Another World Recaps: The week of July 28, 1997 on AW
Grant sent Cindy to a fertility clinic. Vicky proposed to Jake. Amanda and Alexander formed an alliance against Carl. Nick's trial for Toni's rape began. It became evident that Toni had never seen her attacker.
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Another World Recaps: The week of July 28, 1997 on AW
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Monday, July 28, 1997

All of Bay City was bombarded with news about the beginning of Nick's trial and many have different reactions. The Hudson family and Sophia put on a brave face in showing their support for Nick while Toni and her family fervently hope Nick pleads guilty so Toni can be spared testifying. Meanwhile, Jake and Gary continue to track down Nick's whereabouts but Jake was distracted by friendly envy of Gary and Josie's future life as a family. Gary and Josie share their happy news with Joe and Jake. Paulina tries to comfort Cindy about her infertility and to give her some news about how to break it to Grant. Grant finds out about Cindy's test results and was furious -- especially since he just planted a story in the paper about how they are expecting a child. He warns Cindy that she will get pregnant. Later the African fertility statue starts to glow and burns up Cindy's test results. Both Donna and Paulina push Vicky towards Jake and it seems like their suggestions are working. Cass warns Nick to stop paying so much attention to Sophia and instead pay attention to the trial testimony. Dana surprises everyone by calling Toni as the first witness for the prosecution. She is forced to recount what happened the night she was attacked and has to live it all over again. In a dramatic finale to her testimony, Toni points out Nick as the rapist.

Tuesday, July 29, 1997

Courtroom drama continues as Dana asks Toni to describe the encounters she's had with Nick in the past. Toni admits that she thinks he was rude and belligerent and often drunk. She also describes the events leading up to her attack -- how she responded to the 911 call from Sophia and was going back to check on Nick at the hospital. She continues to insist Nick was the one who raped her. During the break, Tyrone asks Sophia what Nick usually drinks when he gets drunk. She was angry with him, thinking he was fishing for info to help Toni but told him anyway that Nick was a beer man. When it comes to Cass's cross examination, he gets Toni to admit that she never saw the rapist's face before or during the rape. He also forced to admit that its possible Nick's blood got on her clothes when he leaned over her because he was bleeding from a head room. Toni starts to get more and more agitated when Cass points out that the other 2 calls she got that night while on duty also involved drunk young men and suggested that she has problems dealing with young men. Cass asks toni what she would do if she saw him lying unconscious in a parking lot and she reluctantly says she would go see if he was okay. Cass then dramatically insists that Nick was doing the same thing and accuses Toni of not reporting the rape right away so she could get enough evidence to convict Nick. Bedlam erupts in the courtroom as Dana screams objections, Toni cries hysterically, Chris and Etta Mae start screaming and Cass continues to thunder at Toni. Meanwhile, Grant arranges for Cindy to spend time at a fancy fertility clinic/spa. The fertility god continues to move around the room and Grant puts it in Cindy's things for good measure. Grant meets Lila at the Harbour Club and he told her he will help her stall this divorce. Lila comments on how good the rich have it and talks about her past and how it was hard to be poor. Grant told her he will insure she gets a big settlement from Shane but she insists she doesn't want his money she wants the man himself. Lila exclaims that Vicky was only a temporary diversion for Shane and that if Lila can't have him, no one will. After more prodding by Paulina, Vicky seems to realize she has real feelings for Jake. They go to Lassiter where Vicky realizes Jake has always been there for her and has a memory of Bridget telling her as a teenager that Jake would always love her. Jake doesn't want to get his hopes up but then Vicky kisses him. He was even more surprised when she asks him to marry her.

