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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 31, 1998 on GL
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Monday, August 31, 1998
by Soap Central

Phillip is furious when he learns Beth has taken Lizzie on a vacation, knowing her motive is to keep their daughter away from Harley. Meanwhile, Harley receives a gift basket and a strange nursery rhyme from Don Minyard. David drops by and teases Harley about her concern over this gift from an ex-client. After David leaves, Harley takes a bite of one of the apples and collapses. Hart falls into Dinah's trap, becoming upset when she tells him Sean will be her birthing coach. When Sean doesn't show, Dinah's plan works even more perfectly as Hart offers to fill in as her coach for the first class. Meanwhile, Sean has taken Cassie to the hospital after one of her dizzy spells. Both are shocked when Rick tells them Cassie's pregnant. Blake and Ben are surprised to see each other on the dock as they realize they both got the same phone call. As they wait for their blackmailer, Ben tries to talk to Blake about their predicament but Blake believes he's wearing a wire. At his insistence, Blake pats Ben down and the sexual tension between these two is palpable.

Tuesday, September 1, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Joyce Rose.

Cassie and Sean are at Cedar's with Rick. Cassie asks Rick what is wrong with her, and he says, "Nothing, for a pregnant lady, you're in perfect health!" Cassie says it's impossible. Rick leaves, after suggesting she see an Ob doctor right away. She tells Sean, "what am I going to do?" She says that Hart won't believe it!

Hart goes with Dinah to her childbirth class, because Sean didn't show up.

Blake is waiting for her blackmailer to show up by the docks, after just getting rid of Ben. Her wheelchair gets stuck, and then begins to roll backwards down the ramp, and gets hung up partway on the dock. She yells for Ben! He comes running and catches her!

Jesse and Bill are talking about the poker game. Bill asks him why he's playing poker so early in the day, but Jesse tells him it's because he has a heavy date with Michelle tonight, complete with a limo and fancy dinner! Bill (who is clearly upset) says that it's great because Michelle has been working really hard with her pre-med classes and deserves a break. He asks Jesse if he plans on winning the money for the date playing poker, but Jesse tells him that actually his paintings at the gallery have been selling pretty well.

Phillip questions David about Don Minyard's sending the fruit basket to Harley. David assures him that Don sent the basket. Phillip says it's strange; he tries to call Harley, but there is no answer. He says Harley wasn't supposed to have gone out anywhere, and he wonders what's up. Meanwhile, Harley is lying on the floor, the bitten apple in her hand! (Just like Snow White, but the wrong color hair!)

Jesse is thinking: He's assuring Michelle that he has never slept with Drew and that they're just good friends. They get cozy, and then Michelle tells Jesse she wants to be with him like before. Jesse says out loud, "I'm doing this for you, Michelle." Drew walks up to Jesse's and she's also thinking about Jesse comforting her when she was upset about her father. She says aloud, "I'm doing this for you, Jesse." Then Mick walks up and they discuss their plans for the evening. He tells her he will "clean Jesse out, and then you (Drew) will be there to comfort him." She warns him that he better not mess up, but he tells her he's a professional and "the poor guy will never know what hit him."

Vicky tells David she now lives at the Spaulding mansion. She tells him that Alan is a "tough nut to crack", and that Phillip is hard to read. She then asks David if he thinks Phillip has a real reason to worry about Harley's not answering the phone, and he says yes. He tells her that some "kid" shot a bb through Harley's window earlier that day. Meanwhile, Phillip arrives at Harley's and knocks on the door, but doesn't get an answer. He fumbles for his key and his cell phone rings. It's David. Phillip is talking to him while he opens the door. He sees Harley lying on the floor and runs over to her. He tells David she's unconscious and to call Cedar's and tell Rick (who is always working) to expect them. Vicky grabs the phone and asks Phillip to describe what Harley looks like. He says she's still breathing, but is unconscious. He said she was eating an apple. Vicky asks him to smell the apple, and he informs her that it smells like pepper. She tells him to get quickly over to the hospital with Harley, as it may be a life-threatening situation. She tells David she is almost positive there is some kind of herbicide in the apple; a poison! While Phillip runs out carrying Harley, "someone" is videotaping them leaving the apartment from the outside!!!

Ben finds Blake, pulls her back up, and proceeds to pull her chair back up the ramp. Meanwhile, he's contemplating out loud how all he has to do is let go of the chair and all their problems will be solved, and maybe she may even be able to use her "useless" legs to save herself, but if not, she will sink in the chair to the bottom of the lake!

The childbirth teacher asks the class for a couple volunteer, but no one raises their hand. Of course, she picks Hart and Dinah. She asks Dinah to lie down and asks Hart to rub her stomach and talk to the baby and "say hello". Hart does, and Dinah tells him to tell the baby who he is, so he says, "Hello, baby, it's Dad; it's Daddy". Oh brother!!

