having a PTS episode but Cal comes up and asks if she has seen Susan. Margo says that she has not. Cal asks why she is standing out here and shouldn't she be with Lily? Margo informs him that Lily is in with Diego. Cal wonders if they know they are breaking tradition. Margo comments that they certainly don't play by the "conventional" rules. Cal thinks they make a great couple. Margo agrees. As Cal goes back inside the church, he asks that if she sees Susan, move her his way. Margo agrees. After he leaves, Margo bangs on the door. Lily tells her to leave them alone. Lily wants to love him but Diego must make everything right first. He swears he will but after they take their vows. She tells him he must do it now.

Holden found out where the rat went through and shows Lucinda. It's a small shaft that leads outside. He thinks he can open it up so they can get out. Lucinda asks if it is big enough to get through? Holden thinks so. He calls out for help but Lucinda comments that everyone is probably at the wedding. Holden works diligently on opening the shaft so they can get out. Once he has done it, he comes back for Lucinda. He thinks it'll be tight squeeze and they climb out.

Mark finishes getting ready for the wedding at home. He takes out the gun he purchased on the street and puts it in his cumberbun. Connor enters and asks what's up? Mark says he's going to Lily's wedding. Connor asks why he's going to do that. Mark says he is going to protect Lily. Connor says that he isn't thinking clearly. She wants an explanation. Mark says that she doesn't have to worry about him. Connor is still scared and will go with him. Mark doesn't thinks it's a good idea. Connor wants to know why not? Mark points out that she isn't dressed for it. Connor admits that it's true, but she want to be with him. "If you don't want me there, just say so." Mark pulls her close and they kiss, passionately. (Wow! It was wet, too!!)

Bob checks on Kim. He catches her doing a little paperwork and has a fit. Bob takes away her work commenting that she doesn't need the stress right now. Kim wants to know what she is supposed to do now? "Wait for my friends to visit me to tell me how great I look?" Bob wants her to concentrate on getting better. She tells him that been doing everything she's been told. She tells him she needs something to forget about the clicking. Bob apologizes, but only wants her to get better faster. He tells her he needs her because she an intricial part of his life. She is what gives it meaning. Kim thinks that it's Bob that needs the care and points out about what he had for dinner last night and that he's not getting the rest he should. He claims he can't sleep without her. Bob thinks that Kim has a long road ahead and asks about the clicking sound? She'll get through it and knows that nothing is wrong with her now. Bob says he forgot why he originally came in for... but then hands her a box. It's to remind her how much he loves her. She opens it... and reveals a pin. It comes with a condition. She has to live another 50 years. "Only 50?" she quips? They joke about who's going to outlive who. He has missed her so much while she's been gone. They realize how fast time moves. He wants her to promise one more thing? What, she asks? Don't ever leave me... Kim tells him "Not a chance." They kiss and hug each other.

Hal goes to see Pilar. The nurse/thug is there. Hal asks why is she sedated? The nurse/thug didn't know about this. Hal asks what her doctor's name is. The man tells him. Hal steps out into the hallway and asks a nurse walking by to get her doctor there right away. The doctor checks her out and confirms that she's been sedated. The doctor asks the nurse/thug about it. The guy says he doesn't know. He took a break about an hour ago and perhaps someone came in and gave her something. The doctor says she didn't need any kind of medication. He checks her chart and reports that everything is normal. The doctor leaves to investigate. Hal asks Pilar about why she wanted to talk to him. All Pilar can mumble is "Umberto" and nothing else. The nurse/thug comments that he probably won't get her to say anything else. Hal tells the man that as soon as she regain consciousness that he is to call Hal at the station, no matter what time it is. Hal also tells the man that if anyone comes in to give her anything, even an aspirin, Hal will hold him responsible. Hal leaves. Pilar mumbles "Umberto" again.

Friday, February 14, 1997   --   Valentine's Day
   By Nicolas Stroman

Susan frantically called around trying to find Emily, whom she hadn't heard from since she disappeared from the hospital. She was shocked to see her come through the front door, soaking wet from the storm. Emily explained that she had walked home in the rain because it felt clean. When Susan tried to tell her to quit covering up her feelings about the rape and just press charges against Diego, Emily insisted that it was over. She didn't want to deal with it and wouldn't let Susan try to take care of her. Suddenly Susan (not the TV show) remembered that she was supposed to be at the wedding. She wanted to get there to tell Cal about what Diego had done to Emily and to try to stop him from being the best man. When she left the room, Emily had a nasty flashback about the rape. With murder in her eyes, Emily said to herself: "It isn't over. It won't be over as long as Diego is alive." (hmmmm....foreshadowing maybe?) When Susan came back downstairs after trying to unsuccessfully call the church, Emily was nowhere to be found. Susan called out her name, but turned around and the front door was wide open.

Lucinda and Holden continued their struggle to exit the wine cellar. But Lucinda started to get cold feet because of the small space that they had to go through. Lucinda demanded that Holden go ahead because she would just slow him down. She became more jittery as she thought about how tight and small the escape route was. Holden told her that he wouldn't go without her and that all she needed to do was think of Lily and how much she needed them. Plus Holden didn't want her to miss him killing Diego with his bare hands. Lucinda's response: "You'll have to wait in a long line." Lucinda took his hand and they made their way through. Holden could tell that they were near the end when he saw the mud coming in. He asked her where the church and how far. He reminded her of his plan to strangle Diego, but Lucy told him that there was no need for that : there was a gun in her library! (and the number of people packin' pistols goes up). Holden and Lucy finally saw the light of day as they looked through the vent at the end of the tunnel and let the rain fall on them.

