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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 8, 1998 on GL
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Monday, June 8, 1998

Jenna has a talk with Harley, who is wanting to break up with Phillip. Jenna convinces her that now, more than ever, Phillip needs her. She rushes out of the diner to meet up with Phillip.

Phillip and Beth get some unexpected visitors; Ross shows up with a court appointed psychiatrist and a social worker. They are there to evaluate Lizzie and her home life, and see if Beth is a fit mother. Beth argues with them and says that Lizzie was only trying to protect her...the social worker says that if Beth hadn't gotten involved with an abusive man, Lizzie wouldn't have had to protect her. They also bring up the fact that she slept with Ben in order to cut a deal with him. Phillip tries to defend Beth, and says that she is the best mother possible. Then, he brings up the possibility of what if he got back together with Beth? But, he doesn't know that Harley is listening, around the corner.

Josh finds the clone in his bedroom, and she is overjoyed that he has come back to her. Josh can immediately tell that she is different from the other Reva he had just spoken with. He also notices that she is no longer wearing her wedding ring, like real Reva wore. Doubting his sanity, he calls the camp to check on the kids. and was told that they were there, and doing fine. He then excuses himself; says that he has to go get something special for Reva.

Once outside of the bedroom, it is apparent that Josh realizes that something is not right. He goes to the lighthouse, not sure what he is looking for. Then, he sees the scrawled heart with his and Reva's initials inside.

Real Reva was drugged with chloroform, and put in the sauna by the pool. She is bound with rope, and is unable to move. Clone comes in and tells her that she can't kill her, but she will let her live in the sauna.

Tuesday, June 9

Today's recap was provided by Debra Summers

The clone tells Reva that she is in a room with very thick walls once again and that she is the only friend that Reva has. Reva tells the clone that she will never get away with it. The clone says that she already has. She told Josh that she made up the entire story because she so desperately wanted to stay with him and Josh believed her. Reva tells the clone that Josh will never be hers. The clone says that he already is, and so is Reva. Meanwhile Josh finds proof in the lighthouse that the real Reva was held captive there. Josh discovers the engraved heart that Reva did.

Phillip asks the CDW (court designated worker) if Lizzie can stay with Beth if he stays too. The CDW says she isn't sure that she follows. Phillip wants to know if he stays there and provides Lizzie a stable home environment will the custody issue go away. The CDW replies that the court is very specific in what a home stable environment is. The CDW asks how long he is talking about staying. Ross points out that Phillip is willing to put Lizzie's needs above his own to provide her the kind of home she needs. Phillip tells the CDW that Lizzie needs a lot of support right now and that he is willing to stay with Beth to see that she gets it. The CDW asks him is he talking about a long term commitment and Phillip says yes as Harley looks on. She comes in and introduces herself as a friend of "Mr. Spaulding". The CDW wants to know how Phillip can agree to make a commitment to Beth when he is with Harley. Phillip says that it is a little complicated but that he can provide Lizzie the kind of support that she needs. Phillip says that if it will make them more comfortable (the CDW and the child psychologist, who has also been part of the conversation) then he will stay under the same roof with Beth. The CDW says that sharing a roof is not the court's idea of providing a happy intact stable family unit. Phillip points out that all the people that love Lizzie will be there or close by. Phillip wants to know what it is that constitutes family. The CDW says that they are talking about a very specific case and that Lizzie has been severely traumatized. Phillip agrees and says that is why she needs both of her parents right now. The CDW asks where does Ms. Cooper live. Harley says that she has a place of her own. The CDW says that may be for now, but what about the future. Phillip interrupts and says that Lizzie's future is the only one he feels comfortable talking about right now. The CDW says that she is done for the moment and will call and schedule another appointment. Harley asks what just happened. Beth says that Phillip can explain it better and goes to check on Lizzie. Phillip says that he isn't sure what just happened. He is just trying to find out a way to keep his family together. Harley asks who were those people. Phillip says that those people are questioning the suitability of Beth as a single parent. Harley says that they can't take Lizzie away from Beth and Phillip says that is exactly what they want to do. He says that he isn't going to let it happen but he has to figure out a way to make the situation work. Harley says that he already has...that he will stay here with Beth.

Buzz tells Jenna that this baby is going to be here sooner than she thinks. Jenna says she will know when the baby is here. Buzz says it would be nice for the baby to have his name in it. Jenna said that it would be great. Buzz asks if she isn't reneging. Jenna says of course not. Buzz asks about the group that her and Vanessa are starting. Jenna tells him that it is called second chances and is for mothers that don't get it right the first time. Buzz says that this is the fifth and last time for him to get it right and this time it isn't his. Jenna tells him that he is the father and will be in all the ways that count. Buzz says that just once he wants to feel what it is like to feel like he deserves a card on father's day.

