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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 11, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, January 11, 1999

Emily begs Tom to stay with her, she is afraid that David is going to come back and get her. Margo says to her that she knows that Emily wants Tom to stay with her and be her protector, but he just can't do that. Tom suggests that Emily find Susan and see if she can stay with her. Emily says that Susan kicked her out once and she won't let her come back. Tom asks Margo to go and find Susan and explain what has happened. Margo tells him no, she says that he can go find Susan and she will stay with Emily. Tom leaves to find Susan.

At the hospital, Tom tells Susan the whole story about Emily and that he is not sure if the break in was a fake or not. Susan tells Tom that she knew Emily was acting disturbed, but she thought showing some tough love would bring her out of it. Susan once again blames herself for how Emily is acting.

Back at the motel, Margo is talking to Emily about the break in and the guy that she thinks is David. Margo looks at her and says that she doesn't believe that there was a guy or a break in. Emily says that Margo is just jealous because she is carrying Tom's baby and Margo's baby is dead. Margo walks over to her coat and purse and picks them up and Emily wants to know what she is doing. Margo says that she is leaving and she is on her own. Emily is yelling at Margo as she is walking out the door that she can't leave her alone, she told Tom that she would stay with her. Emily slams the door and goes and sits on the bed. She has a flashback about the man in the ski mask and she runs to the door and starts to lock it. The doorknob starts to turn and Emily backs away from the door and runs to pick up a lamp. She is waiting at the door to crash whoever is coming in over the head. Susan opens the door and sticks her head inside. Emily asks her what she is doing there and Susan tells her that Tom had told her about the problem that Emily was having. Emily goes off on her mother once again and tells Susan what a rotten mother she was and how she neglected her. Susan suggests that she get some professional help and Emily throws her out of the room. Susan is standing outside the door and she hears Emily throw the lamp at the door. Susan has her hand over her mouth, she can't believe that Emily is this far gone.

Susan goes back to the hospital, Tom is waiting to see what happened with Emily. The talk with Dr. Michaels and she says that if Emily is having psychotic episodes that she needs to be hospitalized for medical treatment. Susan says that she won't come to the hospital. Dr. Michaels gets a page and has to leave. Tom asks Susan what is she going to do and Susan says, "What choice do I have?"

Lucinda has called Eddie's landlord, Mr. Damon and is informing him of Eddie's past and that he has been involved with drug dealers before. Mr. Damon doesn't have a problem with Eddie, he has been a model tenant. Lucinda implies that if he were to evict Eddie that there could be a nice compensation for him. He tells her that he understands.

Eddie has made breakfast for Georgia, complete with fresh squeezed O.J. They are eating and discussing the night before. Eddie tells Georgia that he is sorry that she didn't make it to the party to meet a college guy. Georgia says that she is sorry he didn't make it to the party because he was hoping to run into Katie. There is a knock at the door and Katie is standing there and asks Eddie if she is interrupting anything. Georgia calls out "Hello" to Katie. Katie says to Georgia, "Hey, you're back." The three sit at the table together and Eddie and Georgia are telling Katie about getting her stuff from Lucinda's house and moving back in. Katie asks how Lucinda took the news and they tell her about Lucinda flying off the handle at them. There is another knock at the door and it is the landlord informing Eddie that he has to get out, he is being evicted. They want to know why and Mr. Damon implies that there have been drugs in the house. Georgia tells him that he is crazy. Mr. Damon says that he has to get out because he has a cousin that wants to move in. As he is going out the door, he tells them that they only have until the end of the day to get out. After he is gone, Katie says, "What a coincidence, right after you tell Lucinda that you are moving back in here. I smell a rat."

James and Lucinda are at Fairwinds and James is packing up some of the things that he left behind. Lucinda's cell phone rings and Katie is on the other end, disguising her voice. She tells Lucinda that she is Mr. Damon's secretary and he wanted her to call and inform her that he has given Mr. Silva his eviction notice and is there anything else that they can do for her. Lucinda says to tell Mr. Damon that he did a good job and compensation will be in the mail.

