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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 11, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, August 11, 2003

Bonnie meets with Walker Daniels to get the results of the DNA tests on Marshall Travers and Sarah. Bonnie promises Walker that she will hold him blameless if there are any repercussions from his helping her. Is T. Marshall Travers the father of Sarah? Yes, Walker tells her, Travers is Sarah's biological father.

At Mabel's, Todd from the Community Center is having an outing with some of the children from the Center, including Sarah. Marshall Travers arrives with a date, and while they are involved in ordering their hot dogs, Sarah lifts the woman's wallet from her purse. She takes out a quarter to use in the juke box and then puts the wallet in her pocket. Todd takes the other kids out to the van while Sarah listens to her song. When Travers' date goes to pay for their drinks, she realizes her wallet is gone. Travers recognizes Sarah and demands that she hand over the wallet.

At the police station, Hal and Emily are sharing Chinese take-out. Emily declares that they need to get her mother away from Ric as soon as possible. Hal tells her that Jeffrey Starr, the missing reporter, did not show up at an awards ceremony in Atlanta at which he was being recognized. Hal tells her "dead reporters tell no tales." Emily decides to go see her mother right away.

At the hospital, Susan asks Ric about Alison's comments that she had found Susan alone in the house when she came to get her belongings. Ric suggests they go home and discuss it there.

In Paul's penthouse, Jennifer and Barbara argue about Andre. Jen tells her mother she is moving in with Paul and wants nothing more to do with Barbara or BRO. Barbara screams that Jen has been set up by Paul, not her. When Jen leaves the room, Paul tells his mother that his nasty streak is genetic.

At Susan's house, Ric tells her that the only time he left her side on the night in question was to go upstairs to get aspirin for his recurring migraine headache. But why wasn't his car in the driveway, she asks? Ric explains that because of paving in the neighborhood, he parked a block away so that he wouldn't be stuck in case they paved their street. Ric has an answer for all Susan's questions, but Susan is getting suspicious. Ric then tells Susan that her daughters are their "enemies," and Susan comes immediately to their defense. Ric complains that he does not like people thinking the worst of him, including her. Suddenly, Emily bursts in.

At Mabel's, Sarah denies taking the wallet, and Todd comes in to defend her. Travers begins to call the police and Sarah grabs the wallet from her pocket and offers it. Travers agrees not to press charges since so little money is missing, but he warns Sarah to tell Bonnie to leave him alone. Sarah gets very defensive about Bonnie.

Bonnie and Walker are still talking. Walker cannot understand why Bonnie hates Marshall Travers so much until she tells him the story of how Travers raped her mother, Jessica. Although Walker now comprehends how Bonnie feels about Travers, he warns her that the DNA results are Sarah's business, not Bonnie's.

At Paul's, Barbara writes Paul the million dollar check in payment of the bet that Jennifer would be living with him before the month was out. Paul takes the check but then rips it to shreds. He chastises his mother for leaving Hal and marrying sleazy Craig Montgomery, and then offers her another bet. Would she like to bet that Barbara and Hal's son Will won't be living with her in the near future as well? Barbara tells him he is just like his father, James Stenbeck.

Ric tells Emily that she can come and go as she pleases in their house, and Emily in turn apologizes for her questioning of him. Ric tells Susan he must return to the hospital to see about some patients, and he leaves the two women alone. Susan admits to Emily that married life with Ric is not quite what she expected. Emily tells her mother to count on her for help.

Hal finds Alison at the hospital and learns she is living at Katie's now. She doesn't know, however, what she will do when Katie comes back. Can she come and live with Hal, she asks? Hal tells her that that might not be necessary; perhaps she can go back home. He also confides to her that Ric is still a suspect in the serial killings. As soon as Hal leaves, Ric finds Alison and tries to explain how he was in the house while she was there the other night. Alison doesn't believe a word he is saying. Ric tells her she is very rude and grabs her shoulder to keep her from leaving.

