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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 24, 2003 on GL
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Monday, February 24, 2003

Today Guiding Light debuted a new opening credits.

Danny went to see Michelle and she confessed to him that she broke it off with Bill. He pressed her, and she said that she did it because she still loves him. She told him Bill is wonderful, makes her laugh, and is EVERYTHING a girl could want BUT he's not Danny. Danny finally got her to admit that she still loves him. She said she hated it but, yes, she does. Like previous arguments, Danny tried to convince her that they still have a chance and Michelle said they didn't and brought up almost losing Robbie and all the danger she had faced. When Michelle told him to leave, he said if she could tell him she didn't love him anymore, he would go...she couldn't say it especially when he kept moving closer to her. She couldn't say it. Danny took her face in his hands and kissed her. They had a hot, passionate kiss before Michelle pulled away. Michelle was pleading for him to stop and said it wasn't Danny she was afraid of, it was herself. She told Danny she was afraid of hurting HIM. She said how she judged him and acted like she was "above" him and brought up what she did to Bill. She led him on until he left Beth because she needed a crutch to get away from Danny. They were getting nowhere, arguing over whether they truly have a chance. Michelle said she had to have space to breathe and before Danny left, he said, "most people spend a lifetime looking for the love we have...don't be scared of it and don't hide from it."

Ed could sense that Bill was depressed and was surprised to hear that Michelle had called it off with him. Bill was trying to get a hold of Ben to "unload." Ben was not around and Marina offered to lend an ear. Marina was not much help and told Bill he was going after the wrong women. She offered her services to find him a suitable woman after she was done finding one for her dad.

Gus and Harley were looking at the picture of his mother Harley took from the Spaulding Mansion. They were trying to figure out why she would have had such an elaborate bracelet like she had on when she died. They threw around some ideas like maybe she was common thief or maybe it was a gift from Miguel. Gus wanted to see his mother's grave and the two of them went to Chicago. They visited the grave marked "Regina Tessori." Gus talked to his dead mother and before they left, they asked the groundskeeper if her grave always looked so nice. The groundskeeper stated that somebody wires money monthly to keep fresh flowers on her grave and keep it looking nice. Gus was "pounding" the groundskeeper for information but he said he had no idea who was wiring the money and Harley had to settle him down.

Reva was trying to convince Josh that they needed to "smoke out" the stalker. She wanted to go on TV and Josh wasn't real happy with the whole idea but Reva insisted. After Marah told Tony that the stalker called her, he insisted that she move in with him. He said they could get an apartment together. Marah thought it was a great idea and the two of them went to tell Reva and Josh right as they were discussing that Marah needed to move out of the carriage house. Of course, Reva and Josh were not real happy with the idea of them moving in together and JOSH offered that Tony and Marah move in with THEM! The deal was that Tony would sleep in the pool house and Marah and Tony agreed. They all wondered if aliens had abducted Josh for him to even consider such an idea. Reva teased with Marah that she should wear slippers at night to keep her feel warm when she sneaks downstairs to see Tony and said, "Make sure you have other PROTECTION as well." Marah was shocked at what her mom said but laughed and told her mom not to worry and they hugged. Josh and Reva were happy to have Marah back home.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

In Chicago, Gus and Harley are at Gina's gravesite. Gus figures out that the grave could not have been dug up as his friend Gennaro told him. They meet with Gennaro at the coffee shop and he is very reassuring but Gus knows he is lying. He refuses to be stopped and goes off to see about getting the body exhumed. Harley sees what this is doing to Gus, so she calls Buzz and Frank to come to Chicago with shovels, right away. Alan awakens on the island from his drugged stupor. Olivia believes she has trapped him there but he had a contingency plan in Ben, whom he arranged to come to the island just in case something like this happened. Lizzie visits with Beth when she returns home from school on break. Meanwhile, Olivia waits for Phillip's return and crosses paths with Beth. She grows uneasy when she finds out Phillip was away with Beth. Alexandra goes to Company where she runs into Buzz. She tries and fails to defend herself to him and leaves. Buzz finds her outside in tears, and there, they have a more honest, open exchange. She tries to do what is right but finds herself turning into the person she despises most, Brandon. Buzz tries to tell her that it doesn't have to be this way, but we sense that she is in way too deep and doesn't know how to get out.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003
by CBS