Josh wonders if it was possible that he held Reva in his arms again only to let her go. He recalls the story that Reva told him about the crash and what happened to her afterwards. He says to himself that he wants so much to believe and then recalls Reva asking him for just one kiss...the first time that he believed for a second that it could be the real Reva. Josh makes a promise to Reva that if she is alive he will find her.

Reva tells the clone that she doesn't give a damn what she does to her but she wants to know that the kids are okay. The clone tells Reva that she got them to the camp nice and safe and that Josh won't know anything different. The clone says that Josh is probably preparing a lovely dinner for the two of them right now which will end in them "getting down". Reva tells the clone that she can't keep a human being tied up like this. The clone wants to know what can she do. She says that if Josh finds out that Reva is alive that it will spoil everything. The clone asks Reva if she wants her to kill her. Reva says not at the moment. The clone says that she doesn't want to have to do it either. She tells Reva to be a sport, that it won't be so bad out there. She tells Reva that she will bring her some books and magazines out to her and possibly a small tv to watch. Reva remembers telling Josh about the lighthouse and asks the clone to take her back there but the clone sees through Reva and says no. The clone wants to know what is up with Reva because she almost smiled. Reva wants to know if that is against the rules now too. The clone tells her to fess up before she (the clone) does something that they will both be sorry for.

Holly shows up at the Spaulding mansion and Beth tells her that she isn't talking to the press. Holly tells her that she understands because The Journal uncovered her relationship with Warren it had to be uncomfortable. Holly tells Beth that she needs to hear what she has to say. Beth asks Holly if she has any idea what her little scoop has cost her. Holly says that she would not be here unless it was very important. Beth agrees to hear what Holly has to say.

Phillip says that he knows Harley heard him say that he would stay in the house with Beth "longterm" but he would have said anything to keep Lizzie from being taken away. Harley says she knows that but she also knows that won't cut it with family services. Phillip tells her that he is just starting to go through all the legal channels. Harley tells him that he won't have to if he devotes himself to really loving Lizzie and Beth. Phillip wants to know what Harley is talking about, that he loves her. Harley tells him that family services don't care about that. They care about him loving Beth. Phillip wants to know why they are talking about this. Harley tells him they have to talk about it. She says that they have to end things once and for all. Phillip says the hell he does. Harley says she doesn't want to fight about this, it has to be over and she is sorry. Phillip looks at her in disbelief.

The clone tells Reva that she went over every inch of that room. Reva asks her what the problem is then. The clone tells Reva that she had a look on her face like she left something there that would let Josh know she is still alive. Reva swears to her that she didn't leave anything. The clone leaves, saying that she is going to go check the lighthouse again. Reva tells her that she is going to blow her romantic evening with Josh but the clone says that Josh will wait for her. She is just going to take a quick look around. Reva says again that she didn't leave anything. The clone says that she hopes not and leaves.

Michael opens his door to find Josh. Michael tries to tell Josh that it isn't a good time but Josh tells Michael that she is back, she is alive. Vicky walks in and wants to know who. Josh covers by saying that he is talking about a vintage car that they had been working on and he has it running. Michael tries to put him off but Vicky tells him that she will come back another time and leaves. Michael wants to know what is going on. Josh tells him that Reva is alive. Michael says Josh has to be kidding. Josh says NO! This time he has proof.

Ross and Griffin discuss Beth's choices and says that she is still a good mother. Griffin says he can still understand why Social Services is involved. He says that a seven year old was driven to shoot a man. Ross reminds him that she did it to protect her mother. Jenna and Buzz interrupt and Buzz asks Ross to draw up a prenuptial agreement because he doesn't want anything from the patent of hers. He only wants her.

Josh tells Michael that when he gave Reva the sedative that it was the real Reva and that somehow she had survived the plane crash. He tells Michael of the events following the crash and that Reva had been held hostage in the lighthouse. He tells of the clone's plan to send the real Reva in to convince Josh to not make the clone leave. He says that Reva couldn't go through with it and broke down telling him the truth. Michael wants to know what that truth is. Josh says the truth is that the real Reva is alive. Michael doesn't believe it so Josh tells him that when they made love that he knew that it was the real Reva, the one that he had spent his life with. Michael says that they did it, Josh was finally accepting the clone as Reva. Josh continues to try to convince Michael that the real Reva is alive and asks Michael to come to the lighthouse with him. They leave.

The clone discovers that engraving that Reva left and gets upset.

