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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 9, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, November 9, 1998

Emily has crashed Ben and Camille's party to tell Tom that she has heard from David again. Adam tells her that she has told them so she can leave. Emily looks at Margo and says that Tom told her to let him know if David makes contact with her again. Margo says that she doesn't believe Emily. She thinks that this is Emily's way to get attention from Tom. Emily tells Jack that she saved the message that came in her e-mail. They all decide to go to Emily's apartment to hear the message. Tom tells Margo to stay at the party and he will go with Jack. Margo tells him that she will accompany them to Em's apartment. When they get to the apartment, Emily says that it will take her a minute to boot up the computer. Margo stands at the door and has a flashback of when she heard Molly and Emily talking about Tom and Emily having sex. Then she remembers Tom telling her about him and Emily being together. She looks at the floor in the living room and realizes that is where Tom had sex with Emily. Tom sees that she is standing by herself and goes to her and tells her that she should go back to the party and he will meet her there later. She tells him that she will not leave him alone with Emily. Emily announces that the computer is ready. Everyone gathers around and sure enough they hear David making threats to Emily. BTW, Emily has spliced together a tape of past news clips that David has been on. Jack tells Guzman to run a trace on the e-mail to see if they can find out where it came from. Tom tells Emily that she should go to a hotel for the evening. She says that David is not going to run her out of her home. Tom says that he does not want her to stay alone and Emily says that she would love some company. Margo hears this and she leaves. After Margo runs out, Tom looks at Guzman and asks if the police can provide Miss Stewart with some protection. He says that they sure can. Emily is disappointed. Tom wants to know where Margo went and Guzman tells him that she left a little bit ago. Tom goes running after Margo and Emily is not happy.

Brad shows up at the party with a big box in hand. He has made a model of the house that he is building for Ben and Camille. She thinks it is beautiful and she kisses and hugs Ben. This does not sit well with Brad. Jack comes over and asks Brad why he came to the party when he had told him to stay away. Brad walks away and goes to the bar and orders a double vodka on the rocks. Camille comes up to him and Brad tells her that they need to talk. He tells her that Jack suspects that they have something going on between them. She gets upset and asks how he found out. Brad tells her that he doesn't know anything for sure. Camille sees Ben and goes over to him. Ben says that he doesn't like Brad hanging around her and he is going to say something to him. She asks Ben not to, it is her fault that Brad acts the way he does, because she was leaning on him after her surgery and not leaning on Ben. She says that was a mistake. She tells Ben that she is going to marry him and to leave Brad alone. He will get the message. Brad has had all he can take and he asks for everyone's attention, he has something to say. He starts off by saying that there are some people at the party that thinks he doesn't belong there, but he belongs there more than everyone knows. Camille is looking worried.

Carly is at the hospital and she is demanding an amniocentesis. She wants to know if the child she is carrying is David Stenbeck's baby. Molly comes in with a sweater that belongs to David. She and Carly are going to search it for a hair fiber of David's. Molly is going on how lucky Carly is to be carrying David's baby and Molly would give anything to have his baby. Carly tells her to shut up about David, she doesn't want to hear what a great guy he is. Molly continues to go on about David and Carly tells her to leave if she is going to continue talking about him.

James is waiting for John in is office at the hospital. When John walks in his office, he is surprised to see James sitting at his desk. He wants to know why James is there and he calls him Jimmy. James says that he wants to know for sure that the baby Carly is carrying is David's. He is going to use the baby to get David to come back home. After going around and around a bit, John finally tells James that the baby does not belong to David. He only told Hal that to get the heat off of Carly. James leaves, but not before giving John a threat about this better not be another lie. Molly comes in after James leaves and she tells John that she wants him to do the same thing to her as he did to her cousin. John asks her what she is talking about. She says that she wants to have David's baby. He tells her that he lied about David's sperm. She tells him that Carly is at the hospital right now to get a test to see if David is the father. John tells her that the test is too risky for Carly. He runs out to stop her. When he gets to the room Carly is waiting in, Molly right behind, he tells her that she can't have the test. She tells him not to tell her what to do. He says that the test is too risky for a person with her history. John asks Molly to leave them and she picks up David's sweater and leaves. After Molly leaves, John tells her that she doesn't need to have the test, because he is the father.

Eddie is talking with Katie and Katie sees that Adam is sitting alone. She goes over to him and asks if he would like to dance. He says sure. Georgia sees Eddie is alone and she moves in. She asks Eddie to dance with her. They are dancing and Katie and Adam are dancing. Eddie and Georgia dance over to Katie and Adam and Eddie asks Adam to trade partners. As Eddie and Katie are dancing, Eddie mentions that after the party, he and Georgia are going for some coffee and would she like to come along. She says that she would like that. Georgia comes over and ask Eddie if he is ready to go and he says in a little bit. Eddie goes to get them something to drink. Georgia tells Katie that she and Eddie are trying to keep their relationship quiet since Eddie has been in the papers so much lately. Katie asks about their relationship and Georgia says that they are living together.

