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Zak conspired to keep Sophia away from Matt. Sophia was devastated when Matt and Lila married. Donna tried to warn Vicky that Marley was dangerous. Cass and Jake found something shocking about Jordan Stark. A shaken Josie asked Amanda to take her to the hospital.
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Another World Recaps: The week of November 9, 1998 on AW
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Monday, November 9, 1998

Vicky and Jake show up at Marley's house and announce that they're taking Donna to their house for awhile. Marley starts to protest, but Jake says it was Donna's idea. They plan to have Donna work with a speech therapist.

Amanda invites Cameron to Jasmine's christening. She also promises him a romantic evening afterwards.

Zak wants to work with Sofia on C-Square as a way to keep her from going to Jasmine's christening.

Matt tries to get Lila to say more about what went on when she went to Lumina, but she doesn't say much more than she already has. She doesn't like answering questions about Lumina. She's adamant in her defense of Zak.

Ms. Allen told Mr. Stark that Gary and Cass are still insisting on speaking to him. Mr. Stark doesn't see them as a problem... by the time they figure out what's going on, it will all be over, and their lives will have changed forever.

Matt and Cass agree to call a truce. They are both determined to find out who's responsible for Jasmine's kidnapping. Matt calls Ms. Allen and says he'd like to thank Mr. Stark personally for Lumina's reward offer to help find Jasmine. Mr. Stark told her to stall him... he called sooner than he expected. Mr. Stark plans to make his next move at the christening.

Vicky shows Marley the note Donna wrote that says "go with you now". Marley acts hurt by this. She tries to put a guilt trip on everyone, saying she'll be all alone. When she gets Donna alone, Marley told her she'll think of a way to get them to leave her there.

Lila asks Cass again to be Jasmine's godfather. She says she knows Cass would show Jasmine the same love he shows Charlie. Cass says he would be honored to be Jasmine's godfather.

Matt went to Lumina, where he was told he may have a long wait to see Mr. Stark. As he waits, he was unaware that he's being watched by Mr. Stark.

Sofia insists she has to go to the christening. Zak says he doesn't want her to get hurt. She invites him to go with her so he can see for himself that she and Matt are fine. Zak agrees, but says they need to get some work done first. Sofia says OK, as long as they leave at 2:00 so they are not late. When she leaves the room, Zak sets the clock back.

Marley continues to protest having Donna go to Vicky's house. She says Vicky was still trying to run her life. Just as Vicky was leaving with Donna, Steven's school calls and told her he has chicken pox. Marley says Donna never had chicken pox, so she better stay where she is. Vicky agrees for the time being, but told Marley she wants to take Donna soon so Marley can go to a health spa and regain control of her life. Before she leaves, Vicky gives Donna a beeper so she can reach Vicky at any time. Vicky and Jake leave, and Marley starts talking to herself in the mirror. She says Jake belongs to her, and she's not going to let Vicky run her out of town.

Rachel presents Lila with the Cory christening gown for Jasmine. Lila mentions that she wishes her mother could be there... she was her only family. Rachel told her the Corys are her family now.

While Matt was waiting, he sits down. Mr. Stark stands behind him and puts his hand on Matt's shoulder. They talk awhile, then Matt appears to go into a trance.

Tyrone visits Marley. They talk about their backgrounds. Marley told him how she was raised as Donna's sister because her grandfather thought Donna's pregnancy was scandalous. They're interrupted by the sound of breaking glass inside the house.

Matt was late for the christening, and people are wondering where he is.

Sofia and Zak are talking when her VCR begins recording. She realizes that it's 2:00 and starts to leave. Zak desperately tries to stop her, but fails.

Back at Lumina, Mr. Stark asks Ms. Allen if Matt has recovered. She answers yes. Mr. Stark says he's done his part, now it's Matt's turn to do his.

Matt finally arrives for the christening. Cass asks him if he found out anything. Matt says he'll say what happened after the service... everything will be out in the open.

