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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 17, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, September 17, 2001

Molly is running around the apartment trying to do her work and clean up and watch the girls. Donna asks her way she doesn't trust her to take care of the girls. Molly tries to back peddle and Donna tells her that she is felling guilty for hiring Mary and trusting her girls to her. Donna tells the girls that they are going to the park. Molly starts to protest but Donna tells her not to worry and that she can use the time to get some work done. Donna leaves with the girls and Molly sits down to worry. Soon, Jake comes home for lunch and he has Nick with him. Molly takes him aside and asks why has he brought Nick home with him. He tells Molly that she needs to wipe the slate clean and this is the only way he knew she could do it. The doorbell rings and Jake goes to the door. Abigail and Adam are there. After everyone is introduced to Nick, they all sit down for some lunch. The kids tell the adults about the project they are working on for their film class. Adam says that he had fun filming all the footage but now the hard part was about to begin. Nick tells them that it doesn't have to be so hard. He suggests that the kids use the editing room at the studio. Adam says that he thinks Kim will be Ok with it because he is going to be working there as an intern. Nick looks at Molly and then tells Abigail that he will only help if it is ok with Molly. Abigail asks why it wouldn't be ok and she smiles at Molly. Molly smiles back and says that is will be ok, but Molly doesn't look like it is really ok.

Paul walks into the living room at the mansion that Barbara had bought and Barbara is working on her sketches. When she sees Paul, she folds up her sketchpad. He starts asking her about her sketches and asks if he could have one to show around to the investors. She tells him that he never questioned her sketches before. Paul explains that he just wants to wet the appetite of the investors to get everyone excited about the new line. Barbara asks if he is just worried that she can't do it. He tells her that he trust her and thinks that she will be fine. Barbara walks over to the couch and asks Paul to sit with her. He sits down and she questions his relationship with Rose. He tells her that she should not listen to Craig. She asks him how much he knows about Rose D'Angelo. He tells her that he knows the basics. She asks if he knows that she impersonated her sister and deceived Holden for months. Paul chuckles slightly and says that she told him about that. Barbara says that she is the fool. She tells him that he doesn't need a clinging mother to interfere in his life. He says that he can tell that something is troubling her and he wants her to tell him about it. She says that nothing is troubling her and he is her rock and all she needs is for him to keep telling her that everything is going to be ok and her health is getting better. She says that she has work to do and she leaves the room. Paul looks very worried about his mother.

Hal and Parker are at the diner having breakfast and Emily comes in and joins them. She asks if Carly had accepted her offer to work at The Intruder. Hal tells her that he has not asked her yet and she is due there anytime and he thought that Emily could ask Carly herself. Emily gets nervous and says that she can't and she starts to leave. As she starts to get up, she sees Carly peeking in the window and waving. She sits down and says that it is too late, she has arrived. Carly comes over and hugs and kisses Parker. She sees Emily sitting there and she apologizes for intruding in their breakfast date. Emily informs her that they are not on a date. Carly says that she is sorry for interrupting in the breakfast after a date. Emily informs her that they are not on any date of any kind. Carly sits down and says that she didn't mean to get into their business and then she adds that that is Emily's territory. Emily smiles and says that she is very feisty today and she adds that Chicago must have agreed with her. Carly says that she thinks it will and she adds that there are just so many opportunities for her there. Hal tells her that there are opportunities here in Oakdale for her. Then he adds that Emily was just saying that she is looking for a fashion editor for her paper. Carly asks why is that. She adds, "Do Martians wear clothes now?" Emily tells her that she is thinking of expanding her paper and adding a fashion section. Hal looks at Carly and snaps his fingers. He says, "Hey, you know about fashion!" Carly reminds Hal that she is a fashion designer, not a fashion editor and that she is moving. Hal says that this could stop a lot of chaos and Parker wouldn't have to get used to living in a different town. Carly looks at Emily and asks if she would actually hire her. Emily says that she would hire her. Carly looks at the two very suspiciously. She tells them that they are both very dear but she is going to move to Chicago. She stands up to leave and takes Parker by the hand. Hal stops her at the door and asks why she wouldn't take this opportunity. Hal asks her to just talk to Emily before she closes the door. She hands Parker over to Hal and reluctantly walks back over to where Emily is sitting. She tells Emily that she is not saying that she is interested but she wants to know some details. She asks Emily if she would have to work out of the office. Emily says that she wishes that she wouldn't. Carly asks about the content and Emily tells her that she will give her an assignment and she will report on it. Carly asks about traveling and Emily tells her that she will have to go to Chicago and New York and maybe if their budget will allow she will be sent to Paris twice a year. Hal says that it sound terrible so far. Carly looks at him with a smile and says, "Unbearable!" She turns back to Emily and asks about expenses. Emily tells her everything will be included within reason. Carly asks about her name about the column with a little picture. Emily informs her that it is called a byline and it will be included. Emily looks at Hal and smiles and Hal smiles back. Hal tells the two women that he has criminals to catch and he tells Parker to keep an eye on the two. After Hal is gone, Carly tell Emily to give it up. She says that she knows that she is only offering her this job as a favor to Hal. Emily says that Carly doesn't know her very well. Carly says that she know that Hal can get under a person skin. Emily says that Hal isn't under anything of hers. Carly says that she just can't see Emily offering her a job out of the blue...then she stops. She says, "Wait, it isn't for Hal. It is for Craig!" Emily looks like a deer caught in the headlights.

