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Steven Olson
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Actor History
Flip Mark
1965 to 1966
James Carroll Jordan
Stephen Schnetzer
1978 to 1980


Worked at Doug's Coffee House

Worked at Julie's antique shop

Resides At

Somewhere in Europe

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Ben Olson (father)

Addie Horton (mother; deceased)

Julie Olson (sister)

Hope Williams (maternal half-sister)

Tom Horton Sr. (maternal grandfather; deceased)

Alice Grayson (maternal grandmother; deceased)

Tommy Horton Jr. (maternal uncle)

Mickey Horton (maternal uncle; deceased)

Bill Horton (maternal uncle)

Marie Horton (maternal aunt)

Byron Carmichael (paternal half-uncle; deceased)

Sandy Horton (maternal cousin)

Melissa Horton (maternal cousin; via adoption)

Sarah Horton (maternal cousin; via adoption)

Mike Horton (maternal cousin)

Jennifer Horton (maternal cousin)

Lucas Horton (maternal cousin)

Jessica Blake (maternal cousin)

David Banning (nephew)

Robert Anderson Jr. (nephew; deceased)

Shawn-Douglas Brady (maternal half-nephew)

Zack Brady (maternal half-nephew; deceased)

Ciara Brady (maternal half-niece)

Claire Brady (maternal half-grand-niece)

Jeremy Horton (maternal first cousin once removed)

Nathan Horton (maternal first cousin once removed; via adoption)

Abigail Deveraux (maternal first cousin once removed)

Jack Deveraux Jr. (maternal first cousin once removed)

Will Horton (maternal first cousin once removed; deceased)

Alice "Allie" Caroline Horton (maternal first cousin once removed)

Nick Fallon (maternal first cousin once removed; deceased)

Nathan Horton (maternal first cousin once removed; via adoption)

Scott Banning (grandnephew)

Eli Grant (grandnephew)

Arianna Grace Horton (maternal first cousin twice removed)

Thomas Deveraux (maternal first cousin twice removed)


Spencer Olson (son; mother unknown)

Flings & Affairs

Mary Anderson

Mimi Grossett

Crimes Committed

Skimmed tips at Doug's Coffee House

Sold fake antique's at Julie's antique shop

Brief Character History

Steven is the oldest child of Addie and Ben Olson and is Julie's brother and Hope's half-brother. Steven went with his parents to Paris in 1965, and after his father died in 1971, Steven remained in Paris to finish his schooling, even though his mother Addie returned to Salem.

In 1972, Steven returned to Salem after finishing school, but, when he was unhappy in Salem, he returned to Paris. In 1978 Julie and Doug visited Paris where they met up with Steven, and brought him back to Salem. Julie gave Steven a job at Doug's Coffee House where he skimmed tips, and later when Julie opened up an antique store he sold Julie fake antiques.

By 1979, Steven had become involved in with a drug smuggler, Durand, who Trish Clayton had stolen some diamonds from. Steven was in charge of holding onto some canes that were filled with cocaine, and Durand also wanted the diamonds that Trish had stolen from him. However, when he found out that Maggie Horton had unknowingly sold some of them in Julie's shop, he feared for his life and fled Salem, never to be heard from again.

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