Donna knocked over a vase. While cleaning up, Marley finds the beeper on the floor and keeps it. After Tyrone leaves, Marley taunts Donna that she can forget about paging Vicky. Then she reminds Donna about the room she was locked in when she was pregnant, and says it's time Vicky went away for awhile... not her.

Sofia manages to make it to the christening on time. She and Zak sit in the back and watch. After the service, Matt reminds Lila of the day the two of them prayed there in the chapel for Jasmine's safe return. He asks Lila to marry him... right there, right now.

Tuesday, November 10, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meghann

At Marley's house, Marley was walking around with a tool belt and toolbox preparing for her revenge on Vicky. Meanwhile, Donna was reaching for the emergency beeper that Jake and Vicky gave her. She reaches it and pushes the button, but falls out of bed. Marley hears her fall and rushes to her side to make sure she was ok.

At the chapel, everyone was stunned to hear Matt's proposal, especially Sofia who runs out. Zak went after her and follows her to the Cory Mansion. She yells at him and accuses him of knowing this was going to happen. He asks her how he would know and she told him she isn't sure but he was the one that set her clock back so she'd miss the baptism and he warned her not to go. He replies by saying he thought it would be hard to see Matt and Lila together for her but he didn't know that Matt would propose. Joe enters and tells him to get away from Sofia so Zak leaves. Sofia asks how Matt could do this to her and Joe answers that he was a low-life. She told him that everything was so perfect and she thought they could make it work but she should of listened to Joe when he told her the 'truth' about Matt.

Back at the chapel, Lila accepts Matt's proposal and says she needs to see Matt in the hall. She asks Matt why he was proposing to her. He says it's all for Jasmine and he promised her they would get married when they found Jasmine. He then went in to arrange for the wedding because he wants to get married that day. Cass walks out to talk to Lila and he tries to convince her not to marry Matt but to marry him. He says that Matt will never love her. How can she go to bed with a man who was thinking about another woman? Unfortunately, Cass's pleas for her not to marry Lila fail and she went back into be with Matt. Felecia walks out and tries to convince Cass to get on with his life and get over Lila. Cass was convinced that Lumina has something to do with Matt's proposal and Cass says it was probably mind control. However, Felecia was skeptical.

Back at Marley's house, Jake and Vicky rush over to see what was the matter because the emergency beeper went off. Marley explains that Donna probably was testing it to make sure it works. They get paper for her to write on and Donna writes 'help...trouble' they want to know why should write that and Marley explains that she probably means that she wants Marley to get some help. Jake takes Marley outside and wants to know when she will stop lying? She tries to tell him that she isn't lying and why would she be anyway? Vicky then rushes out and told them that Donna was speaking. At the chapel, Joe finds Matt and was furious with him. They almost get into a fight, but Paulina stops it. She told Joe that he has to understand that Matt was probably marrying Lila because he knows what it feels like no to have your father there. Joe says he doesn't care because he has no respect for Matt. He then told Paulina that she can stay for the wedding but he is leaving.

At Marley's, everyone rushes to Donna's side to hear what she was saying. She says day and was trying to say something else but can't. They are all baffled by what she meant when Vicky says that maybe she meant that she wanted to go home with them today. Marley says that everything was under control and manages to get them to leave. However, Donna has a death grip on Vicky's hand. They eventually leave and Jake still thinks Marley was lying. Marley goes back to Donna and asks what exactly was she trying to tell them. Then Donna says danger.

Back at the chapel, the wedding was underway. As the priest was speaking, Lila starts thinking about Cass.

Wednesday, November 11, 1998

Nick and Remy entered Sofia's apartment to see her breaking things that Matt gave her. When they confronted her about her actions, she declared that she hated Matt Cory. She told them that Matt married Lila. Nick offered to beat up Matt. Sofia turned down his offer.

All of the friends and family members of the Corys gathered to watch Matt and Lila exchange their vows. Lila interrupted the proceedings. She couldn't go through with the wedding without holding Jasmine. Once she was holding Jasmine, Lila said she was ready to go through with the ceremony. Amanda and Cameron, along with everyone else, couldn't figure out what has gotten into Matt to make him marry Lila. When Lila said she was ready to continue with the wedding, Cass abruptly left. Even though an expression of sadness took over Lila's face, she quickly smiled and ordered the priest to continue. Standing together at the alter, Lila, Matt, and Jasmine became one.