Katie hangs up the phone and tells Georgia and Eddie that her suspicions were correct. They don't know what they are going to do, they can't fight Lucinda with all her money. Katie says that she wishes that they could move in with her. Eddie says that there is no way, not with all that went on with Margo this past year. Then Georgia gets the bright idea that she will move back in with Lucinda and Eddie can come, too. Eddie tells her that Lucinda will never even let him set foot on her property, let alone live with her. Georgia tells him that she doesn't need to know. Eddie gets a sneaky smile on his face and says, "OK."

John is upset that Carly is missing. Hal is trying to get him to calm down. He tells John that he doesn't even know if he is the father or not. John says that when they find her, he wants Hal to arrest her and Hal asks "For what?" From across the nurses station Carly asks, "Yeah John, for what, breast feeding my baby?" John wants to know where she has been and she says that she was down the hall at the visitors center showing the baby off to Molly. They all go back into the room and a nurse comes in and tells John and Hal that Carly needs to get some rest and they should go get some breakfast. After they are gone, Molly comes into the room. They are looking at the baby and Molly comments that she doesn't think he looks like John. Carly asks her if she thinks he looks like Hal? Molly says that he doesn't even look like Carly. Molly tells Carly that she is lucky that the baby came before midnight. Carly says that she had witnesses too. The nurse comes back into the room and tells Carly that she has to take the baby to the nursery so she can rest, Dr. Samuel's orders. Carly says OK. Carly is getting antsy about the paternity test and she sends Molly to the lab to find out how much longer it will be. After she is gone, Carly sits on her bed and closes her eyes. She hears someone say, "So, its true, you did have the baby." She opens her eyes and Brad is standing there. Carly wants to know what he is doing there and he tells her that she is beautiful. Carly is suspicious of him. She wants to know what he is after. He asks her why she would think that he is after anything. Carly replies that he is broke, that's why. He tells her about a house that has just come onto the market that he could renovate for her. She says that she doesn't have the money yet. Molly comes in and says that the test results will be up shortly, they have finished them. John and Hal come back into the room and John wants to know why Brad is there. Dr. Samuels walks into the room full of people and announces that she has the results of the paternity test. John says, "Well, well, am I the father?"

Tuesday, January 12, 1999

Everyone is waiting in Carly's room with bated breath for Dr. Samuels to give them the results of the paternity test. John rips the file out of Dr. Samuels' hand and starts to read the results. John says, "Well, I'll be." Carly says, "For God's sake John, who is the father? John says that he is. Carly's chin drops and Molly puts her arm around her and tells her that she did it, she gets the money. Hal tells John that with all that he did to get to this point, he is going to have the test fully investigated. Dr. Samuels says to Hal that she drew the blood herself and Hal tells her that he is going to check it out anyway. Everyone leaves the room except John and Carly. Carly tells John that the contract is null and void. John says that she just never gives up. Carly tells John that if she doesn't raise the baby, she doesn't get the money.

Brad and Molly are talking out in the hall and Molly is telling Brad about her baby and how she had to give it up for adoption. Rosanna comes in and asks the nurse behind the desk where Carly's room is and that she is her sister. Molly overhears this and runs over to her and introduces herself as her cousin. Molly says that she is not what she expected, with all her money she thought that she would be dressed better and would have hired a personal trainer. Rosanna walks away from her and into Carly's room. Carly is telling John that she doesn't get the money unless she has custody of the baby. Rosanna tells her that that is not true. Carly knows without turning around that it is Rosanna and she asks how she is doing. Rosanna says that Carly can farm the baby out anywhere she wants to, she will still have control of the trust fund. John says that he is going to go see his son and Carly runs after him saying what about breast feeding him, I have to breast feed him. He says that he will give her a month. She starts to give John a hard time about it and then she remembers what Brad said about playing it cool with John. She says that will be OK. John wonders what she has up her sleeve and he walks away. Carly can feel Rosanna staring at her from behind. She turns to Rosanna and says that she probably thought that she was going to yell at John just now. Rosanna says that she is still reeling from the fact that Carly is giving her baby to someone else to raise. Carly asks Rosanna what is she doing there and Rosanna says that she came into town to set up the trust fund and she should have the money in a day or so. Carly says that is good, she is going to need the money to fight John for custody of the baby. Carly narrows her eyes and says to Rosanna that she just can't stand it. Rosanna wants to know what she means by that. Carly says that she can't take it that she is giving her all this money to make her miserable and it is having the reverse effect. She is going to be very happy and all her dreams will come true. Rosanna leans in and says to Carly that it is funny, it never did that for her.

