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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 14, 1998 on GL
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Monday, December 14, 1998

Miss a show last week or maybe you just wanna review what happened a few months ago? Either way, our Daily Recaps Archives has over one year's worth of Guiding Light recaps for you to check out.

Today's recap was provided by Snoopy

Hart tries to put Cassie out of his mind and work on making his marriage a success. He contemplates burning her picture. Dinah tries to downplay Dr. Morton's prognosis about her scarred face but Hart sees through her lies and pushes her to tell him how she really feels. Pulling out a bottle of very old brandy, he offers to spend some special time with her. Calling him on his sudden desire to get close to her, Dinah questions why he has yet to make love to her since they were married. Dr. Morton assures Vanessa that she doesn't need his plastic surgery expertise because he thinks she is beautiful. After she knocks Josh out, Reva and Alan show up and Teri tells them that Josh fainted while they were talking. Alan steps out for a moment and calls Beth to have Vanessa sign the Triple Z real estate deal. When Reva announces that she is taking Josh to the hospital, Teri argues against it. Reva ignores her and after they leave, Alan asks Teri about her relationship with Josh. When Beth brings the papers to Vanessa, she interrupts an argument between (Vanessa and Matt) about Vanessa's desire to augment her looks. Matt's curious about the papers and is sickened to learn that Vanessa's big Spaulding coup with the Triple Z deal will ruin six months of his work on behalf of Josh. While Phillip and Jim rush out to search for the missing Susan, Harley puts herself in her daughter's position and manages to find her. With words about her own troubled past, Harley touches the girl's heart and convinces her to come home. At the hospital, they draw Josh's blood for testing, Teri dresses as a doctor and intercepts it on the way to the lab.

Tuesday, December 15, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Lisa Furman Cott.

An upset Michelle tells Drew that Danny Santos decided to audit her psychology class and sign up to be her study partner. She goes on to say that during a classroom "Ink Blot" analysis, Danny made suggestive sexually suggestive remarks to her. Michelle meets Danny at the mall to tell him to stop following her and intimidating her. Danny apologizes. He then tells Michelle that he has feelings for her. Michelle angrily tells Danny that she is with Jesse and there is nothing he can do to change that. Meanwhile, at the mall, Holly has managed to get Ken a job as Santa. When Jesse takes Little Coop to the mall to see Santa, they narrowly miss seeing Michelle and Danny together.

Teri rushes to Dinah's house to tell her that Josh has been hospitalized and she is worried that Josh will reveal her identity. She tells Dinah how she managed to intercept Josh's blood and exchange it for someone else's sample. Teri muses that perhaps it's time to eliminate an increasingly interfering Reva.

At Cedar's Hospital, Reva and the doctor discuss Josh's test results which seem to reveal nothing. Josh tosses and turns in his hospital bed and, in a tortured sleep, begins to have strange dreams about Teri in some rather revealing black lingerie. He awakes in a sweat calling for Reva. Later, Dr. Bradford visits Josh. Josh confides that he has recently been feeling confused and disoriented. He also says that he has been having episodes of memory loss, the most recent one, preceded by a visit with Teri. While Reva is talking with Dr. Bradford, Josh slips out of the hospital to find Teri. Alan, Alex and Vicki gloat in the glory of their recent Triple Z acquisition while Vanessa tries to convince them that they have unfairly taken advantage of Josh's vulnerable condition. She then appeals to Alex to convince Alan to drop the deal because of her personal dilemma with Mat's involvement in the land project. Alexandra flatly refuses.

Meanwhile, an eavesdropping Beth, tries to convince Alan of Vanessa's position but Vicki quickly sees through her charade and confronts Beth about her real motivation, which is to overturn the deal for Mat's benefit.

Wednesday, December 16
by Kathy Parkerr

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Josh slips away from the hospital and grabs Teri. He locks her into a room at the lighthouse where he angrily demands to know what she has done to him. As he yells at her, he lets slip with Annie's name and accuses Teri of being in cahoots with her.

Meanwhile, a worried Reva tells Abigail her suspicion that Annie is using Teri to get to Josh. Calling Frank in on the case, Reva complains about Teri and mentions finding her in the Lewis bathroom earlier, supposedly looking for a burglar. Frank refuses to believe her when she claims that Annie is working with Teri to take Josh. When he calls her on her cell phone, Teri manages to whisper that Josh is holding her captive at the lighthouse.

After India sells a pin to a jeweler named Josh Patterson, she manages to convince Ben to buy her a drink. The small talk goes well until India learns he's Ross' brother.

Buzz admits to Ross that he doesn't know how Jeffrey found out about Rocky and explains that he's decided to stay in Springfield. He then asks Ross to pull some strings to help find Selena's daughter.

Michelle confronts Drew after seeing her kiss Jesse at the mall but Drew accuses her of loving the attention she's been getting lately.

When Josh offers Buzz the bauble he bought from India, Ross fills the jeweler in on Jenna's death and ends up buying the pin himself.

Wrought with guilt over Jenna's death, Holly explains to her brother that she can't live like this anymore.

Thursday, December 17
by Kathy Parkerr

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Furious that it was she who leaked the information about Rocky to Jeffrey, Buzz blasts Holly for what she did and demands to know why she told him. She claims that she was trying to protect the children but is forced to admit that she wasn't "thinking clearly." Before she can confess that she is the stalker, Ken stops her and takes her out of the diner.

Selena and Drew get into another argument at Millennium as Drew orders her to stop acting like her mother and then fires her.

Dinah prepares a surprise romantic dinner in front of a roaring fire for Hart. When he arrives, she takes great pleasure in telling him about her plans to celebrate their night of lovemaking last night but is stopped in her tracks when a photo of Cassie accidentally drops to the floor. Hart calms her down and insists that he wants to grow in their relationship together. To prove it, he tosses Cassie's photo in the fireplace.

Frank and Reva arrive in time to stop Josh from doing anything to a frightened Teri. Frank refuses to believe that Teri is at fault and arrests Josh for assault.

Vanessa tries to explain her side of the land deal mistake to Matt but when she starts to blame Beth, Matt interrupts and orders her to leave Beth out of this fight. Beth helps Lizzie pick out a tree for her giant doll house.

Friday, December 18
by Kathy Parkerr

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Hart is rocked when he overhears Vanessa mention to Matt that Hart's the real father of Cassie's baby. Vanessa and Dinah try to cover the slip but Matt finally confesses that they've known all along that he fathered Cassie's baby. He's furious with Dinah for lying to him again causing Dinah to blame Vanessa and Matt for ruining her happiness with Hart. Vanessa blasts Matt for leaking the truth and defends her daughter's actions. When Matt points out that Dinah needs professional help, Vanessa announces that she needs some time away from him.

Stopping by Millennium for her final check, Selena is determined when Drew refuses to pay her and orders her to get out. Still fuming after her argument with Drew, Selena chases her ex- boss upstairs where she catches sight of Drew's baby photo and realizes that she is her long-lost daughter.

Beth tries to explain to Vicky why she spoke up to Alan on Matt's behalf. When Vicky boasts of how she is gaining headway at Spaulding, David's not impressed and walks out when she tries to accuse him of doing whatever is necessary to get ahead.

Frank tries to keep Reva from seeing Josh in the psychiatric ward at Cedar's. Dr. Bradford explains that they can keep Josh for 72 hours if they think he could be a danger to himself.

Beth offers him a shoulder to cry on when Matt complains about Vanessa but he turns her down.

Cassie calls Reva from Chicago.

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