Paul gives Jennifer a set of keys to the penthouse, because it is now her home too. Jen takes the keys and goes to get some air. Paul looks in the mirror and James is standing beside him applauding his actions. He is a chip off the old block, James tells him. Paul tells him to go to hell.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

As Marshall was yelling at Bonnie about Sara, Bonnie hid the DNA tests behind her back. Marshall told her that she better keep Sara away or he was going to go to the police. Jessica approached and told Bonnie to just stay away from Marshall. Marshall told her about Sara's stealing from his date and repeated his promise. After Marshall left, Jessica continued to scold Bonnie. Jessica had just returned from Springfield with news about Bonnie becoming Sara's foster parent. Jessica told her to just keep away from Marshall and make sure Sara does the same. Bonnie promised her mother that she would stay away from Marshall. Outside, Marshall called a private investigator to check out Sara and to find out everything about her.

Emily was trying to get Susan to tell her what was bothering her. Susan recalled her conversation with Ric and that he was not at home while Susan was asleep. Susan would not tell her. Emily tried to apologize to her mother again. Susan tried to reassure Emily that everything was OK. Emily told her mother that she would always be there for her. Emily left and called Hal. Emily told Hal that she was worried that her mother would protect Ric until death do they part. At the hospital Ric grabbed Alison's arm and told her that he would not tolerate lying behind his back. As Ric continued to intimidate her, Chris walked up and told him to stop harassing Alison. Ric apologized and left. Chris said he was glad he had come by. Alison told Chris that he didn't have to always be her rescuer. Chris hugged her and they walked away. At the coffee shop, just as they started to talk, Chris was paged. Chris told her that when she walked away from him earlier, it hurt. He told her that he was not giving up on her and kissed her goodbye. Alison said for once she felt like the ball was actually in her court. Later, Ric was home lying on the couch when Susan entered. They were talking when Susan recommended that, since he was under so much stress, he should go see a psychiatrist. Ric snapped at her. He quickly apologized and said that he had a bad experience with a psychiatrist. He said all he needed was Susan.

Rosanna and Craig were talking about Craig investing in Java Underground with Dusty. Rosanna was not happy about it. Rosanna remarked that Paul had told her that Dusty was a fraud. Craig showed a little jealously when Rosanna told him she had spoken to Paul. Craig tried to dispel all the rumors about Dusty. Rosanna told Craig that if he wanted to be partners with Dusty that he would have to finance it with his own money and not with Rosanna's. Craig said he could always ask Sierra for the funds. Rosanna did not like that response. He told Rosanna to think of all the fun they could have working together. Finally, Rosanna agreed.

Paul was talking to himself when Jennifer walked in. Paul made up the excuse that when you are stranded after a plane crash, you talk to yourself just to have company. They talked about Barbara and Andreas briefly and then went out for a drink at the Java Underground. There, Dusty was convincing Rose that having Craig as a partner in Java would give Dusty a chance to start over again. Rose reluctantly agreed. Satisfied, Dusty proposed a toast to Rose, just as Paul and Jen walked in. Rose stopped kissing Dusty when she saw Paul. Dusty approached Paul and tried to make amends. Paul refused and he left. Back at the apartment, Jen made an excuse that she left her bracelet at Java. As Jen closed the door she said it was her turn to help Paul. In the apartment, James appeared before Paul and told him that he was disappointed in him. Paul said he just wanted to move forward and be done with Rose, Barbara, Dusty and James. As he turned around, re realized he was talking to himself again. At Java, Rose left and Jen approached Dusty. She talked about Paul and how angry he was but assured Dusty that Paul would get over it. Dusty thanked her and she left, leaving Dusty with a very interesting look on his face.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Marshall and Dusty finalize the plans to buy Java Underground. Sarah shows up and argues with Marshall. She tells him that she has to apologize to keep her privileges. Marshall says she should apologize because she wants to not because she has to. He calls her "Bonnie's little juvenile delinquent in training."

Bonnie goes to see Jennifer and tells her all about Sarah and who her father is and she updates her on Marshall raping her mother. Jen advises her to tell Isaac everything. Later, Bonnie goes to see Isaac and he says he feels free now that he sold Java Underground. She tells him that she stole Marshall's toothbrush, did a DNA test, and discovered that Marshall is Sarah's father. Isaac advises her to tell her mother and Marshall. He says that if she doesn't tell Marshall the truth, he will. Meanwhile, Marshall walks in and asks what they are talking about.