Emily is at the police station trying to get Guzman to believe that David Stenbeck is stalking her. Guzman tells her that without any physical evidence there is nothing that they can do. James comes into the police station and tells the desk policeman that he needs to talk to Hal Munson, he has reason to believe that his son is back in town and he wants to avoid a run in with the police. Emily hears him say this and she goes over to him. He looks at her and asks if she has had contact with David. She says that she will tell him everything but he has to promise her something first. James says that he is not in a bargaining mood. She tells James to go to hell and starts to walk away. James stops her and wants to know what she knows about David. She says first he has to promise to tell David to stay the hell away from her. James agrees and she tells him about the writing on the mirror in her apartment and then about the incident at the motel. James tells Emily about David breaking into Fairwinds and getting into the safe. Emily says that she is getting out of Oakdale. James wants her to stay and work with him to get to his son. She says that she is not going to be a sitting duck for him. He tells her all she has to do is pretend to be at Fairwinds, but he will be there instead and then he will tell David to stay away from her. She agrees to help him out.

James goes to Fairwinds and calls someone and tells them that he will be taking all his calls at Fairwinds. Lucinda comes running in saying that Matthew said that he had packed up all his stuff and moved out. James says that he is going to move into Fairwinds and work with Emily Stewart to try to get to David. Lucinda tells him that she doesn't know why he is putting all his energy into trying to find David. James asks her if Lily was missing without a trace would she just give up and stop looking for her? Lucinda says that isn't fair and she is looking at him strangely and he wants to know why she is looking at him like he is wasting his time. He grabs her and shakes her and demands that she tell him. She blurts out the David is dead. James can't believe that she would say such a thing. She says that she knows it was a cruel thing to say, but David has left and hasn't bothered to call or contact him. James yells at her and says that David is not dead and he and Emily are going to work together to get him back. Lucinda gets mad and says that if he insist on working with trash like that he doesn't need to come home tonight and she runs out of the mansion.

Emily is at her apartment and there is a knock at the door. At first, she is apprehensive then she opens the door and her mother is standing there. Susan comes in and asks how she is doing. Emily proceeds to tell her about how James is going to help her keep David away from her. Susan tells Emily that she was talking to a friend today and this friend said that if Emily says that she saw something then they should believe what she is saying. Emily asks her mother if this friend happened to be Dr. Michaels? Susan tells her that Dr. Michaels thinks it might be best if Emily would come to the hospital for some test. Emily gets furious with her mother and leaves her apartment.

Margo comes home to find Tom standing with his suitcase in hand. She asks where he is going. He tells her that they had a deal, he would only be there for the holidays and then move out again. She says that she understands and he tells her that he is not giving up on his New Years resolution to gain her trust and get her to love him again. He tells her that he will come by later and take the boys out to dinner and explain to them about everything. At that moment Adam comes in from school, they had let school out early. Adam asks Tom what was up with the bags and Tom says that they had a deal that he would only be living in the house until after the holidays. Adam goes ballistic on them. He can't understand why his father wants to leave. Tom and Margo try to reason with him, but he runs upstairs to his room. Margo says that it was all her fault, all she wanted was for her boys to be happy for the holidays. Adam comes running down the stairs and says that he is going to practice and goes out the door. Tom says that he will go talk to Adam. Margo starts to put the groceries away and Tom comes running back in the door and says to Margo that Adam has left with the car. Tom leaves to go try to find Adam and Margo calls Hal and tells him that Adam left in the car. Later, Hal brings Adam home and says that a unit found him speeding out on the highway. Tom asks Adam what he has to say for himself. Adam says that he is sorry, will that do? Tom tells him to go upstairs and they will talk later. Hal leaves and the phone rings. Margo answers it and Susan is on the other end and she needs to talk to Tom. Margo hands the phone to Tom and goes upstairs to talk with Adam. Susan tells Tom about going to Emily's apartment and trying to talk with her and that she ran out. She says to Tom that she is going to need his help with her.