Tuesday, November 10, 1998

Lucinda is talking on the phone to Lily. She is hounding Lily for information about David. Holden takes the phone and tells her to stop getting Lily upset. He hangs up the phone and tells Lily that he is going to put a stop to this once and for all. Lucinda has just hung up the phone and James comes around the corner. He tells Lucinda that he has some shocking news about David. She says to him you know about David? She is thinking that he has found out that David is dead. When she realizes what he is talking about she covers up what she had said. James tells her about John Dixon using David's sperm to inseminate Carly. Lucinda says that is highly unlikely. James tells her that he heard John tell Hal Munson. She still doesn't believe it. The doorbell rings and she tells him to hide. Holden comes running in and is yelling at Lucinda for getting Lily upset about David. She winces because she is afraid that James can hear him. Julia calls Holden on his cell phone. She is in the parking garage and has found a shovel in the trunk and is very upset. She thinks someone knows about what they did to David. Lucinda tells Holden to go to her and get her settled down. Holden tells Julia he is on his way. Before he leaves, he gives Lucinda one last warning to stop upsetting Lily. After he is gone, James comes out of his hiding place and tells Lucinda that he thinks Holden and Lily know more than they are letting on. He says that he is going to see what he can find out. Lucinda tells him not to leave or he will ruin the surprise. He wants to know what she is talking about. She says the surprise that she has arranged, they are going to be married tonight.

Holden meets Julia in the garage. She takes him to the car and tells him that the shovel is in the trunk. When they open the trunk, no shovel. She starts to get upset. She just saw the shovel no more than a half hour ago. Holden tells her that she needs to go see somebody. She says that she can't do that because she will have to talk about David. She will have to say that he is dead and where he is buried. Holden tells her that will be OK because doctors have doctor/client confidentiality and they won't be able to say anything. She decides that it might be for the best. As they are talking, someone, (who looks a lot like David) is listening to them.

Brad is trying to make a toast to Ben and Camille. It comes out to be more of a toast to Camille. Camille walks up to Brad and he can tell by the look on her face that she is afraid of what he is going to say. He tells her that he would never embarrass her. He finishes his toast and Jack grabs him by the arm and takes him to the side. Jack tells him that he has had too much to drink and it is time for him to leave. Brad starts to make a scene and Molly comes over and tells him that she is ready to go home and she wants him (Brad) to take her. She gets him to leave. On the way home, Molly has him stop for some coffee. Brad doesn't want any coffee. While they are waiting on Molly's coffee, she tells him that he has to get Camille out of his mind. He gets an idea and grabs Molly hand and takes her out the door. The whole time she is asking where they are going and what are they going to do. The next scene, they are at the site where Ben and Camille's house is going to be built. He says that they are going to have a ground breaking ceremony. She tells him that it is really creepy there and she doesn't know why anyone would want to build a house there. He takes the shovel and gets some dirt and throws it to one side. Molly says great, can we go now. Brad continues to dig. Molly continues to complain. Finally, Brad hits something. She wants to know if it is a rock. He says no, it is something strange. They both bend down and look into the whole and then up at each other wide eyed.

John is trying to explain to Carly why he used his sperm to inseminate her. She does not believe anything that he is telling her. He says that she was ovulating and they were running out of time. When he couldn't get into the freezer because it was locked, he made his own donation. She asks him how could he do this. He says that she came to him with a request. She says that she requested an anonymous donor. He reminds her that they were running out of time. Carly gets an idea, she looks at John and says this could still be Hal's baby. John says to her, Artificial Insemination is a lot more scientific that the old fashioned way. Carly wants to know what he intends on doing about it. He says, doing about it? Carly says are you going to go public with it and get James Stenbeck off my back?

Wednesday, November 11, 1998

Carly asks John whether he would go public about his potential fatherhood, and he hesitates to give her a yes or no answer, then declares that yes, he would take full responsibility. Lucinda urges James to comply with her plan to run off and get married. James thinks it's a ploy to keep him from finding David, and tells her so. Holden arrives home with Julia in town, who apologizes to Lily about having seen David again "from the grave." Jack wanders in from the living room and wonders what she meant by that. Brad tells Molly there's something buried in the ground.

