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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 28, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, December 28, 1998

Eddie is in his house and thinking about Georgia and the fight that they had. There is a knock at the door and it is Katie. She has brought a gift for Eddie and Georgia. She asks where Georgia is and he tells her that she is gone.

At the Walsh Mansion, Lucinda tells Georgia that she can stay in Lily's room for as long as she wants. Georgia tells Lucinda and Lily that she is not staying, she belongs at Eddie's. Lucinda gives Georgia a gift. Lucinda tells Georgia how happy she is to have Georgia staying with her and it is better that she is with them at Christmas rather than be out on the street with Eddie. Georgia tells her not to trash Eddie. Lucinda wants Georgia to stay through the holidays and then after the new year she can do whatever she wants. Lucinda goes into the kitchen and Lily tells Georgia that Lucinda is the best of the arm twisters. Georgia tells Lily about confessing to Eddie how she felt about him and that Eddie said he felt the same way---as best friends. Lily feels bad because she gave Georgia the advice to tell Eddie how she felt. Georgia tells Lily that she should be grateful for what she has, a family and a lot of loot, she should just be happy.

Back at Eddie's house, he and Katie are decorating the tree and there is a knock at the door. Eddie opens the door to find Lucinda. She tells Eddie that she came after Georgia's things and she is moving in with Lucinda. At first Eddie fights with Lucinda, but when Lucinda hands him his house key, he assumes that Georgia doesn't want to live with him any more. He tells Lucinda that Georgia's things are in the other room. Katie says to Eddie that he didn't tell her that Georgia had moved out and he says that he didn't know until just now. Eddie says that if Georgia doesn't want to live with him anymore hat is just fine by him. Eddie tells Katie that they should go do something really fun, like give money to people who really need it.

Back at the Walsh mansion, Lily and Georgia are still discussing Eddie. Lily takes Georgia over to the Christmas tree and asks her if she sees the really big star near the top and Georgia says that does. Lily tells her about how she makes a wish every Christmas on that star. Georgia asks if the wishes ever came true and Lily says sometimes. Lily tells her to go ahead and make her wish about Eddie. Georgia does. Then, Georgia tells Lily about the present that she made for Eddie. She says that she was watching the Wizard of Oz and got the idea. She made him a proclamation. Lily wants her to read it and she no, it is lame. Lily pleads with her and Georgia says that she can't laugh. Lily says that she won't. The proclamation reads like this:

This is to certify, that Edward Silva, being a really cool dude in the school of hard knocks and street smarts, has satisfied all necessary course requirements, such as, bed side vigil, construction work overtime, nest building and providing good will and cheer for all friends in need. Mr. Silva graduates with full honors, Magna Cum Macho, with all rights, honors and privileges there unto pertaining. So, since he is already a bachelor, we jump ahead to conferring upon him a full blown doctorate, for being the greatest, most decent, big hearted and all round fun to be with human being on the face of the earth. So, given on this day of the Lord, the 25th day of December, in the year, nineteen hundred and ninety-eight.

Lucinda comes in and interrupts Lily and Georgia and announces that she had been to Eddie's house and got Georgia's clothes. Georgia can't believe that Lucinda went behind her back and did this without her permission. Lucinda tells Georgia that Katie was there with Eddie.

Ben and Camille are at the church and she tells him that she can't marry him. He doesn't understand and she says that she just can't. He wants to know if it is because of her cancer, then he thinks that he has done something. She says that it is nothing that he has done, she just can't go through with it and he asks her why not. She says, "because of Brad". Ben wants to know what Brad has done now. He asks her if Brad came to the church and told her that he loves her. She tells him that she cares for Brad more than just a friend and she loves him, too. Ben tells Camille that she is confusing gratitude for love and she says that it isn't that way. Ben tells her that he was confused, he didn't know what she needed and Brad did. He says that he wishes that she could see Brad for the user that he is. Camille takes off her ring and Ben says that he won't take it back, it is the only thing that is right. She tries to run out and he grabs her and says that he is not going to let it be over. He kisses her. She pushes him away and tries to explain how she felt about herself and that she didn't think anyone would ever want her again and Brad made her feel good about herself again. She tells Ben that Brad made love to her. Ben can't believe it, he says that she wouldn't do that and she says that she did. He says that he was looking all over for her that night and he even went to Brad's. He asks her if she was in Brad's bed when he was there and she says that she was. She runs out but stops at the door to look back at Ben, he is slumped over sitting in the pew.

