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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 25, 2000 on GL
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Monday, September 25, 2000

At the Lewis's:
Marah and Shayne are ready for Diego's funeral and are asking Reva why they have to go. She tells them that Diego deserves their respect for saving Josh's life.

At the Bauer's:
Marah and Michelle are talking about the pregnancy. Meta is very supportive and asks her what she is going to do. Michelle tells her that Claire suggested an abortion. Meta said that Claire would say something like that but wants to know what Michelle wants. Michelle says she wants the baby. She says that Claire is right about some things but she really wants the baby. She said that she is glad that it is Danny's baby because she gets to keep a part of him, the best part. She says she can't let Danny be a part of the baby's life. She is going to have to leave Springfield. Meta asks where Michelle would go and she said she may go to New York to stay with Drew but she would miss her family. Meta asks her how long she will go. If she leaves now would she ever be able to come home. She tells her if she shows up in a year with a baby, Danny would wonder. Meta thinks she should stay there and stand her ground with her family behind her for support. Meta tells her that there will be rough times ahead but it will be worth it. Michelle agrees and starts to leave to go tell Claire her decision. Meta tells her to tell Claire to stick it in her ear. She tells Michelle she is happy for her and Michelle leaves.

At Cedar's:
Billy comes in to see Josh. Josh is getting ready for the funeral. They talk about Olivia and their little spat. Josh tells Billy that Reva is only trying to make things right by helping Diego. He is worried that Olivia thinks Reva can manipulate him. He tells Billy that he knows when she or Reva are trying to manipulate him and wonders why they think he is so stupid that he wouldn't know. Billy laughs and helps Josh on with his coat.

A man named Woody came in to see Noah. He is talking about some secret business and Woody beings up the funeral. Reva is outside the room overhearing. Noah tells Woody that he is out but Woody says he hears that he is in it up to his eyeballs. Reva makes herself known and Noah escorts her out.

Danny is there to ask about a bill for Ray's stay. He goes to the elevator and runs into Michelle. Michelle tries to ignore him but he stops her and asks why she can't be polite at least. She tells him it hurts too much. He tells her that he would have pulled out his heart and gave it to her he loved her so. She said all she wanted was for him to deny his families ways. He said she would never understand that everything he did was to accomplish that for her. He says that she thinks she is the only one that knows right from wrong. He asks her if she ever loved him, he doesn't know how he ever fit into her picture of perfection. He tells her that in the real world you have to do what you have to do to protect the ones you love. He tells her that he is glad he is back with his family who accepts him for who he is and doesn't make him wake up thinking he is wrong and needing to apologize for being a terrible person. He leaves Michelle crying. She asks a nurse to call Rick for her. Rick comes and Michelle is bawling as he holds her. She says that she saw Danny and he hates her. She tells him it is a sign and she can't go through with the pregnancy. He tells her that she can't, she has to give herself some time. He tells her to talk to Harley, she had been through it all before and can give her some prospective. She calms down and says that he may be right.

At Saint Catherine's:
Ray proceeds at the funeral. He talks about how Diego gave his life for a stranger, which made him a hero. He says that Diego lived an impoverished life and never had anything and gave his life for a man that never had any problems and was born wealthy. Ray tells Josh that he was given a gift from that stranger. Ray prays a little in Spanish and Reva looks over and Noah is whispering the same words as well. When Ray is through Reva stands up to speak.

Reva talks about Ramona and how Diego's last words were for her and she isn't there. She tells Marah and Shayne that Diego will never get to see his wife and kids again because he chose to help Josh be around for his family. She says that there is no way to thank him but they can learn from him to be generous and loving for their fellow man. She tells them they have to remember Diego and how he helped them. She asks them all to take the time and trouble to help others as their debt to Diego.

Danny comes in after everyone had left. He talks to Ray. He tells her how Michelle just walked by him at the hospital and he snapped at her. He tells him that he didn't apologize for who he is and that he told her the truth. He said he told her he did what he had to so they could be free and now she is gone. Danny tells Ray that there is no point in pretending that he is someone he isn't any longer. He tells Ray that he is heading up the family now. Ray tells him that he can still back out. Danny tells him that he can't get out now. He wants to run the family and never look back. Ray wants him to think about it.

