Another World Recaps: The week of November 3, 1997 on AW
Gary and Josie tried to adopt Rain. Shane learned there was no treatment for the parasite he was infected with. Carl found Rachel but was separated from her in the explosion. Josie took Grant in for questioning about the drugs Cindy had supplied to Paulina.
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Another World Recaps: The week of November 3, 1997 on AW
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Monday, November 3, 1997

Today's recap was provided by Tuti

Rain was asleep on Joe's desk and Josie and Gary discuss her family. Josie says she feels like they are supposed to be her parents and she can't let go. Gary reminds that it's up to child services and they can take her away. Josie says she can't accept that, Gary says they've filled custody papers now it's up to the social workers who don't know them and could remove Rain from their lives because they have dangerous jobs and work crazy hours. Joe comes and they welcome him home the three of them joke about Josie taking Joe's job but Josie gladly hands it back. Joe heads to his office and sees Rain asleep and Gary fills him in on Rain's situation. Joe says Paulina told him Cindy gave her the pills and Grant might have given them to Cindy. Meanwhile, Elliot brought Popper in when Rain sees him she gets scared and runs to Josie. Gary leaves to see Felicia and told Josie to take Rain home but Josie can't leave so Josie goes to get paper so that they can draw. While Josie was gone Rain asks Popper when her mom was coming back and he says "NEVER". He told her to keep her mouth shut of he'll get mad. Rain runs off and hides. Josie finds Rain in Joe's office and Rain said that Popper told her mommy is never coming back. When Josie asks where Popper was Rain replies "gone."

Amanda was on the phone calling Matt but to no anvil. Carl comes and Amanda asks if Nikos said anything he says no. She suggests they go to the police, Carl replies by saying the have to go somewhere else first.

Matt and Lila are talking about their ride and mention how they don't want the evening to end. Matt want's to stay but Lila says she was a working girl and has to get some sleep while Matt was unemployed. Lila asks a distraught Matt was he'll make up with Rachel. Matt doesn't know and leans in for a kiss, when Carl was hammering on his door. Carl explains to Matt that Rachel is missing and Amanda went on by telling him Nikos kidnapped her. Carl grills Matt on where she was and Matt and Carl begin to argue about Rachel. Carl gets even more upset and told them if anything happens to Rachel, blood was on their hands. Later Matt, Amanda and Carl go to Joe for help finding Rachel but Joe insists that needs evidence when Carl show him and mini coffin that was delivered to the house. In it was a skeleton hand and part of Rachel's coat, with it another note "An eye for an eye, a wife for a wife". Carl want Alex arrested but Joe puts out an A.P.B on him and takes Carl's statement. Amanda asks Matt if Nikos will her their mom and Matt doesn't help his sister by saying he doesn't know. The forensics report returned and Joe told the Cory Clan that granite was on the bones, Matt says it's used for construction and Carl says it's used for tombstones.

Rachel escapes but Alex was there to stop here. They struggle, Alex over powers her and ties her up and throw her back into the crypt barking out "Carl will never save you!" Alex remarks on how resourceful Rachel was to use the dagger but that it won't happen again. Once again Rachel insisted her family will find her and Alex says her family was torn apart, but he told Felicia was back and Rachel is relieved but not for long as Alex closes the crypt and told her" the secret dies with her". Later Nikos' workers come in and talk about the demolition and don't hear Rachel's screams, one of the workers misunderstands the orders and speeds up the destruction of the church. Meanwhile Rachel finds a medal with edges and begins to cut the rope.

Cass comes to see his ailing friend and the two discuss the feud between Alex and Carl. Felicia admits to her friend that she saw him at the Harbor Club with Donna, and explains why she left the hospital because she was tired of being brave. She also admits when she saw her face she knew Felicia Gallant was gone and now there was someone new. Cass insists she's the same but Felicia told him no. She went on to say how some people were not afraid like the homeless man Wally, Gary and him. They then talk about Alex and Felicia says she doesn't want to do it his way, and she doesn't know if she can be with him. Or if she know him. Cass told here she better find out before she marries him. Cass told her Alex was trying to isolate her, but before they can go anymore Amanda interrupts and asks if she has talked to Rachel and Amanda explains her mom situation. Felicia says she can't believe Alex would do that. Later Alex comes to see her and completely dodges every question about Rachel and Felicia told him that if he hurt Rachel she will hate him forever. Gary comes in and Felicia asks him to find Rachel and he promises to do it. Outside Felicia's room Alex calls the workers and finds out there was 24 hours before the destruction and thinks "That should be enough time", but before he can go anywhere he was taken to the station for questioning.