Ben goes back to the hospital and Nancy is arguing with him about working when he is off duty. She tells him that he should be with his beautiful fiancee. He tells her to show the next patient in and she back off and says OK. A young woman comes in with a bad bruise on her face. Ben asks her how this happened and she says that she fell---into a doorknob.

Jack tells Brad that he is sorry for blaming him all these years for the death of their father. He tells him that their mother could have gone to jail and he wouldn't have had the guts to do what Brad did. Then Jack and Brad reminisce about past Christmas. They talk about one Christmas when Brad got a stereo system and told Jack not to touch it and Jack did and broke the arm off. Brad was so mad that he pushed Jack into the Christmas tree and some of the ornaments broke and went into Jack's arm. Brad stayed by his side while their dad took each piece out of his skin. Brad didn't care about the stereo anymore, all he cared about was Jack. Brad tells him that the night of the accident, he was trying to play big brother again and shut Jack out. He tells Jack that he will never shut him out again. Jack then asks Brad about the night of the accident and about their father. He wants to know if their dad was conscience after the accident and what, if anything, did he say. Brad tells Jack that he was conscience for a little while and he told Brad to watch out for Jack. Brad says that he messed it all up. Jack stands up and says to Brad, "let's go". Brad asks where are they going and Jack tells him that they are going to Jack's house. As they are leaving, Jack says, "I've missed you, man." Brad says, "I've missed you, too."

When they get to Jack's house, they see their mothers luggage by the door and they ask her if she is leaving. She covers and says that she only had them out because she brought them a present. They are all sitting by the fire talking about past Christmas and someone brings up Brad building the church. Then they bring up Ben and Camille getting married in the church. Brad can't take it anymore and he goes out to get some more firewood. When he is outside getting the wood, Camille walks up, with a smile on her face.

Tuesday, December 29, 1998

Eddie and Katie get back to his house after helping out with the meals at the shelter. Eddie tells Katie that he and his mother had eaten there a couple of times. Katie says that this is his first Christmas without his mother and she makes a comment about Georgia making the ornaments for their tree. Eddie ask her not to talk about Georgia. Katie tells him that Georgia really cares for him and he should go give her gift to her. Eddie gets up and puts it in the trash. Katie gets it out and says any girl would be happy to have a doll like this. (It is a G.I. Joe doll, Georgia told him some story about when she was younger and it had something to do with the doll.) Katie looks at him and says that he really cares about Georgia. Eddie asks her why would she say that and she says that he is always talking about her. Carolers come to the door and they go and open the door. As they are standing there listening to the carolers, Katie tells him to give Georgia the present.

At the Walsh Mansion, Georgia is checking out the Christmas tree and Lily walks by. Georgia asks Lily about Hope and Lily tells her that she has been really fussy tonight, but she is sleeping right now. Lily asks Georgia if she is thinking about Eddie and maybe she should go see him. Georgia says that she is not going to go see him because Katie is there.

Lucinda and Holden are talking about James and Lily walks up and says, "lets not talk about him anymore tonight." Lucinda leaves and Holden tells Lily that he is so grateful to have her and the baby back. The baby starts to cry and Lily tells Holden that she doesn't know what is wrong with her, she is so fussy tonight. Holden goes to check on her.