At Company:
Marah, Susan and Max are sitting at a table when Sam comes in. Marah wants to ignore him but Sam asks her to stay. Sam tells Marah that Olivia and Reva can do what they want but he thinks he and Marah should find a way to take the higher road and show them that they can rise above their problems. Susan gives Max a CD back and said she made a tape of it. Sam tells her that she can make a digital copy onto a CD. They head outside with him.

Outside, Sam gets his laptop and signs on to Napster to download the CD onto a blank one. Max tells him that it is illegal. Sam tells him that the site got an injunction to stay open. He tells her that the band on the CD is touring and she tells him that she would love to go. He says he will check into it then. Marah and Sam go back into Company and Max tells Susan that she needs to start thinking before she makes decisions. She asks when he became such a drag. He tells her it was when she almost had him shipped off to NY and herself grounded for life. He goes into Company.

At Millennium:
Noah tells Reva that she did well by Diego. She tells him again that she isn't dropping it. He tells her that the people who did this were professional killers and she should stay out of it. He tells her that she should let the cops deal with it. Woody comes in and acts like he is surprised to see Noah. He tells him that Noah was his oncologist years ago and saved his life. Noah asks what he is doing in Springfield. He tells her that he is an economist from DC and came down to give a lecture at the university in Chicago. He goes to get a round of drinks for them and Reva mentions that he is nice. Noah tells her that Woody is a dangerous man. She laughed and didn't believe him.

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

At the Lewises':
Reva is on the phone giving someone directions as Noah comes in. He asks her who was coming over. She tells him that she decided to do a show on the economy and has invited an economist, Dr. Howard from the University over. Noah tells her that he was the man Woody was supposed to be visiting in Springfield. Reva acts like she forgot but Noah didn't buy it. He tells her that she needs to let go of her investigations before she goes to far and can't get out. Reva refuses and they argue a little. Reva tells Noah that he faced dangers on a daily basis when he went to Doctor's international. Beyond that everything you eat now days cause cancer and the highway is a myriad of threats. She tells him she has to follow her heart or life isn't worth living. Noah says that she needs perspective because she doesn't realize what she is up against. Dr. Howard arrives for the interview. Noah leaves. Reva tells Dr. Howard that he wants to pick his brain. They talk for a while and Dr. Howard starts to leave. Reva tells him they have a mutual friend, Woody Mitchell. He says that he has known Woody for a long time and that he is an exceptionally brilliant man and a bit of a storyteller. Reva asks if that mean he shouldn't be trusted and Dr. Howard laughs and tells her that isn't what he meant. She mentions that she thought Dr. Howard recognized Noah when he came in but he said that he did not. Dr. Howard walks out of the house and immediately calls Woody and tells him that Noah's friend is very curious.

In Woody's hotel room:
Noah arrives and Woody had just gotten off the phone with Dr. Howard. He tells Noah that Reva is becoming a serious liability. Noah thinks he is exaggerating but Woody thinks Noah's feelings are clouding his judgment. Noah tries to make light of his and Reva's relationship and says that Reva's involvement in this situation is minimal and only personal. Woody says that Reva has her own TV show along with which is a certain amount of power. He tells Noah that there is only one way to take care of the situation. He picks up the phone and calls Reva and asks her out to Dinner. Reva agreed and confirmed that Noah and her aren't exclusive so there would be no hard feelings. Noah is not happy and asks Woody what he plans on doing if he thinks Reva is a threat. Woody tells him if that happens they both will have to deal with it.

