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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 8, 1997 on GL
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Monday, September 8, 1997
by Sarai

Alan and Annie arrive at Josh & Reva's to tell them the H.B. passed away while fishing at Cross Creek. He was taking a break from his vacation in Europe and was planning a surprise visit to Springfield. Reva finally asks Alan & Annie to leave, and she & Josh console each other. Billy comes over as soon as he hears the news, and all three stay up all night reminiscing about H.B. Marah & Shane are also deeply saddened by the news. Annie is returned to the State Mental Hospital without any problems. When Alan is trying to leave the hospital, a guard catches him, mistakes him for a patient, and takes him away. Alan is yelling the whole time that he is not a patient, but the guard doesn't listen.

Cassie continues with her strip-tease dance on the pool table, taking tips from patrons. Hart tips her also, but begs her to come down off the pool table as she is obviously drunk. Cassie ignores him, takes another shot of tequila and takes off more clothing. One of the men gets up on the table and starts groping around on her, and Hart rescues her, saying that she is his wife. He slings her over his shoulder and takes her to his home. Once he is home, he puts her to bed since she has passed out. She later admits to him that she has a daughter, Tammy, who is in foster care because of her husband's drug dealings.

Matt sees Vanessa taking some of her prescriptions pills from Switzerland, and confronts her about it. Vanessa says that she was probably light-headed from being in the hot-tub, and admits that she is being overprotective of herself and assures Matt that she is feeling fine.

Dinah comes over to Vanessa's home and tells her mother of her fight with Hart and how she is not ready for marriage/children, especially because of the risk of inheriting the disease. Vanessa tells Dinah that her disease is so rare, the chances of her contracting it is very remote. Dinah feels much better after her talk, and announces that she is going back to Hart right now to make up with him.

Dinah walks in Hart's home, only to find Cassie sitting on the sofa, dressed in one of Matt's shirts, eating breakfast with him.

Tuesday, September 9, 1997
by Sarai

Jenna convinces Harley to accompany her to the State Mental Hospital so they can investigate Annie and her knowledge of Reva's sister. She makes Harley dress up all business-like, so they can pose as society women looking to make charitable donations. Harley goes into Annie's room to snoop around, but gets caught by her, and turned in to security. Annie doesn't recognize her.

Meanwhile, Alan is mistaken for a patient and one of the guards is holding him against his will. The hospital administrator later apologizes for the mix-up, but Alan isn't too forgiving.

Security brings in Harley, and Jenna quickly thinks up a story and says that she is actually her sister, and is really checking out the hospital to see if it might be a suitable place for committing her mentally challenged "sister." Harley is furious at the prospect that she might have to stay there for a few days, but Jenna persuades her to play along, as this is a good way to probably get some info from Annie.

After Harley is temporarily "committed", she tries to act friendly to Annie, who immediately tells her to get lost.

Dinah has walked in on Cassie sitting there in Hart's home wearing only a shirt, and gets more than angry. Cassie & Hart try to explain, but Dinah isn't too willing to listen. After Cassie leaves, Dinah accepts his explanation, and he tells her the whole story of Cassie getting drunk and strip-teasing for a bar full of guys, and how he rescues her.

Cassie goes to Reva to tell her that she will not accept the money that was once offered to her for obtaining a lawyer to get Tammy back. She also helps comfort her and also Billy, who are all preparing for H.B.'s memorial service.

Wednesday, September 10, 1997
by Cheryl

Buzz is helping Jenna move some stuff into Harley's apartment. Buzz believes that Harley is out of town. Phillips shows up and asks about Harley's where abouts and Buzz says that Harley is in Chicago and at the same time Jenna says St. Louis. Jenna quickly recovers and Buzz (of course) blows off the mistake, but not Phillip. Buzz leaves and Phillip insists that Jenna tell her the truth. First Jenna tells Phillip that Harley is away with another man. Phillip does not believe her because of their relationship. Jenna begs Phillip not to tell anyone and then finally reveals that she had Harley committed in the same nut house as Annie so that she can spy on Annie and help Reva find her sister. Phillips screams at Jenna "YOU'RE NUTS" and leaves.

Harley (as Caitlin) goes to Annie's room. Annie refuses to even talk to her so "Caitlin" tells her that she wasn't really looking for roaches the first time that she was caught in her room. Caitlin tells Annie that she was there because she had read about her in the newspaper and she tells her that she shouldn't be locked up. Annie deserved a medal for what she went through with that Reva woman. Caitlin tells Annie that she really isn't nuts either. She tells Annie that she recently lost a baby and that her sister was worried about her and admitted her for observation. Annie feels for her and starts to seem to give in a little. The doctor walks by Annie's room to find Caitlin with Annie. The doctor tells Annie it is against the rules to have anyone in your room, Caitlin is new and she doesn't know all the rules yet but you Annie do know the rules. The doctor escorts them out of Annie's room to the community room so they could talk there. The doctor is very upset that Annie has broken the rules. Caitlin tells Annie that she is very sorry and that she will make it up to her. The doctor tells Annie that she has a visitor and Annie is excited about seeing Alan. Phillip is Annie's visitor and Harley/Caitlin freaks. Phillip tells Annie that he has some news for her, but first wants to be introduced to her new little friend, Caitlin. Annie says that Caitlin is not her friend and pulls Phillip away to sit down. Phillips tells Annie about H.B's death and about the memorial service to be held tomorrow. Annie tries to get the doctor to give her a pass for a couple of hours. Because H.B is not a member of Annie's family, he declines her request and tells her that it is also time for her appointment. This gives Phillip a chance to talk to Harley/Caitlin. Phillip grabs Harley and insists on taking her out of here and she flatly refuses to go with him. Phillip then tells Harley that H.B. died. Phillip tells Harley that Annie desperately wants to go to that memorial service and maybe Harley could try to help Annie get there. That would get Caitlin/Harley in good with Annie and maybe she could find out more info on Reva's sister.

