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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 17, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, March 17, 2008

While Gwen, Will, and Sofie waited for Hallie's test results at Memorial, they were all shocked to see that Cole had arrived to help his baby girl. Cole explained that he had received a call from Sofie and was there to make sure Hallie was all right. He claimed that he had changed and wanted to prove he could be a responsible part of Hallie's life. Gwen refused to believe her brother had changed, but he said he just wanted to stay until he learned if Hallie would be okay. Moments later, Hallie's doctor arrived and told everyone that the transfusion from Gwen had worked and Hallie would be just fine. Cole was surprised when he heard the doctor refer to Sofie as Hallie's mother, and he questioned the group about what was going on with Hallie's adoption. Sofie explained that Gwen had returned Hallie to Sofie and Cole seemed enthusiastic to have a second chance with Sofie and Hallie. Gwen immediately began to chastise her brother and refused to believe he could be anything but the selfish individual she had always known. Sofie thanked Gwen for her help with Hallie, but told her she needed to handle the situation with Cole on her own. Gwen and Will left to talk to Bob, but promised to find Sofie later and check in with her.

Once Will and Gwen left, Sofie told Cole that she didn't want to talk to him and wanted nothing more to do with him. She asked Cole to leave and he agreed to go after remarking that he only wanted another opportunity to prove he could be a good father. In the hall, Cole immediately got on the phone and told someone that he was in Oakdale and "it might be tough" but he could "pull it off." When Sofie went to check on Hallie, she learned that "her husband" had picked up Hallie to bring her to Sofie. Fearing that Cole was the one who picked up Hallie, Sofie began to cry. The nurse tried to reassure Sofie that the baby was fine, but Sofie told her to call security because she was sure that Cole had kidnapped Hallie. Sofie explained everything to security and they set out to find Cole.

As Will and Gwen returned from their talk with Bob, they saw Cole carrying Hallie through the hospital stairwell and chased after him. The two trapped Cole on the stairs and he threatened to drop Hallie unless they let him leave. Gwen ran to get security as Will stood between Cole and the exit. When Gwen returned with security, Cole knew he was trapped and threw the baby at Will, distracting everyone long enough so he could escape. Will safely caught Hallie.

Gwen and Will returned Hallie to Sofie and she thanked them for rescuing the baby. A nurse took Hallie for an exam as security arrived and told Sofie that Cole had escaped, but they had notified the police, who would continue the search. Sofie was nervous that Cole was still out there, but Gwen and Will tried to reassure her that she and Hallie would be all right. Sofie admitted to Gwen and Will that she loved Hallie, but wasn't ready to care for a baby. She left Will and Gwen in the exam room.

Barbara agreed to meet Kim at the Lakeview under the guise of a friendly chat, but when Kim arrived, Barbara told her that she had been diagnosed with oral cancer. Kim was upset that Barbara hadn't told her earlier and sad that she hadn't been there when Barbara needed her. Kim told her that she would be there for her from that point on and would help her through her treatments. Kim encouraged Barbara to focus on getting well and let the kids worry about their own lives for a while.

Vienna arrived at the diner to say goodbye to Gray and return his diamonds, but Gray didn't want to give up on his relationship with her. She convinced him that she was meant to be with Henry, and Gray finally seemed to accept her decision. When Vienna told Gray she was concerned that Henry wouldn't take her back, Gray ominously told her that he would make sure she and Henry were together forever. Vienna wondered how Gray could help with Henry and he simply asked Vienna to trust him. When she retuned from freshening up, Gray told her he had just talked to Henry and convinced him to meet Vienna at the church at Luther's Corner. She thought it was a good sign that Henry was willing to see her and left to meet him.

At the Lakeview bar, Brad and Henry drowned their sorrows together by drinking the afternoon away. Just as Henry finished a speech about not needing women, he received a note from the front desk telling him to meet Vienna at the local church. Henry immediately ditched Brad and ran to Vienna.