(Hold on, it's a wild ride from here on out)...At the church, Diego told Lily that he would confess his whole life to her, but not until after the wedding. Lily accused him of making false promises and wondered if their marriage was going to be like that. Diego tried to convince her that anything could wait considering they had their whole lives together. Not satisfied by his answer, Lily screamed "Where's my mother?!" when he tried to walk out of the room. When Diego asked her why she would ask him such a thing, she covered herself by saying that she just wanted Lucinda at the wedding to see how happy they were together and to apologize to them for how she had treated their relationship. When Diego started moving around alot and avoiding questions, Lily asked him if he had talked to Lucinda and if he had a plan. He responded by telling Lily she would just have to wait because he had a surprise for her. He promised Lily that she would see her mother after the wedding. Margo and Cal were worried about the couple (for different reasons, of course) and knocked on the door to see if they were alright. Cal (acting totally clueless, hello?) took Diego out to the chapel while Margo and Lily talked about what Lily was going to do.

Lily told Margo that while Diego did not confess to anything, she knew she was close. Lily refused Margo's requests to arrest him then, saying that she wanted to go through with the ceremony. Lily was convinced at this point that Diego had done something with Lucinda, but Margo wondered if Lucy was even alive. Lily dismissed this theory, knowing how strong her mother was. Lily started to walk out and Margo told Lily that, no matter what, it would have to end tonight. With murder in her eyes (another one!), Lily assured Margo that it would all end that night. When Lily left, Margo had another frightening PTS episode about Diego. She awoke to Tom calling the church wondering what she was doing. He was at the airport and him and the kids were waiting on her. Margo told him that she was on her way. Later, Tom found pictures of the plane crash in ther suitcase.

The guests of the "wedding from hell" were just about as nervous as the bride. Jessica arrived with Ben and told him that she was scared to death for Lily and hoped she would call it off. Ben didn't understand how Diego could leave his sister alone in the hospital, but Jess assured him that was the least of his crimes. Emma told Cal that she hoped Lily would call it off as she didn't see why the wedding was taking place. Cal was still dumbfounded (dumb being the key word!). He was worried that Susan had not shown up yet. Mark tried to convince a fearful Connor that he was okay. He told her he wouldn't miss the wedding for the world. Kirk showed up drunk and uninvited. Connor tried to calm Kirk down and prevent him from making a fool of himself, but to no avail. Mark itched at his gun while Connor and Kirk talked about Diego. Pilar's nurse/bodyguard/limosuine driver pulled up outside the church. Pilar was laying in the backseat in a semi-conscious state. The nurse pulled out a hypodermic needle and told Pilar it was time for her medicine again. Pilar's eyes widened when she saw the needle. Mike started to wake up from the collision that he had with the candlestick, but he was too weak and fell down beside the door.

(Organ music...) Lily started to walk down the aisle, but Margo stopped her. She told her that, as her matron of honor, she would go first. Margo proceeded to walk down in her vest and blue jeans.(LOL) Lily arrived at the front with Diego. We see (and I don't know how anyone else didn't) that Lily has a gun under her bouquet. (LOL, also that Diego had no one sitting on his side of the church). The wedding proceeds with the usual niceties, but then they get to an important one. "If anyone see just cause why this couple should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace" Thunder claps, and Emily enters, soaking wet and walks down the aisle. Without taking her glance off Diego for one instant, she gets right in his face. She does and says nothing, but rather just takes a seat and watches the show. Diego orders the minister to make it quick. They exchange rings and rush through the vows. Susan shows up in the middle of it and Cal goes to her. He assures her that Emily is fine, but Susan tells him otherwise. She tells him about what Diego did to Emily. Lily and Diego are pronounced husband and wife. They kiss and embrace. When they do, Diego discovers the listening device that Lily is wearing.

(Last 10 minutes...) The limousine is shown outside the church with the needle in the nurse's shouler and the back door open. Pilar's escaped! Connor looks for Mark when the ceremony concludes, he's gone! Margo pulls her gun as she walks behind the newlyweds. When Lily and Diego go out of the church, Lily announces to him that they have fooled everyone. Diego reluctantly agrees, his eyes brimming with anger and betrayal. Lily then wants to know if Lucinda was in the car outside. Diego answers this by asking her if she really loves him because she never says the words. Lily nervously tells him that she does. When they kiss, Diego grabs her and asks her how far she was willing to go, such as pretending to make love to him, willing to go away with him, etc. "How far would you take the lies, Lily?" Diego rips the wire from her dress and accuses her of lying in front of God and him. Lily denies this and tries to tell him that the police put her up to it. He tells her that what she did was more evil than anything he did. He starts to go, but Lily won't let him. She demands that he tell her where her mother is. Diego announces to her that Lucinda is with Damian. "She's dead, I killed her." Lily starts to cry hysterically. "She's at rest, Lily. Something you will never be again." By this time, all the guests have started to gather outside (with some mysteriously missing, I assume). Lily lets out a blood-curdling scream. Diego turns around. Lily throws her bouquet and pulls her gun. The outside lights mysteriously go out one-by-one. Lily fires the gun and the guests scream out.

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