As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 17, 2002 on ATWT
A dinner went awry, and Carly and Rosanna fought over Craig. Alison arranged to get stranded in Chicago with Lucy and Aaron. Simon and Henry met face-to-face. Barbara's confession was tossed. Hal and Emily agreed on a marriage proposal. Lily experienced pain and spotting.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 17, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, June 17, 2002
by Andy

At the cop shop, Barbara lamented to Hal over how she should give up her company, and sell BRO in order to pay for her hotshot lawyer, Marshall Travers. Surprisingly, Hal counseled Barbara to fight for what was hers, and if Rosanna offered to help bail her out, then Barbara should take her up on the offer. Barbara thanked Hal for his advice by giving him a huge hug. Just then, Emily and Jack walked in, catching the embrace. Barbara explained the situation then left Hal and Emily alone.

Emily understood Barbara's needs and Hal's need to care for his ex-wife. They kissed, and Alison walked into the station, looking for Emily. "I really need your help," she said. "What do you need?" Emily asked. "Cash. And plenty of it," Alison responded. She wanted the dough to pay for the makeup gift she'd bought for Lucy.

At the Snyder farm, Lucy and Aaron made out in the hay. Later, she opened Alison's gift box and found an expensive bracelet. The token didn't sway Lucy to lower her guard, but she decided to let Alison work to regain the friendship.

At Java, Craig and Carly were kissing when Rosanna and Holden walk in. Holden shocked them back to reality by yelling, "Somebody wanna tell us what the hell is going on here?" A stunned Rosanna asked Carly, "How did he do it? Did he tell you I was waiting for him back at my hotel room? Waiting to make love to him? The idea that he found another woman interesting just really brought out the trash in you, didn't it?"

Carly grabbed Craig and threw him at Rosanna saying, "You want him? Here! Take him, honey!" Rosanna declined the offer, and threatened to tell everyone in town what had just happened. Craig tried to stop her as she left, but she barked at him then stormed out of the room. Carly whispered at Craig, "I wish I never met you." Carly bent down to pick up her purse, and Holden snapped at her, "Hey! You wanna tell me what the hell you were thinking?"

Carly pleaded with Holden, "Please, Holden --" He interrupted her by saying, "Please what? Forget what I saw? Please don't tell Jack? Please what?" Carly said she'd tried to stop him, and Holden believed her story. He told Carly that he knew how Craig operated and that he wouldn't tell Jack if she stayed out of those situations in the future. Rosanna left the two alone to talk.

Holden shifted gears and sternly warned Craig to "think twice before you ever threaten my son." Craig told Holden that Aaron hadn't listened when he'd asked him not to take Lucy on the bike. Holden clarified, "They didn't listen. We all make mistakes." Craig calmly said, "Well, my daughter won't become one of his." Holden retorted, "At seventeen, she is a better person than you could ever hope to be."

Back at the Lakeview, Rosanna was straightening up her room when she found the negligée she'd picked out to wear for Craig. She stopped, sat down in front of the champagne chilling on ice, and began to cry because Craig had crushed her heart. Just then, Barbara knocked at her door. Rosanna didn't have time for her, and told her to go away. Barbara yelled through the door that she wanted to talk about her offer to back BRO. Rosanna laughed and opened the door to shoo her away face-to-face.

Barbara let herself in, and needled Rosanna for the juicy details about what had made her cry. A vulnerable Rosanna explained why she had returned to Oakdale. "I came back to take back what Carly took from me. I want to make her suffer. I want to make her hurt, like the way she made me hurt," Rosanna said. She told Barbara that she had seen "them" kissing.

Barbara asked who "they" were, but the phone rang. Rosanna let the machine pick up. Craig left a message telling her how sorry he was for hurting her. Barbara couldn't believe it. Barbara gasped, "Say it isn't so! You're in love with Craig Montgomery?" Barbara told Rosanna her own sob story involving Craig.

Like a little child, Rosanna asked, "But didn't you ever see the real Craig?" Barbara scoffed, "There is no real Craig!" Barbara suggested that Rosanna get back at Craig by helping her take BRO back to the top. Rosanna said she'd think about it then Barbara left her alone.