At Millennium:
Ray comes into talk to Tony. He hands Tony a check for $981, the balance of his entire personal savings account. He tells Tony that he wants him to get as far away from Springfield as he can. Tony doesn't want to leave but Ray is worried about him especially since Danny has taken over the family. Tony tells him not to worry. Ray wants Tony to finish high school and start a new life but Tony wants to stay and tells Ray there is nothing he can do about it. Just then a blond, May , came in and asked to speak to Mr. Santos. Tony told her that he was Mr. Santos and asked if he can help her. She asks if smoking is allowed in the club. Tony tells her that it is and she seemed pleased. Ray comes over and tells May that she has the wrong Mr. Santos and that she wants to talk to Danny. May tells them that she wants a job at the new club. Danny comes in and talks to Ray who tells him that he is holding him responsible for Tony's safety. Danny tells him that he can't control Tony if Ray couldn't. Ray said that isn't saying anything about him since he couldn't control Danny either. Ray reminds him that he is the head of the family. Ray leaves. Danny goes back to see what May wanted. She introduces herself to him and starts to tell him why she is there and they are again interrupted, this time by Carlos. He excuses himself and goes to talk to Carlos. Carlos tells him that Tony came in to one of his roadhouses and punched holes in one of his men's face with a key. He is upset about it and wants Danny to take care of it. He mentions that he was there with a young blond. ). Danny apologizes but Carlos wants to know how Danny will make it right. Tony is hiding in the back of the bar and looking worried. Danny promises he will get back in touch with Carlos after he handles things and let him know what happened. Carlos leaves. Danny goes back to Tony and asks who the blond was. Tony lies again and Danny gets angry and hands him his ticket to Chicago and tells him to get out. Tony walks out and Danny goes back over to May and apologizes for all of the interruptions. She introduces herself as May Marisi and tells him that her friend does Pilar's nails and has been hearing about the new club Danny is building. She tells him that she wants a job and that her dream since she was a child was to be a cigarette girl in a club. She flirts around with Danny and he seems to like it. He agrees to give her a job and she asks about her uniform. He gives her some money and tells her to go get something. She is happy and hugs Danny and then leaves. Tony comes back into the club and Danny asks him why he is back. He tells him that Abuela told him to come back. Abuela comes in behind him. Tony says he told Abuela everything that happened. Abuela tells Danny that Tony is young and that she would like to speak to Danny alone. They go to a private table and Abuela asks Danny why he was so upset at Tony. She tells him that it is too soon to send Tony away and that she will fix things with Carlos. She reminds Danny that he is smarter then he is acting and he should learn to use people for his own benefit. He asks her if she means for him to treat Tony like a dog. She tells him that is exactly what she means, to use Tony like a guard dog. She tells him that they can train him to be loyal and at the same time tear into their enemy's so that when they need him, he can handle situations. She tells him that Tony will make a good guard dog. Tony comes over and Abuela tells Tony to apologize. Danny tells Tony he can stay but will have to be some use to Danny. Tony thanks Abuela but she tells him Danny is the head of the family now so he should thank him.

At Company:
Blake tells Selena that she had been thinking about Selena and the book. She doesn't want to write it since it hurts Selena to the point that she leaves out decade of events just to protect herself. She doesn't want Selena in any danger. Selena wants to get the story out and says she has been scared silent for too long. She will beat the fear by talking. She will hold nothing back this time. Blake listens while Selena tells her more of her story. Selena says she wanted to marry "Mike" but he wouldn't get a divorce so they had numerous break ups and then would get back together. She became a hooker during one of the break ups and had Drew. Blake asks Selena how long they were together. Selena tells her it was for many years, a lot longer than most marriages. Blake asks her what happened and she tells her that his wife found out about them and she was in danger. "Mike" swore he would protect her but he couldn't even protect himself. Selena asks Blake to change how "Mike" died in the book so that they wont be able to identify him or her. Blake is wondering how Selena lived with the fear. Selena tells her that the fear never ends. Ross walks in and hugs Blake. Selena excuses herself and Buzz tells her she needs a rest. Selena tells him that she is fine but she faints. Buzz gets her and takes her to the Firehouse. Meanwhile, Blake is asking Ross a hypothetical question about a crime she knew about. Ross says that the hypothetical person would be an accessory as well as everyone that the person tells. Ross tells her if it has something to do with her book, she should cut it out and go home with him. He tells her that he has been gone over two weeks and he wants her to come home and make love to him. She smiles and runs out of Company with him.

At the Firehouse:
Selena is in bed and tells Buzz she isn't sick, just tired. Buzz says that she needs to catch up on her sleep since she is wearing herself out with that book. She says she gets up early to get bagels and she is tired, but he says she has only been like this since she started working with Blake. He gets in bed next to her and holds her. Selena falls asleep and is dreaming. She sees "Mike" come in and he gets in bed between her and Buzz, who is asleep (in her dream). He turns around to her and his face is badly beaten and bleeding. Selena starts screaming and wakes up. Buzz is startled and holds her tight.