Wednesday, July 30, 1997

Cass succeeds in getting Toni to admit that its possible she misidentified Nick as the rapist and points out that she never saw the rapist before or during the rape. Etta Mae and Chris are noticeably upset -- especially when Cass questions Toni about the alcohol she smelled -- something Tyrone used when practicing with Toni. Cass's hard-nosed cross examination wins some points for the defense. The DA (not Dana but some new guy) recoups the loss by having Toni methodically identify Nick's medallion, the dress she was wearing and introducing into evidence the fact that Nick's blood was on the dress. The DA also questions Toni's partner Rayburn who testifies that Toni didn't have any personal problems with Nick. The judge calls recess til tomorrow. Nick's camp was relieved but Toni was shaken and blames herself for admitting she may have been wrong. Later, Chris accuses Tyrone of helping the other side. Tyrone denies it but points out that objectively there are some holes in the case. Sophia asks Cass to let her serve as a character witness but he says it wouldn't be a good idea -- especially with her and Nick's volatile history. Nick was nervous when Michael asks GAry to talk to Nick's old probation officer in Chicago and later Nick says he needs to tell Cass something. Meanwhile, Toni and Josie make plans to go to Chicago to see if Nick was rough with any ex-girlfriends. In Lassiter, Jake was stunned by Vicky's proposal but tearfully told her he can't marry her because she is still in love with Shane (Tom Eplin was AMAZING in these scenes -- he really is a fabulous actor). She insists Jake was the man she wants in her life forever but he says he can't be second best again. Jake says he wants nothing more than to marry her but first he wants her to talk to Shane. They make plans to meet back at the swings the next day at sundown. Back in BC, Lila was surprised to find Shane at her door. She tries to wheedle out of signing the custody papers but when he insists she stop playing games, she begs him not to end their marriage because she still loves him. Frustrated by more of her manipulations, Shane agrees to accompany Lila to her therapist so she will sign the papers. At the hospital, John congratulates Shane and invites him to dinner at the Cory mansion because a lot of the hospital board will be there. Lila finally signs the separation papers and has a fainting spell outside which was witnessed by Jake and Vicky. Vicky says she'll go tell Shane right now about her decision to be with Jake.

Thursday, July 31, 1997

Rachel lovingly watches as Carl recites a poem to the twins and happily welcomes him home from his business trip. Their reunion was ruined by Amanda's arrival who accuses Carl of causing one of their long time authors to have a heart attack when Carl dropped him from Cory Publishing. Rachel reminds her that Carl was in charge at Cory and not her. Later, Amanda hears Rachel and Carl discussing Alexander's claim that Carl killed his wife. Carl says he had no idea it had happened and they were both breaking the law. He told Rachel that he worries about his dark past coming to haunt him but she assures him that their love will drive away the darkness. Later at the Harbour Club, Amanda runs into Alexander and was happy to find an ally against Carl. They decide that the one thing that Rachel may not forgive Carl for was cheating. Meanwhile, Carl stops by to ask Donna if she thinks he's changed. She assures him that he was still handsome and charming but that his life with Rachel has changed him for the better. Vicky told Shane she needs to tell him something but he asks if they can meet later because Lila is feeling ill. She says not to worry but Shane suggests they meet for breakfast tomorrow because he has something to tell her too. Jake wonders why she didn't tell Shane right away but she insists that Jake was the man she loves. Meanwhile, Grant opens a gift from Cindy for Paulina and finds the diet pills Cindy has been supplying her. Paulina was thrilled about Jake and Vicky and told him not to worry because Vicky will be at the swings the next day. she asks him honestly how much weight she's gained and vows to be wearing a sexy dress at his wedding. Jake makes her promise to be at the wedding no matter what and to save the second dance for him. Later, Paulina starts to take diet pills again. Grant was not pleased that Lila signed the separation papers while she has fantasies of Shane coming in and saying it was all a mistake. Grant says he'll keep the divorce tied up for years. Rachel welcomes Shane to the dinner party for the hospital board. He is about to tell her the good news about his separation when Carl walks in with Vicky and says how much he's been waiting for the two of them to finally be together.

Friday, August 1, 1997

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