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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 27, 1998 on GL
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Monday, April 27

Real Reva and Sean are on a boat, making their way to land, when Reva spots the shore. She is so excited and stands up, but falls on the slippery deck, and hits her head. Sean rushes to her rescue and finds her unconscious. A nearby ship sees this happen, and offers help. He accepts the offer to take Reva to the hospital. On the ship, Sean holds Reva in his lap, and tries to calm her down, since she has a bad head injury. She sees a lighthouse, and says that she can't wait to see her family...see all those who love her.

Clone Reva shocks Josh by putting on Real Reva's wedding dress. She asks if she should take it off, but he says not to, and instead, kisses her passionately. They end up making love in front of the fire. It gets eerie, because Josh keeps asking her if she remembers certain situations and occassions, and Cleva is sort of forced to answer "yes". Afterwards, she falls asleep and Josh remembers their wedding day, and Josh remembers their wedding day,

Cassie comes over to Hart's house, and thinks that he is giving her the brush-off. But it turns out that he has the flu, and isn't feeling all that well anyway.

Beth openly admits to shooting Carl. Lillian and Phillip beg her not to adnit to anything that she really didn't do. She goes through the whole scene and describes how she shot Carl in the back. Phillip keeps telling her that she is not telling the truth. Beth demands that they all believe her, and asks to be taken to the police station. But, she tells Harley how Phillip kissed and held her the night before, and if Lizzie hadn't interrupted, it might have gone farther.

Harley later confronts Phillip about what happened with he and Beth last night. Phillip admits that he kissed Beth, and it could have gone farther, but it was just a "moment". Harley isn't very forgiving and walks out.

Tuesday, April 28
by Soap Opea Central

Today's recap was proivded by Liz Key

It's the morning after at Cross Creek and surprise, surprise, Josh once again is having second, third or fourth thoughts. Clone Reva is understandably confused and upset at his blowing hot and cold, since she thought they had settled everything before they made love. Josh then explains that he was caught up in the emotion of her wearing Reva's wedding dress and looking just like his Reva. At this point, Josh has a revelation. They might have been able to clone Reva's body and instill memories in the clone, but they could not clone Reva's soul, which is what he fell in love with. Well, the Clone is a tad upset at this turn of events and demands that Josh set her free. she'll go to Las Vegas, she says, where they dance all night and have a good time. Otis pops in, hands Clone Reva some flowers, and Clone Reva plays up to him big time. Josh rushes him out the door and demands to know what Clone Reva thought she was doing. She insists she is a desirable person and that if he doesn't want her, someone else will. He reminds her that Otis is a married man and that he, Josh, will never abandon her. Somehow they will work things out. While he goes to pack for their return home to Springfield, Otis comes back and Clone Reva bums a ride with him claiming she has a hair appointment and that Josh is busy showering. Later we see her at a pay phone, talking to Buzz. She must talk to him about a matter that can not be discussed over the phone. Then she tells him not to call her Reva and that she's not Reva. Josh is quite distressed to find Clone Reva has flown the coop.

Meanwhile at the diner, we see Jesse bussing tables and it is mentioned briefly that Michelle is still at the hospital in L.A. and Jesse doesn't know what's going on with her. Harley enters and tells Buzz that everything with Phillip and her is fine, especially since there is no Phillip and her. They talk about the times her heart has broken and Harley states she just wants a normal man without any baggage. Enter Michael. Harley goes to wait on him, introduces herself and flirts as only Harley can, unaware that his baggage is the size of Reva. Meanwhile, while Michael is occupied at the diner, Dinah and Rob take the opportunity to break into his apartment. Of course, Rob complains about picking locks and snooping, but he doesnt leave. Dinah finds the pictures of Clone Reva which she interprets as Reva's love child, but is more intrigued by the locked bedroom door. After unsuccessfully trying to pick the lock, she has Rob remove the hinges. Of course, just as he pulls the door away from the doorjamb, Michael walks in and discovers them. What the hell is going on? Good question; how are you going to explain your way out of this one, Dinah? Maybe she'll be joining Beth in a jail cell really soon.