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

At the Country Club:
Phillip and Harley are sitting at their table smooching. He wants their evening to be special and she says it is. She tells him he can make taking out the garbage special. He asks about Susan and Harley tells him that she is still very angry with her. Phillip asked about it and Harley told him that they had a talk about why she had Susan and didn't have an abortion and then gave her away. She said it was a long time coming and it got a lot out into the open. He starts to ask more about it but Harley wants the evening to be all about them and no one else. She even suggests they both turn off their cell phones. Phillip asks about the babysitter and Harley said she knows where they are if it is an emergency. Then he tells her that Beth wanted them to come by to talk about the christening. Harley gets upset and says she feels the whole evening was a setup to get her to go by Beth's. It's all about Beth. Phillip apologizes and tells her that he just thought they would want to go by but it's alright they don't have to go. Phillip doesn't want Harley to be unhappy and says he will cancel. Harley says the baby is innocent and she all she wants is for him to be honest with her. Phillip calls Beth to tell her they won't be coming over. Beth says that is fine and that Jim was working late anyway.

Vicki interrupts Harley and Phillip's dinner. She is all business as usual and tells Phillip she wants to work on easing the tension between them and Richard and San Cristobel . She wants to have a big party for Cassie and Richard, given by the Spaulding's and hopefully impress them and get them back in their favor. Harley picks up her phone and says she will call David, Buzz, Blake and Ross, etc. She says they can't be spontaneous on cue. Vicky leaves and Harley tells Phillip that there seems to be an elephant in the room. He tells her that they should get rid of it and go home and make love. Harley says Zack will probably want to sleep with them again. Phillip tells her that they will be alone in the car. Harley smiles and they get up to leave. Just then Reva came over and asked them for a ride home. They laughed and told her that was fine. Phillip asked Reva if she dumped them both. She said yeah.

Reva comes in with Woody and sees Phillip and Harley. She introduces them and they go on to their table. Reva says that she knows Noah was Woody's doctor but wondered how else they knew each other. He starts to talk about Noah just as Noah walks into the room. He goes over to the bar and tries to listen in on the conversation. He gets a glass of club soda and bitters to make it look like alcohol and starts drinking as many as he can. He says, "Let the games begin, Reva, you have no idea what is at stake." Reva asks Woody when he and Noah met. He says that Noah saved his life 12 years ago. He tells her about his prostate cancer and how all the doctors said it was terminal until Dr Chase came along and saved him. Woody looked over at Noah at the bar and mentioned that he was drinking a lot. He asks Reva if she wants to go somewhere more private. Reva tells him that she doesn't know him enough to go somewhere alone with him and frankly she doesn't believe that he is an economist and is only using that as a couple. Woody tells her that he is a little guilty if you think about it. He tells her all economists are frauds. Reva said he is as hard to pin down as Noah is and then she noticed that Noah was still drinking. She said that Noah wouldn't even be able to stagger out of there. Woody warned Reva to keep her distance from Noah. She tells him that Noah said the same thing about him. He asks how she met him and she told him that they met at a bar and Noah covered for her as her date when she saw her husband with his new girlfriend. Not only that but she said Noah had also saved her life by pulling her from a falling elevator. Woody says Noah saved them both and brought them together. So he should thank him.

Reva asks Woody what he does when he is not "economizing"? He says he likes to spend time with dangerous women and talks about her being accident-prone. He mentions Josh's accident and claims to have read it in an old paper at the hotel. She talks about Diego and the search for his wife. She says she doesn't scare easily. He thinks she should stay out of it and used almost the same words as Noah. Just then, Noah walks over to them and asks if he heard his name. Noah invites himself to join them and is pretending to be drunk. Woody tells him to get lost. Noah tells Woody his judgment is impaired and he might do something he regrets. Reva tells Woody Noah warned her he was a lady-killer. Woody wants to talk to Noah outside, but Reva objects. Reva sees his drink and says he is drunk on club soda and bitters, and gets mad. Woody smiles at him. The waiter brings caviar over and Reva again asks Noah to leave. He refuses. Reva tells them both that neither of them are making since and she isn't taking it anymore. She tells them things just don't add up. She thinks they are both lying and she is out of there. They offer her a ride home but she tells them she will catch a ride with Harley and Phillip. Reva leaves. Noah tells Woody that it is just like old times. Woody tells Noah not to get in his way; he is not done with Reva. Noah says he damn well knows why.

