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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 29, 2003 on GL
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Monday, December 29, 2003

Marina preps Shayne with DVDs of his favorite mindless action movies, etc. for New Year's Eve at the museum. He insists she get ready for the winter dance with Nico. He did have a dress made for her just for this occasion and won't let it go to waste. He orders her to "Go get ready!" Later, she returns clad in bathrobe, hair in a towel, obviously in no hurry to impress Nico or leave Shayne. He wants her to have fun, like at their prom. She reminds Shayne the one you're with at midnight is the one you're meant to be with for the next year. Shayne urges her to get ready faster but compromises and says he'll see her at midnight. And next year, he promises, he will be the one who takes her to the dance. When she leaves the room, Shayne calls Sandy - he's all set for the dance tonight. After hanging up, Shayne drops the phone and holds onto his left wrist, studying it anxiously.

At the gym, Michelle and Danny interrupt Nico's workout to prep him for the big dance. Danny even offers the keys to his car. Michelle beams at seeing Nico in the tux they brought him (he planned on wearing something much less formal). When he sees the tie, he breaks away, saying it's gone too far. He hates the idea of not fitting in with Marina and her friends. Prepared, Michelle whips out a clipboard and begins a list of conversation topics - music, movies, New Year's resolutions, etc. Nico finally holds still as Danny ties his tie and suggests doing what he does in politics - "ask the right questions" and listen while other people talk about themselves. People love that.

When Nico arrives at the museum to pick up Marina, Shayne is impressed at how well Nico "cleans up." Shayne's nurse agrees. Nico is floored when a gorgeous Marina appears. But Shayne is quick to remind him "she's coming home to me." They leave as the nurse hands Shayne her keys - he drops them twice and can't make a fist. The nurse suggests they go to the hospital to check out what's happening.

Nico and Marina get to the Beacon and realize they're the only ones there. Marina remembers the pre-dance parties - everyone must be there "getting wasted." Nico spots Michelle and Danny hiding behind the Christmas tree and accuses them of spying. Marina thinks it's sweet the Santos care about Nico. He looks embarrassed. They then partake of appetizers in the lobby as Nico suggests she call Shayne. She resists because he wanted her to have fun tonight.

Michelle and Danny enter Olivia's and sit at the bar as Michelle praises her husband for caring about Nico. He claims he is only practicing for when Robbie is a teenager. They shudder at the thought of Robbie being in college. They discuss the mayoral race. Danny is worried about running against a friend - Ross Marler. He promises, however, that 2004 will be a great year. Michelle "hopes so." Danny senses something is up and promises he will always be there.

Josh wanders outside the Beacon, hearing Marah's voice in his head and then Ed's and Reva's - all talking about Marianne Caruthers. Reva joins him. They reminisce about New Year's as kids. She thanks him for being there Christmas morning, having her family together again. "The calm before the storm," Josh says. Reva is confused, asks why he left so suddenly on Christmas. He doesn't know. She wants to be together tonight, "forget the past and all the hurt." He can't forget. She promises not to ask any more questions. She gives him a gift - framed tickets to "The Way We Were" and a napkin from the OK Corral where they spent New Year's Eve on their first "big date." She reminds him they are always connected. She doesn't understand why he is holding back; it's not just Shayne's accident. Josh wishes he could trust Reva with what's inside him. She begs him to let her in, "You're my life!" He returns the sentiment as his cell phone rings. Ed informs him Shayne is in the hospital.

At the hospital, Ed notices a bruise on Shayne's back. His patient explains that he fell while working out alone on Christmas Eve. Ed becomes angry and accuses all young people of being thickheaded and not listening to the people who know what's best for them - just like Michelle. Josh and Reva overhear the end of Ed's rampage and calm him. He says Shayne has lost some of the strength in his arms and they are awaiting test results. Shayne tells his mom he wanted to walk for Marina for Christmas, and it was worth trying. Josh follows Ed into the hall and suggests he is too overwhelmed with the Marianne situation to continue being Shayne's doctor. The neurologist, Dr. Scully, greets them then goes in to examine Shayne. The Lewises watch from the window.