Julia covers, telling Jack that she was referring to when everybody thought that David had gone down with the Valetta. Holden is angry at himself for making Julia suffer because of his actions. Molly uncovers a face. Carly worries about David returning to take "his" child, and John allows her to stay in his office and rest. Carly dreams she walks into the nursery and sees three bassinets, labeled Baby Munson, Dixon, and Stenbeck, respectively. Even the nurse can't tell her which one is her baby.

Lucinda does her best to convince James that the sightings of David are all false. Marry me tonight, she proposes. James agrees, but once alone, he's determined to find his son. Holden half-wonders if they aren't being haunted by David's evil spirit. Lily reminds him that he doesn't have to be the strong, silent type all the time. Molly and Brad uncover a baby doll.

At Mona Lisa's, Julia is desperate to make up to Jack for the ruined night, promising that she'll go to the psychiatrist Ben recommended and all will be fine. You're lying to me, Jack announces. John tries to apologize to Lisa, and confides that he has more truths to tell her--he knows who Carly's sperm donor is. Back in Carly's dream, Hal holds Baby Munson, reciting to his son chapter and verse about all the laws Carly has broken. Hal then has police in riot gear take her away.

Molly decides to keep the doll, intending to give it to Carly's baby. Brad and Molly then discover the suitcase full of cash. Molly convinces him to keep the money for themselves--the bad times are over, she promises. James takes Baby Stenbeck as a bound Carly watches helplessly.

Lucinda takes off when she discovers James left without her. Meanwhile, Holden opens the door to James, who demands to be taken to David. Jack reads Julia the riot act for not confiding in him and trusting him, but soon after apologizes, explaining that he had a confrontation with Brad earlier at the engagement party. Julia assures him that if she's hiding anything, it's to protect him. Jack is stopped from asking her what she meant by that by the arrival of Brad and Molly. Lisa comforts John when he tells her of his fatherhood.

Carly goes to feed Baby Dixon and when she rubs the baby bottle as instructed, a genie (John) appears. Contrite, he apologizes for his meddling and promises to help her raise the child. Carly wakes up with a smile on her lips. James tells Holden he overheard the phone call between him and Julia, when they were discussing how they knew that the David sightings couldn't be true. He threatens to beat the truth out of Holden and/or Julia. Lucinda arrives on the heels of the shoving match and Lily pulls her mother aside, demanding to know how Lucinda knew where James would show up.

Lisa concludes that John went to such great lengths to help Carly in order to get over losing his own son. John realizes that she may be right--she knows him better than he knows himself.

A moneybag-toting Brad orders a bottle of the finest champagne and wants one sent over to Jack's table as well. Jack tells his brother to get lost, but Brad won't oblige--he's just getting started. As Holden and Lily look on, Lucinda tells James that if he loves her like he says he does, he'll leave with her. James agrees reluctantly.

Julia freaks out when she sees the doll Molly is holding. Jack asks her what's wrong. Lily calls Lucinda and asks her what's going on with James. Lucinda refuses to say if James is at the house with her. Feigning a series of yawns, she promises her daughter that she'll call her tomorrow and talk about it. Lily knows something is up, and Lily and Holden prepare to go over and confront Lucinda about it. Alone, James reveals that he's only in it for the money and to find David. He'll get the truth out of his bride, James vows.

John is surprised when he returns and Carly refers to the child as "our baby." She suggests he fake a paternity test result. She'll divorce Hal and then she and John can be living together as husband and wife when the baby arrives.

Thursday, November 12, 1998

Lucinda and James argue over their respective prenuptial agreements, but end up ripping them both up. Lily and Holden arrive at Lucinda's and are shocked to find the remnants of the agreements. Lucinda and James are about to be married by a Justice of the Peace when they are interrupted by Lily and Holden. Lily is adamant that Lucinda not marry James and, Lucinda unable to convince Lily that she truly loves him, finally confesses to her daughter that she is marrying James because she knows the truth about David and wants to protect Lily, Holden and the children.

Carly wants John to marry her. She tries to play on his sympathies by opining that their child needs and mother and a father, but John's not buying it. He knows Carly would marry the devil himself to get the fifty million. However, convinced that she may have made some headway with persuading John to marry her, Carly rushes to find Hal and agrees to a divorce. Meanwhile, Lisa stops by John's office to console him. John is astonished and amazed that Lisa would stick by him after all he has done and asks her to marry him.

Julia tells Jack that the doll Molly has is just like the one David had the last time she saw him. Molly realizes that the money she and Brad found was David's ransom money. Hot to spend it, Molly is faced with Brad's proposal that they turn the money over to the police. They are interrupted by Ben who has come to warn Brad to stay away from Camille. Ben bullies Brad, telling him he is a no good loser just like his brother Jack has said all along. Angered by Oakdale's perception of him as trash, Brad changes his mind about spending the money and whisks an ecstatic Molly off on a spending spree.