At Java, Matt found Alison on a break from the hospital and hoped to sit with her and talk about their relationship. When Matt sat down, Alison began her new plan to find out what Matt was up to in Oakdale by telling him she was ready to let her guard down and start a relationship with him. Matt was happy that Alison now seemingly trusted him, but he was curious about why she had suddenly changed her mind about dating him. When Alison said she was ready to trust her instincts and see where their relationship could lead, Matt was stunned, but pleased. Still he knew he had to make sure Alison was off Gray's trail. In truth, Matt had come to Java to drug Alison and get her out of the way. Just as Matt was ready to put something in Alison's coffee, he changed his mind and put the drug away. He got a call from Gray, who told him to get started on the plan and make sure everything went as planned. When Alison returned to the table, Matt told Alison that he wanted to come clean about who he really was and what was going on with Gray. Matt explained to Alison that he worked for Gray and that Gray was bad news. He told her to warn Casey, Margo, and Tom that Gray was after them and that he had to go and meet Gray, but wanted to make sure that she thanked the Hugheses for all they had done for him. Matt rushed out of Java, leaving Alison to wonder what Gray had planned.

Outside the church, an overjoyed Henry saw Vienna and the two began to kiss. Gray had managed to get to the church and watched as Vienna and Henry reconciled. Henry and Vienna went into the church and he told Vienna he wanted to be with her forever. Vienna asked Henry to exchange vows with her in a sacred place to confirm their love. An emotional Vienna and Henry promised one another to stay together throughout their lives. Outside Gray doused the church with gasoline and prepared to set the building on fire. Henry and Vienna decided to head home and celebrate their reunion, but found themselves locked inside. They decided to make the best of being locked up together and kissed while they waited for someone to return and let them out. Matt arrived and Gray gave him matches and told him he knew what to do. Gray left to set up an alibi and Matt decided not to set the fire and called Margo.

In a last-ditch attempt to prove that Kit had been in Oakdale the night Sam was shot, Carly sat at the local mall watching tapes of the parking lot and hoped to catch a glimpse of Kit in disguise. Just as Carly was ready to give up, she saw Kit masquerading as a homeless woman and got the mall security to print out a photo of Kit for her.

Katie sat with Jack in his hospital room and after she confessed that she still cared for him, he explained that he would do anything to save Parker, but wasn't looking to return to his marriage with Carly ,and hoped he would have another chance with Katie. Jack refused to promise Katie that they would be back together, but he did assure her he wanted to try again. Just as Jack and Katie hugged, Carly arrived with news that she found proof of Kit's disguise. Jack thought they had finally caught a break and asked Carly to go with Katie and get the new picture of Kit out over the air.

While Jack and Carly talked over their plan, Katie phoned Brad and asked him to meet her at the television station. Brad met Katie at the station and she knew he was drunk. Brad remarked his drinking was no longer her concern and that he was just there to do his job. Once they made the announcement showing the new picture of Kit, the phones started ringing and Carly learned that a bus driver had picked up Kit the night of Sam's murder, proving she was in Oakdale. Carly rushed out to give Jack the good news. Brad commented that he thought Katie would also want to be with Jack, but she explained it wouldn't have been appropriate. Brad questioned Katie about her future with Jack and she told Brad that she and Jack had both admitted they still cared for one another and were going to try again after Parker was cleared of Sam's murder. An obviously disappointed Brad told Katie that it was good to know where everyone stood and he would be returning to his bottle at the Lakeview bar. Katie stopped Brad and told him she was sorry for hurting him. Brad said he was done waiting for her and was returning to the bar alone.

Katie returned to the studio and felt bad for hurting Brad. She called Henry for some support and left him a message that she hoped he was well and that she needed to talk.

Brad called Bonnie and told her that he wanted to meet for a drink, and was free of Katie and ready to start a new relationship with her.

