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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 23, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, November 23, 1998

Well, it looks like all of Oakdale is going to end up in the Caribbean.

Lisa is on a flight to the Caribbean. She is very happy. She starts to talk to the man next to her and he tells her that he is going to the Caribbean to get a divorce and is that what she is going there for. She says that she is going for the opposite reason. She is going to get married.

John and Carly walk into the hotel on the island. They see Julia, Jack and Hal. Carly says, "what a way to start this adventure." John goes to check them into the hotel and Carly walks over to the threesome and says "HI!" Jack and Julia leave and Hal tells Carly that it is not going to work, she should have stayed home. Carly asks if they can just cut their losses and go their separate ways. Hal says that he can't believe that she is going to marry another man that she does not love just to get the money. Hal tells her that he is going to throw the book at John for what he has done. He broke into the OBGYN office and stole equipment to artificially inseminate her. Carly tells Hal yet another lie, she says that John didn't break into the lab. The insemination wasn't artificial, it was done the old fashion way. Hal looks at her and asks her if she closed her eyes and thought of Jack? Hal tells her that she can have her divorce, he just wants to get away from her. Hal walks away and John walks over. She tells him that Hal will be sending the divorce papers to her. When they are in their room, the honeymoon suite, she tells him that she saved his sorry butt by telling Hal a lie. John says that she should let him know when she gets the papers and he will go and book a flight back to Oakdale and they can get out of there as soon as possible. She has a flash of Jack carrying her over the threshold on their wedding night. She says to herself, "some honeymoon". She walks out into the hall and runs into Lisa, who is checking into her room. Carly invites Lisa into her room. She asks Lisa what she is doing on the island. Lisa informs her that she is there looking for John. She tells Carly that she has changed her mind and she is going to marry Johnny Dixon as soon as she can find him. She wants to know if Carly has seen him. Carly lies and says that she has not seen him and maybe Lisa should check the hotel on the other side of the island. Lisa says that she is going to change her clothes and go looking for him. As Lisa is leaving the room, a man comes to the door and delivers an envelope to Carly. After Lisa leaves, Carly takes the paper out and looks at them. She looks at herself in the mirror and asks herself what kind of a person is she? Then she convinces herself that she is doing it all for her baby. She signs the papers and rushes down to the lobby. She finds John and tells him that she received the divorce papers. John says great, let get out of here. Carly says that she wants him to see something. As they are leaving the lobby, Lisa gets out of the elevator. Carly takes John back up to their suite. She tells him that they should just get married before they go back to Oakdale. John agrees that it might be better. He doesn't want to rub anyone's nose in the fact that they are going to be married. John gets a minister to come to the room. They tell him that they want to be married as soon as possible with no frills. He informs them that they need a witness.

Brad has found out that the money was the ransom for Lily and her baby. He tells Molly that he will not steal from his cousin. Molly asks him if they can ditch his half and launder her half. Brad won't hear of this. She is mad at him for not letting her keep some of the money. She goes down to the lobby of the hotel and Jack sees her. He excuses himself from Julia. BTW, Julia is down there by the coaxing of Emma. She went down there to spend some time with Jack and he was very happy to see her. Anyway, Jack goes over to Hal and they are trying to figure out what Molly is up to. She gets angry with the guy at the shop, because she told him to act like he didn't know her. After she leaves, Jack goes over and questions the guy. He tells Jack that he doesn't know much about her except she had a roll of bills. Jack walks back to Julia and tells her that he has to follow the people that they are investigating. She asks him if they are dangerous. He tells her not to worry, they have searched the island and David is no where to be found. He tells her that he will walk her to the pool. As they are leaving, a man, who had been reading the paper, follows them.

Molly and Brad are packing up to leave the island and go back home. Molly is crabbing because she doesn't even get to tell anyone that she turned in 2 million dollars. There is a knock on the door. Brad grabs Molly and she knows not to say anything. Jack is outside the door, he is knocking and saying, "Brad? Are you in there?" Hal is with him and they decide that Molly and Brad are not in their room and leave. After they are gone Molly and Brad leave the room. They are sneaking through the hallway and Jack just missed seeing them.