In Chicago, Gus, annoyed that he cannot find a police report on a stolen bracelet, goes back to Springfield intent on confronting Alexandra. Harley volunteers to stay and keep working on getting answers, but really, she is waiting for Buzz and Frank to arrive to help her press for the exhumation order. The Coopers arrive and start digging but are surprised to find a trick locking mechanism that prevents the coffin from being readily opened, but when they finally get the lid off, the coffin is empty. Back in Springfield, Alexandra examines the glittering sapphire bracelet, muttering wishes that she had the nerve throw it away. Edmund arrives and tells Alexandra he won't have to play lapdog to the Spauldings anymore and is waiting for the arrival of a diplomatic courier from San Cristobel , with a job offer from his brother. Alexandra worries Edmund will betray her since he no longer needs her but is proven wrong when he helps hide the bracelet from Gus' sight. Gus tricks Alexandra into calling the European hospital where Roy is and gets the phone number. He makes flight reservations for that evening, but when he calls Harley, she pleads for him not to leave town yet. Later, Edmund tells Alexandra that he's been appointed Ambassador and Alexandra confesses she recommended him for the position. Shayne returns home from school with a sweatshirt someone put in his locker that says "Dial Mom for Murder." When a brick comes flying through their window, Reva, fed up, calls her family together to announce her plan to lure the stalker out of hiding.

Thursday, February 27, 2003
by CBS

Reva and Josh have their hands full as the clock ticks down on putting together a live broadcast of her show as a means of tricking the stalker into making contact. Reva meets with the Suits running Holly's station in her absence. The proposal: Tie the city's 911 system into the studio's phone bank, and use the capabilities built into the system to instantly trace every call made to Reva while she's on the air. Reva must get approval for her idea by a very reluctant and cautious group of executives. Finally, Reva and Josh emerge victorious, but it doesn't make what she's trying to do any more safe. Marah knows it and questions her mother. Reva admits she is scared, but she's more scared to leave her family exposed to this anonymous stalker. Olivia is anxious to make contact with Phillip and tell him about the pregnancy, but Alex attempts to waylay her call. Phillip foils the attempt and agrees to meet with Olivia at a set time. Alex realizes she's working with precious little time to instill doubts in Phillip's mind. She informs him that Olivia will tell him she's pregnant, but further, she'll try to make Phillip believe himself, not Alan, to be the father. Alexandra makes a very convincing case for not trusting Olivia, especially after she produces proof that Olivia may have arranged for Alan to be out of town when her opportunity to talk to Phillip arrived. Phillip is dubious. A conflicted Olivia is with her brother Sam as she tentatively explains her reasons for letting Phillip believe the child is his, even if it's not, since he would be so much a better father than Alan could ever be. Sam tells her she is just trying to rationalize to get what she wants. Later, while looking at her sonogram, Olivia feels a twinge and is rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, Phillip is talking to Rick and notices Olivia wheeled in by EMTs.

Friday, February 28, 2003

Olivia showed up at the hospital because of some cramping she had and Phillip was there. After being examined, Rick told Phillip that Olivia and the baby were fine and that some cramping is normal and Olivia got overly excited about it. When Rick asked Phillip about the baby, Phillip said it was Alan's but when he went into see Olivia she told him she didn't know who the father was and that it could be him. She also told Phillip how Alan replaced her birth control pills with sugar pills. She was honest with Phillip and told him what she did with Alan....dumping him with no way to get home. She also admitted that she thought about doctoring a paternity test to show it was Phillips. She told Phillip she wants HIM to be the baby's father and she said she would leave town before she would let her baby become part of a Spaulding war but Phillip was quick to put a stop to that thought. Phillip told Olivia that Alan deserved whatever he got and they both agree that Alan would be, and is, a terrible father. Phillip said he would help her protect the baby from Alan but would not say it was his without knowing if it was. Phillip insisted she go back to the mansion because she didn't need to be alone. They arrived and Alexandra was quick to give her disapproval but Phillip told her that she was his guest and made it clear she was welcome.

Harley and Gus were at WSPR making sure it was secure for Reva's show. The audience was picked by Josh and Reva and was given yellow passes. Reva tried to give Holly a pass but she refused it and said they can all just worry and wonder where she was. Everybody working security had to exit WSPR and reenter through a metal detector and be searched and given a special pass. Anybody without a pass was to be apprehended. Tony was being Reva's bodyguard for the night but when he tried to get in with a gun, Gus stopped him. Nobody was to carry a gun except the police.

Marah, Shane and Josh were very nervous and wondered if the whole thing was a very bad idea. While Marah and Tony were kissing in the stairwell, a figure was lurking, watching them.

While the invited guests (audience) was arriving, Josh kept his eye on the monitors and Bill sat by Michelle and Father Ray and Danny sat together and to everybody's surprise, Holly showed up. She met up with Ed and sat by him. When Josh found out, he told them to make sure a camera was on Holly at all times.

Then, all of a sudden, Tony yells "NOBODY MOVE!" and points to a yellow smile face on a bag and it's TICKING! Tony picks up the bad, runs to the stairwell and throws it down several flights of steps and it EXPLODES!

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