Carly went to Jack at the hospital and told him about the latest lead in Parker's case. Jack was encouraged, but told Carly they still had to figure out where Kit got the disguise. Carly thought Kit's costume must have come from the scenic shop in Chicago and she was determined to go back, but Jack told her it was too dangerous and she couldn't go alone. When a nurse came in to check Jack, Carly took the opportunity to leave the room. She left a note for Jack with a nurse and ran out, presumably to Chicago.

After Jack's exam the nurse gave him the note from Carly that explained to him that she had gone to Chicago. He phoned Carly and left her a message to call him, but Carly was unwavering in her search to find out where Kit had assembled her disguise and she went into the warehouse alone.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

At WOAK, Katie stared at a promotional photo of herself and Brad, then called Margo and invited her to have dinner with her. Margo told Katie to meet her at the station. An officer told Margo she had a phone call, and when Margo took the call, a man's voice said, "Mom?" It was Matt, pretending to be Adam, and he told Margo he needed to meet her at the church at Luther's Corners so he could explain why he was calling and make things up to her. He hung up before Margo could ask anything else. Margo called Tom and asked him to meet her at the station right away.

Carly called Jack from the Chicago Loop Scenic Shop and apologized for having gone there alone. She said she had to find evidence to show that Kit was guilty of Sam's murder, so that the charges against Parker would be dropped. Jack told Carly not to go in there alone, but Carly insisted she would be in and out before any backup could arrive; all she wanted was to find evidence of Kit's disguise. She hung up before Jack could object further.

Jack tried to call Margo, but she was on her way out and couldn't talk to him. He then tried another officer, but he was busy, too, so Jack began taking off his hospital monitors. A nurse came into the room and told him if he tried to leave with his blood pressure so high, he could kill himself.

Katie arrived at the station just as Margo was leaving. Margo told Katie that something urgent had come up; Tom came in behind Katie, and he and Margo left immediately.

Casey joined Alison at Java. Alison told Casey that Matt had admitted he was working for Gray Girard; she said Matt had told her that Gray was a very bad guy. Alison said Matt had told her to warn Casey and his family to watch out for Gray, and he had made Gray sound dangerous. Alison thought they should go tell Casey's mom what Matt had said, but Casey didn't want to do that without knowing more about who Gray Girard really was.

Bonnie joined Brad for drinks at the Lakeview. Alison and Casey approached their table and asked for Bonnie's help. They told Bonnie they wanted her to get her cousin Dallas to use the police computer database to get information on Gray Girard. When Alison said they thought Gray Girard might mean harm to Casey and his family, Bonnie asked why they didn't go straight to Margo, since she was the police chief. Casey said he'd been in trouble so much lately that he didn't want to upset his mom if it turned out he was wrong about Gray. Brad said he wasn't wrong, that Gray was indeed a bad guy. They all agreed to meet at the police station.

In the church at Luther's Corners, Henry and Vienna were passionately kissing when Vienna said she felt uneasy doing that in a church. Henry convinced her that they were making peace by making love. Outside, Gray approached Matt and asked why he hadn't set the church on fire yet, as he had been ordered to do. When Gray turned his back, Matt struck him and knocked him to the ground. Matt found the church keys and unlocked the door. Henry and Vienna heard the door opening and got dressed and ran out of the church quickly.

Matt turned to find Gray pointing a gun at him. Matt said he couldn't stand by and watch innocent people be hurt, but Gray said that Tom and Margo Hughes, at least, weren't innocent, and that because of them, his brother was dead. Gray then shot Matt, hitting him in the shoulder.

Tom and Margo arrived at the church. Tom asked if Margo was sure the call she'd gotten had been from Adam; Margo said she wanted it to be, but whoever it was had sounded scared. As they left the church, they saw Matt lying on the ground; thinking it was Adam, Margo rushed to his side. When she saw it was Matt, she realized he had been shot, so she called the station to request an ambulance and police units to block off the area around the church. Margo asked Matt who had done this to him, and he said, "Gray Girard."

