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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 16, 1998 on GL
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Monday, March 16

Rick and Abby say their goodbyes before she is escorted away to prison. Abby also asks Blake to watch over Rick. Blake blasts Ben for hiding the videotape that could potentially free Abby. He challenges her to come find out about the tape for herself, and gives her a key to his hotel room.

Holly is shocked to see that Roger and Amanda are already married. She falls ill, and Roger insists on taking her home. Later, at Holly's home, he asks Amanda to wait outside for him. Roger then tells Holly how much he will always love her, and leaves with Amanda.

Holly then finds the note left by Fletcher, saying that he and Meg have gone to find a better life, and not to try to find them. She calls the school in Canada to see if Fletcher is there, but only finds that he has left word that he has instead gone to Europe.

Blake arrives at Ben's hotel room, and looks for the videotape. Ben walks in on her and makes a suggestive proposal to her.

"Reva the clone" is hypnotized by Michael, while Josh tells her of Real Reva's life, including her childhood, her mother, and Cross Creek. He is amazed that when she wakes up, she is notably changed, and asks Josh to tell her more stories of Cross Creek.

Real Reva is washed ashore to an unknown small tropical island. She is elated to find herself unharmed, and thanks God for another chance at life.

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Loleysa

Michelle starts my greeting Jesse (Carlos) in Spanish her words are wrong and Jesse laughs. Michelle asks why is he laughing. He responds by saying that she said he smelled like an old sock. Jesse suggests a trade that he will teach her Spanish if she will teach her how to speak in English. Michelle agrees to help Carlos (Jesse) with his English. She asks Carlos why he wants to learn English and what does he plan to do with his life? Jesse responds by explaining speaking English will help him get a better job. He would like to study engineering at the University. Michelle explains that before the fire she attended Springfield University. As Michelle is speaking to Jesse, Rick enters. Rick does not see Jesse behind the door.

Holly called Blake but Ross answered the phone. Franticly she asks Ross if he has seen or heard from Fletcher. She goes on to explain that Fletcher took Meg and left. Later Holly answers the door and Ross walks in. Ross tries to calm down Holly by explaining that all couples fight and Fletcher will return. He asks her if there was another woman and Holly says she is the problem. Holly explains to Ross that Fletcher saw her kissing Roger. Fletcher believes that Holly was going to leave him for Roger. Holly tells Ross that she has lost everything, her husband, her daughter (Meg) and Roger. Ross calls in a few favors and finds out the Fletcher withdrew half the money from their account and bought two tickets to London. Holly is afraid because Fletcher was once and undercover reporter and can disappear anywhere in the world. Ross tells Holly he will call a friend at the British Embassy to find information on Fletcher

Blake is talking with Ben she demands to know were he put the tape that will free Abby. Ben goes on to relive his experience when Blake tied him to a bed. He tells her that he enjoyed what happened. Blake once again demands to know where is the tape. Ben responds by playing a game. Blake goes around the room looking for the tape. Ben tells her that she is getting cold. Ben tells her she is getting warmer the closer she gets to him. She becomes close enough to kiss Ben and then walks away. Ben tells Blake that the tape is in the VCR. Blake plays the tape. Blake believes the tape will prove Abby's innocence. Ben counters that the tape proves nothing. He says that Abby was in a courtroom full of people, who would have prevented Roy from hurting Abby. Blake explains that isn't true because he raped another woman. Ben tells her the previous rape can't be admitted. Blake tells Ben that he will go to jail for with holding evidence. Ben replies "I'll deny that I've seen the tape." Blake answers that the town will believe her. Ben counters how will you explain how you saw the tape in my apartment after hours? He says everyone will want to know including Ross. Both Ben and Blake reach for the tape. Ben gets it first and pretends to burn it. He tells Blake that she is the only Mauler he wants. He suggests there is only one way to get the tape. Blake is repulsed by Ben's propsistion. In the end Blake agrees to sleep with Ben in exchange for the tape.