Holly tells Beth that any way it was looked at that the story had to be covered. Beth wants to know if it was important for her to clear her conscience. Holly tells her that she came to warn her that WSPR is about to broadcast the truth about Carl Steven's murder. She says they won't use Lizzie's name but they will say that it was Phillip Spaulding's daughter. Beth tells Holly that it all started with her, that because of her that Beth might lose the custody of her child. Holly tells Beth that she feels for her. Beth says that she has no way of knowing how she feels. Holly reminds Beth that Fletcher took Meg and she hasn't seen her for months so she can understand.

Harley tells Phillip that he can't do what he needs to do for Lizzie while she is still in the picture. She tells Phillip to stop fighting his feelings for Beth and let it work. Phillip says that he loves her. Harley says that she loves him too but they have to accept the fact that their timing is all wrong. Phillip wants to know why she is doing this and Harley tells him it is because it is the right thing to do. Phillip tells him that their timing is not wrong and that he loves her. He tells her that unless she can tell him that she doesn't love him anymore than he doesn't want to hear anything else about it, that they will find a way. Harley tells him that she does still love him.

Jenna and Buzz playfully argue about when the wedding is going to be. Buzz wants to have it before the baby is born. Buzz invites Ross and Griffin to the wedding. Vicky comes in and calls Alan Spaulding telling him that she has to meet him because she has big news for him. As she is walking out of the diner Griffin stops her and asks if he knows her from somewhere. She tells him he is mistaken and walks out.

Harley tells Phillip that she isn't throwing anything away. Phillip asks her to fight, or at least to let him fight. Harley asks Phillip if he remembers Daisy and how hard it was for her to let her go when the time came. She says that she loved Daisy even before she was born but that she had to give her up so that someone could give her the kind of things that Harley couldn't. Harley said that she never again thought that she would have to give up something she loves so much because it is the right thing to do. Phillip tells her to not do this but Harley says that she has to. Harley says that she knows this is the right thing and that they should do it now while it is easier for the both of them. Phillip tells Harley that he is sorry that he never... Harley stops him by saying that she knows. She will always know how much he loved her and for him to always remember how much she loved him. She walks out, Beth seeing her as she leaves.

Josh and Michael arrive at the lighthouse to find out that the initials have been taken off. Michael reminds Josh that he thought once before that Reva was alive. Josh looks as though he is starting to have doubts.

The clone comes in and asks Reva if she thinks she is smart. She tells her she found the initials and removed them. Reva tells the clone that she can't keep her locked up like this. The clone tells her like it or not this is her life. Reva asks her what if she doesn't. The clone tells her that she is never going to leave here alive.

Beth asks Phillip if he and Harley have worked things out. Phillip tells her he is going to try to make things work with her. Beth tells him that things aren't going to work as long as he has Harley in his life. Phillip tells her that Harley isn't in his life. Beth asks him for how long because she knows that he won't give Harley up. Phillip tells her that he didn't have to, that Harley let him go.

Buzz and Jenna are talking about the wedding. Buzz tells her that he can't wait to lay claim on her. Jenna tells him that he is already her husband in every sense of the word. Jenna tells Buzz if they wait then the baby could be part of the wedding. Buzz tells her that the baby will be part of it...right inside Jenna. Harley walks in upset. Buzz asks her how she is doing and Harley tells Buzz that Phillip is gone now.

Wednesday, June 10, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Vicki Fox

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan tries to talk to Phillip. He tells Phillip that he did the right thing leaving Harley, in order to put his family back together. Phillip can't believe Alan has the gall to advise him on what it takes to make a good family! Rick arrives to visit with Phillip, and Alan leaves. Phillip catches Rick up on everything going on with Harley, Beth and Lizzie.

Meanwhile, Harley is at home depressed over the breakup with Phillip, when Beth arrives. Beth wants to know if it's true that Harley has given Phillip up "for good". Harley is infuriated because she thinks Beth is trying to rub her nose in Beth's "victory." But Beth lets Harley know that she realizes that Phillip is still in love with Harley, and that if Harley said the word, Phillip would come running back. Beth then thanks Harley for sacrificing her relationship with Phillip for Lizzie's sake. Harley calms down a bit. They talk about what an irony their struggles have been -- both women fighting to be Phillip's number one girl, but in the end it was Lizzie, not them, who turned out to be Phillip's number one. Beth leaves, and Harley is left alone to memories of Phillip.

