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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 17, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, January 17, 2005

Mike tries to convince Jennifer (and himself) that he is thinking of her rather than of Katie and Henry's upcoming wedding, while Katie persuades Henry to ask Mike to be his best man, in order to give Mike every opportunity to stop their bogus wedding. At first Henry objects, but Katie promises to go through with the wedding if Mike doesn't stop it. Henry leaves to find Mike, who has just agreed to spend a romantic Valentine's weekend with Jennifer in New York City. Henry bursts in, with great fanfare, to ask Mike to be his best man on the same weekend. Mike at first turns Henry down, but Henry convinces both Mike and Jen that he really loves Katie. Mike agrees to be Henry's best man, but he insists that Jen attend the wedding with him. Katie asks Margo to be her matron of honor, but Margo refuses, because she sees through the whole plan as soon as she hears Henry announce that Mike has agreed to be the best man.

At metro Will is furious at Rosanna for attempting to get back on his good side by buying him a car and he rebuffs her attempts to help him. Finally, he softens after Rosanna tells him that she loves him and asks him to forgive her for not trusting him, and he agrees to come to visit at Fair Winds.

At the police station, Emily tells Paul that she knows that she was the one who played the tricks on Rosanna, but she has no idea why she did those things. Emily tells Paul the story of her illness, and Paul realizes that Barbara must have been behind the entire gaslighting plan. Paul suggests that Emily go home to try to jog her memory of what happened there. He goes to metro to tell Rosanna that he is going to accompany Emily to Emily's home to help her recall what happened.

Carly tries to get Jack to recognize Julia as a "toxic" person who is on the verge of destroying their lives. Jack tries to get Carly to promise that there would be no more dirty tricks, but Carly insists that she must continue to fight to save their family from Julia. Jack angrily leaves, slamming the door behind him.

Lily imagines finding Holden at the cabin and having a passionate reunion, as she drives to tell him about Aaron's emergency surgery. However, at the farm, Holden and Julia are luxuriating in front of the fire, after making love. When Lily arrives, Holden and Julia throw their clothes on and try to put on an innocent act. Lily is suspicious, but she leaves after telling Holden the news about Aaron. Holden prepares to take Luke back to town to see Aaron. Holden and Julia kiss goodbye, and Luke, who has suddenly aged about 8 years, sees them. After Holden and Luke leave, Lily returns and she and Julia exchange insincere apologies. On the drive home, Luke coldly asks his father, "Did you have fun?"

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Everything is good news at Memorial Hospital! Ben is happy to tell Aaron that his progress is excellent and that he can expect a full recovery. Aaron and Ali celebrate the good news by enjoying a sweet kiss. Ben presents Aaron with a list of things to do and not to do after he leaves the hospital -- Ali and Aaron both blush when Ben tells them "most importantly, no sex!" Bob Hughes tells Ben that he has decided to talk to the hospital board about his reinstatement, and that if all goes well he should be back on staff by the end of the week. When Jessica runs into Ben he tells her the good news and she is delighted! They make plans to celebrate and they kiss -- a move that seems to surprise -- yet delight -- them both! Chris walks into Aaron's room and catches Alison and Aaron in a kiss. He surprises them by announcing that he is leaving to take a job at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. Chris seems very sad when he says good-bye to his father and grandmother in the hospital, especially when Nancy presents him with his grandfather's watch.

Henry and Katie decide that the sort of wedding they want (the kind that will really get Mike's attention) is way over their heads financially, and that one of them needs to get a job. Henry has set up an interview for Katie with the owner of the Downtown Gym. As they talk, the owner tells them that business has been bad since the murder there. Just as they discuss the murder, Mike walks in and is not shy about listening in or presenting his opinions about Katie working at the gym. He is not happy with Henry, either, that he would let Katie work where a murder occurred. For somebody who has a new girlfriend, Mike is very upset about the situation.....Katie is so thrilled that her plan is working that she doesn't see how unhappy all the talk about Mike is making Henry.

When Mike ran into Henry and Katie at Metro, he was escaping a mother/daughter confrontation in his own home. Barbara had tracked her daughter down to talk to her about Will, but Jennifer would have none of it. Barbara also suggested that she wanted to work again and that she would be using the suite at the Lakeview. When Mike returned home, he found Jennifer looking for an apartment -- he asks Jennifer to move in with him.

Paul has paid the $200,000 bond on Emily's release from jail and the two go directly to her home to try to find evidence of whatever it was that Barbara did to cause Emily to terrorize Rosanna. Emily remembers just enough for them to suspect that Barbara drugged her with the tea....and just as they start to pile dishes into a box to take to a forensic expert, Barbara walks into the kitchen and yells at them: "What the hell are you doing in my house!" Her eyes grow wide when she sees the box of what could be very incriminating evidence.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

While Rafael talks to Sierra about his feelings for Lucy, Lucy and Dusty come face-to-face. She tells him that she loves him more than ever and makes a final play to reach out to him. But Lucy's remarks fall on deaf ears when she admits that she still can't deny her feelings for Rafi. Later, while Rafi confronts Lucy to make his case for why they should be together and kisses her, Dusty gets a talking to from Lucinda. She tells him he would be a fool to let Lucy go with all the love she has for him and Dusty is moved enough to head to the jewelry store.