Holden found Lucy and Aaron "studying." Lucy excused herself and headed home. Holden told Aaron he'd told Craig to back off, and Aaron said Lucy had gotten Margo to help run interference as well. They high-fived each other, but Holden was worried about round two with Craig.

At the cop shop, Carly found Jack in the interrogation room, doing paperwork. She made some small talk then grabed him and told him how much she loved him, as if it were her last chance. Then she spilled it, "Craig kissed me." He breathed a sigh of relief and asked if that was it. She said, "No -- I kissed him back."

Jack shut the door and asked for more details. Carly explained the whole thing then lunged into his arms and professed her love again. He pushed her off and told her to stay right there. "I'll be right back," he said then he stormed out of the station.

At the Munson residence, Emily hinted at how she wanted to make the relationship with Hal permanent. Then she got on one knee and proposed, "Will you marry me?"

At Java, Craig sidled up to the bar and started to drown his sorrows. A little while later, Jack showed up and spied Craig at the bar. He looked at Craig's face and asked if that was where Carly had slapped him. He said yes. Jack offered to help take his mind off the pain, and sucker-punched him four times. When Craig fell to the ground Jack kicked him then threw the police commissioner's business card at him for easy reference when Craig called to report the assault.

Jack returned to the station and picked up Carly, and they headed home.

Craig managed to get to Rosanna's room and begged her to let him in. She opened the door, and he limply fell into her arms, moaning in pain.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

In front of Ben, Lisa laughed as Brandy explained that Isaac had hired her and asked her to start that night. Lisa doubted Brandy's story, but Ben explained the circumstances as Brandy promised she would do a great job for them. Isaac flew back to Oakdale with Bonnie, who worried about her mother's reaction to the castle being turned into a museum.

Hal was caught off guard when Emily asked him to marry her. Though he was amazed that she would ask, he turned down the offer and explained that none of his marriages had worked. Hal also admited he was concerned that she was proposing to help her deal with her feelings about Alison. Alison interrupted and demanded that her sister tell her what they had been talking about.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

At Hal's house, Alison stopped by looking for Emily, but she was not there. Alison talked with Hal and tried to fish around for some information about the conversation she had overheard the day before. Hal simply told Alison that Susan and Emily would work it out and that she just needed to be patient. Alison left, and Emily returned home. Hal explained that Alison "smells a secret," but she only knew that it was a family matter.

Hal apologized for the night before with Emily's proposal. Then, he pulled flowers from the garden, got on his knee, and proposed to her. Emily's reply was, "Sorry, no can do." She said he only asked that day because she had asked the day before.

In Rosanna's Lakeview suite, Craig awoke but quickly jumped out of bed, realizing that Lucy had been by herself all night. Rosanna tried to get him to stay, and they talked about their activities the night before. Rosanna remembered that Craig had said he could love her. She wanted to know if he could love her that morning or even the next week. Craig said he could. After Rosanna asked if she was better than Carly in bed, Craig told her she was wonderful and giving. They agreed to have dinner together that night.

At Craig's Lakeview suite, Lucy woke up and realized that Craig was not there. She checked to see if Aaron had called and thought about just calling him. At that moment, the doorbell rang. Lucy thought it was Craig, but she was pleased to see it was Aaron. He had just passed his GED and wanted to celebrate by going to a concert in Chicago. Lucy was worried, but Aaron told her he would take Holden's truck, and she needed to get permission from her father first.

Aaron referred to himself as her "boyfriend." Lucy was thrilled, and they kissed just as Craig walked in. Lucy was concerned when she saw Craig's bruises. Craig saw Lucy in her pajamas, kissing Aaron, and ordered him out. Aaron agreed to leave, and Lucy tried to get Craig to understand. Lucy said she was humiliated and asked him where he had been. Craig said, "I am the adult here, Lucy." Lucy said he wasn't acting like one.