Tomās and Shane discuss the bloodwork of a patient who has a parasite from South America. They talk about the symptoms and what could happen. When Tomās asks if the patient know Shane answers yes. Later Tomās knock over the patients file and discovers it's Shane, who makes him promise not to tell anyone unless it gets really bad. Shane then went to Lila's and asks for his journals on Native cures from the time he was in the Air Force in South America. Lila asks if anything is wrong he says no and kisses her good night.

Tuesday, November 4, 1997

Chris comes by to apologize to Toni for missing the engagement party. He mentions that he hopes Tyrone showed her a good time and Toni gets embarrassed, remembering the kiss she and Tyrone shared. The moment gets even more awkward when Tyrone comes by but Chris doesn't notice. When Tyrone and Toni are alone, they both agree to forget the kiss happened but Tyrone doesn't really seem like he's forgotten. Tyrone invites Toni to come to Chicago for the evening with him and her mom and she agrees if Chris can come along too. Chris returned and surprises Toni with tickets to a football game but she told him she 's going to Chicago with Tyrone and wants him to come along. A disappointed Chris says he can't and then tries to give the tickets away to someone else. Gary comforts Felicia in the hospital who was extremely worried about Rachel and blames herself for loving Alex, a man she knows nothing about and could have hurt her dearest friend. Gary tries to tell her that he and Carl are searching everywhere for Rachel and that Joe has put out an APB on Alex. Felicia suggests Gary check at the abandoned church again. He arrives as the construction workers prepare the demolition and they tell him no one else has been there. Still stuck in the grave, Rachel tries desperately to be heard so she can be freed. Gary meets Josie at the hospital, who was there for a checkup for Rain. They tell Rain her mommy died when Rain asks about her and then Rain asks if they can be her new mommy and daddy. Gary told a tearful but happy Josie that he already has forms from social services to start the process to adopt Rain. Jake was nervous in the morning after he and Vicky make love and was shocked when she told him they have to call off the wedding. She assures him that she still wants to marry him but she's afraid the traditional wedding just isn't them. Vicky, Jake, Steven and Kirkland fantasize about weddings in Paris, Hong Kong, the Taj Mahal and the beach. Jake told her that no matter where they get married he'll be the happiest man alive. Paulina visits Felicia and told her that Felicia was her hero and helped her get through drug rehab. Later, Paulina watches Rain at the stationhouse and is shocked when Rain says that "Papa" gave her mommy pills to make her sick. Paulina told Josie that this Popper was the same man who supplied the pills to the person who gave them to Paulina.

Wednesday, November 5, 1997

Carl doesn't welcome Matt and Amanda's help in the search for Rachel. Gary says that Lila was checking on Alex's financial records. Josie was touched when Rain draws a picture of Josie and Rain together. Rain asks if Josie will go away like her mommy did but Josie promises that won't happen. Alex prays for guidance in the chapel about what to do about Rachel. He says killing Rachel will settle his score with Carl but he will lose Felicia in the process. Grant comes by and told Alex he knows what Alex did to Rachel and now Grant has the upper hand with Alex. Felicia has a heart to heart with Cass about the mistakes she made with John, Rachel and Carl over Alex but Cass told her not to blame herself for what happened to Rachel. Felicia asks him to go with her to California for the surgery but doesn't want to leave until Rachel was found. Wally comes to the hospital to see her and Felicia asks him to find Rachel. She then went to confront Alex who continues to deny any part in Rachel's disappearance. Felicia says if he loves her he will make sure Rachel gets back safe. Paulina told Cindy that Joe knows that Grant made Cindy give Paulina the pills. Cindy was worried about what Grant was going to do and asks Booba for help. the magic works and Grant doesn't blame Cindy and they end up making love. Grant says not to worry because Popper was long gone. Cindy says that Popper's daughter was the little girl Josie and Gary want to adopt and Grant says he'll pay back Josie for not going along with his orders by stopping them from adopting the little girl. Grant was shocked when Josie comes by to take him in for questioning about buying street drugs. Carl and Joe discover another clue from Rachel's kidnapper which was a quote from Romeo and Juliet when Romeo is in the Capulet tomb and thinks Juliet was dead. Gary discovers that Alex owns the abandoned church that was about to be demolished and they figure out Rachel was there so they all rush over. Meanwhile, Rachel manages to make some noise from the tomb but it just spooks the construction workers who think there may be "ghosts" in the church. They set the dynamite to go off. Rachel manages to get her arms free and calls for help but only Wally is there to hear her.