Annie walks out and finds Phillip still there and talking to Caitlin. Caitlin claims that she is a "vibrationist" and she grabs Phillip's palm and starts to "read" it. Phillip tells Annie that Caitlin is telling him things that no one else knows and that Caitlin is amazing. Soon Phillip leaves and Caitlin touches Annie and tells her that she knows how bad Annie wants to get out of there. Caitlin then tells Annie that she knows that she has just lost someone that she loved deeply. Caitlin tells Annie that she can help her get out for the day. Annie refuses Caitlin's help stating that she has friends that can do anything for her and that one day she is going to be the head of a major company and doesn't need her help. Annie walks away from the curious Caitlin/Harley who is left to wonder about that last statement.

Vanessa is getting lightheaded again as Matt and her are getting ready to leave for her doctor's appointment. Billy Lewis shows up at the door and tells Vanessa about the death of H.B. and tells her about the memorial service. Billy tells Vanessa that he plans to make the most of his life now and leaves. Matt is trying to get Vanessa to get going so that she can make her appointment but now Vanessa doesn't want to go. She wants to be with Reva and Josh. Matt and Vanessa argue and she insists that she is NOT GOING TODAY and that one day would not make a difference. Matt accuses her of giving up. Vanessa get angry with Matt and tells him to leave her alone. Later with Vanessa on the porch in a rocker, Matt tells her that he loves her and they both apologize to each other for arguing. Vanessa admits to Matt that she is scared.

Buzz tells Nola about H.B.. He also tells her that he is still getting those mysterious notes from the secret admirer. He told her that he just got one that morning with a "I'm thinking of you" on it. He is getting tired of it and wants to know who it is. Nola convinces him to let her look at the handwriting. She tells him that it is Michelle's handwriting and that she would know it anywhere. Buzz is puzzled. Michelle Bauer is sending him love notes!!?? Nola tells him "No it is Michelle Pfieffer." She laughs at him. Later when Jenna is back in the diner, a delivery man shows up with yet another unsigned gift. This one is a basket of sweets. Buzz is upset.

Ross brings a covered dish to Josh and Reva's house and asks if there is anything that he can do for the family. After they say no thank you, Ross wants to get down to the real reason that he is there. He has a letter from H.B. Josh reads the letter to Billy and Reva. It is giving them more of that ole H.B. advice and telling them not to mourn, just tell a few stories about him and sing one of his favorite hymns. Josh then reads that H.B. has given Reva all his personal shares of Lewis Oil Stock. Reva can't believe that H.B. did this for her. Josh assures her that H.B. loved her and he knew that she would do the family right.

Thursday, September 11, 1997
by Angela Vogel

Today's show was a tribute to the recently deceased H.B. Lewis. Attendants at the funeral shared their loving memories and stories about H.B. Surprising visits from Mindy Lewis, Trish Lewis, and Dillon Lewis. The show ends with a tear-jerking summation from Josh, a haunting echo of H.B.'s words about enjoying life, and a resounding rendition of Amazing Grace.

Friday, September 12, 1997
by Kimberly

Annie is still upset that she was unable to attend HB's Memorial Service. She tries, in vain, to get the hospital employee that helped her in the past to "escape" again. He informs her that not only has Alan paid him big bucks to see that she stays in County General, but he has another surprise for her too, a new roomie. "Caitlin" (Harley) gushes in to their room saying how great it will be to spend more time together. Harley/Caitlin tries to get Annie to reveal her revenge plot for Reva and Josh. When reading Annie's palm seems to agitate Annie further (by stating things Caitlin/Harley knows about Annie, Caitlin/Harley talks Annie into attending a group therapy session. Annie believes that they are a waste of time, but is surprised and amused when Caitlin/Harley reveals stories about her undercover life, nabbing Jeffrey and sleeping with her "best friend" (Phillip).

Hart and Dinah are at Company discussing Cassie's past. He confides the truth about Cassie, her ex-husband and daughter who is in foster care. Dinah takes great delight in hearing that Cassie is not as trouble free as she appears. She and Hart discuss (and agree) to "let nature take it's course" and not prevent a pregnancy. After Hart leaves, Dinah assures herself that "what Hart doesn't know won't hurt him" as she takes her daily birth control pill.

Cassie helps Alan "break into" Lewis Oil while everyone is at Cross Creek, burying HB. Instead of looking at company secrets, Alan is reading the file on Reva's missing sister. While Alan continues to read the file, Cassie has second (and third) thoughts about her involvement in the scheme, talking aloud to her picture of daughter Tammy. Cassie tries to get Alan to leave, and is almost caught in the act as Billy decides to return to Lewis Oil. After Alan's escape, Billy reveals that he left Cross Creek as soon as he arrived. He did not imagine that losing HB would be so hard, and Cassie confides that, she too, has lost her parents. Billy and Cassie share a kiss as Hart walks in the office.

Matt and Vanessa are at Cedars, running tests to determine if her mysterious illness has returned. Rick and Lillian run numerous tests and Vanessa dreams that Rick says her illness has returned and that she has 6 to 9 months to live. When Rick does appear, he informs a shocked Matt and Vanessa that the disease is in remission, and that the symptoms appeared because she is pregnant!

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