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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 2, 2002 on GL
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Monday, December 2, 2002
by DEE

At the Spauldings' Thanksgiving dinner, Alex showed everybody the proof that Olivia had published Beth's diary. Everybody was shocked and Beth stated she knew Olivia had done it but Phillip kept asking Olivia, "Did you do this?" She admitted to it and rushed out of the room. Phillip ran after her and grabbed her arm and demanded an explanation. Olivia broke down sobbing and said it was because she loved him (Phillip) so much that she couldn't see her life without him so she did it but was not thinking clearly. He informed her that there is no way he would be with her knowing she could do such a horrible thing. Olivia returned to everyone at the dinner table and apologized to Beth and Lizzie for everything she had put them through. Alan asked everyone to leave and then asked Olivia if she did this to try to be with Phillip and she said "yes." Not wanting Alexandra to know she had ruined Alan's relationship with Olivia, he told Olivia to act as if they have worked everything out but wouldn't touch her and told her that he didn't know if he would ever feel the same for her again.

Carmen was at the morgue to see Danny but lost it and ran into the room instead of just looking through the window. Gus grabbed her before she got to Danny's body. Gus almost had Carmen confessing to Danny's murder but Harley walked in and ruined it. Harley walked into the room where Danny was and saw him up and alive.

Michelle is up on the cliff mourning Danny's death when Carmen shows up. Carmen accused Michelle of being the reason Danny is dead and they argue. Carmen grabbed Michelle's arm. Michelle said "Carmen you've lost it, your over the edge" but Carmen replies, "No, Michelle, that's where your going."

Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Reva tries to keep the peace between Josh and Tony after Marah invites Tony to the house. Afterwards, Reva helps Cassie cover when Josh and Tony find her at the pool house. Reva wants to know why Cassie is risking her life for Danny. Meanwhile, Marah is hopeful that Reva and Josh will accept Tony in her life but Josh remains opposed to their relationship. Michelle realizes she is in danger when Carmen begins to unspool on the bluff. Danny learns that Carmen is after Michelle and risks discovery to go and find her. Michelle rescues herself while Danny remains in hiding. Later, Danny realizes what his faked death is costing Michelle. Holly offers Ed comfort in the aftermath of Danny's "death" and informs him that her relationship with Buzz is over. Ed, feeling the strain of keeping Danny's secret, is unable to open up to Holly. Marina consoles Ben over the loss of his trust fund and tries to convince Buzz to hire him at Company. Ben, unwilling to accept that he is broke, turns down the job offer.

Wednesday, December 4, 2002

At the Spaulding mansion

Alex and Harley were playing with Zach. Harley thanked Alex for paving the way so that she could visit Zach at the mansion. Alex wanted the low down on Eden. Harley explained that Gus took the blame for Eden's crime. Alex said that she was going to help Harley by first inviting Eden to tea. Harley warned her to be careful.

At Inferno

Eden smiled as she read the front page of the newspaper about Danny. Tony enters. He wanted to know why she was there since she didn't work at Inferno anymore. Eden said she could comfort him and she was sorry. Tony said she was sorry because she was half responsible for Danny's death. She wanted to know who else was to blame. Tony said he didn't feel anything for her even though she persisted. He yelled at her to leave. Marah enters. She said when she saw in the newspaper about Danny's death, she decided to come to see him. They embraced. Tony told Eden to not be there when he returned. Marah and Tony exit.

Alex enters. She told Eden that she was a friend of Harley Cooper. She introduced herself. Eden said her name meant absolutely nothing. She wanted to now why Phillip wrote her a check. Since Eden tore up the check, Alex wanted to know her price. Alex said she would do anything in her power to make her change her story. Alex told her to change her story and tell the truth and she will have everything she ever wanted. Eden said she wouldn't risk going to jail for a few promises. Alex said she could make her nightmares come true too. Eden exits.

At the Bauer house

Michelle was planning Danny's memorial. Bill enters. Once again Michelle wished she had stayed with Bill years ago. Teasing, Bill said that would have ended in divorce. Bill reminded her that she followed her heart, and if she could do it over again she would fall in love with Danny Santos. Father Ray enters. Michelle explained what Danny died without knowing how she felt. Father Ray asked that she not invite Carmen. Rick exits to go to the hospital. Michelle told Bill that she saw Carmen at the cliff and that she came after her. She said they struggled and Carmen fell, but she grabbed her arm and saved her life.

Outside Mel asked Rick if he was trying to push Bill and Michelle together. He told Mel how Bill was able to get her through hard times. But she said he couldn't try to fix Michelle's life. When Rick walked in the house he saw Bill and Michelle embracing.

Michelle asked Gus to be at the memorial. But Gus said that he should be focused on the investigation. Father Ray exits. Gus and Harley exit. Gus told Harley they were going to the memorial.