Sean tells Cassie that Hart seems to be pretty good at getting people pregnant. Cassie says they were using protection, but she must have just made a mistake. Sean asks her if she wants the baby, and she says she doesn't know. She tells him the timing "stinks", and talks about how she wanted Hart to go with her to her doctor's appts. and childbirthing classes, and all that stuff, which reminds Sean that he forgot to pick up Dinah for HER childbirthing classes! Cassie tells him to go on upstairs; she assures him she's fine, but then offers to walk up with him, as she has to make an Ob appointment anyway.

Rick takes Harley from Phillip and wheels her away on a gurney. Vicky yells to him that she's sure the apple has been poisoned, and even tells him with what! What a girl!!

Drew walks into the poker game behind Mick. Jesse asks her what she's doing there, but she tells him she kind of likes "Mick"! Yeah, right, and I'm a monkey's uncle! He acts surprised and says Mick doesn't seem like her type, but she tells him that he's her type, but taken, so she's trying to expand her horizons. She promises to stay out of his way. He says good, because he only wants to concentrate on his card playing.

Phillip is peeking in little window of the Emergency Room door at Harley and Rick. David blames himself (to Vicky) because he said he laughed at Harley when she told him she was suspicious of "Don Minyard", and he should have listened to her. Then he remembers that Coop almost took a bite out of one of the apples, and berates himself again. Vicky assures him that none of this was his fault, and he had no way of knowing this person had poisoned the apples in the fruit basket. She asks him why a client would poison Harley, and David says because Harley knew too much about his business. Phillip bursts into the Emergency Room and informs Rick that he won't leave until Harley can walk out with him.

Ben and Blake continue to spar back and forth, as usual. Ben tells her that since he came running when she called out to him, that it makes him her "hero". She yells back, "when Hell freezes!" Ben just laughs.

Things get a little cozy with Dinah and Hart. She is thinking about when he put her engagement ring in the apple and starts to smile. He asks her what she's smiling about, and she tells him, "I haven't been this happy in a very long time". He takes her hand to help her up. Of course, Cassie is looking at them through the window!

David tells Vicky he's calling Frank at the police station. He tells Frank to get over to the hospital, and to put out a warrant for the arrest of Don Minyard! Meanwhile, Rick tells Phillip that Harley will be fine, but this was no accident, and someone intentionally put enough poison in the apple to make her very ill. Harley wakes up and Phillip tells her that thanks to Rick, she's going to be fine. She asks him to call the police, and to help her find Don Minyard! She tells Phillip that Don Minyard was the one who tried to poison her, and begs him to help her find him. He tells her he can't do that!

Jesse and Mick end up betting against each other at the poker game. A confident Jesse ups the bid once, then puts in everything he has! Mick does likewise and calls him. Jesse has a full house, and starts to take all the chips, but Mick puts out his hand and stops him. He then shows him a winning hand! Everyone tells Jesse tough luck, and leaves. Drew goes up to Jesse and asks if he's O.K. He says "yes, it's only a game, right?" She agrees and leaves. Mick goes to leave and Jesse mentions that he was going to take Michelle out for a special night on the town, but now he has no money. Mick offers to loan him some money, and pulls a few hundred dollars out of his wallet and gives it to Jesse. As he's leaving, he tells Jesse the money has 10% interest per day, if that's O.K. with him. Jesse tells him it's fine. (Jesse isn't too bright sometimes, is he?)

Ben tells Blake they should go because it's not safe, and anyway, it's getting late so the blackmailer probably won't show up anyway. Blake tells him to get lost, but he insists he will not leave her there by herself, especially in her condition. He grabs her chair and says, "let's go". She struggles with him and yells at him to leave her alone, when up walks the blackmailer, Mick again!! He informs them that he would like an offer from "both" of them.

Meanwhile, Phillip tells Harley she's mistaken. Don Minyard did not poison her. She insists he did, and again begs him to help her find him. He tells her he can't do that, because there is no such person. She asks him what he means and he replies, "I made him up. I'm Don Minyard!" Something tells me Harley is going to be really mad at him!

Wednesday, September 2, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Well our "Mystery Man" finally shows up at the dock where Blake and Ben are waiting and we find out that it is Mick!!!!! He confronts them at the docks, and suggests to Ben and Blake that they bid for the videotape with an opening bid of $50,000. Ben grabs Mick and threatens to kill him but Mick reveals that he's hidden the tape and will have it destroyed if anything happens to him.