Hal and Will spend some time together. While they are eating lunch, Paul walks in and asks Hal if he can take Will fishing tomorrow. Hal gives permission for the trip but tells Paul to ease up on Barbara. After Paul leaves, Barbara walks in and tells Hal that Paul has been harassing her and that he manipulated Jennifer against her. She will not let Paul take Will away from her either. Barbara says that she doesn't want Will to go out with Paul anywhere. Hal finally gives in and tells Will he isn't allowed to go anywhere with Paul.

Rosanna wants Craig to go to lunch with Carly and Sage but he says he has a meeting with Dusty. She gets angry so he agrees to go to lunch after his meeting. Rosanna meets Carly and they talk about Sage. Carly tells Rosanna she can babysit when her and Jack go away. Rosanna is touched and they share a moment between sisters.

Paul receives a package in the mail. It is curtains from Rosanna that Emma had made. He decides to thank Rosanna and shows up at the Lakeview. He picks up Sage and says how much he enjoys children. He says he wants kids but he'll probably have to adopt. Rosanna gets upset and walks away so Paul asks Carly why Rosanna is upset. Carly explains that Rosanna can't have any children. Paul goes to Rosanna and apologizes to her. She is upset so he hugs her to comfort her and Craig sees them. When they go back to the table for lunch, Craig shows up, eyeing Paul.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

At the hospital, Alison tries to dodge Chris but Chris catches up to her. As they are talking, Alison lets it slip about Dr. Decker not being at home the night she went to her mother's house to move her stuff. She tells him that Ric was yelling at her at the hospital because if some people got hold of that information, they could make big trouble for him. Chris asks if she has told the police about it. She asks if it is important. Chris grabs her hand and says, "Let's go talk to Hal."

When Hal gets home, Emily has champagne ready to toast to their anniversary. She tells Hal that they can put off the real celebration until after the Ric problem is figured out. Emily can see that something else is worrying Hal. He tells her about Barbara putting her foot down about Paul taking Will fishing. Emily asked if Will knows yet and Hal says that he has told his son. Then she asks about Paul. Hal tells her that he has not told him yet. Emily tells Hal to go and inform Paul about the fishing trip and she will be there when he returns. He tells her how great she is and takes off to see Paul. After he is gone, there is a knock at the door. Emily says, "Go away Barbara. The door is locked." Then she hears Alison outside the door. Emily opens the door and sees Chris with Alison. Emily asks if they are supposed to be working at the hospital. Chris tells Emily that Alison has some information on Ric. Emily grabs her sister and tells her to get inside. Alison asks Emily if it is important if Ric wasn't with their mom one night when he said he was. Emily tells her that it depends on which night. Alison tells Emily about the night. Emily says that is the night that the reporter came up missing. Emily tells Chris and Alison about Mr. Star and how he was writing an article on Ric. She adds that Mr. Star is a crime reporter. Alison asks if their mother knows about this. At that moment, Susan walks in the door. She has a present for Emily and Hal's anniversary. Susan looks at her daughters and asks if she barged in at a bad time. Emily walks over to her and takes her present. She says that she did not come at a bad time. Emily opens the gift and tells her mother how nice it is that she remembered her anniversary. Susan feels the tension in the room and tells her daughters that she must be going. Emily asks where is she going and Susan tells her that she is due at work. Susan tells Emily that she loves her and they hug. Emily tells her mother that she loves her too. Alison walks over to Susan and gives her a hug and tells her mother that she loves her. After Susan is gone, Alison turns to Emily and says, "That was weird." Emily says that she knows. She says that she was telling her mother that she loves her and all she could think about was bringing down her husband. She looks at Chris and then at Alison and says, "Folks, we have a big problem."

