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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 8, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, June 8, 1998

Tom is telling Nancy, Bob and Kim that there will be no anniversary party when Margo walks in Tom takes Bob aside and apologizes for the mean things he said earlier. The rest of the family leaves leaving Tom and Margo to argue about Eddie. Tom wants to know when the drug test on Eddie will be done. Margo tells him it will be done tomorrow. Just as the argument starts to heat up Adam comes down the stairs with a anniversary present. Margo opens it and finds a album full of wedding pictures. Tom and Margo sit down and talk about the old times. Tom then turns the lights down and puts on music and the two dance to their song.

In his hospital room Eddie suddenly sits up and takes off the monitor cables. He is sleepwalking again and starts to wonder around the hospital. The nurse alerts Ben that Eddie is missing. Ben searches for Eddie and finally finds him. He gets Eddie to snap out of it. Ben takes Eddie back to his room and hooks him back up to the monitors. Ben later warns Bob that when Eddie is sleepwalking, he is capable of doing anything.

Holden enters Cal's room and finds David there. He orders David out and never to come back. He calls Emma and has her come sit with Cal. David finds Cal lawyer and manages to work out the deal about him buying all of Cal's shares in WOAK. Emma talks to Julia about Jack. Emma convinces Julia to stay at the farm for a couple more days.

When Lucinda finds James in her hot tub, he pulls her in and kisses her. He wants to make love with her but she doesn't' want to. James pours them both a glass of champagne which Lucinda pours all over James. Holden goes to see Lucinda and James has to quickly hide. Holden tells Lucinda that David was in Cal's and he thinks that David will go after Cal now that Lily is gone. Lucinda gets a call and is told that David has bought Cals's share in WOAK. Holden goes to David apartment and searches his stuff. He finds a picture of James and Lucinda kissing.

Tuesday, June 9

James refuses Lucinda's orders to leave her house. A towel-clad Molly catches Holden snooping in David's hotel room as he spots James' cigar stub in a nearby ashtray. When Holden returns to ask Lucinda about the photo of her kissing James that he found at David's hotel room, James hides again. Holden smells his cigar and quickly calls the police. David and Molly make love as he relishes a public announcement concerning his purchase of Cal's shares in WOAK. Brad brings Camille back to Oakdale and heads to the hospital to retrieve her medical records. He spots Ben but decides not to tell him about Camille. After hearing the numerous answering machine messages left by Ben, Camille confides in her mother who agrees not to tell Ben about the cancer. Lisa catches Emily calling Tom and tries to subtly warn her to forget about her son who she claims is happily married to Margo. Emily buys an expensive gift for Tom but when she tries to give it to him, she finds him with Margo celebrating their anniversary. She returns to the newspaper office, tries to convince Tom to get over to the Argus and then fantasizes about taking Margo's place.

Wednesday, June 10

At the station house, Holden and Jack confront Lucinda about James but she refuses to tell them the truth. Emily arrives and asks Lucinda about the photo but when she gets no answer either, she threatens to print it in the next edition of The Argus. When he returns to the farm, Emma tries to pair Julia and Jack again but Jack can't get his mind off Carly when he runs into her at the Java Cafe. David arrives at WOAK with Molly and boasts that he has taken over Cal's shares of stock. Kim refuses to have anything to do with her and walks off the set with Lisa. Their smug happiness is tempered when Holden rips into Molly during a live interview on "Patterns." Later, Lucinda orders Molly to break David's heart or she will tell all. James makes plans to return to Oakdale as a free man. Eddie is caught off-guard when Tom apologizes for doubting his sleepwalking problems. Eddie's doubly shocked when Margo suddenly hugs him after he lands a job. A scheming Emily convinces Tom to spend more time at the office. Ben continues to look for Camille and asks Andy if she might be modeling out of town. Andy comes up empty-handed.

Thursday, June 11, 1998

Carly and Jack are caught off guard when they run into each other at Java. When Carly asks Jack if he's come back to Oakdale to pack, Jack asks Carly if that's what she's hoping for. After a few tense moments, Jack and Carly make amends, declaring that what they had is over. Carly is secretly happy to learn that Julia did not come back with Jack to Oakdale and that he intends to ask for his job back at the police station.

While shopping at the mall, Emma and Julia stop by Fashions to look around. While Lisa and Emma are in the back, Barbara recognizes Julia. Julia begs Barbara not to tell anyone who she is a skeptical Barbara agrees. Later, at Java Emma invites Julia to stay at the farm awhile, but Julia believes she needs to move on. Emma advises her that running away is not always the answer. Sometimes all you have to do is stay in one place and whatever you are searching for just might find you.

Nikki is furious when she realizes that Hal blames her for the fight. When she questions Hal about what Carly told him, they are interrupted by Carly and Jack. Later, after Jack is reinstated, Hal is called away and Carly takes the opportunity to confront Nikki about her conversation with Hal. Nikki counters by accusing Carly of carrying Jack's baby not Hal's. After another heated argument, Nikki decides to press charges against Carly for assault.

