SPENCER Family Tree
William Spencer (deceased)

m. Marion Spencer (divorced)
    c. Caroline Spencer (deceased) (twin)
        m. Thorne Forrester (1988-1989 divorced; see Forrester)
        m. Ridge Forrester (1989-1990; dissolved by her death; see Marone)
    c. Karen Spencer (twin)
        m. Connor Davis (1994; invalid)
        m. Danielle (last name unknown; date of marriage unknown)
            c. Caroline Spencer (date of birth and biological father unknown)
                m. Eric "Rick" Forrester, Jr. (2013-2015; see Forrester)
                m. Ridge Forrester (2015-present; see Marone)
                    c. Douglas Forrester (born 2016; father may be Thomas Forrester)

m. Name unknown (presumably divorced)
    c. William "Bill" Spencer, Jr.
        a. Quinn Fuller (circa late 1980s)
            c. Wyatt Fuller Spencer
                m. Hope Logan (2014-2015; see Logan)
                    c. unnamed child (deceased) (2014; miscarriage)
                m. Steffy Forrester (2016-present; see Marone)
        a. Kelly Cooper (deceased) (circa late 1980s)
            c. William "Liam" (Cooper) Spencer III
                m. Stephanie "Steffy" Forrester (2011-2012; divorced; see Marone)
                m. Hope Logan (2012; invalid; see Logan)
                m. Stephanie "Steffy" Forrester (2013; annulled) (see Marone)
                    c. unnamed child (deceased) (2013; miscarriage)
                m. Ivy Forrester (2015; annulled) (see Forrester)
        m. Katherine "Katie" Logan (2009-2013; see Logan)
            c. William "Will" Logan Spencer IV (born 2012)
        a. Brooke Logan (2013; see Logan)
            c. unnamed child (deceased) (2013; miscarriage)
        m. Katherine "Katie" Logan (2015-; see Logan)

m. Margo Lynley (1980s; see MacClaine)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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