Drew asks Buzz to play a game of poker. Drew says that if she wins Buzz must tell her where Jesse goes every afternoon and if Buzz wins Dru agrees to clean the grill in the dinner. Buzz cheats and Dru cleans up the grill. While Dru is cleaning up, Buzz calls Jesse to worn him the Dru is snooping around. Buzz assures Jesse that he put her off the trail. Dru is hiding below the window behind the door and overhears Buzz talking to Jesse on the phone. She waits until Buzz leaves and pushes redial on the phone. An operator asks if she can help her, Dru tells the operator she already has. Dru now knows where to find Jesse.

Abby and a Guard are talking. The Guard asks Abby if she looks good in orange, since it is the color of the uniform. Abby tries to explain to the Guard that she does not want to change in front of the male guard. The Guard tells Abby that she needs to get over her modesty because their will be male guards in prison and community showers. Abby pleads with the Guard to help her. The Guard agrees to hold up a blanket. Abby thanks her and begins to undress. As Abby is undressing, the Guard yells at her to move to the left. The Guard continues to yell for Abby to move. Then she asks Abby if she is death. Abby can't hear her because she is not watching her lips. She does here the Guard ask if she is death. Abby explains to the guard that she is death and she can only read lips. The guard apologized. The guard gives Abby some advice. She tells Abby to watch her back, stay alert and stay tough. She tells Abby that she will not get special treatment because she is death and that only the strong survive.

Rick tells Michelle that Abby has just begun her 18-month sentence. Rick tells her he knows Abby is afraid. Michelle suggests to Rick that she could come home and help he through this. Rick tells Michelle to stay at the school and he will be fine. As Rick leaves, Michelle walks around and falls over a chair and hit her head. Jesse finds her and helps her up. She tells Jesse that she can see something.

Wednesday, March 18, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Loleysa

Michael and Josh are discussing the learning abilities of cloned Reva. Michael believes that the child is 7, but it seems the child is now 10. Michael tries to explain to Josh that cloning is not a precise science. The cloned Reva demands that someone reads a book to her because it too hard. The cloned Reva demands to play outside at night where no one can see her. Both men try to explain to her that is too dangerous for her to go outside. Cloned Reva says "Let me go outside or I will scream." Cloned Reva starts to scream. Josh and Michael agree to take her to the park.

Michelle tells Jesse to go and get the doctor because she can see. Michelle talks to the doctor about what happened. The doctor wants to know how and when did it happen?

Michelle begins to explain then suddenly the light or sight disappears. Michelle is upset because the light is gone. She expresses her feelings to the doctor and to Jesse about how hard it's been without sight and how badly she wants to see again. Jesse leaves the room to release some anger and Dru walks up behind him. Dru wants to know why Jesse is working at the school. He takes her away to prevent Dru from seeing Michelle.

Jesse tells Dru what she wanted to hear and gets her to leave. The doctor tells Jesse there is no change in Michelle's condition.

Blake agrees to sleep with Ben and begins to undress. Ben complements Blake on her under garments. Blake starts to have seconds thoughts. Ben explains to Blake it is the only way to save Abby. They begin to kiss and Blake doesn't respond. She said," Are you satisfied?" Ben answers yes. Blake mentions that he will only have her body. They lay on the bed and Ben begins to kiss her. Ben tells Blake that she has nice lips. Blake demands that Ben get it over with. She tells him he doesn't have all night. Ben replies, "I do".

Soon Blake begins to subsume to Ben's will and the phone rings. Ross is on the other end and wants Ben to issue a warrant to prevent Fletcher from leaving the country. Blake gets off the bed and prepares to leave. Ben stops her. He reminds her it is for Abby. Blake begins to relax but reminds Ben it is only for Abby. In a heated moment, Ben pulls back and agrees its blackmail. Ben tells Blake he wants her to want it and enjoy herself. Ben decides he wants to wait. Blake gets upset about his refusal and demands he gives her the tape. He tells her no because she didn't sleep with him. Blake makes a threat to tell all. Ben reminds her he will deny it.