Emma and Joe walk into Lucinda's mansion and Rose greets them. She asks them to sit and she tells them that she asked them to come over to give them some news. Rose tells them that Holden and Luke are alive and Holden is with Lily. Emma is so happy that her baby boy is alive. She tells them that she needs to leave. Joe tells her to take the truck and go, he needs to talk with Rose. After Emma leaves, Rose tells Joe that Emma is headed for the church. Joe tells Rose that he is so blessed to have her in his life. He tells her that he has left a lot of things undone in Jersey and he needs to go back there. Rose says that it would be good for him to go back and spread some holiday cheer. Joe says that he is not going to spread holiday cheer; he is going back for good. Rose starts to cry. She tells him that she needs him. He says that she doesn't need him, she has arrived and he is very proud of her. The phone rings and it is Paul. She asks him what is he up to right now. He says nothing and she asks him to come over. She looks at her father and says that there is someone that she wants him to meet. Paul says that he will be right over. When Paul arrives, Rose introduces them. Paul and Joe shake hands. Rose steps in between them and says that she doesn't want to them to get too close. Paul asks why and Rose tells him that Benedict Arnold is leaving her. She looks at Paul and says, "My father is going back to Jersey." Paul pats Joe on the arm and walks past him. Joe gives Rose a kiss and says that he will find that chauffeur and see about a ride home. He walks over to Paul and asks him to watch out for his daughter. Paul shakes his hand again and says that he will do that. Joe leaves. Paul tells Rose that her father seems like a great guy. Fighting back tears, Rose says that he is the best. Rose changes the subject and asks about his mother. Paul tells her that physically she is getting stronger every day. He tells her that he is worried about the spring line. He says that his mother won't show him any of the designs. He tells her that there is a big fashion show in November and the whole world is waiting to see if Barbara Ryan can still produce and he adds, "To tell you the truth, so am I."

Back at Barbara's mansion, she is looking at her sketches. She picks up her pencil and puts a big X across one of them. She flips the page and puts an X across it. She flips the page and puts an X across it. She keeps X-ing and X-ing.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

At Al's Diner, Emily fumbles when Carly wants to know what her first assignment will be. Carly cuts to the chase, wanting to know if Craig is responsible for the job offer. Em agrees to tell Carly the real reason she hired her, then looks up and sees Craig lurking outside the window. She spins a story about not knowing anything about fashion and tells Carly that since she's a designer, she should design her own column. Carly remains skeptical, but agrees to the job. After she leaves, Craig comes in, thrilled that Emily succeeded in getting Carly to stay in town. She rips into him for forcing her hand with Carly. Craig teases Emily about her relationship with Hal and tells her that Hal can't know about Carly's first assignment - a one-on-one interview with Barbara Ryan.

Paul & Rose discuss the designs that Barbara won't let anyone see. Paul wants to have confidence in his mother, but Rose thinks they need to sneak a peek inside her desk. She tries to convince him to break into it, but he's afraid of losing Barbara's trust, since he's the only one she'll let close to her after the explosion. When Rose pushes, saying it's in Barbara's best interest, he wonders if that's the rationalization she used when she took over Lily's life. She throws him out, but agrees to forgive him, just this once, after he apologizes. They talk about Craig circling their families' companies like a vulture, and Rose advises Paul to make a decision about BRO quickly.