Craig and Lucy eventually calmed down and talked. Craig told Lucy that Jack had beaten him up. He eventually apologized for his behavior, and Lucy forgave him. She asked him about the concert, but he absolutely refused to let her go. Lucy was mad that Craig hadn't even given Aaron a chance. She told him that trust worked both ways.

At Jack's house, Carly and Jack passionately kissed until the doorbell rang. It was Margo, who was angry and asked, "Do the words police brutality mean anything to you, Jack?" Jack said he would not apologize and that it had been "well worth it." Margo blamed Carly, but Carly said she hadn't even been there. Margo asked what had started the fight. Jack said it was a compilation of different things.

Margo said it was always about the blonde. Carly became upset because she felt that everyone would always blame her. Rosanna was outside the door and overheard them arguing. Rosanna rang the bell and said she had figured out a way for them all to deal with the messy situation. She asked them to join her and Craig for dinner so they could talk. Jack laughed and said no, but Carly agreed to the dinner. She eventually convinced Jack to agree to it too. Rosanna ran back to Craig and said to him, "Guess who's coming to dinner?

At the farm, Aaron walked into the barn and saw Alison. He asked her why she was there, and she told him about her family problems. Aaron suggested getting away. He said spending time in Oakdale with his dad helped his problems. Alison said her dad lived near Chicago, but she didn't know how she would get there -- she didn't have any money for a bus. Aaron said he could give her a ride that night.

Alison was really touched by his suggestion but then quickly got disappointed when she realized that Lucy would also be there. Just then, Lucy walked in and saw Alison and Aaron in the barn. She asked Alison what she was doing there and also thanked her for the gift. Aaron explained about the Chicago trip, and once Lucy realizeed that Alison would be going to Chicago, she told Aaron that her dad was letting her go to the concert.

Thursday, June 20, 2002
by MJ

Lily experienced cramps while she and Holden saw Aaron off for his date with Lucy. Holden invited Aaron to stay at their house because Emma was going out of town.

Lucy attempted to write Craig a note and sneak off to the concert. Unbeknownst to Lucy, Craig was in the bedroom and walked in while she was writing her note. Craig tried to explain that he felt Chicago was too far away for Lucy's first outing with Aaron. In front of Alison, Lucy lied and told her father that she and Alison were going to the mall.

Lucy and Alison arrived at the farm to leave on their trip to Chicago. Once in Chicago, the teens attempted to drop Alison off at her father's, but Alison's father was about to leave town and didn't want her to stay. Alison found herself nestled in with Aaron and Lucy while they attempted to have a first date.

Isaac arrived at Java with Bonnie. Jessica, Ben, and Lisa were delighted and surprised to see that romance had blossomed between Isaac and Bonnie. All were thrilled that Bonnie had returned to Oakdale.

Jessica spoted Marshall Travers at Java with Barbara. Angry that she'd lost Barbara's confession as evidence, Jessica wasn't very receptive to Marshall. Marshall recruited Brandy to gain knowledge about Jessica and Bonnie.

Lisa offered Barbara funding until she learned whether Rosanna was willing to back BRO.

Rosanna's dinner guests arrived. Rosanna and Carly left Craig and Jack at Rosanna's while the women went to pick up a bottle of wine, which Craig had forgotten. Craig and Jack discussed their shared desire to be with Carly, and Craig offered Jack a truce. Carly told Rosanna that Rosanna's dinner invitation had been motivated by her desire to exhibit her newfound relationship with Craig. Carly and Rosanna squabbled about Craig. During the argument, Rosanna announced that Craig thought she was a better lover than Carly.

Friday, June 21, 2002

At Holden and Lily's house, Holden was pacing the floor, waiting for Aaron to return from Chicago. When he checked the answering machine, Lucinda had left a message that she was going to be stopping by. Lily took that as her cue to leave, and she went upstairs to bed to put her feet up. The doorbell rang, and Holden answered it, but it was Katie. She had a fax that she had received from Simon stating that he was in trouble and needed her help.

When Lucinda showed up, she decided to go to Avanya and find out what was going on. Katie said that she was going with her. Lucinda realized that arguing with Katie was futile and decided to let her go along. After Lucinda and Katie left, Lily returned downstairs and told Holden that her pains were getting worse, and she was spotting. She told him that she had called her doctor, and they had to go to the hospital.