At Company:
Sam is having dinner with Olivia. He said he likes the place and Olivia tells him that she used to live upstairs. He tells Olivia that she seems melancholy and asks if it has to do with Josh. She tries to change the subject and asks him about school. He likes one of the teachers and starts to talk about him. Olivia is impressed. She asks how he gets along with the other kids. He mentions that he has one real friend so far, Susan. Olivia tells him that she is too young for him. He tells her there is no age limits for friendship. He also tells her that Susan introduced him to Reva's kids. Olivia asked how he liked Marah and he said he likes her a lot better than he did Reva. She asks if he had met Reva and he said he met her in the hospital when he saw Josh. He said he liked Josh but Reva was very territorial about him. Olivia said she tries to tell Josh about Reva but he wont listen. Sam tells her to let Josh find out in his own time. She is upset and says she doesn't want to lose Josh. Sam offers to help her get what she wants. They talk a bit and he mentions Marah again. She mentions him taking Marah out on a date. He tells her that she is easy to look at but seems to be high maintenance and he doesn't have any cash. Olivia tells him they may be able to work things out. He tells Olivia that he loves that she is always straight up with people. She tells him that she is glad that he is there. She again tells him that she thinks Susan is too young for him. He tells her that they are friends and then asks if he and Josh are friends as well as lover. She said she thought they were. Olivia mentions Reva again and them being friends in San Cristobel. He realized then where he had seen Reva before, Princess Catherine. He tells her not to worry, if she wants Josh, she will have him.

At the LeMays':
Beth gets off the phone with Phillip and asks Susan to watch the baby while she checks on Lizzie. The doorbell rang and Susan went to get it and it was Edmund. Susan told him she was glad to see him and smiles. Edmund comes in and she talks to him a bit about the Machiavelli book he had told her to read. She tells him that her dad wasn't there but that Beth is upstairs. He tells her he was there to see her and gave her a gift. She opened it and he told her it was another of his favorite books. Cousin Bette, (I believe that is by Honore De Balzac). He tells her it is as good as The Prince and it was also about annihilating your enemies with intelligence. She thanks him and tells him that she never knew reading could be so fun. Beth comes down and greets Edmund. Susan turns to the back of the book and starts reading the ending first. He tells her that his father always told him that reading the ending first was morally reprehensible as well as a lack of intellectual breeding. He smiled and told her that is why he always reads the last chapter first as well. She smiles and he tells her that in this case she may want to hold off. It will be worth it to read the book in order. Susan asked him to stay for a while and she would be back in a moment. She went upstairs and Beth thanked Edmund for all the help with Susan. Beth tells him that Lizzie may get a little jealous of he and Susan's bonding. Edmund said he hopes not, he would never want to hurt any of the women in that home. Beth offers Edmund a drink but he said he needs to be going. She invites him to the christening but he is afraid that Phillip and Jim wouldn't appreciate it. She tells him that the girls would love it. He said he would be there. He started to leave and Susan came downstairs. She tells Edmund to wait and gives him a gift. She tells him that is one of her favorite things. He opens it and looks at it. He is visibly touched. Susan explained that it is a picture from Swan Lake, a gift from her mother the year before she died. She tells him that it was from the first Ballet they had went to and she cherished the memory so. Edmund had tears in his eyes and tells her that she shouldn't part with something that precious. She tells him that her mother always told her that they should share the things they love with the people they love. She gives him a kiss and excuses herself to go to some homework. Edmund breaks down a bit in front of Beth and wipes his eyes. He tells her that the picture is the most amazing gift he had ever received. He tells her that it had been a long time since anyone had given him a present and again apologizes for being emotional. Beth tells him that he deserves it and hugs him.

At the Lewises':
Marah and Josh are talking. She is happy that they went to the movies and there was no Olivia. He says he enjoys Olivia and just because they had a fight doesn't mean they are breaking up. Marah asks if he is settling for Olivia after the great love he had with Reva. Josh says stability is important and he isn't settling, Olivia is a wonderful person. Marah asks if getting swept away isn't what it is all about even when you know it is unhealthy for you. He asks her if she is talking about someone in particular but she tells him no, that it was just the sappy movie that got her emotional. Josh tells her that stability is it's own beautiful romance and says his parents had that, a stable quiet love and were very happy. He hopes Marah will learn from her parent's mistakes and have that kind of love.

Thursday, September 28, 2000

At the hotel:
Cassie, Richard and Edmund are going over a little royal business and Cassie comments on the newspaper and how the press has them on the front page as "Royal visitors." She feels it is a bit over the top and Richard tells her to think of it as a lesson in how invasive the press can be. There is a knock on the door and Edmund goes to answer it. It is Phillip. Edmund makes a few comments to Phillip and Phillip goes around him to talk to Richard. Edmund tells them that Phillip is there to grovel but Phillip tells them that he is there to invite them to a party. Richard and Cassie are happy about the party and tell him they would be there. Phillip leaves and Edmund tells Richard that the gesture was very transparent. Richard agrees but feels it was a nice gesture just the same and reminds him that he still hasn't decided what to do with the Spaulding contract yet. Richard asks Edmund if something is going on between him and Phillip and Edmund just tells him there is a little unfinished business.