Simon arrives home as Bruno is leaving. Katie pushes Simon's buttons and accuses him of being jealous. He denies any jealousy, but says he doesn't like his wife hanging around with sleazebags. She wonders, since he has his money now, why is he still in town. He snarls that he's leaving tonight. "So are we," she says, informing him that Bruno is taking her to St. Martin. When she leaves, Simon wonders if Rose set this whole thing into motion and storms off to confront her.

Nick offers to set it up so Adam and Abigail can use the television station's editing equipment. Molly's worried about Nick spending time with Abigail, since she doesn't want her daughter to know all the mistakes she made in the past. She's torn between wishing Nick would leave town, and wanting to help him straighten out his life. Emma calls, wanting to see Abigail right away. Jake takes this opportunity to take off and give Molly and Nick a chance to straighten things out. They argue, and Nick ends up reminiscing about when they first met. Molly tells him that seems like a lifetime ago. He wants to help Abigail to try to make up for what he did to Molly.

Emily refuses Craig's idea, saying Carly interviewing Barbara will never work. He tells her to make the offer - Carly will love the challenge, and Barbara needs the positive publicity. Emily wonders what's in it for Craig. Meanwhile, Carly arrives at Jake's door with the news that she accepted a job in Oakdale. He's thrilled, and says Molly will be too, until he hears that she'll be working for Emily. Carly's cell phone rings. It's Emily, giving her the assignment for Barbara's interview. Carly's horrified at the thought, but Emily pushes until she agrees. She also insists that Carly get her hands on some of Barbara's designs.

Paul arrives home to find Barbara sketching. She quickly locks her designs in the desk, refusing to let him see them. She leaves for the hospital, and he reluctantly breaks into her desk. He finds almost all of her designs scratched out. There's a knock at the door. Carly pushes her way in, informing Paul that she's there to 'make Barbara into a star.'

Bruno visits Rose and raves about the beautiful blonde that he met. An angry Simon arrives, and Rose realizes that Bruno's been talking about Katie. Simon threatens Bruno, who makes himself scarce. Simon accuses Rose of setting Bruno and Katie up together, then defends Katie when Rose insults her. She's surprised at his passion, and advises him to tell Katie he's in love with her before he loses her. Simon protest that he is not in love with Katie, then storms off.

At WOAK, Nick gets Abigail and Adam set up in the editing room. When they are alone, Abigail kisses Adam. She thanks him for helping her through it when she thought Holden was dead.

Katie and Craig trade quips and he shares how he got Carly to stay in Oakdale. Katie lays into him, telling him that she had Simon where she wanted him (jealous and full of repressed desire) until Craig dropped a pile of money in his lap. Craig explains that without the money, she'd never know if Simon was staying because he loved her or because he was broke. Craig thinks that Simon will stay, but Katie's not so sure. Craig leaves, and Bruno arrives. Simon eavesdrops as they plan their trip. When they're alone, Simon tells Katie that she's welcome to come with him, if she wants. She tells him that instead of being an afterthought, she'd rather go with Bruno, since he puts her first. Both of them refuse to admit their feelings, and Katie leaves. Simon watches her go, then grabs his bag and rushes out the door. Recap --->

Wednesday, August 19, 2001

Al's Diner:

Jennifer asked Hal if she could have her room back. Hal wanted to know why she wanted to move back home. He said he hoped that it wasn't because she was pregnant. She assured him that wasn't the case that she and Bryant never got to that point. She said she couldn't live with Bryant because she couldn't trust him anymore. She said she couldn't live with him because of all the lies that he had told her about the trust fund and about the job he supposedly had with Lucinda.

The Airport:

Bruno told Katie that they wouldn't be staying in a hotel, that he had his own place in St. Martin. Katie felt apprehensive about leaving and said that she had to make a phone call. As Katie left to make her call, Simon walked up to Bruno. Simon told Bruno that he better not hurt Katie and if he did, he would hunt him down to deal with him.

While Simon was talking to Bruno, Katie was on the phone leaving Simon a message on the answering machine. She said that she told him she was going away with Bruno and now she was. She said that if he left Oakdale she would hate him forever.