Barbara confronts Paul and Emily about taking the dishes. Barbara rails at Emily for what she has done to Will and though Emily knows she didn't act on her own volition, she is still affected by what Will is going through. Hal agrees to test the dishes, but his hesitancy to believe her unconditionally causes Emily to feel she must move out, at least until things blow over.

Katie is disheartened when she realizes how hard renovating the gym will be, but she remains convinced she can reawaken Mike's feelings for her. Later, when Mike and Jennifer get their directions wrong and wind up at Katie's gym for a photo shoot, Katie is thrilled until the happy couple reveals their plans to move in together. Once Mike and Jennifer leave, Katie hits on a new, perfect scheme to have Mike do the renovations for the gym so that Katie and Mike can spend lots of quality time together. An encouraging Henry continues to keep his feelings to himself, but secretly hopes the wedding does happen.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Due to news coverage of the Presidential Inauguration, today's episode was pre-empted. This pre-emption was planned for and there will be no lost episodes. Regular broadcasting will resume tomorrow and pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

Friday, January 21st, 2005

Luke went to see Aaron at the hospital and Aaron was surprised to see him. Luke should have been in school. Aaron suspected it was about Holden and Lily. Aaron tried to explain that sometimes people lose their perspective on things but eventually they work it out. Luke said he didn't think it would happen for his Mom and Dad. Outside Aaron's room Julia received a phone call from Jack wanting to see her and talk about JJ. After she hung up, Holden appeared. It gave Julia an opportunity to tell Holden that she didn't expect anything after the other night because she didn't want to jeopardize their friendship. They walked into Aaron's room and when Holden saw Luke he wanted to know why he was there. Luke left and Holden followed him trying to get an answer out of him. Holden told him that he has been acting strange lately. Luke told him he didn't want to talk about it and walked away. Holden went back into the room and asked Aaron what was wrong with Luke. Aaron said Luke was definitely upset but couldn't get any details out of him. Julia left the room and asked to speak to Holden. She wanted to know if Aaron was okay. Holden said something was wrong and he needed to get to the bottom of it. Holden asked her to tell Emma that he would bring home the papers she needed later on. Julia said she would but Emma had gone to visit Iva for a few days. Holden made a comment that he and Julia would be alone but Julia corrected him. After Holden left, Julia said to herself that they would be alone because she would make Jack take JJ for the night. Holden went back into Aaron's room and Lily appeared asking if Aaron wanted to come home with her. Aaron said he was good to go back to his apartment and they would be leaving once the paperwork came. Lily said she would wait for it so Holden could take Aaron home right away. After Aaron left the room, Lily asked Holden how the separation was going. He said, "Just fine" and left the room. Luke came back surprising Lily. Lily asked why he was acting so strangely, Luke told her she didn't want to know. Lily pushed Luke until he told her that he saw Holden kissing Julia.

Jack and Carly continued to argue about Julia and JJ. Jack was extremely upset with Carly but she wouldn't back down. Jack finally told her that no one, not even her, was going to come between him and JJ. As he left, Lily was at the door. Jack told her if she came to conspire with Carly to get rid of Julia to forget it. Lily came to tell Carly about finding Julia at the cabin with Holden. Lily said Julia was very cordial with her and concerned for Aaron. Carly tried to find an ulterior motive but Lily told her not to make it worse. Lily had learned a lot about herself after Holden left her. She told Carly not to make the same mistake. Later, Carly left Jack a message apologizing for the way she acted. At Emma's, Jack and Julia talked about what Carly was doing. Julia was adamant about not having JJ in an environment that would upset him and she felt that Carly would continue to antagonize her. Jack explained that Carly wouldn't be a problem anymore. Julia wasn't convinced and told Jack that maybe they should try to see how JJ would do at Jack's home. Jack agreed to take JJ home for the night. Carly was waiting at home and was quite surprised when she opened the door and there stood Jack and JJ!

Craig and Sierra were at Al's Diner talking about Rafi and Lucy. They were both concerned about Lucy's feeling for both Dusty and Rafi. Craig played it cool and said that Lucy will make the right choice when the time comes. Sierra said that Craig had changed. Craig said he was trying. Jordan walked in on them prompting Craig to leave. Jordan told Sierra that he was glad Sierra and Craig were getting along. Later, Jordan made a call to Lucinda and told her that he wouldn't spy on Sierra anymore. He cared too much for her to jeopardize their friendship. Lucinda, however, had other ideas.

Lucinda met with Dusty and he showed her the two rings he had bought Lucy. He was going to ask her to marry him. He asked Lucinda what style ring Lucy would like, square cut or pear-shaped. Lucinda said to go with the square one. She also told Dusty to stop worrying about everything and go ask her granddaughter for her hand! At Lucinda's, Craig arrived to find Lucy looking sad and confused. She had just told Rafi that she wasn't in love with him but she did have feelings for him. It just wasn't the same as she felt about Dusty. Craig told Lucy she should go away for awhile and experience things on her own. He told her she was young and had so much to accomplish in her life. He told her it would help her see things more clearly. Lucy said she wanted to go back to school but it was too late because the semester had already started. Craig said if you want to get into Williams, they would accept you anytime. Later, Dusty arrived to propose.


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