The rest of the Corys tried their hardest to hide their shock and congratulated the newlyweds. Lila vowed to Rachel that she would prove her wrong and be a good wife and mother. Rachel said that nothing would please her more. Now that Lila has everything that she wants, she was not as happy as she thought she would be.

Joe ordered Zak not to leave town. Joe wished good luck to Lila and expressed his disappointment to Matt for what he did to Sofia.

After the wedding, Zak went to see Jordan Stark in his office at Lumina. Mr. Stark gave Zak a cigar and suggested that they celebrate that their plan is working.

Felicia ran after Cass to Carlino's. Felicia tried her hardest to console Cass. In spite of her best efforts, even his best friend couldn't make him feel better. Cass knew something was wrong. He was going to find out why Matt changed his mind so suddenly in deciding to marry Lila. Felicia justified their love as a bond because of Jasmine and everything that had happened to her. Cass knew that there was more to it than that.

On the rooftop at Sofia's, Nick failed in trying to cheer up Sofia. Even Remy offered some help; however, nothing seemed to work. When Sofia finally came in from the roof, the doorbell rang. Sofia opened the door to find a newly married Matt standing there. She slammed the door in his face. They argued through the door. Eventually, Matt let himself in and explained to Sofia that he felt he had to keep his promise to Lila and that Lila was all that he was thinking about. Sofia reminded him that he made a promise to her as well. She told Matt to go home to his wife. Matt left Sofia in a tearful state.

Rachel and Paulina went to Lila's room and found her trying to nurse Jasmine. Rachel gave Lila a few pointers on how to get the baby to eat. The three women shared a moment where they seemed to bond.

Later, Jasmine was in her bassinet and Lila fell asleep on her bed. Only seeing a shadow, someone entered the room and made their way toward the bassinet.

Lila awoke to find Jasmine had disappeared. She screamed throughout the mansion for anyone who knew where her baby had disappeared to. Rachel, Paulina, and Matt came running. When they all assured Lila that they would find her, Debra, the nanny for Cory and Elizabeth came into the room with Jasmine in her arms. Lila quickly snagged the little one away from Debra. Debra said she saw her fussing in her bassinet and thought she would help out. Rachel apologized to Debra and dismissed her for the evening. Lila told Matt that she didn't want that woman coming near her baby ever again.

Matt and Lila brought Jasmine back upstairs. Matt told Lila that if she wanted to, she and Jasmine could stay in his room. Lila declined for now. Although, she did let Matt take Jasmine for the night so she could get some rest based on his suggestion. When Matt left the room, Lila changed out of her night clothes and snuck out.

Cameron planned a special surprise for Amanda. Amanda got all dressed up for where she thought they were going. Cameron came by in a flannel shirt and jacket and jeans. He gave her ear muffs and a heavy coat and told her to change. The happy couple were on their way to a romantic vacation. Later, Cameron took Amanda to the beauty of the outdoors.

Joe went to Carlino's where Paulina had run off to. Joe told Paulina that he didn't trust Zak and that he was going to find out everything he could about him. He also said that he thought Zak had more to do with Lila and Matt getting married than anyone thought.

Zak went to see Sofia. Sofia gave him the cold shoulder and sarcastically confirmed that he knew that everything was going to happen between Lila and Matt before it actually happened.

Cass went to the Cory chapel where Matt had taken Jasmine. He tried to convince him to wonder why he really married Lila. He tried to make him see Lila for the beautiful woman she really is. Matt said he was not in the mood and left. Cass prayed to God that the two of them need to watch out for Lila because no one else would.

Lila went to see Jordan Stark at Lumina. She shouted for him to bear his presence. He made his presence verbally. She stood in the dark room as she heard his voice say, "Lila, I've been waiting for you."