Bruno told Simon not to worry about Katie. He said that he didn't think Simon had room to talk and said he knew that he brought women in close and then stole from them. Simon asked if Katie told him that. Bruno told him no that he had him checked out and that he knew what kind of guy he was. Simon told Bruno that he better not use Katie.

When Katie returned and saw Simon she was happy that he followed her to the airport. When Katie walked up to them, Simon tried to talk her into not going. She listened but said that she needed a reason to stay. Bruno went to check on his private plane leaving Katie and Simon to talk. Simon told her that the only reason she is leaving with Bruno was to make him jealous and the only reason he was at the airport was because he was leaving too. She told him she wasn't following him this time. She said she knew that she was special and she was never going to follow a guy ever again who doesn't want her. All Simon could manage to get out of his mouth was to say that he has gotten use to her. She begged him to tell her how he really felt about her. He tried to get the words out but all he could say was that he really liked her a lot. Sarcastically she said, "oh, that's so cool." She told him that Bruno wanted to lick grape juice from her toes and he wanted to lavish her with things. Simon said Bruno didn't want to lavish her, that he wanted to ravish her. Katie told Simon that she knew that he loved her, but he just couldn't admit it. She said that it was lonely for her and boring. Katie told Simon that he was stuck on her and he knew that he loved her. He told her if he loved her he would know it. She said as soon as she left the airport with Bruno they were through. He begged her to stay. She put her arms around him and kissed him and then patted him on the cheek and told him that he'd miss her. As she walked away from him she began to cry.

Bryant's Cottage:

As Bryant was on the phone trying to find Jennifer, she walked in behind him. She told him she came for her things. They argued again about the same problems. She told him to leave her alone. She said that it wouldn't work between them anymore that said she was on her Mom's side and he's on his Dad's. She said she hated Craig and that would never change. Billy walked in and when he saw them talking, he said he could come back later. Bryant told him no, that it was OK and left. Billy asked Jennifer why she was always in a bad mood. He said that Bryant told her that he loved her and all she does was give him a bad time.

Java Underground:

Bonnie told Lisa she didn't like her outfit because it was made from polyester, but she appreciated having the job. Lisa talked to Bonnie about her attitude. She said she is entitled to her own opinion, but that she didn't have to express it every minute of the day. Lisa told her that it's a lot better to keep some of her opinions to herself and then people around her would be more relaxed and that way they would never know what she was really planning. Bonnie smiled with her approval of the idea. They saw Isaac and Lisa told him to give Bonnie a chance, that she is anxious to learn. Bonnie said she was sure it will be fun working there. Bonnie told Isaac that she appreciated the chance to work with him. He wasn't buying it and told her that Lisa was gone so she could cut the act. She told him she promised Lisa she'd be pleasant. He said he would enjoy seeing how long it would take to see her lose her cool. He gave her a tray. He told her he wanted to see how she could balance it. He told her that it was her job to smile at the customers and take their order. She told Isaac that he wasn't going to change her and the she wasn't going to change him. They continued to argue about her bad attitude.


