Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 24, 1999 on GL
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 24, 1999 on GL
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Monday, May 24, 1999

Selena runs back to her place and finds Drew on the floor, crying. She tries to deny it when Drew accuses her of being her mother and is finally forced to admit that she is. She defends her lies and claims that she was trying to protect her from having to face the mother who gave her up at birth but Drew blasts her anyway for all the pain and anguish she has caused. She refuses to forgive Selena and vows not to tell Max the truth. Drew is hurt further when she learns that Jesse also knew the truth. As Reva and Josh's wedding reception gets underway, Dylan surprises the happy couple with a song. Afterwards the newlyweds retire to a romantic bedroom. Dylan surprises Susan with photos of her with him and Harley after her birth.

Tuesday, May 25, 1999

Reva suggests to Josh that instead of going to San Cristobel for their honeymoon, they should just stay in town. When he playfully covers her eyes from behind, she flashes back to a time when someone else grabbed her. Dr. Sloane reports to Abby that she is an excellent candidate for the cochlear implant and that the surgery can be done by the end of the week. Abby begins to panic and claims that she can't have the surgery this soon because of her work. Abby then talks with Reva about her concerns. Reva and Josh decide to postpone their honeymoon in San Cristobel until after Abby has had the operation. Jesse does his best to convince Drew that Selena was only trying to help her when she lied about who her mother really was.

Wednesday,   MY    26, 1999

When Harley expresses her concerns about his burgeoning relationship with Selena, Buzz thanks his daughter but gently explains it's none of her business. He leaks that Drew found out that Selena is her real mother which leads to a discussion about Harley's leftover feelings of abandonment. Before Danny and Dietz arrive for a meeting, Ben warns Carmen that her plans to bring Danny back to her side are going to blow up in her face. When she ignores his demand that she stop, he hands her a legal document and announces that he quits 'her family.' Carmen then informs Dietz that Ben's going to take a fall and could be the perfect enemy to frame. Michelle is caught off guard when Pilar changes her mind and reveals that she now thinks that she and Danny can never be together.

Thursday, May 27, 1999

Michelle worries when Danny hints that they'll be able to date again soon now that he may have found out who wanted to kill his mother. She worries that he'll take the deadly matter into his own hands and admits that she thinks his mother set up the entire event. While Danny waits for him, Ben stops the elevator with Blake on board and confronts her about her dislike for him. Blake admits that she can't trust herself around him. When Danny finally confronts him with a threat, Ben realizes that Carmen framed him for the shooting. While having a play date with the kids in the park, Cassie encourages Ross to give Blake another chance for the sake of the children. He's later upset to learn that she missed their meeting about Holly because she was with Ben.

Friday, May 28, 1999

Michelle comforts a worried Rick as he waits for Abby's hearing surgery to be over. Drew angrily tells Buzz that Selena did not conceive her out of love. Everyone celebrates at Cedars as they learn that Abby's operation was a success. A broken and drunken Selena makes a deal with a john. A friend of Selenas calls for drew but then gets Buzz to let them know that Selena is headed for a fall. Ben is escorted out of Carmen's house as Danny and the 'family' find evidence on him of the 'attempt' on Carmen's life.

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