Dr. Scully explains fluid has built up around Shayne's spinal cord from his initial injury - a seroma. They can either wait and see, or remove it. However, with surgery, there are risks of damage to the spinal column, such as permanent paralysis. Shayne wants to go ahead with the surgery - tonight if possible - after the doctor says he could get all feeling back in his limbs if the seroma is removed. Ed volunteers to perform the surgery. Shayne sees his parents' unsure faces, "Hey, it's New Year's, what better day to take a chance?"

In the Beacon lobby, Lizzie is bummed she and her mom don't have New Year's dates. She is not looking forward to spending the evening at home with Grandpa. Beth promises next year will be different - Lizzie will have college guys chasing after her (a thought that makes Beth cringe). Beth's cell phone rings. It's her friend Connie proposing a tennis date. Beth hands the phone to Lizzie, saying it's Connie's son, Jack, a freshman at Springfield U. After speaking to him, Lizzie excitedly asks her mother if she can go to the dance with him. Beth agrees as long as she chaperones (Lizzie is still on probation). Lizzie says yes and hangs up, in disbelief that Jack Ansel actually asked her out on a date. Beth sends her home to get ready as Lizzie hopes her mom will get a date, too. When she leaves, Beth calls Connie and thanks her; their plan worked.

At Olivia's bar, Marah sits next to Jeffrey who admits he likes New Year's - going around kissing beautiful girls without having to talk to them first. Marah suggests a "lip lock at midnight," but he isn't interested. He suggests she hang out with boys her own age. She accuses him of being afraid of her, which of course he denies. When Beth enters, he gets up, saying he already has plans, goes to her and kisses her on the cheek. An unsuspecting Beth eyes him curiously. He leads her to a table, and suggests a toast "to the new year and friendship." He watches as Marah leaves. Beth doesn't want any part of this "game you're playing with Marah Lewis." He explains he has tried to shake Marah and her advances, but to no avail. Beth even warned Marah but was accused of being jealous. The former couple admits there is still chemistry between them, but Beth turns him down regardless.

Marah is sitting alone in front of her TV when Sandy knocks. She tells him to go away but he starts singing "Auld Lang Syne" outside the door. Frustrated, she opens the door. Sandy is the DJ for the dance and insists Marah come along, too. However, she's not crazy about spending New Year's Eve with her brother. He says she owes him after making him go caroling on Christmas Eve. She wonders what's in it for him. He hates that he is part of the reason she has had bad luck with men in the past year; he wants to help the next year to be better. She caves and goes to get dressed as thunder shakes the museum. Marah remembers when Jeffrey confided in her about his deepest fear.

Jeffrey goes out into the snow, but upon hearing the thunder, uneasily returns inside the Beacon and heads upstairs.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

At Olivia's, Lizzie approaches Olivia and says she wants to be friends for Phillip's sake.

Marah flirts with Jeffrey. She tries to convince him that all she wants is one night where she feels wanted. He tells Marah what he wants for her. Marah asks Jeffrey what he wants for himself and he leads her out of the bar. Sandy searches for Marah. Meanwhile, in Jeffrey's room, Jeffrey and Marah begin to make love.

Shayne insists on having the surgery right away, but doesn't want Marah and Marina to know just yet. Josh and Reva reassure Shayne while he also reassures them. Josh wonders if Ed is up to this.

At the dance, Marina catches Nico consulting his conversational cheat sheet. They break the ice by filling in the dialogue for a couple across the room. Nico asks Marina to dance.

Reva asks Josh to tell her a story about Shayne when he was little. Shayne is prepped for surgery. As he drifts off, he imagines his loved ones smiling down on him and wishing him well. Reva asks Josh if they're all right.

Marina and Nico are dancing. Cassie and Edmund continue their game and begin to dance.

Ed informs Reva and Josh the surgery went as well as can be expected. Josh goes to call Marah and Marina. Marina receives Josh's call and rushes out of the dance. Nico is confused to find her gone when he brings out their coats. Marina is desperate to get to Shayne before midnight. Sandy dedicates a song to Marina, from Shayne. Reva sits at Shayne's side. Shayne fantasizes about Marina and smiles in his hospital bed.