Cassie is talking about Springfield and how everything looks the same but yet the people seem so different. Richard tells her that people change but Cassie thinks that she is the one that changed. Richard tells her not to be unhappy about it. She tells him she is very happy with him and that she can live fine with the royal protocol but only in San Cristobel and not in Springfield. She says she doesn't want to go back to her old life but she doesn't want to lose the person she once was. She said she misses pasture vacations at the farm. It was her and Tammy and RJ's life and they even though they didn't have the whole world they were happy. Richard says he won't let her lose that person, because that person is the one he loves. He hugs her. Edmund is lurking in the foyer eavesdropping. Rourke is pacing back and forth in the hall and Edmund sees him and tells him "at ease." Rourke said he is bored and Edmund tells him that it is a challenge to stay alert at all times. They talk about old famous battles and trade military facts. Edmund tells Rourke he has a test for him and that he should be ready.

At Millennium:
Mae comes in with armloads of packages. She tells Danny that she got everything she needs and gives him his change. She gives him all the receipts and he comments on how organized she is. He asks her to show him the outfit and she tells him that he wont get the true effect unless she puts it on. He tells her she can change in his office. Later, Danny is on the phone when Mae comes out in a super short dress and fishnet stockings with the seam up the back. Danny is distracted and clearly is attracted to her. He hangs up the phone and asks Mae if she has any moral issues selling tobacco products. Mae says she has no problem with it. Tony comes in and sees Mae. He goes over and greets her. Tony tells Danny that he is needed downstairs. He says he will be back in 30 seconds. Tony tells Mae she was supposed to be his alibi and she didn't back him up. Mae acts stupid and then has a break through and says, "Oh, like Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint in North by Northwest." Tony leans over and touching Mae just as Danny comes in. He grabs Tony's hang and tells him to show some respect. Tony tells Danny that he sounds like a broken record and Danny tells him his behavior never gets better. Mae leaves, and Danny again yells at Tony. Danny says that he can't date minors or fellow employees. Tony thinks Danny is cranky over his marriage breaking up. He asks Danny if he is interested in Mae himself and said that he would back off if that were the case. Danny said he was and Tony says fine and leaves. Danny turns to the bartender and tells him he isn't interested in her but pretended to be only to get Tony to leave her alone.

At the Bauer's:
Harley knocks on the door and comes in to talk to Michelle. Michelle asks if she was busy and Harley tells her that she was in the neighborhood when she got her message. She tells Michelle that she spoke to Rick and knows that she is pregnant. Michelle tells her that Rick said she would be good to talk to. Harley says she is still dealing with Susan 14 years later. Harley says whatever decision she makes will last for the rest of her life. Michelle says that is not a comforting thought and wonders if it would have been different if she hadn't had Susan. Harley says that she probably would have felt grief forever. She grieved over giving Susan away as well as wanting to know if she was in a good home. She confides in Michelle that she and Dylan tried to get her back a few years later but couldn't take her away from the great home she had. But the pull toward Susan was still there. Michelle said she knows she wouldn't be able to give the baby up for adoption. Harley asks about Danny but Michelle says it is because of Danny that she is considering not having the baby. Harley said she thought she loved Danny and she said she does but cant let the baby be in the type of life Danny has. Michelle asks Harley why she had Susan and she tells her that by the time Frank found out about the baby it was too late to end it but even if it weren't she comes from a Greek Orthodox family and abortion is out of the question. She tells Michelle that she gave the baby up because she was so young and didn't realize all the implications. Now she thinks that she was meant to have Susan and bring her into the world. Michelle says she is older and not in the same financial situation as Harley was plus she has a lot of family support. Michelle seems to be more assured and thanks Harley for her help. Harley leaves.

Aunt Meta comes in and tells Michelle she looks a lot better. Michelle says she is better and is going to keep her baby. Aunt Meta is happy and asks if she is still worried about Danny. Michelle tells her that she will deal with it somehow. Aunt Meta tells her that she may start knitting baby booties after she learns how. She asks Michelle if she would like to take a yoga class with her. Michelle tells her that she wants to wait another six weeks just to be sure the baby will make it. Meanwhile, she is going to file for a divorce.