As the paramedics prepared to take Matt to the hospital, Matt admitted he had pretended to be Adam and said he had been "under orders" from Gray to get Margo to the church. When Margo asked where she could find Gray now, Matt told her to check his pocket. Margo removed a business card for the Chicago Loop Scenic Shop; Matt was wheeled away, and Margo explained to Tom that apparently Gray Girard owned the scene shop where Jack had been shot and Henry had been taken after he'd been kidnapped.

Henry and Vienna returned to the Lakeview. There, they ran into Bonnie and Brad, who were on their way out. Henry told Brad he and Vienna had kissed and made up, and Brad congratulated them. Henry and Vienna went into the lounge, where a waiter brought over a bottle of champagne, telling them it had been reserved for them by Gray Girard.

Brad, Bonnie, Alison, and Casey arrived at the police station, where Katie said hello to Casey and told him his mom had just left. Casey said he was there to do research and didn't need to speak to his mother. Dallas told Bonnie he didn't think Margo would like it if he helped them use the police database to track down information. They pleaded with Dallas to give them just a few minutes on the computer, and he finally agreed, taking them into another room to use the computer. Brad remained in the main area and spoke to Katie, telling her she looked lost.

Bonnie found the list of Gray's aliases and figured out Gray's birth name was Gerald Nevins. When Casey heard the last name, he said he had to call his mom right away. When he reached Margo, Casey told her about Gray's true identity. Margo and Casey agreed that the fact that Gray's real last name was Nevins couldn't be a coincidence; they both thought he must be related to the man who had raped Margo years earlier and whom Tom had then killed after the man escaped from prison. Margo told Casey that Gray had shot Matt and then said she would have to talk to him later, but she thanked him for the warning.

Alison told Casey they should go to the hospital to check on Matt. Dallas told Casey that Margo would be fine, because at least she knew what she was up against. Casey and Bonnie both thanked Dallas for helping them, and Casey and Alison thanked Bonnie as well. Bonnie found Brad talking to Katie and told him the kids were done, so they could go back to the Lakeview and finish what they'd started.

As Carly looked through files at the scene shop, trying to find a record of Kit having rented a particular costume, Gray Girard approached her, with a gun behind his back, and told her she was trespassing. Carly decided to forget the phony story she had tried to tell Gray about just being there to select a costume and instead admitted she was looking for evidence to clear her son of a crime he hadn't committed. Gray said he wasn't interested in her problems, but Carly took out Kit's pictures and showed them to Gray anyway, asking him if he had ever seen Kit.

Gray told Carly he'd never seen the woman in the pictures before. When Carly asked if she could show the photos to his staff, Gray told her she was asking way too many questions. Suddenly, they heard sirens, and Gray asked if Carly had called the police. She told him it must have been her overprotective ex-husband, who was a cop; Gray slipped away as Carly went to see if the police were coming. Carly and Margo ran into each other, and Margo asked what Carly was doing there. After Margo and Carly both explained why they were at the scene shop, Carly told Margo she thought she'd just been talking to the man Margo was looking for, the owner of the shop. Carly told Margo he had taken off when he heard the police coming.

Tom went to the hospital to make sure Matt was going to be okay and stopped to visit Jack. The nurse warned Tom not to get Jack's blood pressure back up, so Tom said he'd better not talk about Parker's case. Instead, he filled Jack in on what had just happened to Matt. Jack told Tom he was worried about Carly because she had gone off on her own again trying to solve Parker's case. When Tom asked where Carly had gone, Jack told him she was at a scene shop in Chicago. Tom became worried and told Jack what he knew about the shop and Gray Girard.

Alison and Casey arrived and asked Tom if Matt was going to be okay. Tom said Matt was still in surgery. Casey told his dad that Gray's real name was Nevins, and Tom asked if Margo knew that. Casey said he had told her. Tom, Casey, and Alison went out into the hall and saw Matt being wheeled into a room. Casey and Alison thanked Matt for having come clean in the end, so that they could warn Tom and Margo about Gray. Matt said he hated to tell them this, but no one had ever stopped Gray from finishing a job.