Everyone counts down to midnight and the various couples share New Year's kisses.

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

GL was pre-empted today due to special holiday programming. Regular programming will resume on Friday, January 2nd.

Thursday, January 1, 2003

After the call from Josh, Marina arrives at the hospital to check on her boyfriend and hoping to keep her promise that she'll kiss him at midnight on New Year's Eve. There, she waits with Reva and Josh for Shayne to wake. Christopher stops by to check on Reva and she thanks him for his support which has led to her and Josh reuniting. Knowing she's alone for the holiday, Christopher calls Olivia and invites her to dinner. After making love with Jeffrey, Marah asks him if he slept with her out of pity. He assures her that the night was very special for him. Marah then stops by the hospital after finding out that Shayne has gone under the knife. She worries when she spots her father in close conversation with Ed. Later, Ed finds Marah, Michelle and Marina talking and assumes that they are discussing Maryanne Caruthers. Frantic, Ed guesses that they are preparing to question him further about the mystery woman. He tries to throw them off track and then is embarrassed to realize that they were simply wondering about Shayne's condition. Things get worse for Ed when his nervousness causes him to grab the wrong medication for Shayne. Jeffrey gets a call about the car pulled from Cutler's Bridge.

Friday, January 2, 2003

Harley visits Phillip at Ravenwood, ostensibly to give him a get-well picture that Zack drew. Her real agenda is to find out if Phillip has any clue of wrongdoing at Spaulding Enterprises. She runs down a list of names of department heads, including Brad Green, to see if he has any response. Phillip remains semi-catatonic and just wants to sleep. Harley vows to keep him and Gus safe and goes to meet Jeffrey at his hotel room to update him on her investigation. During her update, she figures out that Alexandra might be the important link to Brad Green, something that Jeffrey already has figured out. He and Harley discuss the follies of small town life and the family ties that the investigation will touch (Harley's link to Phillip and Gus, Buzz's link to Alexandra, etc.) He cautions her to keep her emotions in check for the duration of the investigation.

Outside of Company, Gus approaches Alan with the license plate of the recovered car (from Cutter's Bridge). The car turns out to be Alan's. Gus questions him about how the car came to settle at the bottom of the river. Alan pleads ignorance, stating that it was one of dozens he had at the time and that it was stolen. Gus finds it hard to believe that Alan never followed up with the police, but Alan claims he had an underling do it and just lost interest. Gus remains unconvinced, and Alan makes excuses to leave.

At the hospital, Michelle realizes Ed's mistake re: Shayne's medicine and intercepts him just in time. Ed grows increasingly rattled and shaken, and she finally realizes the toll her questioning has taken on him. Ed takes off for Company, and Michelle takes off to confront Carrie.

Josh and Billy drop off groceries for Marah at the museum. Billy alerts Josh that Marah hasn't given up her questioning regarding Maryanne, having grilled him on the subject. Billy drags Josh out of the museum, claiming the creeps and Carrie ominously appears after they leave.

Josh, Billy, and Buzz are at Company when a quickly unraveling Ed arrives. Buzz shoos his last customers out and closes his diner. Ed is in the throes of a breakdown and tells the rest of the men that he intends to spill the truth about Maryanne. Billy works hard to talk him out of it, but Ed remains unmoved. Billy then summons Alan to Company, and once there Alan also warns Ed to keep his mouth shut and to deal with his guilt better. Billy appeals to Ed to think of all of their children and what the truth would do to them. However, Ed's mind is set and he proceeds to walk out when Billy physically confronts him.

Gus makes his way to Ravenwood, where he tries to engage Phillip in a conversation about Alan. He tries to find out if Phillip thinks Alan would ever lie to Gus, but he doesn't get a satisfactory answer. He does find out that Harley has paid a visit as well that day.

Michelle goes to the museum where she meets up with Marah and Marina. Michelle makes clear that she's tired of being jerked around by Carrie, and that her father's spirit is being broken because of Carrie's meddling via Michelle. Michelle runs around the museum, calling to Carrie and demanding that she come out to tell them the truth about Maryanne. Carrie appears and snippily agrees to tell them everything.

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