At the Lewises':
Reva's phone rings but no one is there. Noah comes to the door and asks her about Woody. She says that he knows why she was with Woody. Noah says that maybe she wants to get out of their relationship and is making excuses. He again tells her that Woody is a womanizer and that he wants to go back to the way things were. Reva asks if Noah is jealous and he says he is. Reva says he is lying and that he just doesn't want her to know anything about his past. She tells him that she will keep seeing Woody until she finds out everything she wants to know. Noah tells her that he has nothing to hide. Reva tells him that she saw him with Woody earlier at the hospital and then they pretended they were seeing each other for the first time at Millennium. Noah starts to talk to her but then tells her that he can't. He asks her to please let it go. She tells him that she needs to know what danger is looming around her. He tells her it is best if she doesn't know. He tells her that she has to let it go before it is too late. Reva tells him that he is scaring her about his secret past. Noah mentions all kinds of bad secrets like ex wives, alcoholics, another woman and tells her that it is none of those and she shouldn't worry. Reva says if he won't tell her himself, he will have to back off and give her some room. Noah says he won't back off and if she won't protect herself, he will. He won't give Woody even 30 seconds alone with her.

At the Country Club:
Vicki and Phillip are at the country club talking about the party. Harley comes in and Phillip asks Vicky to leave. He asks Harley how her morning was and she says she is tired. She asks how his meeting went with Vicki but he doesn't want to talk about business and wants to talk about them. Harley teases him. Phillip tells Harley that Edmund is a cat waiting for a piece of string. Harley reminds him he punched Edmund. Harley says that if he and Edmund run into each other at the party she has handcuffs and will use them on Phillip if it looks like he is going after Edmund at the party. Phillip thinks that may be fun but hates to wait until the party to try out the cuffs. She giggles and he tells her he is glad to hear her laugh again. He hugs her and tells her he won't lose her again.

At Laurel Falls:
Danny is walking through the wood and thinking of Michelle and the first time they made love there and their wedding. Meanwhile, Michelle is doing the same thing. They walk into each other. Michelle sees Danny and runs the other way.

Friday, September 29, 2000

At Company:
Buzz asks Selena if she slept alright and asked about her nightmares. He tells her to take a little nap and she tells him that he always takes good care of her. Selena leaves.

Reva is having breakfast with Frank. She says she thought this was about illegal immigrants but now it seems that Washington or at least Washington people are involved. She tells him she went out to dinner with Woody and fills him in on Noah's actions. She tells him whatever is going on, Noah is in it up to his eyeballs. She tells Frank about Woody and Noah's meeting and tells them that a few hours later they acted like they were just meeting up with each other and she knows it was for her benefit. Frank tells her that she may be under surveillance. She tells him that she knows Woody has been keeping up with Noah. Frank says he will run a check on Woody and see what comes up but she should be careful all the same. Buzz comes over and asks what Reva and Frank are talking about. Frank asks about Selena. He tells him that she is having nightmares about the book she and Blake are working on. Buzz tells them that he wants her to quit but she wont. Harley comes over and Buzz asks her how to convince Selena that she wants to stop the book nonsense. Harley tells him that she may need to relive the pain to ultimately escape it. He says it is all part of the healing process. He starts in on her about taking Phillip back and she loses it. She tells him first of all that he is no poster boy for mental health and has made many mistakes himself and she is sick of his attitude towards Phillip. They bicker back and forth until Frank breaks it up. Harley says if Selena wants to talk about her life to Blake, she can. Susan overhears and asks if Blake was writing a book on Selena's life as a hooker. Harley was shocked that Susan knew anything about Selena's past. Susan tells them that everyone knows and they also know about Drew and Ben being her dad. Selena comes back into Company and asks what all the noise was. Susan asks Selena why she is telling Blake about her past. Selena wants to know how Susan found out. Selena says that Blake will change all the details. Susan says people have seen Blake and Selena talking and will know it is her. Selena says that she finally has the guts to face her past and Buzz is trying to take it away from her. She starts to cry. Frank says to Harley, "so this is a good thing?" Sam arrives to see Susan. He gives Susan a bootleg CDs and a schedule of the bands touring itinerary and shows her when they will be in Chicago. She is very impressed. She tells him that her mom won't let her go and that she and her uncle are cops. Sam tells her not to show them the CD's since they are not really legal. While Harley is talking to Frank, Susan asks Harley about the concert but Harley says no. Sam tells her that her parents can't dictate her life choices and he will take her to the concert.