Emily is at Fairwinds trying to find James. As she is yelling for James, the masked man comes up behind her and grabs her around the neck. She manages to get away from him but he runs after her. She grabs his mask and pulls it off. The man is covering his face but it looks a whole lot like David Stenbeck.

Wednesday, January 13, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Gire.

Jack visits Carly in the hospital. She is encouraged until she realizes he is really there to pick up Julia after her shift as a volunteer.

Camille is working the night shift at the Free Clinic when Denise, the exotic dancer, arrives and demands that she page "Big Ben," as she calls Dr. Harris. Ben arrives nursing a hurt hand which was the result of a fight he has just had in an alley with Brad. Denise collapses and is rushed into an examining room.

Emily struggles with a masked intruder at Fairwinds and pulls off his mask. She gets a look at his face, but we do not. Tom arrives, and Emily claims that the man was David. No one is there when Tom searches the house, and he refuses to call the police.

John and Lisa discuss whether they might have a future together. Lisa tells John that although she has loved him in the past, she just cannot get around his manipulations and underhandedness, and she tells him they are through.

Brad shows up in Carly's hospital room too and starts telling her of the arrangements he has made to help her get "dirt" on John to help her get custody of the baby. He does not realize Carly has a visitor....Jack. Jack is naturally curious about what the relationship is between Brad and Carly.

Ben examines Denise and recommends a laser treatment to her left eye to dissolve a blood clot. Denise is flip with Ben, but then admits she is frightened. She finally agrees to the procedure which Ben arranges.

Tom suggest to Emily that she get medical help for her paranoia by admitting herself to an institution, and Emily goes ballistic. She suddenly remembers that Tom has not checked the small room off the living room at Fairwinds....the very room where James once held her prisoner. Tom agrees to search it, and while he is in there, the masked man grabs Emily and locks Tom in the small room. Tom naturally assumes Emily has done this.

Barbara finds John looking at the babies in the nursery and congratulates him on winning the "Paternity Sweepstakes." They share a poignant moment remembering the child they lost. Barbara also expresses disgust at John's behavior.

Tom shouts for Emily to let him out, and the door suddenly opens. Susan has arrived and cannot find Emily. They search the house again and although Emily's car is still in the driveway, there is no sign of her.

Denise has the laser procedure and is cautioned about too much activity. She tells Ben that if she does not dance, she does not get paid. She has no ride home, so Ben offers to drive her.

The masked man takes Emily to a small, cell-like room in an undisclosed location and locks her in. The scene ends with the man's ripping off his mask, and we see only his darkened profile. Is it David?

Thursday, January 14, 1999

Katie and Georgia have helped Eddie move into Lucinda's guest house unbeknownst to Lucinda. Georgia finds some old clothing and a tiara and pretends to be Miss America which makes Katie uncomfortable. Lucinda, seeing a candle burning in the guest house window, has arrived to investigate. Georgia distracts her with conversation while the other two hide. Eddie and Katie grow closer.

Brad has made dinner for Molly at his apartment. However, Molly is unable to enjoy it because she is worried about Andy. She apologizes to Brad and returns to Andy's apartment where she tries desperately to take Andy's mind off of drinking.

Margo refuses to believe anything has happened to Emily, but Tom and Susan are worried. When Margo tells Tom he must choose between his family or Emily, Tom explains that he can't separate his concern for Emily from the baby. Convinced that Tom's continual involvement with Emily will disrupt the boys, she asks Tom to move out.