Outside the scene shop, Carly spoke to Jack on the phone. He told her who Gray Girard really was, and Carly said Gray had given her the creeps. Jack wondered what it would take to get Carly to listen to him, and Carly promised she would next time. Jack told her not to make promises she couldn't keep. Carly then spotted a bag lady across the parking lot; Carly told Jack goodbye, hung up the phone, and caught up to the bag woman. The woman said she had seen Carly on TV talking about Kit; Carly asked if she knew her, and the woman said she might. However, when she heard the police sirens, the woman said she didn't want any police, and she rushed away.

Vienna and Henry were still in the lounge when Brad and Bonnie returned to the Lakeview, and Brad went to the bar to order tequila shots. Henry joined him and told Brad that he wouldn't get over Katie by jumping into another relationship right away with Bonnie. Meanwhile, Vienna asked Bonnie if it bothered her dating someone who was so much in love with another woman. Bonnie sniped back that she'd heard Vienna had been "living it up with Gray Girard like a minute ago. Henry must not mind. He must be used to being two-timed." Vienna told Bonnie she'd rejected Gray and gone back to her true love, Henry. Vienna said Bonnie probably didn't know anything about true love since Bonnie had only been married to Isaac for about "a minute and a half."

Brad and Henry returned and broke up the cat fight. Brad noticed the champagne, and Henry said they weren't drinking it because it was from Gray and was likely to be tainted. Brad said it was free booze, so he picked up the bottle and took a swig. Almost immediately, Brad clutched his chest and collapsed on the ground. As Henry leaned down to try to revive Brad, Brad reached up and tried to kiss Henry. Brad laughed, and Henry told him it wasn't funny, especially since he'd been tortured by Gray Girard. Henry told Vienna he thought it was time they continued their celebration upstairs, alone, and he and Vienna left.

Bonnie told Brad she thought he was trying too hard, and she said she had seen how upset Brad looked when he saw Katie at the police station. Brad said that wasn't true and that he only had eyes for Bonnie. Upstairs, Henry and Vienna stumbled into Katie's suite, not realizing Katie was there. Katie said she was glad to see they were back together again. She told them to stay, insisting she would leave instead so they could have some privacy.

Later, Vienna told Henry she had never stopped loving him. Henry said they should concentrate on the good and forget the bad. Vienna said the most important thing was knowing that they were right where they belonged, and Henry pointed out that technically, this was Katie's room, and they didn't belong there. Vienna said they should do something to thank Katie, and Henry was about to suggest a month's worth of free meals at the diner, before he remembered the diner wasn't theirs anymore. Vienna said that made her sad, because the diner was something they had created together.

Katie went to the lounge and sat at the bar alone, where she ordered a ginger ale. Looking over, she saw Brad, still drinking champagne, and Bonnie. Suddenly, Brad collapsed, and Bonnie told him to quit kidding around. Katie rushed over, but Bonnie said Brad was just fooling. Katie told Bonnie that Brad wasn't breathing and that she should call 9-1-1. Katie began performing CPR on Brad.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tom and Margo discussed the threat Gerald Nevins, a.k.a. Gray Gerard, posed to the Hughes family. Casey felt responsible for bringing Matt into their lives and letting Nevins get closer to his family through their association with Matt. Margo tried to reassure her son that Matt had fooled everyone and that none of it was Casey's fault. Tom informed Casey that when Nevins was captured, Matt would be testifying against him and probably wouldn't be facing additional charges. Margo and Tom embarked on their busy days and Casey was left with a police guard to protect him as he went to class.