At the Bauers':
Michelle pours some coffee for Ross. He asks if she is sure about the divorce and tells her that if Danny contests it, it could go on for years. She confides to Ross that she is pregnant and he tells her that could complicate things. Michelle doesn't want the baby raised as a Santos or Danny involved in its life. She wants to get the divorce before Danny finds out she is pregnant. Ross tells her it will get complicated and Danny will be able to fight for visitation. Michelle tells him she will have Danny declared an unfit parent but Ross says she has no proof. Michelle finally tells Ross that Danny ordered a hit on someone. Ross wants to know if she is sure. She says that is what made her want the divorce. He tells her that she is an accessory too. If she is divorced from Danny, she has to report it but not if she is still married. Ross tells her he will file the papers and they will take it one day at a time. She says if she has to, she will leave town. Ross wants her to stay in town and congratulates her.

At the hotel:
Edmund is in the suite with Rourke, and Richard is at Spaulding. Edmund says that Cassie has cabin fever and needs a distraction. He suggests a little outing, orchestrated to avoid the paparazzi. Rourke asks how orchestrated? Cassie enters the room and asks for Rourke. She is bored and wants to go to an Apple Festival. She invites Edmund. Edmund can't go so she says she and Rourke will go alone. She feels spontaneous and is climbing the walls wanting to get out. He tells her that they can disguise themselves and get out. She asks about going to the mall to get some ice cream. Rourke says maybe the park. She goes into her room to look for a disguise and Edmund smiles at Rourke. Cassie comes out in her sunglasses, a ball cap and sweats. Edmund tells Cassie that her disguise is good. She tries to call Richard and tell him what she is going to do but he has his phone off. They leave and Edmund picks up the phone to make a call. He sits at the desk to write something and Cassie comes back in for something. She asks what he is doing. He tells her that he is writing a thank you note. She sees the picture that Susan had given Edmund and asks about it. Edmund tells her that Susan LeMay gave him the picture. Cassie is surprised and Edmund tells her how he helped Susan when she was feeling left out. He told her there are other ways of dealing with the situation then running away. He tells Cassie that he listened without judging and gave her some books. Cassie asks if Harley knew. He says that Jim and Beth do. He tells her to go on out but he still doesn't approve. After she leaves, he says "Cassie, you make it so easy."

Edmund sees Richard in the suite. Richard is reading a folder and is waiting for Phillip's final proposal before making a decision. He asks for Cassie and Edmund tells Richard about the shopping trip. He tells Richard that Cassie is fine and has formed a close bond to Rourke. Richard says lucky he is not the jealous type. If he took Rourke on, he would be forced to take fight Richard back and Richard would probably be killed and Edmund would take over the country.

In the Park:
Rourke and Cassie are walking through the park when a couple of reporters jump up and throw firecrackers at Cassie. Rourke jumps on Cassie to protect her and the reporters jump up and are snapping photos. Rourke gets up and chases the photographers. He takes the film out of one of the camera and the other photographer flees. Rourke reports the one guy to the police and asks Cassie if she is okay. Rourke apologizes and doesn't think Richard will understand. Cassie says it was her fault. They go back to the hotel.

At the Hotel:
Cassie comes back in and is watching TV. The news comes on with a special report about what happened in the part. They show Cassie rolling on the ground with Rourke and it suggests that the royal marriage may be in trouble. She tells Richard it isn't true and tells him what happened. Richard just looks at her. Edmund tells Rourke the seed of mistrust has been sown.

Woody arrives and brings Reva a rose. He apologizes and says next time, they will be somewhere that Noah can't find them. He suggests his hotel suite but Reva would rather invite him to Cassie and Richard's party. Noah arrives and tells Reva he warned her he would follow her. Reva tells Noah he is making her mad. She tells him she doesn't take orders from him and he is stalking her. She asks them to tell her some reason she should stay away from Woody. Woody says he will take his party invitation and quit while he is ahead. He leaves. Noah says what party. They are a couple and she is not going anywhere with Woody. Reva asks Noah if he wants them to be a couple and tells him to be honest. He says he has been as honest as he can. She says she is sick of half-truths. Noah says that her ego is in the way, and she thinks she can do as she pleases. He hopes she isn't dead wrong. Someone at the studio tells Reva her sister is on TV.

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