Thursday, November 6

Thomās rips into Nick after he asks to deliver another letter to Sofia. Thomās went to Shane and told him there was no new treatment about the parasite he has. Thomās told Shane he's thinking about moving out of his apartment, and told Shane he has feelings for Sofia Shane told him to go after her. After Thomās leaves Shane writes in a journal about the parasite that could kill him when he has everything to live for. He also writes that he afraid of dying and losing Vicky forever. Jake comes and pries for info on Felicia but Shane isn't giving, so Jake says he looks like hell maybe he needs a new doc for his stepson.

Sofia thinks about the letter and wonders why Thomās would write that to her. Vicky and Jake come home and Sofia told Vicky she thinks Thomās was in love with her. They talk about her relationship (which seems to be the theme today) and what to do about it. Vicky told her to go for Nick and Sofia compares it to Shane. Later Vicky has a sexy dream about Shane and after she wakes up calls Jake to come home, who says he'll be home soon. Vicky told herself she loves Jake and as she was going upstairs she opens the door to see Shane.

Nick was interviewing Ty about his career and college. Tyrone tells him everything about his life and mother. Then after the interview they talk about his relationship with Sofia. After Ty leaves Nick leaves another letter for Sofia. Thomās comes and says he won't help Nick with the article, when Sofia comes and kisses Nick in front of Thomās. Thomās and Sofia feel awkwardness between each other as Sofia finds the letter.

Matt, Alex and Amanda talk about Carl. Alex says he'll take all the blame if they back him up. They'll have their family back and he'll have Felicia. Amanda and Alex argue over where Rachel was when Alex claims to want the feud to end. He says it's his "love" for Felicia that will stop this. Matt says they'll do what they can. Alex told them Rachel will be brought to them and if they follow him all bets are off. Matt and Amanda both agree they don't trust Alex. As he leaves Alex gets a call that the demolition has been moved up. Inside Amanda told Matt she's leaving once Rachel comes home. They talk about what Mac would have thought when Jake comes to see Carl and Rachel but instead leaves a message (another theme). Jake asks if Amanda was leaving and she replies no. Matt and Amanda get a call that says Rachel was at the church.

Carl gets a call and thinks the demolition was tomorrow but when he can't get there with the car heads on foot to the church. Meanwhile Wally hears Rachel as one of the explosives go off, Wally gets Rachel out and runs to stop the demolition but as he leaves the explosives go off again. Carl arrives and told the workers that Rachel was in there but the explosives are already going. Carl takes off into the church. Carl finds Rachel but they are blocked by fallen rubble, Rachel told him to leave but he digs into the rubble to get Rachel. Just as he finds her there was another explosion. As the demolition continues Carl digs to get Rachel but not before Alex does. Matt and Amanda come as the church explodes again.

Friday, November 7

Matt, Gary and Jake head into all souls church and start digging around looking for Carl and Rachel. They get to the tomb and find Carl out cold. Amanda was outside waiting to hear any word that her mother and brother are okay. Carl was taken to the hospital where he's okay. Amanda told Matt that one of them should be with him, so she goes in. Amanda told Carl that Rachel couldn't have been in there, but as Carl told her the details, both Amanda and Carl realize Rachel could be dead.

Donna went to see Lila and told her to go after her ex, but Lila, who now has a conscience, says no, and told her she can't make Shane want her. Donna, seems a little desperate offers Lila money to go for Shane, but the southern belle throws Donna out. Later Shane comes by and told her they need to workout a few things.

But first, Shane was at Vicky's telling her he felt her presence so strong as if they were in the same room. Shane keeps telling her she still has feelings for him, feelings that don't go away overnight. Vicky continues to deny it and claims she loves and was marrying Jake. Shane starts to tell her something but he almost falls but Vicky catches him just as Donna comes. Shane leaves and Donna told her daughter that she doesn't want to her lose Jake. Vicky told her she won't. Later Jake comes they tell each other how much the love one another and hold each other on the couch.

As Joe continues to grill Grant about the drugs, his wife does the same to Cindy. Cindy says she won't testify against Grant even if she gets immunity. Joe tries to play Grant by telling him he'll tell the tabloids but Grant throws it in his face by asking him what the press would think if they found out what the captain's wife did. Grant leaves and Paulina comes, Joe has to tell her about Carl and Rachel. Paulina was stunned.

At Chez Harrison Cindy told all about Paulina's visit but Grant who has other things on his mind told her not to worry about it, he'll take care of everything.

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