Holden arrived at the office of immigration with Ameera, Luke, and Noah to discuss an extension on Ameera's visa. The group explained to the official that Ameera and Noah were married and that she was hoping to receive an extension. At first, the man seemed satisfied with the evidence that Ameera and Noah offered to prove they were married, but when he heard they were living at the farm he became suspicious of newlyweds living with the groom's best friend and his family. Holden tried to explain the living situation and the immigration bureaucrat seemed doubtful at first, but finally seemed to be convinced everything was legitimate. The official told everyone that they should expect follow-up visits to confirm that the marriage was real, but for a while, Ameera's extension was granted. In the hall, Holden warned everyone to stick to their plan to make the marriage look real and he left to check on Jack.

Jack woke up in the hospital and was greeted by Carly's encouraging face. He asked Carly how Parker was holding up since his trial was set to start. Carly reassured Jack that Parker was nervous, but ready for his case to be heard. Carly's only regret was that she was unable to get proof that Kit murdered Sam, and was unable to avoid Parker ever having to go to trial. She explained that the she wished she could have convinced the homeless woman she met in Chicago to testify that Kit disguised herself as a homeless woman and returned to Oakdale to shoot Sam. Jack wanted to go with Carly to Parker's trial, but she reminded him that he had almost died and needed to stay in the hospital until he was well. Jack agreed to stay in the hospital and asked Carly to give Parker his love.

Carly arrived at the farm to pick up Parker and she reassured him that she would take care of him and fix everything. Parker didn't believe his mother and asked her to just get him to court.

Brad woke up in the hospital after being poisoned by champagne the night before. He was pleased to see Katie by his bedside. He learned that the champagne he was drinking was poisoned by Gerald Nevins. Katie explained that Gerald Nevins and Gray Gerard were the same person and that the poison was meant for Henry. Brad was confused by the situation, but encouraged that Katie was the one who saved him and stayed with him at the hospital. He was comforted in the belief that since she was there with him, she must still have feelings for him. Just as Brad complained of being hungry, Bonnie arrived with a special lunch for him. With Bonnie there to keep Brad company, Katie got ready to leave, but Brad asked her to stay. Katie declined his invitation and left Brad with Bonnie. In the hall, Katie peeked back into the room and was obviously conflicted about her feelings for Brad.

As Katie watched Brad and Bonnie together, Margo noticed her and startled her sister when she called out to her. The two went to Al's Diner to have lunch, and Margo quizzed Katie about her real feelings for Brad. Katie explained she wasn't over Jack and felt her future would be with someone like Jack, not Brad. Margo counseled her sister to focus on her happiness in the present and not the future. Katie thanked her sister for the advice and told her she needed to get to Parker's trial.

At home Margo received a package from Nivens with an ominous note telling her that, "I'll be there when you least expect it." The police arrived to take the package from Margo and brought back the young man who delivered the package to the Hugheses' home. The police questioned the deliveryman and learned that Nivens had paid him $100 to drop off the package. He then explained that he was just on campus at Oakdale University when Nivens had approached him there. Margo became worried that Nivens was still on campus where Casey was attending classes. She immediately phoned to check on her son and was relieved when he answered. Margo returned to the investigation as the FBI arrived and told her the case was now a federal investigation.

Ameera, Noah, and Luke arrived in Oakdale for their classes and Noah was worried that someone from immigration might be watching. He decided it would be best for him to walk with Ameera to class. Luke looked on begrudgingly as Noah walked with his arm around Ameera and they played the part of the happy couple.

Later in town, Ameera went to get coffee as Noah explained to Luke his concern that every stranger might try to prove his marriage to Ameera was a sham, and that he didn't know how he and Luke would make their relationship work. Luke reassured Noah that they would find a way to be together in private and for now he needed to focus on making his marriage to Ameera look real.