Thursday, November 12, 1998

Cameron brought Amanda to his special place in the woods, where he again declares his love. Alone on their mountaintop, Amanda and Cameron drew close. He brought her to a special place where they curled up in a double sleeping bag. As they prepared to make love, Amanda said she was glad there were no more secrets between them. Cameron told her there was something he thinks he should tell her first. He then told her a story about his dad and when he and Gary were kids and how he sometimes feels like a girl like her doesn't happen to guys like him. Amanda told him that he isn't his father and the only time he'll every realize that was when he has his own child. Cameron felt uneasy and tried to tell her there were things she didn't know about him. He then begin to tell her the truth about Josie, but then Amanda pointed out a shooting star to him, which they both thought was unusual for this time of year. Amanda then told him that the shooting star was a sign that they were meant to be together. They get ready to make love but, suddenly a ranger showed up to arrest them for trespassing. Amanda protested, and the ranger relented, but ordered them to get out in ten minutes. Cameron and Amanda's romantic rendezvous then came to an abrupt end when they are booted off the property for trespassing.

Vicky and Jake talked about bringing Donna over and Vicky was glad that Donna was able to speak today. Jake acknowledges and Vicky asks him if he senses that Marley has been acting strange lately. Jake told her that Marley has been acting very strange lately to him. Vicky then admitted that she didn't like how Marley always seemed to control Donna's movements and acts like she doesn't want Donna to get better. Jake told her he agrees, but that he doesn't want to talk about Marley tonight. So they decided to take their minds off of Donna and Marley by working on their baby making.

Donna begins to verbalize again, startling Marley by clearly speaking her daughter's name when Marley came up from downstairs, where she was working on something. Marley told Donna that she was sure Donna was probably wondering what the hammering is, but she will find out soon enough. In fact, it will be done before Vicky can return to take her away. Marley then made off with the beeper Jake and Vicky gave Donna and then started to leave, when suddenly Donna called out to her: "Marley, don't." Marley returned in and gives Donna a notepad and she writes down that Marley can't have Jake. Marley tearfully reminds her mother that she won't let anyone stand in the way of her quest to regain Jake's affections and she won't let Donna spoil things by trying to tell Jake or Vicky this time and walks off.

Lila shows up inside the dark Lumina Lab and Stark told her to come in, he has been expecting her. Ms. Allen watched on secretly. A startled, Lila asks him how did he know she was coming here. Jordan told her that he has his ways of finding out about things. Lila demanded that Jordan show himself and explain what he wants with her. Remaining hidden in the shadows, Jordan told Lila a man in his position can't risk revealing himself to the public. Lila told Stark that she has to know if he took her baby and then gave her baby back? Jordan asked her if the pain she has suffered has not turned to joy. She told him yes and then he asks her if all of the wishes she wished have come true. Again, she told him yes, but needs to know if he made it happen. He told her that he's just running a company, and she made everything happen herself, all they did was help. Lila grew spooked and then thanked them and said she hopes it will stay this way. As she tries to leave, she finds the door was locked and asks what they are trying to do to her? Jordan told her it's a security malfunction and then the door opens. Lila says she just wants to go home to her baby girl because she was grateful to have her back. Jordan told her he was glad for her and maybe one day the Lumina Foundation will call on her for a favor, and perhaps she can tell others that the Lumina Foundation was here to help people. Lila told them that was fine, then hurried out.

Cass stopped by Carlino's, looking for Joe, but Paulina said he was investigating Zak at the station. They then discussed the odd wedding. Cass thought Lila wasn't the same person now she had been a few months ago, and she hadn't really seemed to want to go through with the wedding. Paulina agreed Matt's behavior was strange, too. Just then, Zak comes into Carlino's and sits down at a table. Before Cass approaches him, Paulina told Cass they really can't afford for him to break up the furniture in here, so keep a cool head. Cass acknowledges and then warily approaches Zak. He apologizes to Zak and asks him if he can sit down. Zak invites him to sit and Cass begins to smoothly grill him on the sudden coincidences that have seem to occur every since the Lumina Foundation has came into town. He also told Zak that was about the same time he also showed up in Bay City. Zak once again denies any connection, but Cass told him that he knows Zak knows something about Jordan Stark or at least what kind of work the foundation does. Zak told Cass that he only participated in their experiments and learned about them through one of Jordan Stark's books he read called Beyond Imagination. Cass suspects that there might be clues to the Lumina mystery in the book. He then settles for that bit of information, and decides to leave Zak alone. As he leaves, Paulina sees him to the door and Cass told her to tell Joe that he may have found a clue.