Speaking of Beth. Headlines are splashed across THE paper in Springfield: Beth Raines Confesses to Murder. She is down at the police station and freely tells Ben her story, while Ross and Phillip are busy talking about the case. Both Ben and Ross realize that self-defense is going to be a hard tale to believe, since she supposedly shot Carl in the back, wiped the gun clean, threw the gun in the pond, and then went back to the house and pretended like nothing had happened. That sounds more like cold-blooded murder. Phillip and Ross are livid when they find Beth has been talking to Ben without her attorney present but she waived that right, saying she wanted to get the whole thing over with. While Ben and Ross step outside to argue, Phillip confronts Beth and wants to know who she is protecting and that they are not worth it. He then asks if she thinks it is him because he didn't do it. She just gets angry and wants to know if he thinks she is too weak to murder someone. Anyone can be a murderer with the right set of circumstances, she says. She also apologizes for telling Harley about the kiss, but Phillip brushes that aside as unimportant at the moment. Ben seems suspicious about how eagerly she wants to go to jail, but the evidence dictates that he has her arrested. After promising to ask for a lenient bail, Ben asks Frank to take Beth to booking. Ross then tells Phillip that he needs to be there for Lizzie.

Wednesday, April 29

Josh reveals to Cassie that Reva's clone has run off after he told her that she will never be Reva to him. Cassie decides to run to Michael for help. Reva clone meets with Buzz at the diner and reveals that she is not Reva but a test tube creation brought to life only a few short weeks ago. Buzz suggests they get Josh but she insists that Annie killed the real Reva in a plane crash. A confused and concerned Buzz calls Josh who quickly escorts her back home. Finding her at the station house, Phillip approaches Harley to explain his relationship with his jailed ex-wife but Harley claims that she doesn't want to hear it. Phillip convinces her to help him free Beth. Michael catches Rob and Dinah snooping in his apartment and orders them to leave. Curious that Michael won't call the police to have them arrested for breaking and entering, Dinah guesses that Cassie and Josh have been meeting in Michael's apartment for their tryst. Cassie arrives and, seeing them together, is shocked to realize that Rob has been working with Dinah. Dinah vows to prove that she and Josh are having an affair. Sean checks on Reva in the hospital and is relieved to see she is almost healthy enough to go home. She thanks him again for saving her life and bringing her back to civilization but urges him to go back to the island so that he'll be safe. Reva and Sean say their goodbyes as he leaves her in safe hands. Reva's unaware that Sean is then taken away by the police.

Thursday, April 30

Michelle waltzes back into the rehab center dressed in a chic outfit and wearing designer shades. She is enjoying herself teasing Dan. When she feels he has had enough, she gives him her hospital records. Just then, Rick comes to visit. She strings him along for a while then mentions the pen in his pocket. He is wowed because he realizes that she can see! She had the operation and it was a great success. Dan goes to the phone and calls Jessie. He has always been straight with him, Dan says, so he wants him to know that he should come to the rehab center right away to see Michelle. But, he doesn't tell him that Michelle can see.

Dinah beats a path to Hart's door. He doesn't want her to come in because he is sick, but she pushes in anyway. Since when does it matter what the other person wants when Dinah has a bee in her bonnet? She begins to cast a little doubt about his finance. Instead of telling Hart her complete suspicions, she is satisfied to only "confess" that she hired Rob to try and come between Hart and Cassie. It was childish, she knows, but she was feeling desperate. She is so sorry and wants to make it right. Can you forgive me?

Clone Reva refuses to do what Josh tells her any more. She is leaving; she will find her a man who will love her. Josh pleads for more time; he even points out that she has no money and she doesn't know how to drive. Clone Reva says that she will tell everyone that she is a clone, but Josh tries to tell her that if they had more time, he might learn to love her. Cassie bursts in on them and right away, Clone Reva tells her that she is always popping in just as she and Josh are connecting. Cassie doesn't care about her problems, she has problems of her own. She tells them about Dinah's little trick of breaking into Michael's apartment and jumping to the wrong conclusion. She wants to tell Hart everything, but Josh is insistent that she not spill the beans. He tells her that she can handle Hart and Dinah. Frustrated, Cassie leaves. Reva is adamant about leaving until Marah comes in with tickets to the Mother-Daughter Tea. Clone Reva is all excited about going with Marah and decides not to leave until after the tea.

Meanwhile, calling from the hospital in Miami, the Real Reva is becoming more and more frustrated when she can't get through by phone to anyone at the Lewis home. Finally, after numerous attempts, Real Reva gets through and a real person (?) answers the phone. "Who is this?" Real Reva asks. "This is Reva Shane," Clone Reva announces innocently. Real Reva holds the phone out and looks at it questioningly.