At Java Underground, Marshall is grilling Bonnie and Isaac. He wants to know why Bonnie is keeping a secret from him. Isaac tells him to drop it but Marshall won't. When Marshall starts to talk about Sarah, Bonnie can't take it any more. She tells Marshall the big secret is that she hates him. She adds that she hates what he did to her mother. She says that is what she has been keeping from him. Marshall looks at her and then says, "You are lying through your teeth."

Jennifer has a business proposition for Dusty. She wants to supply him with a bevy of beautiful models for his opening night at Java Underground. Dusty asks what this will cost him. She tells him that he just has to supply the champagne. Dusty is suspicious of what she is up to, but he gives in and tells her that she can arrange the evening. Their conversation is interrupted when Marshall starts yelling at Bonnie. Jennifer gets up and goes to Bonnie's rescue. Dusty joins in and drags Marshall off to look over the contracts for buying Java Underground. Bonnie thanks Jennifer for coming to the rescue. Jennifer asks if there it anything else she can do. Bonnie tells her thanks, but no. Bonnie tells Jennifer that she needs to talk to Isaac about something. Jennifer takes the hint and leaves. Bonnie pulls Isaac off to the side and tells him that there is a way around Marshall. Isaac says that if it involves dancing on his grave, then he is in. Bonnie asks if they can get married. Isaac informs her that is a question that should be asked on ones knee. Bonnie tells him to wait. She says that there is something else. She proposes that they get married and adopt Sarah. Isaac asks if all this is for Sarah. She tells him that Sarah needs to be protected. Isaac looks into her eyes and says, "What the hell, let's get married." Bonnie hugs him and says that he won't regret it. She grabs her purse and says that she needs to tell her mother. He warns her that her mother will not be doing cartwheels over this one. Bonnie says that she is going to have to go along with it. She kisses Isaac and leaves Java Underground. After she is gone, Isaac takes out his cell phone and calls Jessica. He tells Jessica that Bonnie is on her way to see her and he was calling to give her a heads up.

Bonnie walks into her mother's apartment and tells her about everything that has been going on between her and Marshall and Sarah. Jessica tells her mother that she needs to take Sarah away from Oakdale and she and Isaac are getting married. Jessica says, "What!" Bonnie says that she knows that things are moving fast, but she knows that her mother will help them. Jessica tells her to wait a minute. Jessica says that after Marshall's complaint she will lucky if she will be able to see Sarah. Bonnie tells her mother that she knows she will help her. Jessica asks if there is something more that she is not telling her. Bonnie tells her mother that she loves Isaac and she wants to adopt Sarah and that is all. Jessica tells her daughter that with all the things that Sarah has done to Marshall, she can't decide who is the younger one. She starts talking about Bonnie breaking into Marshall's suite to steal his toothbrush and she put a stop on her getting his DNA. Bonnie stops her mother. She says, "I did it." Jessica asks, "Did what?" Bonnie says that she went through with Marshall's DNA and Sarah is Marshall's daughter. The only thing that Jessica can say is, "Oh my God." Jessica walks over to her sofa and sits down. She tells Bonnie that she has to tell him. Bonnie says that she won't. Jessica tells Bonnie that if she doesn't tell Marshall that Sarah is his daughter, then she will.

Marshall calls and finds out that Sarah has been treated at the hospital. Marshall goes to the hospital and finds Dr. Dixon. He tells John that he needs some information on a patient and John informs him that patient information is confidential. Marshall tells John that he doesn't need to look at the records but maybe John could take a look at them. Marshall asks John to look and see if she has family that he can go to. John agrees to do it. When John returns he tells Marshall that he has ordered a hard copy of Sarah's records. John asks what has this girl done to him. Marshall says that she has been harassing him and stalking him. He adds that she even has stolen from him. Marshall tells John that the person who gives her orders had even stolen his toothbrush. Marshall asks John, "Now why would anyone want my toothbrush?" John tells Marshall that whenever they get toothbrushes at the hospital, it is usually for a DNA test. John asks, "Nobody would be after your DNA now, would they?" Marshall asks, "Why would they be?"