Ben overhears Susan discussing Camille's medical records being sent to another hospital. Realizing that Camille is sick, Ben begs Susan to tell him what's wrong. When Susan refuses to help him, Ben asks Jack for help. However, growing impatient and against Jack's advice, Ben "unethically" searches the hospital records and is horrified to find out Camille has breast cancer.

Brad tries his best to lift Camille's spirits. As they sit by a lake, Brad encourages Camille to think first about surviving and then worry about the future later. As Brad leaves for a walk, he hears Camille dive into the water. Worried that she may be trying to harm herself, he jumps in after her. On the shore, Camille assures an embarrassed Brad she only wanted to go for a swim and that she is ready to face the surgery.

Friday, June 12, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meredith Thompson

Sarah Ruth goes to the hospital to see Susan and Ben tells her he knows that Camille has breast cancer. Camille asks Brad to leave the hospital where she's preparing to have surgery. As Tom and Emily work the phones, Emily remembers seeing Tom and Margo making love. Tom notices she looks rattled and she blames it on James. Tom reassures her-if James is after anybody, it's probably Lucinda. Eddie shows up for his first day of work as a busboy at Java. The waitress tells him about an "LFL" at one table-looking for love-who turns out to be Margo. Carly arrives at Java to retrieve her purse and sees Julia, who tells her she and Jack aren't together anymore. Jack takes Nikki into the interrogation room to discuss her intention to file assault charges against her stepmom. She tells him Carly hit her because she called her a slut. When Jack tells her not to start a war, Nikki accuses Jack of being in love with Carly, just like her father.

Emily and Tom discuss her making mistakes in relationships (namely James and son David). Tom tells her his own horror stories from before he met Margo. Tom compliments Emily on her accomplishments but she still mopes that she's destined to always be a loner. Eddie confronts Margo about showing up at Java to watch him and admits to her that he's scared of messing up. Julia admits to Carly that there was something starting between her and Jack, but then Jack ran. She explains about coming to Oakdale because she helped Cal on the train and then helping Emma on the farm. Carly doesn't tell her that Jack's back in town. Jack denies to Nikki that he's in love with Carly. Nikki wishes he'd take Carly off their hands. Jack refuses to take Nikki's assault complaint. Sara Ruth apologizes to Ben and tells him she honestly doesn't know where Camille is. Susan lies and tells the nurse that she gave Ben permission to look at Camille's files. Brad refuses to leave Camille alone-he knows she's scared, he tells her. But he finally leaves when Camille brushes him off.

Margo jokes with Eddie about the coffeehouse expecting him to be "poetic and sullen." He jokes back that that's how he got the job in the first place. Julia tells Carly about liking Oakdale and Carly tells her she'll be leaving Oakdale one day for someplace more exciting and glamorous. Jack tells Nikki she'll break Hal's heart if she files the charges. Hal walks in just as Jack urges her to give up. Reverend Dansby spies Camille while visiting someone in the hospital. She admits she's there for surgery. He wonders where Ben is. Ben is in the chapel at Memorial, praying and asking God to be there by her side since he can't. Susan comes upon him crying and tells him that Camille's surgeon called her from Peoria, where they'll be doing the operation in an hour. Ben hugs Susan after she gives him the address and then runs out.

Margo listens in as Eddie deals with an obnoxious latte-sipping customer. Julia tells Carly she's jealous of her for having everything. As Carly is leaving Julia asks her if she's seen Jack. Nikki tells her father she's there to file assault charges-against his wife. Carly lies and tells Julia she hasn't heard from jack. She urges Julia to move on and out of Oakdale. Margo and Eddie bond over the obnoxiousness of customers and she tells him she'll get him a punching bag. Tom's present to Emily arrives-a cappuccino maker for the office. She in turn gives him a gift-a briefcase. He kisses her on the cheek and she relives the moment. Hal wonders why Nikki didn't tell him about the slap earlier. Jack leaves them alone and warns Carly that Nikki's out for blood.

Reverend Dansby talks to Camille about letting Ben know. Carly walks in and tells Nikki she's overreacting. Nikki refuses to back down and tells Carly she's going to pay. Reverend Dansby goes to call Ben but the nurse tells Camille it's time for the surgery. She's upset that Ben won't get there in time, but just then Ben arrives and they embrace. After Nikki leaves, Hal tells Carly to tell him the whole truth about the fight. Jack has a hankering for cherry pie after his self-described "tabloid morning" and calls Emma, but Julia answers instead. He doesn't recognize her voice. Eddie thanks Margo before she leaves. The waitress tells Eddie that the "LFL" is definitely hot for him. Emily cleans up after he spills latte on himself inaugurating the cappuccino maker. She gives Tom a shirt to change into and leaves, but peeks through the door as he's changing to admire his chest.

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