James is in the entryway talking on the phone to someone about the money that he said he would get for Lucinda. He is telling this person that he is good for it and he is married to Lucinda Walsh. He says that he needs to get it before Lucinda becomes suspicious. Georgia walks in and overhears the last part. James sees her and hangs up the phone. Georgia wants to know what Lucinda is going to be suspicious about. James tells her that she didn't hear right and it is Christmas and she had better be good. Georgia says what if she isn't good, is he going to put a horse's head in her bed? Lucinda hears them and comes in and reminds them that it is Christmas. Lucinda and James go into the other room and Lily asks Georgia what happened. Georgia says that she can't stay there with that gangster and she can't go back to Eddie's. Lily says that she can come and stay with her, but why can't she go back to Eddie's. Georgia says that Katie is there and who knows what they are doing right now.

In the living room, Lucinda is asking James about the money. James reminds her that everything moves slowly around the holidays, but he will get the money. They are playing with Luke and Lily comes running in with Hope and tells Lucinda that she has a very high fever and they are going to take her to the hospital. Lucinda says that Luke can stay with her and Lily tells Holden to take Luke with him. Lily glares at James and then they run out to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, Ben is trying to examine Denise. She has a nasty bump on her head. She slaps him and he wants to know why she did that? She tells him that nobody messes with her. He explains that he was only trying to examine the bump. She lets him look at it and he asks her who hit her. She says that nobody hit her, she fell into a doorknob. He hold up two fingers and ask how many finger he is holding up and she says seventeen, am I close? He asks her if her vision is blurred and she tells him that it is. She says that she is a dancer and wears five inch heels and she needs to be able to see the floor. He tells her that her vision should be back to normal in a few hours. He wants to take some X-rays and she is worried about how much it will cost. He tells her not to worry about it, she is at a free clinic. He opens the door and tells Nancy that they are going to need to take some X-rays. Denise grabs her coat and says that she doesn't have the time and Ben grabs her and tells her to make the time. She says OK.

Emily is at her apartment and she is freaking out about David being in her apartment. She is bustling around so much that she gets a pain in her stomach. She decides to go to the hospital.

Tom and Margo come into the hospital to help deliver food to the needy. Hal and Barbara come in to help, too. Margo is carrying a big box of food and Hal is trying to take it from her and she says that she can get it. Emily comes rushing in and bumps Hal into Margo and makes Margo drop the food on her foot. Margo hobbles to a chair and Tom runs to her side. Emily asks if she is OK and Margo says, "what do you think, I just dropped twenty pounds of food on my foot." Tom goes over to Emily and asks why is she there. She tells him about having the terrible pain in her stomach and she thought she should have her doctor check her out. Ben is looking at Margo's foot. Emily asks if Tom would come into the examining room with her. Ben says that Margo's foot doesn't appear broken, it is probably a deep bruise. He tells her to come back to the room and he will wrap it for her. Tom tells Emily that he needs to go with Margo. She pleads with him to come into the examining room with her and he says that he has to go and he goes to Margo.

In the room, Margo says that it was lucky that Ben was there tonight. Then she remembers about the wedding and wants to know why he is working, when he is getting married the next day. He tells them that Camille had called off the wedding. Margo tells him that whatever they had a fight about, Ben could fix it. Ben says that he didn't know how long it had been going on, but Camille and Brad Snyder...he runs out of the room.

Brad and Camille are back at the church and Brad wants to know why Camille is so upset. She tells him that she told Ben that they had slept together and the wedding is called off. Brad asks her if Ben was that mad that he canceled the wedding. She tells him that she called off the wedding. Brad tells her not to blame herself, she couldn't help it, just like he couldn't help it. He tells her that he wants her to come home with him. She says that she can't do that. He tells her that they can just talk, he just doesn't want her to be alone tonight. Sarah Ruth comes busting in the door, (she heard at the hospital about the wedding being canceled). She yells at Brad that she told him to keep his hands off of her daughter. She looks at Camille and asks her what is she thinking. Camille says that it is her decision and Brad had nothing to do with it. Sarah Ruth says, "it is a bad decision and especially if you think that you are going to be happy with a white boy!!" Camille tells Brad to go and she will take care of her mother. Brad tells her to find him later, he will be at his house or his brother's, he just doesn't want her to be alone. He goes to the door and stops and looks at the two women.