Inside Java, Ameera ran into Casey and the two recalled the night they met at Yo's. Ameera thanked Casey for sticking up for her the night of the mixer and informed Casey she would be staying in town thanks to her recent marriage. Casey was shocked to learn the girl he danced with had recently become a married woman. He was even more surprised when he heard that Noah was her husband, since he knew that Noah and Luke were a couple. At that moment, Ameera saw Casey's police guard peering through the window and assumed the police were watching her and asked Casey to leave. Ameera showed Casey the cop watching them and Casey explained that the cop was there to protect him from Nivens and wasn't after her. Casey received a call from Margo who reminded him to be safe and not to ditch his police guard. Ameera asked him if he was scared and Casey admitted he was a little frightened of Nivens. Casey offered to walk Ameera to class, but she declined and when Noah arrived, he criticized Ameera for going on a date with Casey. She explained that Casey said they could be friends and Luke told Noah to relax. Ameera left for class and Luke reminded Noah not to be paranoid, but Noah rushed out to take Ameera to class, leaving Luke to walk behind them.

Back at the hospital, Brad enjoyed the lunch that Bonnie delivered and learned that he was to be discharged. Brad was happy that he would be able to leave and support his nephew by attending Parker's trial. Bonnie asked to go along with Brad and he agreed.

Holden arrived to check on Jack before heading to Parker's trial and found his cousin removing all the tubes and wires he was connected to. Jack asked Holden to help him get out of the hospital so he could help Parker beat the charges he faced.

In the Oakdale courthouse, Parker sat before the judge and listened to the charges against him. Tom sat by Parker's side ready to defend him against the accusation that he killed Sam. Carly was called to the stand where she recounted the events of the night Sam died. During her testimony, Katie, Brad, and Bonnie arrived to hear the case against Parker and offer their support. On the witness stand, Carly detailed Sam's attempt to rape her and the fact that she only heard Parker fire one shot. Tom explained that the second bullet caused Sam's death, not Parker's shot. The prosecution cross-examined Carly and tried to get her to admit she heard more than one shot, but Carly wouldn't budge. Tom asked to question Carly in redirect and asked Carly who she thought fired the second shot that killed Sam. Carly explained her theory of Sam's murder, but the prosecution objected and noted that there was no way to prove that Kit was in Oakdale the night Sam was shot. As Tom was ready to rest his case, Jack arrived with Holden and stated he was there to testify for the defense.

Tom asked for a recess to talk to Jack and he explained he was there to support Parker so Carly could continue searching for the homeless woman. Carly left Parker in Tom and Jack's care and set out to find the only witness that could clear Parker. Jack sat on the stand and explained his relationship with Parker. He detailed for the judge Parker's special intuition and how he knew that Sam was out to hurt Carly. Jack held himself responsible for not listening to Parker when he warned him that Sam was no good. With Tom's questions for Jack over, the prosecution questioned Jack about Faith's shooting and Jack explained that J.J. left out the gun that had been used to shoot Faith. The prosecution was smug in their response by asking if Parker was ever responsible for anything. After Jack's questioning, the judge ended the proceedings for the day and Parker remarked that his chances of being found innocent didn't look good. With court over, Katie offered her support to Jack and Parker as Brad looked on. Bonnie offered her support to Tom before leaving with Brad.

Carly arrived in Chicago to search for the homeless woman who saw Kit in her disguise. As Carly drove through town she found the woman and begged her to tell what she knew about Kit. At first the woman explained that Kit had always been nice to her, but after Carly explained that Kit had framed Parker for murder, the woman finally told Carly that the clothes she had were from Kit and that she found something in the pocket that might help Parker. The woman handed over a receipt and Carly noticed it was from an Oakdale liquor store the night of Sam's murder and hoped it was what she needed to prove Parker's innocence. She set back out for home and found Jack leaving the courthouse with Katie and told him they had the evidence to save Parker.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA Men's Basketball "March Madness," today's entire lineup of CBS soaps was pre-empted. There will be no new episodes of The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light. These pre-emptions were anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming changes.

Regular programming resumes on Monday, March 24th where Wednesday, March 19th's episodes left off.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA Men's Basketball "March Madness," today's entire lineup of CBS soaps was pre-empted. There will be no new episodes of The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light. These pre-emptions were anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming changes.

Regular programming resumes on Monday, March 24th where Wednesday, March 19th's episodes left off.

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