Craig shows up for lunch and has a huge chip on his shoulder. When he first shows up, Paul tries to leave. Craig implores him to stay and have lunch with them. Rosanna gives Sage a present and Carly opens it. It is a beautiful silver brush. Carly says how beautiful the gift is. Craig pipes up and makes a comment on how much the silver brush cost Rosanna. Rosanna is embarrassed. Rosanna says that the cost doesn't matter. Craig says that it doesn't matter to her. Craig adds, "But then again you do like to shop around." Paul says that any child would be lucky to have Rosanna in their life. Carly can sense the tension and she tries to change the subject. She tells Paul that he should see what Rosanna has done to Fairwinds. She tells him that she has it beautifully decorated. Craig pipes up again and says that they finally got rid of Bar-bar's gothic stench and the place actually feels human now. Carly says, "Craig! For heavens sake!" Paul has had enough of Craig and his comments and so have Rosanna and Carly. Paul tells Rosanna and Carly goodbye and leaves. Rosanna tells Craig that she will be staying with Carly for a few days while Jack is out of town. Everyone leaves Craig sitting alone at the table.

After Paul gets home, he starts to get ready for the big fishing trip. Hal knocks on the door and Paul lets him in. Hal breaks the news to Paul about Barbara. Paul tells Hal that his mother can't stop him from seeing his little brother. Hal tells Paul that she can stop him from taking him on any trips. Hal tells him that the agreement is that Paul can see Will at Hal's house or Barbara's house only. Paul asks if Will is upset. At that moment, Jennifer walks in and hears her brother. She asks, "Is Will upset?" Hal tell Jennifer about Barbara. Paul picks up a fishing pole and gives it to Hal and asks Hal to give it to Will. Hal smiles and tells Paul that he will give the fishing pole to Will. Hal leaves. Jennifer walks over to Paul and tells him that she is sorry. Paul says that they may lose the battle but they will win the war. Jennifer asks what that means. Paul says, "Very soon, our brother will be living with us."

When Carly and Rosanna get to Carly's house in Luther's Corner, Carly can see that Rosanna is upset with the way Craig had been acting at lunch. Carly suggests that her sister has something that she wants to say to Craig or ask Craig. She asks Rosanna if she is right. Rosanna sits on the couch and she has tears in her eyes. She tells Carly that there is something that she has wanted to say to Craig, but she has found it to be too difficult. Carly sits beside her. She tells her sister to say it out loud. Say it to her. Rosanna says through her tears, "I want a child. I want a child more than anything in the world."

Tomorrow on As The World Turns...

Carly says to Rosanna, "Now march yourself over there and tell that man you want a baby!" Ric says to Susan, "You have to decide who you want in your life, me or your daughters." Jessica says to Bonnie, "Sarah is his child. Marshall has to hear the truth. If not from you, then from me!"

Friday, August 15, 2003
by Andy

Carly urges Rosanna to talk to Craig about her desire to have a child. Meanwhile, Craig vents to Dusty that he isn't happy about Paul's interest in Rosanna. Later, Craig is caught off guard when Rosanna announces that she wants to adopt a child. Hal warns if Susan is covering for Rick, she could be an accessory to murder. Alison and Emily argue that Susan can't possibly know the truth about Rick; she is blinded by love. Chris suggests using Alison's word that Rick wasn't in the house the night Jeffrey Starr disappeared as a basis for getting a search warrant. Emily calls Susan and asks to see her right away. Susan defends Rick, but in time begins to see that he must be lying to her. Tom can't get a judge to issue a search warrant. Chris tells Alison, who insists they don't need one since she hardly needs a warrant to go through her own home. Susan tells Rick she can't protect him any longer. Jessica and Bonnie continue to argue over her telling Marshall the truth about Sarah. Bonnie threatens to cut Jessica out of her life if she reveals the secret. Jessica is tired of trying to get Bonnie to see reality. She warns that if Marshall finds out on his own that Sarah is his, the consequences could be worse. John reveals that Sarah is from Brazil. Marshall learns Sarah is fifteen, the same age his daughter would have been. Marshall waits while workmen prepare to open his daughter's coffin. When it is opened, Marshall is shocked by what he sees. Meanwhile, Bonnie decides that she and Isaac have to get Sarah away from Marshall and out of the country.

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