At Company

As Gus was reading the newspaper, Frank enters. Frank said the body in the morgue wasn't Danny. Gus suggested that he stay out of it. Frank said he wouldn't let Gus take his sister down with him. Gus explained that the Feds recruited him to take down the Santos family. He refused to tell Frank anything else. But Frank wouldn't back down because he was worried about Harley. Gus told him that Harley didn't know anything. Frank exits. Gus left a message on Harley's cell phone to tell her to stay away from Frank.

Harley enters. She told him that she had been talking to Alex about Eden. He told her that he lied to Frank. Gus said they needed to stick with it to get Carmen to break.

Marina enters. Frank and Marina hug. Marina said she needed his help and it was about Ben. Marina told him that Ben lost his money. Marina wanted Ben to get a job. She wanted Frank to talk to Ben about having a normal life wasn't so bad. Frank agreed to help. Marina exits.

At the beach

Marah wanted Tony to return to where Danny died. Tony said he thought he knew his family, but there were rules. He thought he knew most of them, but now Carmen shot her son in cold blood. He said he never thought he could hurt someone like he did Marah. But Marah said that a moment like that couldn't define his life. Tony realized how the world looked at the Santos, and he didn't want to be a part of that anymore. Marah said she brought him to the beach so he could say good-bye to Danny. Looking up at the sky, he said that he would try to go to the places that Danny didn't get a chance to go. Tony and Marah kissed. They walk away hand in hand.

Thursday, December 5, 2002

On the day of Danny's memorial service, Michelle seeks advice from Cassie and tracks her down to the pool house where she is hiding Danny. After an emotional encounter, Cassie decides to go to the Bauer house and tell Michelle that Danny is alive. When she arrives she finds Gus, not Michelle. Cassie confides in Gus her intention and, to keep her from revealing the truth to Michelle, Gus cuffs her and hauls her off to jail. Michelle prepares Robbie for Danny's memorial service as Ed watches them. An agonized Ed cannot bear the secret any longer and admits to Michelle that Danny is alive. Meanwhile, Danny decides to attend his own memorial service. Harley is so entrenched in the plot to trap Carmen that she brushes off Phillip's offer to keep an open mind about her relationship with Gus. Later, Phillip sees Gus manhandle Cassie, outside the Bauer house, and changes his mind about accepting Gus as part of Zach and Harley's life. A mysterious Alexandra confides to Buzz that she has a personal stake in her efforts to save the Spaulding family. Later, Harley asks a favor of Alexandra, who agrees to help under the condition that Harley allow her to call the shots in her custody battle with Phillip.

Friday, December 6, 2002

Cassie was in jail today while Gus and Harley tried to explain to her why she is there. When Gus left, Harley joined Cassie in the cell and they talked about how important it was that Cassie not tell Michelle about Danny being alive. Cassie told Harley that taking care of Danny made her feel needed and it took her mind off the loss of Richard. Harley let her out after she promised to stay quiet.

In the meantime, Ed couldn't take Michelle's mourning any longer and told Michelle Danny is alive. Michelle wanted to see him but Ed told her that it would put her and Danny's life at risk. He urged her to keep this a secret. She was very angry to learn how many people know Danny is alive. Ed told her that the plan was for him to give a eulogy and hope it would "break" Carmen into giving a confession. Ed cautioned her to put on a good act and to keep it together.

Maria and Tony had Carmen convinced that she shouldn't show up at the memorial service for Danny but then Gus told Tony he had to make sure Carmen DID make it to the Memorial. Tony went back and told Carmen that the "families" are upset because they think she killed Tony to gain control of the "family" again and were not happy and that if she didn't go to the memorial they would think she was guilty.

Tony brought Carmen to the memorial service. Rick tried to get her to leave but Michelle stepped in and told him to let her stay. Marah talked Reva and Josh into coming and Gus and Harley were there. Danny was hiding in the confessional. When Ed stood up to give the eulogy, Michelle stood up and told her Dad to sit down that SHE was going to give it. You could see how nervous Ed and Gus was. She stood up and said "My dad always told me that if ever in doubt, tell the truth and that's what I'm going to do."

At the Spauldings', they were trimming the Christmas tree. Phillip questioned Olivia about her relationship with Alan and how it seemed funny that Alan would just forgive her for what she did. Olivia told him it was an act that Alan asked her to put on. When Phillip learned this he went to Alan and tried to get him to talk about the situation but Alan accused him of coming to gloat. He said Olivia was willing to ruin everybody to be with Phillip and that he feels Phillip gets a lot of satisfaction through that. During this, Beth is at the mansion and threatened Olivia. She told her "your lucky to be alive" after what she did to Lizzie. She told Oliva she better never hurt her daughter again or that she would pay for it.

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