Emily goes back to her apartment and locks the door behind her. She is looking around the apartment like she expects to see someone in there. She looks at the mirror and starts to freak out again. She calls her mother and orders her to come over and stay with her. Susan tells her no and Emily slams the phone down. She goes over to a chair and sit down and hugs a pillow. Behind her, in the window, a shadow is looking in at her.

Wednesday, December 30, 1998

Camille gets hugs from Nancy as she returns to work at the clinic. Ben remains in the background. Holden brings the Snyder Christmas celebration to the clinic, where Lily awaits news on Hope. Georgia awakens to find that Eddie's come home, though he purports not to care where she stays.

Kim is anxious to see Christopher come home for the holidays. Lisa and Kim are both surprised when John shows up at the Hughes' celebration. Jack comes upon Carly in Oakdale Court, bemoaning the horrible year she's had. Julia's worried when Brad shows up alone--Jack went to get him. Jack asks Carly to forgive him. Eddie and Georgia both feign indifference about the other.

Molly's pleased to find Andy in church, thinking he's finally realized he has a problem. But Andy is miffed--he's only there to take a photo of the choir, he tells her. Jack believes that other things besides money motivated Carly's desire to get pregnant. Either way, he apologizes for judging her. Carly openly regrets losing him.

Camille tries to beat a hasty retreat from the clinic when she sees that Ben is there. She pulls a crumpled wedding invitation from her pocket as Sara Ruth arrives. Lucinda joins Emma and a camera-wielding Cal at the clinic to watch Luke open his gifts. Ben walks in with news of Hope's test results--she has roseola, a non-life threatening viral infection.

Camille walks out on her mother, who promptly corrals Ben. Brad leaves a message for Camille reiterating his invitation for her to come over to Jack's. Jack arrives home bearing a gift for Julia--a snowglobe. Jack and Brad are amused when they open their gifts and realize they gave each other the same stereo. Margo is touched by the charm bracelet Tom gives her--it has charms to remind her of all the people who love her, he explains. His name isn't on there, but he wants his name to be on the list, he says.

Kim is irked when Bob arrives without Christopher in tow. Bob explains that Christopher stayed behind in New York to finish a paper, yet he didn't call them beforehand to let them know. Andy does appear at the celebration and heads for Kim. Molly blames Margo for Andy's shunning his family. A departing Georgia gives Eddie the certificate she made and receives a hug in return. Their tender moment is broken by Katie, who invites Eddie to the church concert. He accepts, and Georgia also leaves, feigning an appointment with Lucinda.

Sara Ruth asserts to Ben that Camille has always been afraid she wasn't good enough for him. When she got her cancer diagnosis, she didn't think Ben would want her. Sara Ruth insists that Camille is right that moment in church praying that Ben will forgive her, not chasing after Brad. Margo regrets to Molly that she laid a guilt trip on her brother. Kim walks away from Andy when he insists that nothing's wrong. John's enraged when he sees Molly alone, believing that Carly has tricked him because she had said she was going to spend the day with her cousin.

Carly goes to church for a one-on-one and experiences a contraction. Carly decides God is trying to tell her that the monetary windfall wasn't meant to be. All she asks is that she be allowed to raise her child herself.

Lily just rolls her eyes when Lucinda tells Georgia she's glad her niece came to her senses about "the hunk." Kim and Bob want to go to New York to find out what's really going on with their son.

Brad decides to accompany his family to the concert after learns that Camille will also be there. Jack has to stay behind when he is called about a case. Molly warns her cousin about John's rage, but as far as Carly is concerned, her marriage to him is over. What's most important is her child. She decides to hide out in the last place John would think to look for her.

A hobbling Margo leans on Tom for support, and Adam and Casey give each other high-fives. Ben waylays Camille after the church empties. Jack finds Carly on his doorstep.

Thursday, December 31, 1998

Friday, January 1, 1998

Due to the New Year's holiday. As The World Turns did not air.

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