At the Lewis house, Clone Reva asks Josh where he was last night -- they were supposed to have a romantic evening together. Josh tells her he had to go handle a work emergency at Lewis Oil. Josh then tells her that Matt is coming over, so she should go shopping or something. Clone Reva gets nervous and insecure over the way Josh is acting -- he seems distant and distrustful. She tells him she doesn't want to go out. Just then, Cassie arrives, back from her business conference. Clone Reva and Cassie are rather cordial with each other. After giving some conference papers to Josh, Cassie leaves to go to Hart's, but then Vanessa arrives, wanting to take "Reva" to the Second Chances meeting. Clone Reva doesn't want to go, but she can't get out of it. Vanessa and Clone Reva leave together. Josh is looking around the house for clues to where Clone Reva has hidden Real Reva, when Matt finally arrives. Josh explains **everything** to him, and asks for his help in finding Real Reva. Matt is very skeptical at first, but eventually comes around and agrees to help Josh. Meanwhile, we (although not Josh) see Real Reva's letter to Sean balled up on the floor.

Alan meets with Vicki. He asks her why she's betraying Michael to feed information to him. Vicki explains that while, yes, she thinks the cloning science will be good for mankind, she's really into the fame and the power that she'd get from being a part of this. When Alan asks what else she wants, she looks him square in the eye and says, "I want it all."

Dinah arrives at Hart's house. She asks him if he'd like to go to her doctor's appointment with her. He says yes he would, and as long as she's having medical tests, how about a paternity test as well? Dinah is upset by this, and acts offended that no one ever trusts her. She swears the baby is his, and tells him she hasn't even had a date, much less sex, with anyone since they split up. As she's talking to Hart, she realizes that it must have been Matt that put the idea of a paternity test into Hart's head. Still acting angry and offended, she agrees to take a paternity test, and starts to leave. Just then, Cassie arrives. Cassie tells Dinah that she knows "everything. I know you slept with Hart that night. Now get over it, and go get a life." Dinah laughs and says, "Oh, I do have a life -- a new life!" Hart eases Dinah out the door so he and Cassie can talk. As Dinah walks off the front porch, she mutters to herself, "Great! Now I have to figure out how to fake a paternity test!" Inside, Cassie and Hart kiss and hug. She then goes and gets a gift she brought for him from her car. It's a framed picture of the two of them. As she's showing it to Hart, he blurts out, "Dinah says she's pregnant, and that the baby is mine." Cassie hurls the framed picture to the floor, where it shatters.

At the Second Chances meeting, Clone Reva and Abby talk. Abby asks why "Reva" hasn't returned her calls and never came to see her in jail -- is "Reva" mad at her? Clone Reva stumbles around for an explanation, and finally says, "Look, I've got problems of my own." Abby tells her that she feels like "Reva" is shutting her out, and that hurts, since she's felt so close to "Reva" since Goshen. At this point, Alan walks in, and observes them. Clone Reva obviously forgets Abby's deafness -- at one point she turns her back to Abby and keeps on talking. Abby tells "Reva" she was disappointed that "Reva" didn't come to her wedding to Rick. Clone Reva laughs and promises to come to Abby's next wedding. Clone Reva leaves the room to go home, and Abby is left feeling very perplexed by "Reva". Alan follows Clone Reva out of the room, and catches her in the hallway. He asks what's wrong, and Clone Reva says that Josh and everyone else just expect too much from her. Alan tells her that if she wants, she's welcome to come talk to him about Josh at any time, because "I know how insensitive he can be." Clone Reva says in relief, "At last, someone who understands! Everyone else thinks Josh is so perfect!" She leaves for home, this time leaving Alan perplexed!

Dinah arrives at the Second Chances meeting looking for Matt, but meets up with Vanessa instead. She tells Vanessa about Matt planting the paternity test idea in Hart's head, and how mad she is at him. Vanessa tells her, "Take the test. If people don't believe you, it's your own fault." This infuriates Dinah, and she and Vanessa end up exchanging their usual harsh words.

Thursday, June 11, 1998
by Soap Central

Marcus urges Dinah to tell Hart the truth, but Dinah is only interested in figuring out a way to fake a paternity test. A broken-hearted Cassie tells Hart she needs to think about what to do next. To help the young lovers' get past their differences, Buzz tricks Jesse into coming with him to find Jenna at a women's group Buzz knows Michelle is also at. The first meeting of Vanessa's Second Chances comes to a screeching halt when Jenna goes into labor. Rick invites Selena to live in the Bauer Garage Apartment. Beth tries to get close to Phillip, but his heart is still with Harley.

Friday, June 12, 1998
by Soap Central

Matt fully believes Josh's story after he runs into the clone and tests her. It's clear she's not Reva. Matt and Josh begin an Internet search for the one person they think can lead them to Reva....Sean. The clone interrupts and questions what they're doing. Meanwhile, it looks as if Cassie might find Reva when she goes to get some things out of the poolhouse. Buzz arrives at the hospital in the nick of time with Griffin in tow. . .he is determined to marry Jenna before the baby is born. Drew buys an expensive motorcycle for Jesse and presents it to him outside the hospital. Jesse is impressed.

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