Back in Oakdale, Holden and Lily are talking to Margo about becoming their Private Investigator and seeing what she can find out about James. As they are talking, the door bell rings and Holden goes to see who it is. Lucinda and James are at the door. Holden tells them that it is not a good time. Lucinda says, "darling, really". They tell Holden and Lily that they won't stay long. They come in and see Margo standing there. She says that she hears congratulations are in order. She tells them that she hopes that they will be very happy together. James gives Lily and Holden a present for the baby. It is a silver cup. Margo says that she needs to be going. James says that he has her blocked in the drive and leaves with her. The baby starts to cry and Lily says that she has been fussing all day. She hopes that she is not getting something. The baby starts to cry louder and Lily says, "Oh my God, where is James?"

Tuesday, November 24, 1998

Watching the show today made me tired. LOL

Brad and Molly are sneaking around the hallways of the hotel. They are trying to stay away from Jack. They see him ahead and they are trying to decide what to do so that he doesn't see them. A door opens and it is Carly. She pulls them inside. She needs a witness for her and John's wedding. Carly doesn't want Brad to stay. When she opens the door, Jack is standing in the hall. Brad and Molly hide. Carly steps out in the hall, she doesn't want Jack to see John standing inside the room. He asks her why she is still on the island, he thought as soon as she got the divorce papers she was going back to Oakdale. She tells him that she needed some rest for the baby before going back home. He wants to know if she has seen her cousin and his brother. He leaves to go searching again. She goes back into the room and asks Molly why Jack is looking for her. She tells Molly that Jack said it was police related. There is another knock at the door. Carly goes to answer it and it is Lisa. Carly once again goes into the hall to talk to her. She doesn't want Lisa to see John in the room. Lisa says that she looked in that other hotel and John wasn't there either and the girl at the desk downstairs said that John was staying in the honeymoon suite. Carly tells her that she doesn't know why she said that, she hasn't seen John. Lisa asks her if she is hiding John in the room. The minister steps outside in the hall with Carly and Lisa and tells Carly that he is on a time limit and they need to get the ceremony started. Lisa wants to know what kind of ceremony and the minister tells her a wedding ceremony. Lisa asks him who is getting married. Carly shoves the minister back in the room and says that she will be right there. Lisa demands to go into the room and see who is in there. Carly tells her to wait one minute and she goes into the room and tells John that he has an emergency downstairs. He goes to the other room and gets his doctor's bag and goes out the other door. Carly tells Molly to play along and she opens the door and pulls Lisa in the room. Lisa sees Brad and Molly standing there. Carly says that Molly and Brad are getting married. Brad starts to say they are not and Molly pulls him aside and tells him to go along with it.

Julia has been in Jack's room trying to sleep and she can't. She decides to go look for Jack. When she opens the door, she sees a doll lying on the floor in the hall. She closes the door and starts to shake. She decides to go downstairs and get someone to help her. She stumbles out of the elevator and over to the desk. She is trying to explain about the doll and the man behind the desk can't understand what she is talking about. She faints. At that moment, John steps out of the elevator and thinks that is the emergency that Carly sent him downstairs for. He starts to work on Julia.

Back in the honeymoon suite, Carly gets rid of Lisa and tells Molly that she needs to find John before Lisa does. She calls downstairs, but they tell her that John is taking care of an emergency. Carly tells Molly that she will go down and bring John back up. After she is gone, Brad decides that it is a good time for him to try to get into Jack's hotel room and ditch the money. The minister asks Molly where Brad is going. She tells him that he will be right back. The minister says that he is really in a time crunch, but he wants to see what happens. He says that it reminds him of an American TV show, where everything goes wrong at the wedding.

Carly walks into the lobby and sees John taking care of Julia. She asks him if he has forgotten the obligation he had going on upstairs. He tells her that he has something to take care of first. They help Julia back up to her room. She tells them that the doll was a figment of her imagination and she will be OK. Carly and John leave. Julia closes her eyes and tries to sleep. Brad is hiding in the closet. He sneaks out and when the door closes, Julia hears it. She jumps up and locks the door and then she goes to her purse and gets the tranquilizers out and takes some. She sits on the side of the bed and shakes.

Lisa sees Jack in the lobby still looking for Brad and Molly. Lisa asks him why he isn't upstairs with his brother. Jack asks her if she has seen him. Lisa tells him that he is upstairs, in the honeymoon suite, waiting to get married to Molly. Jack rushes up to the honeymoon suite. He busts into the room and says, "stop the wedding". Carly whispers, "Jack".