Rachel was in the study talking to Matthew as he holds baby Jasmine and tries to quiz him on his sudden decision to marry Lila. Matt remains evasive and gives Rachel answers about it being the right thing to do. Lila returns home and shocked to find out that she was not in the house all this time, Rachel and Matt both want to know where she went. Lila reported she had just been out taking a walk. They tell her she should have told somebody she was going out, but Lila covers and told them that she just needed some air from being overwhelmed about the baby. Rachel was suspicious about where Lila had really gone. Paulina brought in tea and cookies and told Lila how hard Joe was working to find out who took Jasmine. Lila becomes upset and asked Paulina to get Joe to drop the investigation of Lumina, all that matters was that Jasmine was safe. Matt agreed with Lila, while Rachel and Paulina were shocked and surprised. Amanda returned home with Cameron in tow and Cameron told her he doesn't really feel like joining the family for a midnight snack. They kiss and part, and Amanda joined the other Cory's and told everyone that she hopes their night was as enjoyable as her as she went floating upstairs. Rachel and Paulina give each other one of those, they are so pleased she was happy looks.

As Vicky and Jake are working on making a baby, Cass drops by, saying his computer has gone into meltdown and he needed to get into the Herald newsroom to access some stuff online. Jake was testy, and asked Cass why this couldn't wait until tomorrow. Cass says it's important and that he may be onto uncovering a major conspiracy. He finally realizes he interrupted a romantic evening when he finds one of Vicky's bra's on the floor and apologizes to Jake and Vicky but stresses that it was very important. Jake gave in and barely had his legs inside his pants when Cass pushed him out the door with him to go to the Herald. Meanwhile still thinking about Marley's odd behavior, Vicky decides to go over there and speak to Donna alone. She then calls a sitter to come look after the boys as she headed out to see Donna.

Zak returns and Stark offers him a cigar and told Zak that he has done a good job with job number one, getting Lila into the Cory household was complete. Stark then told Zak that it was on to job number 2 and he picks up the phone and calls Marley.

Vicky sneaks into Marley's house to talk with Donna alone. Vicky gives her a pen and paper and says she won't leave until she's heard everything she has to say. Donna tries to communicate with Vicky but unfortunately, Marley comes in and rails at Vicky when she catches her sister trying to secretly communicate with Donna. Vicky stands her ground and told Marley that she was tired of Marley trying to keep Donna from talking and she wants to know why. Marley says her doctors say.... but Vicky cuts her off and told her that she doesn't care what Donna's doctors say. Marley asks Vicky why was she so mad and told her that she wishes Jake where here so he could see the real Vicky. Vicky told Marley that it always seems to come back to Jake and that Marley was becoming very transparent and pathetic. As Vicky and Marley argue, about Jake, Donna falls out of her chair and says "Stop!" Vicky and Marley help her back into her bed and they both apologize for fighting in front of her. Vicky also apologizes to Marley and she says she'll return tomorrow, but to make Marley happy, she will call first. Then she leaves. Donna wants to say something and she writes down that she wants them both to be happy. Marley says she can't be happy without Jake, but things will change. Just then, Marley gets a phone call from Jordan Stark who told her that he has heard she wants to see him and suggests she drop by tomorrow. Marley smiles and thinks Stark will help her get Jake back. As Donna lays there afraid Marley was losing her mind more and more each day.

Cass used Jake's computer to try and find Jordan Stark's book. He finally found it: Beyond Imagination. They then printed out the information. Jake and Cass read over the printout on Stark -- and were mystified to discover that the book was published two hundred years ago in 1798.........

Friday, November 13, 1998

Amanda shows up at Cameron's apartment to pick up where they left off the night before.