When Phillip leaks that he set Harley up with the phony Don Minyard client and admits that he created the illusion to help her, Harley blasts him for his lies and guesses that Beth gave her the poisoned fruit basket. Phillip is stunned to learn that Beth tried to kill herself weeks ago. He leaks to Frank that Beth had been throwing accusations around about Harley wanting to have Lizzie take the place of her daughter, Daisy. He then told Frank that he told Beth that Lizzie would spend time with Harley and that Beth told him, "Over her dead body, No, over Harley's dead body....." Then Frank ask when she left town and Phillip told them that she had left before Harley had gotten the basket of fruit. Phillip wasn't convinced that Beth could have sent the basket to Harley. Jenna brought up the car accident that Harley was in- volved in when she was late for the "Second Chance" meeting at Blake's house. Harley told Jenna that she really didn't see the connection to the accident and her getting poisoned. Frank and Teri work together to find out where the basket came from.

Holly is caught off guard when her brother Ken returns to town after a stint at Oak Haven Sanitarium and surprises her in her home. He assures her that he's been cured. Ken told Holly that he had been in town for 2 weeks already and then Ken mentions to Holly about a young lady that could have been his daughter using such language when they were in an accident......(sounds familiar?!....) then Ken tells Holly that from now on he would take the bus. Holly explains what happened with Fletcher and Meg and the trouble Blake now faces. Ross comes back into the room after calling the sanitarium to confirm that Holly's brother was indeed let go. Ross then asks Holly where her brother was and she tells him that he is in the basement working on a project and the camera shifts down to the basement where we see Ken watering and planting some type of plants.....what's with that?! Holly makes the remark to Ross that she didn't really recognize Ken at first...... (what if this isn't really Holly's brother?! Just a thought!!!!!).....

When Sean reminds Dinah that she promised not to involve Hart, Dinah laughs that she doesn't owe him anything and explains that Hart has agreed to be her partner. Sean warns a gloating Dinah that she's in for a big surprise if she thinks that she can win Hart with her Lamaze classes. Meanwhile, Hart tries to explain to Cassie why he feels compelled to help Dinah. She decides not to tell him that she's pregnant and storms out. A worried Hart tries to figure out what's upsetting Cassie.

Thursday, September 3, 1998

Just a side note. Angela, our regular Thursday recapper, will be on vacation for the next several weeks. In the interim we have found someone to provide recaps in her place. Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Alan resents the intrusion when Teri questions him at the mansion about Beth's relationship with Harley. She first suspects Alan of being the one that sent Harley the tainted fruit basket after finding a book of nursery rhymes that has the same one in it that was attached to the basket..... She's suspicious when he turns on the charm and attempts to blame Harley for the troubles that come her way. When Teri confronts him about his contact with Annie and suggests that she is the other likely suspect, Alan becomes very defensive, especially when she calls Annie a psychopath!!!!!!

Harley can't stop thinking that Beth arranged to poison her with the drugged apple. Phillip assures her that he told Frank every instance of Beth's resentment of her and claims that if Beth is arrested, it will be because of what he told Frank. Harley goes to get the mail and comes across a letter from "Beth". "Beth" writes.....

Blake turns to her mother for $50,000 to buy the video from Mick so Ben can't use it against her. After Holly lectures her that a blackmailer can't be trusted and refuses to ask Roger for the money, Blake cries out for a hidden Ken to hear that her life may be over because of this trouble. Though Drew is amused and encourages Michelle to go the gallery, Jesse is worried when Michelle asks to see the painting he sold. Drew then makes arrangements with Mark to surprise them both. She admits to Jesse that she loves him and saved his neck because of her feelings for him. Ben suggests to Rick that he can get even with Ross and Blake for taking Kevin from him but Rick blasts him for suggesting such a thing.

Friday, September 4, 1998
by Soap Central

Ben won't make the deal with Blake because he needs her to do more than just not testify, he needs her to admit he didn't rape her -- not just to clear his name but so she'll walk again. Ben tries to get Blake to see that Ross may have been good for her in the past but he's the man for her now. Blake resists Ben's words, vowing that she will never leave Ross. Meanwhile, Ross talks to Rick about Blake's ordeal, wishing there were ways he could spare her anymore pain. Vanessa feels some hope for Dinah's future as a mother when she overhears her talking lovingly to her unborn child. Cassie wants to explain why she's so upset and works up to telling him she's pregnant but decides to wait until they're alone on their vacation. When Sean questions why Cassie didn't tell Hart about the baby, Hart reenters and asks, "What baby?" Ken attempts help Holly overcome her drinking problem, getting through to her by reminding her to do it for her daughters if not herself. Aware of Blake's troubles, Ken is determined to make things right for his niece as well. Ben is shocked to find Mick badly beaten as both men realize they've been screwed over. Ken brings the tape to Blake who at first denies everything, then breaks down and thanks her uncle for saving her marriage and her life.

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