Ben also assures Blake that he won't tell her secret.

Cassie and Mara are talking and Mara hope that her mother won't miss the school family project.

Josh takes the cloned Reva to the park to play on the swings. Mara and Cassie see them. Cassie wants to know what is going on? The cloned Reva walks over to Mara and asks if she is a friend of Josh. Mara turns and asks Josh who is this girl?

Ross offers to help Holly find Fletcher and Meg. Holly doesn't want the police involved. Ross tries to convince Holly that calling the police is the only way to stop Fletcher. Finally Holly agrees to call the police. Vanessa and Matt enter the home and Holly tells her what has happened. Both Vanessa and Matt try to comfort Holly by telling her Fletcher will return. Ross tells everyone he is going to see Ben.

Vanessa wants to make tea to help Holly feel better. Holly leaves the house to find Blake.

As Blake leaves Ben's apartment and walk towards the elevator, Ross gets off and sees Blake.

Thursday, March 19, 1998

Josh and child "Reva" run into Cassie and Maura in the park, which raises all sorts of questions, especially after the child tells them her name is Reva. Cassie accuses the child of being Reva's daughter from an affair. Josh swears to her she's wrong. He tells her he's just helping Michael out by babysitting one of the orphans from the organization he does charity work with. Cassie isn't buying it, however. In the meantime, Maura and little "Reva" get into a fight on the playground, and Maura pushes Reva down. Michael shows up and carries a kicking and screaming "Reva" back to her "foster home." Once home, "Reva" screams her hatred for Michael, kicking over his table and throwing things around his apartment. She has a tantrum over how much attention Bud paid to Maura, even though, as Michael points out, she is his daughter. "He's my Joshua, my Joshua!," she screams. Michael calms her down, giving her the next dose of her growth "medicine."

Reva calls for help on the island, but no one comes. She remembers her last moments with Josh before Annie kidnapped her. She relives the awful hours on the plane and decides that everyone must think she is dead.

Holly begs the airline attendant to let her examine the passenger list. She gets progressively louder and more demanding until security is called. Hart happens by and offers help. He gets into a physical fight with a guard, and while he does, Holly grabs the flight passenger list. The police are called, and Frank shows up to arrest Holly and Hart.

Blake and Ross go to see Ben Warren about getting a warrant for Holly. When Ben invites them in, Ross spots Blake's lingerie lying on the floor near his bed (but he doesn't recognize it). When they learn that Holly has disappeared, they leave Ben to go look for her (much to Blake's relief). Outside his apartment, Ross comments, "What kind of woman would sleep with Ben Warren? She must be desperate...or paid."

At show's end: Josh talks to the photograph of the real Reva, apologizing for "selling her soul" to the little girl. He is sorry, he says, but just couldn't find a way to live without her.

Reva realizes that she held onto the plane's wing drifting in the water, but couldn't have possibly made it to shore by herself, not with her wounded leg! She faintly remembers someone helping her...but who?

Friday, March 20, 1998
by CBS

Brave Reva sets out to explore the island. Her frustration gets the best of her, but she calms herself by thinking of Josh and the kids. Exhausted, she settles into her new self-built home. Beth gets her hopes up when Phillip invites her to his office. Harley shows up, demanding that Phillip tell his PI to stop using Harley's name during his investigation. A nervous Beth asks Phillip to call off the investigation, explaining to both of them what she went through with Carl and why it would be traumatic for if they found him. Beth leaves in tears and to her horror turns around in the elevator to see Carl facing her. A suspicious Cassie tries to figure out what Josh was doing with a little girl named Reva. Over at Michael's, Josh laments Marah's pain, Cassie's suspicion and his own pain over losing Reva. Young "Reva" grows more and, scared and confused, demands to know what's happening to her. Josh breaks down, telling Michael that the clone will never be Reva and if they try to make her, her life will be a lie. "Reva" overhears this last part and runs away. Ross thinks Ben engineered Holly's arrest.

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