Friday, November 13, 1998

Brad and Molly plot how best to spend their newfound wealth. Molly wants to use the money to get revenge on Lucinda. La Walsh, meanwhile, must contend with her daughter trying to stop her marriage. Lily promises James a big wedding back in Oakdale if he will postpone this one. When Carly tells Hal she's now agreeable to a quickie divorce, Hal isn't buying it--he isn't going to be snookered by her again. He refuses to produce the necessary papers until she reveals what she's really up to.

Lisa thinks that John is playing a joke when he proposes--and it's not funny. John explains that he wants to marry her partly because she knows him at his worst. But the best reason of them all is that he loves her, and he always will.

Brad isn't keen on the idea of taking over Worldwide or one of its subsidiaries. He refuses to backstab a "friend." Molly comments that if Memorial Hospital were available for the taking, Brad would relish the opportunity to upend Ben. Lisa can't help but remind John that there was a time in the not-too-distant past when he broke her heart by publicly humiliating her at their "engagement" party. It took her a long time to get over that, Lisa remembers. She drives her point home further by asking him: if he had one more chance with Barbara, would he still be proposing to Lisa?

Carly provokes Hal's concern when she mentions her "fear" of James taking her baby since she now knows David could be its father. In her head though, Carly remembers telling John how if she were to get a quickie divorce and marry John, she could still have it all. She signs the power of attorney Hal finally gives her. She's on her way out when Hal stops her, asking her to remember that what's most important is to put the welfare of the baby first, regardless of who the father turns out to be. She swears to him that she did love him, she just didn't know how to really love him the way he needed to be loved.

James tells Lily that he sees through her ploy. Lily admits that she despises him.

Revenge is empty, Brad lectures Molly. She stalks off, telling him she has her own plans for the money. As one woman leaves the courtyard, another enters--Camille. Brad apologizes to her for his behavior at the engagement party and divulges that Ben has already been by to warn him to stay away from her. Brad wonders aloud why, knowing Ben's feelings on the subject, she still came by to see him.

Lily challenges James: if you love Lucinda as you say you do, you'll postpone the wedding. A reconciliation with Barbara won't happen, John insists to Lisa--it's too late. He admits that he didn't want to let her go partly because she was a link to Johnny, but he knows now that his memories of Johnny and his feelings for him are his alone and will remain in his heart. He gets down on both knees in front of Lisa. Carly walks in and tells him it'd better be because he has a bad knee. We had a deal, Carly spits. Lisa wants to be clued in as to what's going on.

John takes Carly out in the hallway, where she informs him she just gave Hal the means to get a quick divorce because John made a commitment to her child. Lisa listens in as John tells Carly that his commitment to his child doesn't involve ever marrying Carly. Upon hearing that Carly signed the divorce papers, Barbara suggests to Hal that she go down to the Caribbean with him and get 2 for the price of 1--her split with John is irreparable, she insists. She could never forgive him knowing that he helped inseminate Carly.

James agrees to the postponement and suggests that perhaps David will be at the wedding. Lily clues in Holden that the reason Lucinda is marrying James is because she knows about Holden's killing David. You're condemning her to die if you allow her to marry David, Holden warns his wife.

Camille gives Brad the good news--her white cell count is up and she's going to resume chemotherapy. She insists that their night together wasn't a mistake--he gave her the gift of life. Brad intuits her intentions and stops her praise mid-sentence--don't tell me goodbye, he begs. He challenges Camille to say what their "friendship" really is. He's not going to make it easy for her--he wants it to the most difficult thing in the world. She confirms that she's still marrying Ben on New Year's Eve--she's jumping into life like Brad taught her.

Hal is amenable to Barbara's suggestion--"I love go with me," he says. No one would even have to know the reason they were going down there. John is emphatic to Carly--he will never marry her. He returns to Lisa and promises to allow her time to think about it, but she doesn't need it--she's ready to answer. Brad refuses to say goodbye, so it's Camille, crying, who walks away.

Molly returns in a much better mood and sporting a fur coat--it's fake, she assures Brad. She displays what she's wearing underneath--a bikini--and throws him a matching thong. She suggests they go to the islands for some relaxation and to launder the $2 million. To her surprise, he agrees, and goes off to pack.

Lucinda wants them to be married in June, but James isn't going to wait longer than the end of the month. Lily decides that the only thing that will stop James from marrying is his son.

Lisa tells John the answer is "no"--she's not going to be used by him again. Carly provided a dose of reality. He proposed to bolster his case when he sues for custody, Lisa accuses. John admits the possibility of suing for custody has crossed his mind, but that's not why he's proposing to her. She walks out anyway. Cheer up, Carly advises John--he's still got her.

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