Paul looked at Barbara's designs and thought that there must be more designs somewhere. Carly knocked at the door and said she was there for an interview. Paul wanted her to leave. Carly told him she was the fashion editor for the Intruder now. Paul thought that Craig had sent her to make trouble for Barbara. She told him that Craig had nothing to do with it, that she was working for Emily. She said it was a great idea because people like a comeback story; that Barbara was like the "Rocky of the rag trade." Paul didn't think that Barbara would appreciate being compared to Rocky Balboa. Carly said the article could start with the tragic accident and then they would close with Barbara's comments and a sneak preview of her Spring line with a couple of sketched or photos. Then Barbara would be right back on the map, right before the November fashion show. Paul mentioned that Barbara's ex-husband's lover would write the story. Carly denied that she was ever Craig's lover. She said she was just a writer. Paul wasn't buying her story, he told her "no thanks" and told her to leave. Carly said she wasn't leaving before she saw Barbara. When he insisted that she leave, Carly said that she would write the story one way or another. She said she would write a story anyway but it would confirm rumors that Barbara has lost it and that there was no new Spring line and no future for BRO. She told Paul that she didn't want to write that kind of story. She wanted to write that Barbara is back on her feet. Paul wanted to know why. She told him that she thought Barbara was a good designer and that she respected and admired her work and didn't want to hurt her. She said that Barbara needed a good review now. Paul told Carly she was a real con artist. He wasn't buying her story and was still blaming Craig for her being there. He thought Craig was up to his old tricks to get at his mom. He told her again to leave. When she told Parker they were leaving, she saw that he had Barbara's sketchpad. When she looked at the sketches she was shocked. Paul took the pad away from her and asked if she was happy now that she had her scoop. She said she had no idea and told him that he couldn't use those sketches. She said they are... When she struggled to find the words, he said "I know, they stink." She asked him what he was going to do. He told her that she couldn't say anything about the sketches. She said that she wouldn't. He didn't believe her and said that that's why Craig sent her, for leverage. She wanted to know what he meant by leverage. Paul told her about the WorldWide stocks that Craig bought with BRO money and how the judge ruled that Barbara and Craig had to share them. He told her that Craig wanted Barbara's half and the only way he could get them was if BRO failed. Carly said she had no idea. He told her that either she was a very good liar or that Craig had used her again. She told him that she wasn't going to do the story. He asked what would she tell Emily and she said she'd tell her that Barbara was unavailable. He asked what about Craig. She said she'd deal with him. As she was leaving, Paul asked how he could trust her and she told him he didn't have a choice.

The Intruder's Office:

Paul walked in as Emily sat working at her desk. He told her that she didn't look any older and that she looked as young and beautiful as ever. Emily smiled at him.

Craig's Hotel Suite:

Carly was in the hall knocking loudly at Craig's door, telling him to open the door.

Thursday, September 20, 2001

In Malta, Signora Cordina reports to Lily and Damian that there was a terrible car accident and Luke was killed. Lily refuses to believe it as does Holden who suggests they hurry to the police station and examine the body. As they react to the devastating news, Dante watches from nearby smiling.

Worried that Emily will force Carly's hand, Paul pays the editor a visit and asks her not to run the column on Barbara. Emily tricks Paul into admitting that Barbara's designs are terrible for the upcoming show. Paul again pleads with her not to ruin his mother but can't help her when Emily offers a deal. She asks him for information about his father's whereabouts but he claims he has no idea where James is. Later, Paul is tormented by another "visit" from his father who warns him that Barbara will never design again. James presses Paul to "dump her." When James leaves Paul begins to wonder if what he says were true.

Carly talks with Emily about her column and the two end up arguing about Craig's reasons for the story about Barbara. Carly later confronts Craig about her new job at the tabloid and forces him to confess that he arranged for her to be hired as the fashion columnist. When he asks about Barbara's new line, Carly decides to lie and claims they are her best work yet. However, after a chat with Emily, Craig realizes that Carly is covering for Barbara.

Jennifer confides to Billy telling him she knows she hurt Bryant but she's also sure she doesn't belong there with him. Jen and Billy start to kiss passionately.

Friday, September 21, 2001

At the station house, Lily and Holden fight the fear that Luke was killed in the car accident. Dante takes this all in from afar and he approaches the police chief who assures him that Luke is dead. Back at the villa, Lily finds a note on the back of the death certificate which tells them to go to the church tomorrow. Troubled by Jennifer, Bryant boasts to his father that he's not giving up on her. Meanwhile, Jennifer falls for Billy's kind words and ends up making love to him for the first time. Feeling guilty for what they've done, both agree not to tell Bryant for fear of hurting him and split up. While Jennifer confides in Emily about losing her virginity, Bryant advises Billy that he's going to win Jennifer back. Emily lectures her about using condoms and ignores Jennifer's assurances that she'll be fine without one. She offers to take her to the doctor's tomorrow. Confronting her at her apartment, Paul accuses Carly of going back on her word about keeping secret Barbara's failed designs. She denies it and they both confront Emily while on a date with Hal. Hal's upset to hear the truth and, back at home, argues with her about harming Barbara. Defending what she did, Emily advises him to "accept the whole package or don't." He extracts from Emily a promise not to hurt Barbara anymore. Over dinner at the Lakeview, Paul realizes that Craig's aware of the true trouble BRO faces. He apologizes to her for some of the terrible things he said about her and she's touched by his words. Craig's furious to find Paul dining with Carly.

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