Hope is crying and James has been in her room. Lily is trying to calm her down. Holden is yelling at James, he wants to know why James was in her room. Lily starts to yell that Hope is not breathing. They run out to the car and off to the hospital. As they are leaving, Holden yells at Lucinda that he wants James gone by the time they return. When they get to the hospital, Bob looks at the baby. He can't see anything wrong with her. He wants to do some more extensive test. He tells them that they are going to put Hope through an MRI. Later, Bob comes back and tells them that they couldn't find anything wrong. The only other thing that he could thing of is if Lily had taken any drugs during her pregnancy. She says that she doesn't do drugs, so that is out. Bob tells them to take her home, she should be OK. They may never have another problem. Lily is looking at Hope rather strangely. Holden tells her that everything is going to be OK. He tells her to look at Hope, she is alert and looking fine.

Ben finds Camille at the church. He asks her if she is looking for Brad. She says that she came there to say a prayer for a friend of hers. She tells him about Alene, the councilor that helped her when she first found out about her breast cancer. Alene's cancer is back in the other breast. Ben tells her he is sorry about asking her about Brad. They have a long talk about their marriage and how happy they are to have each other.

Wednesday, November 25, 1998

Eddie decries Thanksgiving as being "just another day." Lisa hops on an elevator that's taking champagne to John's room and the elevator promptly stalls. Julia downs more tranquilizers and berates herself for being afraid. Jack walks into John's suite and calls for a halt to the wedding. Carly tells Jack that he only has to say the word and she'll call off her wedding. Jack is stunned to learn that Carly is the bride and John the groom. Lisa starts to panic and opens the bottle of champagne. Emma calls to check in with a dozing Julia, who apologizes that they won't be back in time for Thanksgiving. Julia stumbles off to look for Jack. John informs Jack that he won't have to falsify her paternity test--chances are pretty good that John is in fact the father.

Under questioning from Georgia, Eddie recalls happier holidays, when he would watch Thanksgiving Day parades with his mother. He knows he can never be that happy again, so what's the point in trying? Carly doesn't deny Jack's assumption that she slept with John and tried to deceive Hal about the paternity. Jack spies Molly and Brad trying to sneak out of the room and puts them under arrest.

A tipsy Lisa alternates between giddiness and then anger, when she finds out that John is staying in the honeymoon suite. She curses Carly's lies and then plots how to escape--"he's a louse, but he's MY louse!" she tells the bellhop. Jack handcuffs Molly and Brad together. John and Carly are irritated at the further delay in their ceremony. Jack follows Molly's wandering eyes and finds the bag with the ransom money. A bewildered Julia walks in on the mess. Jack leads Brad and Molly away while Carly tells John she loathes him. Julia volunteers to be the witness in Molly's stead. A grumpy John and Carly reluctantly hold hands when asked, and Julia has to hold back a giggle. Carly refuses to recite the traditional vows, instead giving her own warped vows. For his part, John vows to sleep with one eye open and never let Carly out of his sight.

Lisa is freed from the elevator and vows to take the stairs for the remaining 5 floors. Molly denies being in contact with David and takes all the blame when Jack lays into his brother. Eddie and Georgia decide to start their own holiday traditions. Molly swears to Jack that Brad didn't know it was the ransom money, and that once he found out, he was going to have them turn it in.

When it comes time for John and Carly to exchange rings, they use the rings still on their fingers from their respective ex-spouses. Julia has to be awakened to give the traditional blessing as witness. John and Carly exchange begrudging pecks on the cheek when they are officially wed. Carly hurls her bouquet and Lisa walks in and catches it.

Eddie wants to study engineering but worries that if he doesn't like it, he'll just have wasted a lot of his own money. Lisa reads Carly the riot act and then walks out on John's explanations. Carly orders John to return to her as he runs after Lisa. Jack tells Molly that it's not up to him to decide guilt. Julia backs up Molly's assertion that she was never contacted by David. When Jack goes to turn Brad and Molly over to the authorities, he learns of an approaching tropical storm--no one can leave the island. Brad and Molly glance meaningfully at each other.

Thursday, November 26, 1998

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, As the World Turns did not air today.

Friday, November 27, 1998

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, As the World Turns did not air today. Broadcasting will resume on Monday where Wednesday's show left off.

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