Emily, locked away in a cell by David, alone and crying, reflects on why no one will believe her.

Friday, January 15, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Gire.

Georgia sneaks food into the Lucinda's pool house where she and Eddy are living. Lily arrives and finds Eddy. They tell her how Lucy got them evicted from their rental house, and Lily agrees to keep mum about the fact that Eddy is living there too.

Ben goes to the Oasis Club and finds Denise practicing a sultry dance routine. He cautions her that she should be resting after her recent laser treatments. Denise stops Ben from speaking to her boss Gary, the man who struck her. She promises to just tend bar and lay off the strenuous dancing. She tells Ben that she is flat broke, but after Ben leaves, she takes a wad of bills from her purse.

Carly brings baby Joey home to John's apartment, accompanied by Brad. They discuss the baby's name and agree on John's choice, "Parker." Carly insists on having "Joey" in the name also, so they decide on "Parker Joey Dixon." Carly later comments to Brad that she will change the "Dixon" part to "Tenney" as soon as she is rid of John.

A representative of the Oakdale Trust Company arrives to tell Carly that Rosanna's trust is now fully funded. He goes over the rules which state that Carly can spend the money only on items for the baby, and she must save all receipts. John leaves for the hospital.

Brad finds an electronic homing device in the baby's snuggly and Carly is furious. She removes it and sticks it in the apartment so John will think she is staying put. She and Brad and the baby take off for Fairwinds, however.

Both Eddie and Georgia get letters from Oakdale University. Eddie's contains good news: he has been accepted to the school. Georgia, however, is discouraged because she has been turned down for a part in the school drama production. They snitch Lucinda's paper and check out the want ads. Eddie finds an interesting one for a bouncer at the Oasis Club.

Camille has a consultation with a Dr. Ripley at the hospital about beginning reconstructive breast surgery. The doctor discourages her and tells her not to even think of putting her body through that kind of trauma yet. Camille runs into Ben as she is leaving and he goes in to Dr. Ripley himself. Later, he tells SaraRuth that Dr. Ripley has a lousy bedside manner and recommends that SaraRuth encourage Camille to get a second opinion.

Carly and Brad appear at Fairwinds as we hear James castigating his private investigators for not turning up any evidence of David's whereabouts. Carly agrees to pay $1.5 million for Fairwinds, the furniture and the butler, Kevin. James asks for cash, and Carly calls the Trust company and arranges to sign the paper work.

Lucinda and Lily return to the pool house and Eddie has to scramble to hide. They begin to discuss Hope's christening which will take place tomorrow. Holden arrives, and he and Lily ask Lucinda if James has come up with the money Lucinda asked him for as a test as to whether he was broke or not. James arrives and assures them that the money will be there this afternoon. James tells Lucinda that if she does not trust him, perhaps they should end the marriage here and now. A messenger comes with a certified check for $1.5 million, and James willingly hands it over to Lucy. Lily and Holden are baffled.

John arrives home to find Carly and the baby gone. The surveillance company assures him that the homing device has not moved all morning, so John begins to look for it. He finds it in the maid's pile of dirty linens. John is furious and places a call to a Judge Manning.

Eddie and Georgia go to the Oasis Club and Eddie is hired as a bouncer. Georgia talks to Denise and picks up a flyer advertising a College Talent Show. Denise tells Georgia that the mayor is trying to shut down all X-rated clubs and that Gary, the manager, thought up the college talent show in an effort to legitimize the club. Gary talks Georgia into signing up for the show.

Carly goes on a shopping spree with Brad and they end up back at Fairwinds with packages galore. The trust officer comes back and he is NOT happy. He tells Carly that she cannot spend the money on herself but only on the baby, and what baby needs a $1.5 million roof over his head? Brad hustles the officer out with a lot of fast talking, and Carly assures him that she will bring all the receipts by the trust company tomorrow. Brad and Carly begin playing with a suitcase full of cash, and as they throw it into the air, their hands touch and they experience a close moment.

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