When Alison lied to Lucy and Aaron that her father was not home, they didn't know what to do. Alison said that she would wait in the car while they attended the concert. Aaron told Lucy they couldn't do that and that they would have to return to Oakdale. Lucy was disappointed, but Alison was pleased with herself that she had messed up their plans. On the way home, Aaron took a wrong turn and got lost. Aaron and Lucy got out of the truck to ask someone how to get back to the highway.

While Aaron and Lucy were gone, Alison took the keys and threw them out the window. When Aaron and Lucy got back in the car, Aaron couldn't find the keys, and Lucy looked at Alison suspiciously. Alison said that she had nothing to do with the missing keys. Aaron thought he'd lost the keys while he had been trying to find directions to the highway. Lucy told him that she had to be back home in forty-five minutes.

Aaron said they had nothing else to do but to call a tow truck. Alison called her mother and left a message that she was going to stay with Lucy. Lucy called her father and left a message that she was staying at Alison's. Alison then handed the phone to Aaron.

In Avanya, Simon was pretending to be a big-time gambler and was playing cards with some locals in a bar. Henry walked into the bar and ordered a martini. He questioned the bartender about some "Americanos," a handsome man and a beautiful woman from New Jersey, deep New Jersey. The bartender said that he had not seen anyone like that. Henry took a sip of his martini and almost started to cry.

Henry told the bartender that it was the best martini he had ever tasted. He paid the bartender then asked about a man named Cooley. Henry was grabbed by his shirt and turned around. Simon was there and told him that Cooley was no longer in charge, but he was. Simon dragged Henry off to the side and questioned him about Rose and Paul.

Henry said that he didn't have any idea what Simon was talking about. Simon searched Henry and found the paper that proved that the Rose of Sharon was real. Simon asked Henry where the diamond was. Henry told him that Cooley had the diamond. Simon said that he would hold on to the papers until they could locate Mr. Cooley, Rose, Paul, and the diamond. Henry got away from Simon and ran out of the bar. Simon collected his winnings and ran after Henry.

While Rosanna and Carly were in Craig's suite, getting a bottle of wine, Craig and Jack had a talk about Carly and Rosanna. Craig told Jack that he would leave Carly alone because he had something to keep his interest away from her. Jack wasn't sure if he believed Craig. The two men decided that Carly and Rosanna had been gone long enough and went to see what was keeping them.

In Craig's suite, Rosanna had dangled the carrot in front of Carly. She told her sister that she and Craig had slept together, and Craig had told her that she was a better lover than Carly. Carly didn't believe her sister, but Rosanna kept picking at her until they ended up slapping each other, which led to a full-blown catfight. Craig and Jack walked in and broke up the two women. Jack told Carly that they should just call it a night and go home.

After Jack and Carly were gone, Craig asked Rosanna what she and her sister had been fighting about. Rosanna asked him if he really had to ask that question. She asked him to have dinner with her in her suite. She walked out the door seductively, and he followed her. Later, after they had eaten, Rosanna was being quiet, and Craig asked her why was she so quiet.

Rosanna asked if Craig had beeen truthful with her when he'd said that she was better in bed than Carly. He told her again that she was a better lover than her sister. She kissed him and asked him to spend the night with her. He said that he had to go because Lucy was home. She said that she understood but continued to kiss him. She kissed his neck and nibbled his ear. Craig had a faraway look in his eyes.

At Jack's house, Carly and Jack finished eating pizza, and they were not talking. Jack made a comment about the silence. He asked Carly about the fight between her and Rosanna. She brushed it off by saying that she had wanted to hit her sister ever since she had returned to Oakdale. Jack told her about Craig, and claimed that he would not pursue Carly any longer. He added that Craig had someone else to chase after.

Carly and Jack kissed. Jack said that as long as he could keep doing that, he didn't care what Craig was doing. He hugged Carly, but Carly had the same faraway look that Craig had.

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