Josie and Gary fill out medical history forms so the hospital can check to see if there was a possibility of any problems with their baby. Josie looks anxious.

Cass spent the whole night on Jake's computer looking for books by Jordan Stark, but was unsuccessful except for the one he found that was written in 1798.

Marley gets ready to go to Lumina. Donna told her not to go. Vicky arrives and says that Steven isn't contagious anymore, so she's taking Donna home with her. Marley tries to make up excuses for why Donna can't go, but Vicky doesn't buy any of it and demands to know what Marley was trying to hide. Marley gives her answers, but not honest ones. She does convince Vicky to wait until later that night to take Donna home with her. Before she leaves, Vicky whispers to Donna not to worry, because she isn't as stupid as Marley thinks she is.

Josie was told that there could be RH problems with her baby, but that Gary's blood will be tested to determine if a problem exists. She's worried, since Cameron was really the father, they won't be prepared for this problem unless his blood was tested. The doctor notices that Josie's on edge and asks if there's something she's not saying about her pregnancy.

Amanda and Cameron are interrupted by a phone call from Gary. Gary needs Cameron's help on a case right away. He reluctantly agrees to go. Amanda was upset that their plans for romance have been ruined yet again.

Josie told her doctor that she's fearful of having another miscarriage. The doctor tries to reassure her that since both she and Gary are healthy, there's no reason to think she won't carry the baby full-term. Before leaving, Josie takes one of the history forms for Cameron to fill out.

Mr. Stark calls Marley and asks her to bring Donna with her to Lumina. Marley hesitates to agree, so Mr. Stark reminds her that Lumina has proven to be on her side in the past. Vicky watches Marley from outside. She calls Jake and told him Marley was definitely up to something.

Cass and Jake get Chris's help to search the internet, but still can find nothing but the book written in 1798. Chris finds a link to a picture of Jordan Stark, but before he can get it, the computer system shuts itself down. Cass comments that it seems like mysterious forces are trying to prevent them from finding out anything about Jordan Stark. Chris finds a book in the library which refers to Jordan Stark, although his picture has been cut out. However, they learn that after his book was published in 1798, Jordan Stark was arrested for the murder of his wife in London. He was sentenced to be hanged but disappeared from his cell on the morning of his execution, never to be seen again.

Marley arrives with Donna at Lumina, unaware that she's been followed by Vicky. When Vicky tries to follow them into the lab, she was stopped by security. In the lab, Mr. Stark talks to Marley without letting himself be seen. Marley gets uncomfortable and tries to leave, saying she'll make a donation to Lumina, but Mr. Stark says he's not interested in money, he's interested in her. He says he's fascinated by her struggle to regain her sense of self, but doesn't say why. He says Donna was no less interesting. Donna manages to say "danger". Marley asks what he is going to do to Donna, but he says he can't help without Marley's complete trust. Marley seems torn, but leaves Donna there.

Vicky told Jake that Marley took Donna to Lumina but that she doesn't know why because security kicked her out. Jake says they should go back there.

While Amanda was waiting for Cameron to return, Josie shows up. Amanda grills her about why she was there and suggests she not show up there without Gary. Josie starts to leave, but was stopped by pain in her stomach. Amanda asks what was wrong, but Josie doesn't answer. She locks herself in the bathroom instead.

When Jake gets to Lumina he demands to know where Donna is. Marley tells him. Vicky says if Marley did anything to hurt Donna, she'll fix it so Marley never sees Donna again.

Gary told Cameron that he wants him to be involved in his child's life. Cameron promises he will be.

A very shaky Josie comes out of the bathroom. Amanda asks again what was wrong. Josie asks her to take her to the hospital.

Jake, Marley and Vicky cause quite a commotion in the hallway at Lumina. Ms. Allen comes out of the lab and told them to keep it down. Vicky demands to see Donna, but Ms. Allen says that's not possible and went back in the lab. Vicky told Marley that she's taking over Donna's care immediately. Then Ms. Allen brought Donna out. She has totally regained her power of speech. She told Vicky and Marley to stop fighting.

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