At the diner, Buzz asks Jessie if he knows anything about cloning. Jessie tells him as much as he knows about the process. Later, Buzz has a sudden remembrance of holding Clone Reva's hand and caressing her arm. He stops what he is doing and wonders "Where was the scar?" The more he thinks about it, the more mystified he becomes. Finally, he rushes on over to the Lewis house. When Reva opens the door, he grabs her arm and pushes up her sleeve. Where is it? He wants to know. Where is the scar that you got while living with me at the diner? Finally, he believes Clone Reva's story.

Cassie flies to Hart's house. She begins to tell Hart about Dinah and Rob breaking into Michael's. She says Dinah did it to prove that she was having an affair with Josh. Just then, a smiling "cat-that-ate-the-canary" Dinah bounces in with hot soup for the invalid. She refuses to answer any of Cassie's accusations, but she is freely baiting Cassie, which only causes Cassie to dig herself into a deeper hole. Finally, Hart flat out asks her if she is having an affair with Josh.

Friday, May 1

Today's recap was provided by Liz Key.

Today was basically Reva's show, as almost every scene revolved around the clone storyline.

The real Reva finally managed to call the house but was quite shocked when the clone answered and said she was Reva Shayne. Real Reva thought she was joking (a sick joke at that) and demanded to speak to someone else. Clone Reva hung up on her and when Real Reva called back, she once again hung up on her. Buzz was at the house during these scenes demanding to know what had happened to Reva's scar, which Reva explained away by claiming plastic surgery. It was obvious that Buzz did not quite believe her and was leaning more and more toward the cloning story. Real Reva tries calling Joshua at his office where he has been imbibing bourbon and having a convoluted conversation with Billy. Josh doesn't want to talk to her but Billy insists. Taking the phone Josh tells a shocked Reva that he doesn't want to talk right now but that he'll see her later, ending the conversation abruptly by hanging up. Josh and Billy argue about Reva, with Billy telling him he needs to be more understanding of the changes in her. In disgust Josh demands to know who made him a marriage counselor and storms out of the office leaving a puzzled Billy behind. Real Reva then tries to contact Cassie via her cellular phone. Unfortunately, she has picked a very bad moment as Hart demands to know what is going on between Cassie and Josh. After Dinah leaves, Cassie says again that she and Josh are not having an affair, to which Hart replies that he wants to know what is going on or else their relationship is over. Cassie tries the same lame song anddance routine about Reva needing her right now, at which point the Real Reva calls. Cassie greets her with an accusation of how she has ruined her life and how she will be more than happy to never speak to her again. After she hangs up on Reva, we see a stunned Reva wondering what is going on back in Springfield. Hart gives Cassie an ultimatum: either tell the truth about what is going on or else leave the farm. She slams out of the house. Not even a minute later a contrite Dinah knocks at the door. She apologizes again and tells him that she would stop loving him if she could. Before she can humbly leave with her head bowed, Hart invites her inside the farm house. Josh arrives at his house just as Buzz is trying to get the truth from Clone Reva. Buzz leaves after telling her that he is there if she needs someone to talk to and a suspicious Josh demands to know what is going on. Clone Reva covers by saying that Buzz has a kind heart. When Josh asks why the phone is off the hook, Clone Reva says she was getting crank calls. As soon as she puts the phone back in the cradle it rings. Clone Reva answers and Real Reva asks to speak to Joshua. Clone Reva hands the phone to Josh telling him it is the crank who has been calling. He takes the phone and tells the Real Reva to stop bothering his wife or he'll call the police. After being hung up on once again, a tearful Reva wonders who Joshua's wife is.

In between all the drama surrounding the Clone, Jesse finally arrived at the blind school only to be waylaid by Drew. To get her to back off and leave the school Jesse tells her about Michelle's blindness, why she broke up with Jesse, and his pretending to be Carlos, making her promise to never tell Michelle about the Carlos fake identity thing. FINALLY she leaves after making him promise to call her when he gets back to Springfield. During this time, Rick and Michelle have been packing and talking about her returned eyesight and how happy he is that both Michelle and Abby will be coming home. He once again asks her about Jesse and she is uncertain about what she will do. Dr. Rick gets paged by the hospital (as the only doctor, he is understandably in demand) and Michelle tells him that she will spend the night at the school because she wants to say good-bye to Carlos. After telling her he'll be back tomorrow morning to pick her up, Rick leaves. Jesse enters and assumes the persona of Carlos, speaking in Spanish to a shocked Michelle. Not knowing she can see him, Jesse is taken aback when an angry Michelle accuses him of lying to her.

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